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APC MEETING January 13, 2014

The White County Area Plan Commission met Monday, January 13, 2014, at 6:00 p.m. in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room, Second Floor, County Building, Monticello, Indiana.

Members attending were: Charles Anderson, Jim Annis, Richard Lynn, Jim Mann, Mike Smolek, Dennis Sterrett, Dave Stimmel, Brad Ward, and Donald Ward. Absent members were: Mark Bentlage, & Dave Rosenbarger.

Also attending were Attorney Abigail Diener, Executive Director Joe Rogers, and Administrative Assistants Tina Cronkhite & Jennifer Hill.

Visitors attending were: Randy Leman

The meeting was called to order by President, Charles Anderson.


Opening Business:

Elect Officers/Appoint Executive Director: Nominations for APC Board Members include:

President – Jim Mann: Nominated by Dave Stimmell & seconded by Mike Smolek.

Vice President – Charles Anderson: Nominated by Richard Lynn & seconded by Brad Ward.

Secretary – Don Ward: Nominated by Richard Lynn & seconded by Dave Stimmell.

Executive Director – Joseph Rogers: Nominated by Brad Ward with second from Jim Annis.

By a show of hands, all were in favor, and so moved. Newly appointed President, Jim Mann, presided over the remainder of the meeting.

Staff Introduction: Joe Rogers introduced new staff, Jennifer Hill to the Board, Jennifer is replacing Erin Owens.

Minutes: There was a motion by Mike Smolek and a second by Jim Annis to approve the meeting minutes of 11/12/13 as written; so moved.


Rezones: #1014– Leman Engineering & Consulting (Part 2): Requesting a rezone from B-2, General Business District to I-1, Light Industrial District.

Mr. Randall D. Leman (Leman Engineering & Consulting) was present to request the rezone for the property. This property is the abutting lot sold to Mr. Leman for his consulting business with a previous rezone application for the adjoining lot (Lot #1). Approval of this rezone brings the use into compliance.

This rezone is part (2) of a previous rezone #1013 requested by Joy Chaney, former property owner. Part 1 (#1013) was approved at the 11/12/13 APC meeting with the condition that the applicant properly apply for and receive a rezone of the parcel abutting to the east identified as 206 E. 3rd Street, Brookston, IN 47923 (Parcel #91-54-22-000-043.000-016/Tax ID #: 017-30130-00) from B-2, General Business, to I-1, Light Industrial. This rezone does not take effect until this condition has been met. Failure to secure said rezone by April 13, 2014 shall prevent this action from taking effect. There have been no additional questions or concerns from the public opposing this request since the previous APC meeting on 11/12/13 per Joe Rogers.

There being no additional questions or comments, Jim Mann moved that the Board vote on the matter. Don Ward seconded, and the ballots were passed to Board members by Ms. Diener.

Ballot Summary:

1. The proposed rezoning is consistent with the goals, objective, and policies of the White County Strategic Plan and any other applicable planning studies and reports, as adopted and amended from time to time. 9 agree; 0 no opinion; 0 disagree

2. The proposed rezoning is compatible with current conditions and the overall character of existing development in the immediate vicinity of the subject property. 9 agree; 0 no opinion; 0 disagree

3. The proposed rezoning is the most desirable use for which the land in the subject property is adapted. 6 agree; 3 no opinion; 0 disagree

4. The proposed rezoning will not have an adverse effect on the value of properties throughout the jurisdiction. 9 agree; 20no opinion; 0 disagree

5. The proposed rezoning reflects responsible standards for growth and development. 9 agree; 0 no opinion; 0 disagree

Vice President, Jim Mann announced the results, as follows: 9 votes cast; 9 in favor - 0 opposed. Rezone request will be certified to the appropriate legislative body with a “Favorable” recommendation.

Other Business:

Annual Report: The White County Area Plan 2013 Annual Report was submitted by Executive Director, Joe Rogers. Joe gave a brief report summary and concluded that beginning in 2014, the Annual Report will encompass the merged Building Dept. as well.

Potential Board Expansion: Joe Rogers suggested expanding the APC Board by (2) members to include some of the smaller legislative bodies in the county. After some discussion among the board, Dave Stimmel recommended appointing a committee for expansion appointments and processes. Joe will coordinate a subcommittee to meet to discuss this further.

Manufactured vs. Stick-Built Home Square Footage Requirements-Committee Report:

See Exhibit B

Split Zonings-to be or not to be? Split zonings were eliminated in 2008 Zoning Ordinance. Previously did not have capability to create split zones in GIS software, but current 39north GIS allows this capability. Current requirements for split zones are a minor subdivision approval. Allowances for split zones would all require board approval, if approved. Jim Mann recommended a Joe coordinate a subcommittee to meet and discuss further.

Amendments - #37 – I-3 Zoning District Ordinance Clarifications, General Standard Modifications, Other:

Primary Changes:

Chapter 2: Districts, Boundaries, Standards

- Section 2.3 – Establishments of Districts & Subsection 2.5.14 – I 3 Industrial Park District; Provides establishment, identification, purpose & intent of I-3 district;

- Subsection 2.4.4 – Overlay Districts; Added language to overlay district requirements;

- Subsection 2.5.15 – AED Amusement and Entertainment District; Change to common language structure and added clarifying language

Chapter 3: Specific Use Requirements & Performance Standards

- Section 3.14 – I-3 Zoning District; establishes specific use requirements for 1-3 Zoning District;

- Subsection 3.16.9 – Category 8 Vacation Homes; moves parking requirements for vacation homes from this section to Chapter 8

Chapter 4: Use Classification

- Subsection 4.5.6 – Nonconforming Uses of Structures or Structures and Land in Combination; Allowance made for legal non-conforming properties in I-3 Districts

Chapter 8: Parking & Loading Standards

- Subsection 8.4.2 - Shared parking spaces; Provides for discretion as to when shared parking spaces are acceptable;

- Subsection 8.6.2 B - Driveway width exception; Increases driveway width allowance depending on use;

- Subsection 8.6.2 D 2 - Curbing & Wheel Stops & Subsection 8.6.2 D 3 - Parking Within Setbacks; Allows parking to be designed within setbacks with certain restrictions

- Subsection 8.6.3 - Surfacing & Drainage; Requires ADA compliance within aggregate parking lots;

- Section 8.10 - Loading Space Requirements; Clarification language added;

- Subsection 8.12.3 - Setbacks; Adds parking garage to standard;

- Subsection 8.12.4 – Minimum Number of Spaces Required; Adds clarification language

- Table 8.6 - Required Off-Street Parking Spaces; Updates parking calculation methods for various use categories, adds categories where lacking;

Chapter 9: Landscaping Standards

- Section 9.2 – Landscape Plan Requirement; Language clarification;

- Subsection 9.3.1 – Agricultural districts; Clarifies buffer requirements;

- Subsection 9.3.4 - Parking lot exemption; Reduces tree island burden;

- Subsection 9.3.5 – Protection of Landscape Areas; Restructures subsection; grants allowance for shorter wheel stop height;

- Subsection 9.3.8 – Screening of Refuse and Recycling Areas; Provides minor relief for access gate location

- Subsection 9.3.9 – Screening Requirements For Service Structures; Adds I-2 & I-3 zoning district reference

- Subsection 9.3.11 - Preservation; Adds clarifying language for how preservation allowance approvals shall be documented

- Subsection 9.4.4 C – Earthen Berms; Provides berm height relief

- Subsection 9.6.1 – Construction materials; Added wrought iron as acceptable material

- Subsection 9.6.2 – Height; Adds clarifying language

- Subsection 9.6.5 - I-2 & I-3 district inclusion in fencing standards; Adds clarifying language.

- Table 9.1 – Landscaping Requirements; Updated to clarify standards

Chapter 14: Definitions

- Adds various definitions for items such as BUS, GARAGE/YARD SALE, RUMMAGE SALE, TAXICAB, TAXICAB COMPANY, TRANSFER STATION, etc.

Secondary Changes:

Appendix A: Official Schedule of Uses

- Identifies use recommendations

- Adds standards for I-3 Zoning District

Appendix B: Bulk Use Standards

- Identifies Use Chart recommendations

- Adds standards for I-3 Zoning District and clarifies chart construction and language


- Miscellaneous areas of grammar correction or language clarification

This amendment has been presented to the Town Of Wolcott, the White County Commissioners, Economic Development Director, and Randy Zerner with no objections. Mike Smolek moved that Amendment #37 be approved by the Board; Jim Annis seconded. The Board voted 9-0 via hand vote to approve.

Closing Business: Mike Smolek questioned ADA compliance regulations. Joe Rogers explained that ADA compliance was mandated by the state for funding approval and incorporated into the zoning ordinance. The requirements are enforced by Area Plan to show compliance.


There being no further business, Jim Annis moved that the meeting be adjourned; Brad Ward seconded and with all in favor, Vice President, James Mann adjourned the meeting at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Donald W. Ward, Secretary

White County Area Plan Commission

Joseph W. Rogers, Executive Director

White County Area Plan Commission





January 13, 2014 - 6:00 p.m.

2nd Floor Conference Room

White County Building

Monticello, IN 47960



6:00 P.M.: The White County Area Plan Commission will meet in Regular Session pursuant to Indiana’s Open Meetings Law, I.C. 5-3-1-2 (b):



READING OF THE MINUTES – November 12, 2013


1. #2014 - Leman Engineering & Consulting (Chaney) – Part 2:

Requesting a rezone from B-2 to I-1


1. Annual Report

2. Potential Board Expansion

3. Manufactured vs. Stick-Built Home Square Footage Requirements – Committee Report

4. Split zonings – to be or not to be? That is the question.


1. A37- Amendment for I-3 Zoning Standards – To provide for governance of a new zoning designation of I-3, Industrial Park District.

· CH 2 – Districts Boundaries & Standards

· CH 3 – Specific Use Requirements

· CH 4 – Use Classifications & Provisions

· CH 8 – Parking & Loading Standards

· CH 9 - Landscaping Standards

· CH 14 – Definitions

· Appendix A – Official Schedule of Uses

· Appendix B – Bulk Use Standards