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February 4, 2013

The White County Drainage Board convened at 10:30 A. M. in the Commissioners’ Room of the White County Building, Monticello, Indiana. Board members present were: Chairman Steve Burton, Drainage Board Member John Heimlich and Drainage Board Member David Diener. Also present were Attorney George W. Loy, Surveyor Bradley E. Ward and Drainage Assistant Mary E. Sterrett.

Also in attendance were:

B. J. Propes-White County Highway Department F. C. Isom

Sharon Watson-White County Soil & Water Tony Cain

Arnold Dahlenburg Chad Dahlenburg

Robert Thompson Jeff Healy

The February 4, 2013 White County Drainage Board was called to order by Chairman Steve Burton.

The first item on the agenda was to approve the minutes from the January 22, 2013 White County Drainage Board Meeting. Board Member John Heimlich so moved. Board Member David Diener seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Next on the agenda-Open Quotes on R. Jackson Tile Branch of the Oliver Bell Drain #505 Maintenance Project

Surveyor Ward presented to the Board: Showing the location of the R. Jackson Tile Maintenance Project on a projected aerial map. Multiple areas of the tile are broken down.

Four (4) invitations were sent, four(4) quotes received.

Attorney Loy opened the sealed quotes. Quotes as follows:

F. C. Isom: $7,609.00 T&M Cain Enterprises, LLC: $6,062.00

DeVault Farms: $12,409.85 Dennis Sparks & Son Excavating: $8,200.00

Board Member Heimlich made a motion to accept the quote of T & M Cain Enterprises, LLC of Six Thousand and Sixty-Two Dollars ($6,062.00) for the Maintenance of the R. Jackson Tile Branch of the Oliver Bell Drain #505. Board Member Diener seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Next on the agenda-Tioga Hill Subdivision Requesting a Waiver from the White County Drainage and Sediment Control Ordinance

Surveyor Ward presented to the Board a letter from the City that had been requested by the Board in previous meetings regarding the City’s concerns with Tioga Hill Subdivision. The letter presented read as follows:

1 February 2013

White County Drainage Board

In regards to the Tioga Hill Subdivision, the City of Monticello does not have any issues with the plans which we were given to review. Our only concerns are that of maintaining the integrity of the retaining wall that is presently there and the directing of water (culverts) under the driveway(s). We are confident that you will direct the application accordingly.

Kenneth P. Houston

Mayor the City of Monticello

Board Member Diener stated: Nothing has changed from the last time. The water is going to be kept from that retaining wall and the City is happy with that?

Surveyor Ward said: Yes, Mr. Milligan will put on the recorded plat of the subdivision some kind of restriction on the one drive. Surveyor Ward stated that he would make sure that is on the release letter and on the recorded plat.

Board Member Diener made a motion to accept the Tigoa Hill Subdivision that has been reviewed in the last two Drainage Board Meetings with the stipulation on the recorded subdivision plat. Board Member Heimlich seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Next on the agenda- Approve Petition for the G. W. Chamberlain Branch of the E. Fraser Drain #535

Surveyor Ward presented to the Board that Arnold Dahlenburg is requesting to replace the G. W. Chamberlain open ditch with a tile.

Arnold Dahlenburg: We want to close the open ditch and put in a big tile because not enough water runs down the ditch. It grows up in grass. It takes a flood before it really flows. It cuts off nine point some acres of our farm in such a sharp point that makes it very difficult to farm. We decided we wanted to close it and put in a big tile. His recommendation is that it be a twenty-four (24) inch tile. The last three hundred (300) feet from where we want to close it from the road is a private ditch. Who owns it I have no idea but we are not going to touch it. We are going to start there and go to the ditch from there.

Chairman Burton asked is it your plan is to maintain the current direction of the ditch? Your plan is just to lay and cover in the current ditch?

Mr. Dahlenburg explained to the Board what he wants to do. He is taking the tile straight not making the bow into the ditch, as shown on the aerial, because there would be less footage.

With much discussion Attorney Loy stated that this project would be a Reconstruction because of changing and relocating from a ditch to a tile. Mr. Dahlenburg would be responsible for the cost of doing this project but the County could still maintain the tile after the project since other landowners drain into it. Mr. Dahlenburg asked for help from the County to put rip rap in where they enter the ditch so there will not be any erosion.

Chairman Burton explained that Mr. Dahlenburg would still be assessed on this open ditch even if he put tile in it and closed it in. Mr. Dahlenburg said he had no problem with that.

Mr. Dahlenburg stated that the adjoining landowners are ok with the project. Board Member Heimlich said there will still be a need for a Hearing for at least the adjoining land owners.

Attorney Loy: We would give adjoining land owners actual mailed notice.

Board Member Heimlich asked what would be the requirement on the others? Through the paper or what?

Attorney Loy: No, you either mail it to them or you don’t. We will figure it out.

Board Member Diener explained to Mr. Dahlenburg: There is no opposition to what you are trying to do. The question is how we notify everybody who drains through this area into the Fraser.

Board Member Heimlich stated the only thing is since it is paid for out of the Fraser that is not a separate assessment for this drain. It is all part of the Fraser, technically ever one on the Fraser gets notified. That is what we are talking about. We will figure out what we have to do for the Hearing.

Chairman Burton said that we can go ahead and approve the petition.

Board Member Heimlich made a motion to accept the petition for Reconstruction on the G. W. Chamberlain Branch of the E. Fraser Drain # 535. Board Member Diener seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Arnold Dahlenburg: There is one thing I would like from the County. Now the ditch runs from the bottom of the Fraser Ditch clear up to the bottom of there, pointing to the aerial. We don’t know if it needs that much fall because that is the way the ditch was dug. If we put in a tile the tile will run the water better than the ditch will. I would like for the County to tell us how much fall we have to put into the ditch. The determining factor is going to be where it comes under the road that is the bottom of the ditch. How much fall we have to give this tile to leave the Fraser Ditch. Surveyor Ward said he could do that.

Next on the agenda-Approve Petition for Enclosing a Portion of the F. M. Coonrod Drain #526

Petition from Ron Coonrod to enclose a portion of the F. M. Coonrod Drain #526. Surveyor Ward explained the location of the ditch. This would affect four (4) landowner and thirty (30) to thirty-five (35) acres across the road with Ron Coonrod being the main landowner. Mr. Coonrod wants to put a tile in the bottom of the ditch, enclose a portion of the open ditch so that he can put in an irrigation system. Mr. Coonrod wants to put in an eight (8) inch tile but the Surveyor said that he would be more comfortable with at least a twelve (12) inch tile. Surveyor Ward said the cost of the project would be at Mr. Coonrod’s cost.

Attorney Loy said that this basically is a Reconstruction and there would need to be a Hearing for the landowners.

Board Member Heimlich made a motion to accept the Petition for Enclosing a Portion of the F. M. Coonrod Drain #526. Board Member Diener seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Other discussions:

l. Robert Thompson was present to talk about the Ida Lahr Tile Drain #556 that is on his property. Surveyor Ward and Mr. Thompson met at the site on Thursday. Surveyor Ward stated that there have been numerous problems with the Ida Lahr Tile. Mr. Thompson stated that this tile on his property has not worked for many years. Several options were discussed on how to get this tile in possible working order.

1. Reconstruction with all landowners in the water shed involved in the cost of the project.

2. Mr. Thompson re-routing with a private tile and hooking on the old County Tile at both ends.

3. Mr. Thompson and other landowners affected in the area doing a friendly project with costs agreed on between them.

Chairman Burton told Mr. Thompson to think about what had been discussed and to return if he came up with any other ideas or let the Drainage Board know what he has decided.

2. Board Member Heimlich wanted to make the Board aware that an issue has be found with the maintenance assessments on the Big Monon. White County collects and sends the collected funds to Pulaski County. In 2010 the assessments of the ditch were to be reduced to $2.00 per acre. After receiving a phone call from a landowner on the ditch with a question regarding his property tax not about maintenance assessments but he was asked what his assessment were on his tax bill and he replied that they were $7.00 per acre. It was after that it was found that the assessments were not changed in 2010. Board Member Heimlich has talked to the Pulaski County Surveyor and she is aware of this issue. The Surveyor’s Office, Board Member Heimlich and Pulaski County will be working on getting refunds to the White County landowners.

With nothing further for the Board Chairman Burton adjourned the February 4, 2013 meeting.