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BE IT REMEMBERED, that the White County Commissioners held a regular meeting on Monday, July 15, 2013. The meeting was held at the White County Building, Commissioners’ Conference room, beginning at 8:00 a.m.

Commissioners present were: President John C. Heimlich, Vice President Steve Burton, and Commissioner David Diener. Also present was the White County Auditor, Gayle Rogers and the White County Attorney, George Loy.

Commissioner Heimlich called the meeting to order.


  • Commissioner Diener made a motion to approve the payroll as presented, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous


  • Commissioner Diener made a motion to approve and pay the claims as presented, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous


White County Auditor, Gayle Rogers, presented a new contract from Maximus that includes the Courts, Prosecutor, Clerk and the cost allocation plan for her department. There will no longer be separate contracts with different cost for services from Maximus. The contract was given to Attorney Loy for his review.

After reviewing the contract, Commissioner Diener said that there were two more departments added to the contract and the overall cost was cut. Auditor Rogers also pointed out that it’s all 66% reimbursable.

Attorney Loy mentioned that it is a 4-year contract with 60-day notice to terminate and he is comfortable with the way the contract is written.

  • Commissioner Diener made a motion to approve the new contract with Maximus Consulting Services as presented for the departments of the Auditor, Clerk, Prosecutor and Judicial, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous


White County Auditor, Gayle Rogers, presented an invoice from Copier’s Plus for the maintenance agreement on the copiers/printers. She said that she is not familiar with the agreement that was approved but questioned why each department is charged differently for b/w copies/color copies. The charges are not consistent.

The commissioners decided that a meeting needs to be held with them the next time they come in to do an evaluation on the maintenance contract.

At this time, the White County Council President, Denny Carter, called the council members to order in joint session with the commissioners. Council members present were:

President Denny Carter Raymond “Butch” Kramer Bruce Clear

Arthur “Art” Anderson Kevin “Casey” Crabb James “Jim” Davis

Jim Annis


Building Inspector, Dave Anderson, reported that there were 49 permits issued last month, one for a new house


Jim Reynolds, Environmental Officer, presented an Environmental Report for last month.

  • Received 32 complaints on various issues
  • Sent out 5 clean-up letters

  • Made 8 landfill inspections and 4 transfer station inspections (Advance Disposal)
  • Received 13 calls on septic issues and issued 4 permits
  • Assisted SFLECC with water samples and transporting them to Indianapolis


Gale Spry, Director, presented a copy of the second quarter billing that is submitted to INDOT.

During the second quarter, she reported that they had 81 more trips than the first quarter. Compared to 2012’s second quarter, they did 861 more trips. A lot more people are calling for rides and it could be from rising fuel costs. Expenses were an additional $19,070 for the 2nd quarter and the cost for fuel for the month of June was $3,800.

Gale discussed how she does need support from township trustees to give “poor relief” funds to non-profit organizations like Council on Aging for providing transportation to their constituents of their township. She has sent letters and made phone calls to the trustees requesting donations and only three out of the twelve have donated. She is having a difficult time convincing the trustees that they can legally donate this money. She asked the commissioners and council for advice.

White County Attorney, George Loy, said that he would be happy to assist her contacting the SBOA to verify that the trustees can donate the money.

Commissioner Heimlich suggested that she contact Lisa Downey, White County Assessor, because all of the trustees do have regular contact with that department.


Terri Brooks, Director, reported that she hasn’t received her new 911 system yet. She has found out that there are going to be additional cost and she will present the change orders as they come in.


Randy Mitchell, Director, reported that he assisted the Mayor in hosting a visiting delegation from China. This was their second visit and this time around they were interested in the education and health care system.

The Advancing Manufacturing program has its first class starting August 22.


Commissioner Heimlich discussed how the county contracted with Miller & Associates to assist the county with becoming ADA compliant.

Jason Miller, Randall Miller & Associates, presented a draft transition plan for ADA compliance for the county facilities; as well as, the unincorporated areas. Incorporated cities are excluded. The plan addressed two specific areas: public buildings and public right-of-ways (sidewalks, intersections, and bridges).

The inventory and assessment identifies barriers to individuals with disabilities, identifies estimated costs for removal and replacement of deficiencies of those barriers, identifies a schedule to replace those barriers and allows for the continuing monitoring of the progress of implementing the plan.

Mr. Miller suggested that we have the public review the draft transition plan to receive public input, ideas and voice their concerns. He recommended advertising it on the agenda during the next meeting to give notice to the public that this is open for discussion rather than having a special public hearing after hours.

The overall cost to bring the county up to current ADA compliance will be just over $1 million. Half of this cost is bringing the courthouse up to ADA compliance. He briefly discussed how there is no specific timeline or requirement to become ADA compliant under ADA Standards under Title II. He does recommend that the county consider adding a line item in the budget to make these areas compliant when the funds are available.

Commissioner Heimlich said that this will put this on the agenda for public comment on the next joint meeting.

At this time the council adjourned to their meeting.





There being no further business to come before the commissioners, their meeting was adjourned.

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John C. Heimlich, President Steve Burton, Vice President David Diener, Member

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Gayle Rogers, Auditor