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October 21, 2013

The White County Drainage Board convened at 10:30 A. M. in the Commissioners’ Room of the White County Building, Monticello, Indiana. Board members present were: Chairman Steve Burton, Drainage Board Member John Heimlich and Drainage Board Member David Diener. Also present were Attorney George W. Loy, Surveyor Bradley E. Ward and Drainage Assistant Mary E. Sterrett.

Also in attendance were:

B. J. Propes-White County Highway Department Ann Stevens-Wabash Valley Power

Sharon Watson-White County Soil and Water

Cindy Muffett-District Conservationist & Assistant

The October 21, 2013 White County Drainage Board was called to order by Chairman Steve Burton.

The first item on the agenda was to approve the minutes from the October 7, 2013 White County Drainage Board Meeting. Board Member John Heimlich so moved. Board Member David Diener seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Next on the agenda-Wabash Power-Consent to Encroach Along County Road 900 East

Surveyor Ward present to the Board: Ann Stevens present to represent Wabash Valley Power. They want to rebuild their line from County Road 250 North along County Road 900 East up to the Land Fill. There is a list of twenty (20) regulated drains that this power line will cross.

Ann Stevens: Ann handed the Board Wabash Valley Power’s plans and pictures of what the project will entail. There are approximately twenty-two (22) structures that will be with in seventy-five (75) feet of a regulated drain. There are two (2) drains that are running parallel to the road that would be the M. P. Scott #2 and the J. M. Timmons Branch #6. All the drains that they would be in the seventy-five (75) foot right of way easement are tiles with one (1) being an open ditch. It is an existing distribution line and they will be over building it. Ann answered the Boards questions regarding placement of structures, diameters of the structures and heights of the structures.

Attorney Loy: I will put together what is called Consent to Encroach describing what you are doing because the law requires it. We will put it all in one (1) document. As far as legals are concerned, Wabash Power does not own any of the real estate that these poles are going on?

Ann Stevens: They are in the public right-of- way, public County Road right-of-way. County Road 900 East.

Board Member Heimlich made a motion to grant the Consent to Encroach to Wabash Valley Power. Board Member Diener seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Attorney Loy to prepare the Consent to Encroach document for Wabash Valley Power.

Next on the agenda-Drainage Review-Accu-Dig Building Project

Surveyor Ward presented this Drainage Review to the Board.

Drainage Review e-mailed to Surveyor Ward from AECOM Engineer Todd Frauhiger.

Dated: Monday, October 21, 2013


I have completed the drainage review for the Accu-Dig site located on CR 150 S.

The review included a site visit last Wednesday, and well as follow-up conversations with the design firm last week and again this morning.

The proposed development will drain into a small detention basin. This detention basin will drain through a 12-inch pipe with a 4-inch orifice plate into an existing wetland located on the property. The wetlands then drain into Branch 2 of the Simeon Davisson Tile. There is no direct connection between the new pond and the tile.

The discharge from the pond slightly exceeds the ordinance, but by the time that attenuation thru the wetlands is considered, the discharge will be well under the ordinance requirements.

The plan also calls for the relocation of a portion of the regulated tile around the new proposed building. It appears that this relocation will also require a reduction of the easement to approximately 40 feet total.

Based upon my review of the submitted plans and calculations, discussions with the designer, and my site visit last week, I would recommend approval of the drainage plan for the Accu-Dig property.



Surveyor Ward: The fifth paragraph is not correct. Todd did not know about Accu-Dig’s previous meeting. The statement regarding the relocation of the tile.

Cindy Muffett: Please explain again what will happen.

Surveyor Ward: The water will be release into a tile from the pond into the wetlands at approximately at the same rate that it is currently being released. From the wetlands it will go into a tile through an air well that is existing, then into the Buss Ditch.

Cindy Muffett: How much drop do they have from the retention pond to the wetlands? How is that outlet going to work into the wetlands? Is it a dry basin?

Surveyor Ward: I honestly don’t know because that wasn’t in their original plan. They had to redesign it.

I can’t answer that because the original plan had no outlet. I believe it is supposed to be a dry basin.

Attorney Loy: There are a number of things here that are being approved. First of all the Drainage Plan. Then relocating the tile all at their expense with Consent to Encroach the County Tile on the east side of the proposed new building.

Surveyor Ward: Relocating the tile was approved at the last Drainage Board meeting with the Consent to Encroach on the east side reducing the easement down to twenty-five (25) feet and leaving the west side at seventy-five (75) feet. They asked for that to be twenty-five (25) and twenty-five (25) but the Board chose to leave it at seventy-five (75) feet on the west side.

Surveyor Ward: Based on Todd Frauhiger’s recommendation I would recommend approval of the Drainage Plan for Accu-Dig.

Cindy Muffett: When you approve the Drainage Plans with wetlands or water lands do you approve them contingent on permits to do it or do you just say flat out that it is approved.

Attorney Loy: All our plan approvals are typically contingent on receiving any other necessary permits including yours or Area Plans for instants. Attorney Loy also asked to speak to Cindy Muffett some time on another matter later.

Board Member Heimlich made a motion based on the recommendations of Todd Frauhiger and Surveyor Ward to approve the Drainage Plan for the Accu-Dig building project. Board Member Diener seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Next on the agenda-Approve Petition for Maintenance-Branch #2 F. A. Brown Drain #683

(Viewing a Computer generated map)

Surveyor Ward presented to the Board: A petition for Maintenance on Branch #2 of the F. A. Brown Drain #683. The location of this drain is north of Monon. This ditch is approximately sixty-two two hundred (6,200) feet in length. Petition was carried by Larry Brown with the Browns being the major land owners in the water shed.

Board Member Heimlich made a motion to accept the Petition for Maintenance on Branch #2 of the F. A. Brown Drain #683. Board Member Diener seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Other Discussions:

  1. Surveyor Ward announced there will be an Indian Creek Joint Board Meeting October 24,


  1. Cindy Muffett wanted to talk to the Board regarding the James Chilton 2-Stage Ditch


Cindy Muffett: I realize you have already chosen a contractor. Have you seen the designs from our Agency for that?

Surveyor Ward: I believe I have the most recent set of plans.

Cindy Muffett: I brought a copy just in case you didn’t. We are big on permits and I need to review with you what is going on in that regard. I talked with Kent this morning and there is a little bit of discrepancy between what our plans said and what they are going to do. Our plan was going to call for some deepening and widening of the actual channel. We would require permits from the Army Core of Engineers. Kent said they were not going to touch the channel at all when they are actually doing the work. We will not need an actual permit but we are going to get a document from him saying that so we are covered that way. You have probably heard some of our issues with that kind of thing. I want to make sure we are covered that we have gotten good documentation, to show that we have done the diligent thing. The other permits that would be required would be the Rule 5 permit. That is for construction activities or disturbing lands greater than one (1) acre. This will be due next. So, we are getting another plan on project use. Then Kent will take our information for the project so that is for you as well. So, that is going to be taken care of. That goes to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and Sharon is going to forward that on to them as well. That is where you stand on the permit side of things on this project. I wanted you to be aware that it was getting covered.

Surveyor Ward: I was not aware that we needed one (1) for Kent for this project.

Cindy Muffett: I was concerned about that. We just got these designs last week and that was one (1) of the first things I was concerned about since I had heard you already had a contractor. I think that there was a communication breakdown between all the partners involved about where the project was. Luckily we are getting it all cleared away. I do need a signature on our design set of plans if you don’t mind. Surveyor Ward said he would sign the plans.

Chairman Burton adjourned the meeting.