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BE IT REMEMBERED, that the White County Commissioners held a regular meeting on Monday, August 19, 2013. The meeting was held at the White County Building, 2nd floor, Commissioners’ Conference room, beginning at 8:00 a.m.

Commissioners’ present were: President John C. Heimlich, Vice President Steve Burton, and Commissioner David Diener. Also present was the White County Auditor Gayle Rogers, and the White County Attorney George Loy.

Commissioner Heimlich called the meeting to order.


· Commissioner Burton made a motion to approve the minutes as presented for the regular meeting held on August 5, 2013, seconded by Commissioner Diener. Vote: Unanimous


· Commissioner Diener made a motion to approve the payroll as presented, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous


· Commissioner Diener made a motion to approve and pay the claims as presented, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous


Mike Kyburz, Assistant Highway Superintendent, presented an agreement from Softworks, Inc., for the new software program that will keep track of the following at the Highway Department:

· Daily Crew Worksheet-Cost Tracking-FEMA Tracking

· Response Log Complaint Tracking Software

· Fleet Maintenance/Garage Parts, Yard Inventory

· Government Accounting Software

· Government Payroll Software

· Ditch Maintenance Software

The cost of the software is $24,475. White County Attorney Loy said that he has looked over the agreement and pointed out the upfront cost and savings.

· Commissioner Diener made a motion to approve the maintenance tracking software program from Softworks, Inc., for $24,475, for the Highway Department, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous


Highway Superintendent, BJ Propes, made the recommendation to the commissioners to approve the truck bid from Kenworth of Indianapolis to purchase the 2014 T400/T470 Dump w/A/T 6/1 for $81,714.

Superintendent Propes said that the lowest bid ($80,643) was from Truck City of Gary, but he does not recommend accepting it because it did not meet the specifications. He said that the cab is made out of aluminum instead of steel and he also had an issue with the way the mirrors were going to be mounted.

· Commissioner Burton made a motion to approve the bid from Kenworth of Indianapolis to purchase the 2014 T400/T470 Dump Truck w/A/T 6/1 for $81,714 for the Highway Department, seconded by Commissioner Diener. Vote: Unanimous


White County Auditor, Gayle Rogers, said that she was contacted by Michael Duffy from the state saying that they have already approved our fund, but according to state statute the legislative body must approve the ordinance, not the council. This needs to be done so they can have it on file.

Auditor Rogers said that the Cumulative Capital Development Fund will replace the Cumulative Building Maintenance Fund. The Cumulative Building Maintenance funds will just be spent down and we will start using the new fund. This new fund has been created because there are now more things that you can use the funds for where as you couldn’t in the Cumulative Building Maintenance Fund.

· Commissioner Diener made a motion to suspend the rules and adopt Ordinance #13-08-19-02, Establishing the Cumulative Capital Development Fund on the first reading, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous

ORDINANCE NO. 13-08-19-02



IC 36-9-14.5

BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Commissioners of White County, Indiana that a need now exists for the establishment of a Cumulative Capital Development Fund for the following purposes:

As stated in IC 36-9-14.5

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Board will adhere to the provisions of IC 36-9-14.5. Proposed fund will not exceed $0.03333 per each $100.00 of Assessed Valuation. Said tax rate will be levied beginning with taxes 2013 payable 2014.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Ordinance be submitted to the Department of Local Government Finance of the State of Indiana as provided by law.

Duly adopted by the following vote of the members of said White County Commissioners this 19th day of August, 2013


Area Plan Director Joe Rogers presented Rezoning Petition #1011 requesting to rezone a portion of Lot “M” in O’Connor’s Riverside Addition from an R-2 (Single and Two Family Residential) to an L-1 (Lake District). The property is owned by Bryan & Kathleen M. Keiser and located at 505 E. Lakeside Drive, Monticello.

A public hearing was held by the Area Plan Commission on August 12, 2013, regarding this petition. The APC made the recommendation to the commissioners to approve the rezoning request by a vote of 9 Yes and 0 No.

Mr. Kiser and a member of the Home Owners Association were available for questions. Commissioner Heimlich asked if there was anyone present wishing to speak about this petition. No response.

· Commissioner Diener made a motion to approve Petition No. 1011, Ordinance No. 563-13, rezoning property located at 505 E. Lakeside Drive from an R-2 to an L-1 for Bryan & Kathleen Keiser, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous


Area Plan Director, Joe Rogers, mentioned that the DNR has contacted him and said that they have reviewed and approved the ordinance from White County. He now has this scheduled on the Area Plan Commission’s agenda for September. After that the legislative bodies will have 90 days to approve any amendments. The final date that it must be back to DNR is January 8.

Mr. Rogers said that he has structured the ordinance so that it could be incorporated as an overlay district into the zoning ordinance. The original plan was that he would make the zoning changes and the Building Inspector would review them and changes would be made between the two of them, if necessary. He said that the Building Inspector now feels that there should be more changes. If changes are to be made this will require him to request an extension from the DNR. He asked the commissioners what they wanted him to do because of the deadlines that needed to be made.

Commissioner Diener said that the Building Inspector has had this information since January and he should’ve addressed the issues before it was submitted to the DNR. He suggested that Mr. Rogers continue to move forward to stay on schedule to meet the deadline. The commissioners ordered Mr. Rogers to stay on schedule to meet the deadlines.


John Henry, Real Estate Department for Nipsco, and Dana Brad, Major Projects Department for Nipsco, appeared before the commissioners proposing a petition to vacate County Road 25 East, north of Reynolds in Honey Creek Township. They are requesting this vacation for the expansion of the existing substation, currently on the west side of the road, with the expansion going to the east side of the road. The benefit of vacating the road will be for construction safety purposes for the public. Mr. Henry said that notification of the proposed vacation has been sent to all of the property owners adjacent on the left side, as well as, the property owners west of 421.

Commissioner Burton asked if property owners will be denied access to their ground because of the road vacation request. Dana Brad confirmed that County Road 200 North will still be open to be accessed by the property owners. Commissioner Heimlich said trucks would have to come out onto U.S. 421 from County Road 200 North to get to the property.

Commissioner Heimlich explained the legal notice and the timeline of the advertisement that needs to be done before a public hearing can be held on September 3. The commissioners said that they will schedule the public hearing on the next agenda for September 3.


Gale Spry, Director, presented the grant application for the federal and state funding for public transit for 2014. If approved she is hoping for $105,178 from federal and $47,975 from the state. Her local match will be $180,371.

· Commissioner Diener made a motion to approve Resolution No. 13-08-19-01 authorizing the filing of an application for a grant under section 5311 of the Federal Transit Act, as amended, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous

RESOLUTION NO. 13-08-19-01


WHEREAS, the U.S. Department of Transportation is authorized to make grants to states throught the Federal Administration (FTA) to support capital, operating and feasibility study assistance projects for non-urbanized public transportation systems under Section 5311 of the FTA Act of 1964, as amended;

WHEREAS, the office of Transit, Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) has been designated by the Governor to make Section 5311 grants for public transportation projects;

WHEREAS, the contract for financial assistance will impose certain obligations upon the applicant, including the provision by it of the local share of project costs;


1. That John C. Heimlich, County Commissioner, on behalf of White County is authorized to make the necessary assurances and certifications and be empowered to enter into an agreement with INDOT for the provision of rural public transportation services.

2. The White County Council on Aging is authorized to execute and file an application on behalf of White County Commissioners with the INDOT to aid in the financing of transit assistance projects pursuant to Section 5311 of the Federal Transit Act, as amended.

3. That White County Council on Aging is authorized to furnish such additional information as INDOT may require in connection with the application.

4. That White County Council on Aging is authorized to execute grant contract agreements on behalf of White County.

At this time, the White County Council President, Denny Carter, called the council members to order in joint session with the Commissioners. Council members present were:

President Denny Carter Raymond “Butch” Kramer Bruce Clear

Arthur “Art” Anderson Kevin “Casey” Crabb Jim Annis

Jim Davis was absent.


Dave Anderson, Inspector, reported that they had six new homes constructed last month; this is the best that they’ve had so far. Prairie Township had 6 of the 18 permits issued this year for new homes.


Terri Brooks, Director, said that she received word from the Statewide 911 Board meeting last week that each county will be receiving additional funding. White County will receive $19,934.63. The board also approved an increase of 1.4% of the annual level of funding for each county.

Terri said that she is hoping for an installation date for the new phone system to be September 16. She is fully staffed with 1 part-time employee training and 1 part-time employee training and filling some shifts.


Jim Reynolds, Environmental Officer, presented the Environmental Report for July 2013.

· Received forty-eight complaints on various environmental issues.

· Made ten landfill inspections and six transfer station inspections.

· Received twenty-two calls on septic issues and issued two permits last month.

Mr. Reynolds reported that Advanced Disposal, transfer station, has an agreement with Liberty Landfill now and most of their waste will be taken there instead out of the county.

The Indiana State Department of Health has set up several mosquito traps in the Burnettsville and Monticello area to test for West Nile in our area. The test results have come back positive.


Randy Mitchell, Director, reported that the Advance Manufacturing class is just about half way through and things are progressing nicely. They have fourteen candidates and he was happy to announce that they have had perfect attendance. Graduation is looking to be September 12 and he is setting up an interview fair with the county’s major manufacturers.

Mr. Mitchell announced that on July 25, 2013, EDA awarded White County a $2.5 million grant for the Wolcott Corridor. On August 8, a construction pre-bid meeting was held with great attendance from contractors. Bid opening will be held on August 21 by the Commissioners. They are hoping for construction to start late this fall.


Paula Lantz, Clerk, said that the White County Election Board has met several times discussing the possibility of perspective vote centers for 2014. She also said that the board has unanimously voted to move forward with electronic voting systems. This will allow the stream line of voting to be more secure and quicker. This also means that we will no longer have paper ballots and everything will be done with the touch screens.

Letters have been sent out to all of the perspective voting center locations and all of them except one (Brookston Gym) will be able to accommodate their needs. Brookston has a problem with internet accessibility.

John Million, Election Board member, said that historically the county had voting in all 23 precincts and then they went down to 19. The last two elections they have gone down to 12 and combined a number of precincts. Having the voting centers in the county building for the City of Monticello has always been a problem because they have had to shut down the county offices. Now they have decided to move the voting centers for Monticello out of the courthouse. Mr. Million explained that the ideal number of voters for the 10 voting centers is approximately 2,200 – 2,500 voters at each center.

Mr. Million said that they are currently working to put a plan in place to meet the requirements for the state statute. Two public hearings, 30 days apart, must be done in order to have the plan in place and submitted to the Indiana State Election Board by the end of the year. The big advantage of all this will be that the voters of White County will be able to vote at any voting center in the county.

Commissioner Heimlich pointed out that this will also decrease the number of poll workers needed during election time because that has always been a problem.


Jason Miller, Miller & Associates, said that a draft of the ADA Transition Plan, a report of findings on the county’s inventory, was placed on the county’s website for the public to review.

Commissioner Heimlich said that the public hearing is now open and asked if there was anyone wishing to speak. No one was available to comment.

Jason said that he will update the plan with the public hearing information and that no one was present to speak. In the future, he said that the plan will need to be monitored and modified with updates as time goes on.

At this time, Commissioner Heimlich closed the public hearing.


Cindy Isom said that she has been collecting cost estimates and talking with contractors for the project. She presented a breakdown with the cost running around $140,000. She was available to answer questions and look over the plans if needed.

Councilman Anderson voiced his concerns of not having an engineer for this project and the liability risk that the county and the city are taking on by not hiring one. Mrs. Isom said that an engineer can be hired at any time. She has just drawn-up the plans and presented cost estimates. The county/city is more than welcome to turn all of this over to an engineer for review.


Commissioner Heimlich reminded the council members about the water and sewer commitment with Mag Pallet in Reynolds. He said that they are in the process of getting the agreements signed by the Town of Reynolds and the Redevelopment Commission. Discussion has been made in the past about the county loaning the money to the Redevelopment Commission for the construction. He said that the loan looks like it’s going to be $1.1 million to the RDC and paid back to the county from the TIFF money. This money could be taken out of the Vera Sun account/funds.

Commissioner Heimlich asked for a commitment for the Redevelopment Commission that this is what’s going to be done.

County Attorney Loy said that public meetings will have to be held soon for this and he feels that Commissioner Heimlich just wants to know what the consensus is from the council on this matter. He said that a joint meeting with the RDC and Council should be held next month.

At this time, the council members adjourned to their own meeting.


Kris Smith, Copiers Plus, appeared before the commissioners updating them on the maintenance agreement with the copiers and printers after the plan has been in place for a year now. He said that the volumes are actually lower than what they had predicted. They proposed that the cost would’ve been $1,107.77 per month and the average monthly cost have been $1,035.75.

Eric, Copiers Plus, explained that the different rates for the different copiers was because those copiers were all billed separately at one time and Donya, Commissioners’ Secretary, had asked them to consolidate all of our invoices into one. The higher rate charges are older contracts that were purchased at least five years ago.

A short discussion was held on the individual printers being a high cost and the plan to remove those from the offices.

They said that the feedback that they have received from Eric is very positive.


Laura Bernfield appeared before the Commissioners saying that she would like to take over Ed Gutwein’s position as the Bio-Terrorism Coordinator for White County. She discussed her work experience and presented a contract.

· Commissioner Burton made a motion to approve the contract/agreement with Laura Bernfield as presented, seconded by Commissioner Diener. Vote: Unanimous


Dean Mullens, EMA Director, presented a Foundation License Plate Grant for $4,000 to purchase 8 Samsung tablets for the emergency center. This grant is given by the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

· Commissioner Burton made a motion to enter into an agreement with IDHS to receive a grant for $4,000 to purchase 8 Samsung Tablets for the EMA department, seconded by Commissioner Diener. Vote: Unanimous

There being no further business to come before the board, their meeting was adjourned.

___________________________ _____________________________ _________________________

John C. Heimlich, President Steve Burton, Vice President David Diener, Member