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BE IT REMEMBERED that a regular meeting of the White County Council was held at the White County Building in Monticello at 9:00 A.M. on February 18, 2014 for the purpose of discussing the additional appropriations and other business that might come before the membership.

Council President Dennis Carter called the Council meeting to order in joint session with the Commissioners.  The following members were present:


Dennis E Carter          Kevin L Crabb                                    Art A Anderson

Bruce D Clear             James G Annis                        James B Davis


White County Area Plan Director Joe Rogers said there is a problem with about 600 addresses on the GIS program in his office and in the Emergency 911 program.  When the data was pulled from the old GIS program, it appears to have been from 2008 instead of current information.  He estimates it will take twenty hours to update.  It was suggested that Erin Owens (who went from Area Plan to the IT department) help out, if needed.

White County Economic Development Director Randy Mitchell said there has been some “build-to-suit” interest in the Wolcott area.

White County Clerk Paula Lantz asked the Commissioners to approve the new voting locations.  The Election Board has cut the voting locations from 16 to 8 and the number of precinct workers from 80 to 40.  Cutting the locations in half reduces expenses for precinct workers:  from $13,200 down to $6,630; and for their meals:  from $1,600 to $560.  The Election Board tried to keep the voting locations within ten miles for each voter.  Clerk Lantz said a postcard or letter will be sent to those who will be voting at a new location.  It will also be in the newspapers.

Big Creek, Prairie1 & 2, and Round Grove precincts will vote at the Frontier-Brookston Gym.  Cass, Jackson, and Lincoln at the Idaville Church of God.  Honey Creek and Monon at the North White Auditorium.  Princeton and West Point at the Wolcott Park Community Building.  Union 1 & 2 at the CDC Building.  Union 3 & 7 at the White Oak Health Campus.  Union 4, 5, & 6 at REMC.  Liberty at the Buffalo Fire Department.

Commissioner Burton made a motion to approve the polling locations and corresponding precincts.  Commissioner Diener seconded the motion.                          Vote:  Unanimous


Clerk Lantz said the Election Board proposed a pay increase of $50 for Precinct Inspectors and Judges, and a $25 increase for Precinct Clerks and Assistant Clerks.  They also suggest the absentee board worker assigned to the Clerk’s Office and the traveling absentee board worker be paid $10.35 hourly.

Commissioner Diener made a motion to approve the above increases.  Commissioner Burton seconded the motion.                                                                                    Vote:  Unanimous


Clerk Lantz said the Election Board tried to get approval from the State for voters to be able to vote at any of the polling locations for the Primary election, but missed the deadline by two days.  Although the electronic poll books will be in place for the Primary election, voters will still have to go to their assigned location.  However, they will be able to vote at any voting location for the general election.  Voters will scan their driver’s license and the electronic poll book will display their name, address, and birthday.  Voters will sign their name electronically, then proceed to vote at the touch screen voting machines.  The electronic poll book should save three minutes per person.

Clerk Lantz asked for approval to make the purchase of 16 electronic poll book laptops.  That is two more than she originally asked for to use as back-ups.  The cost is a little more as well because she switched to a certified vendor.  The original quotes were with a company that chose not to be certified.  The total for 16 laptops (hardware & software), training, support, and maintenance fees is $39,803.

Commissioner Burton made a motion for Clerk Lantz to make the purchase for 16 electronic poll books at the cost of $39,803.  Commissioner Diener seconded the motion.

Vote:  Unanimous


Information Technology Director Eric Storm requested the County consider purchasing a 3D mapping system to add to the GIS program.  The imagery shows the aerial view straight down and the oblique imagery around the buildings.  District Manager Lowell Davis from Pictometry said his service is different than Google imagery because Pictometry is focused on information Counties are looking for.  The flyover imagery is done when there are no leaves on the trees so the buildings are clear.  The pictures are date stamped.  Buildings can be measured from all angles, and distances between objects can be measured.  It also detects changes from one flyover to the next and can be viewed on a split screen.  These features would be beneficial to several offices and to the public.  White County Assessor Lisa Downey said this could possibly eliminate the cost she pays a company to do the door-to-door measurements for reassessments (which takes place annually).  Building Department/Area Plan Director Joe Rogers said the program would be helpful to him.

Pictometry is being used in 50 of the 92 Counties in Indiana.  Mr. Davis said it is very useful for Emergency 911 agencies, and some Counties have this program in their police cars.  It helps the officers, especially at night, to know the lay out of a property and where the doors are.  He said one County informed him they found $2.5 million in unassessed property taxes with the change finder.

The first flyover would cost $106,945, and a second flyover in another three years would be another $140,000.

Commissioner Heimlich said the Commissioners will take it under advisement.  He said

the Commissioners and Council can discuss it further at the special meeting scheduled February 28, 2014 at 10:00.


For more detailed content of joint session, see Commissioners’ minutes.



Councilor Davis made a motion to accept the January 21, 2014 minutes.  Councilor Clear seconded the motion.                                                                                    Vote:  Unanimous


Councilor Clear said he talked with the Democratic Chairperson Kathy Altman about a Democrat to serve on the Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals.  Ms. Altman said Dixie Geisler would like to serve.

Councilor Clear made a motion to appoint Dixie Geisler to the Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals.  Councilor Anderson seconded the motion.                 Vote:  Unanimous

Council Secretary Barbara Nydegger said Art Morgan and Eric Pampel would both like to continue serving on the Monticello-Union Township Public Library Board.  She had the Library Director Monica Casanova check with them.

Councilor Anderson made a motion to appoint Art Morgan and Eric Pampel to the Monticello-Union Township Public Library Board.  Councilor Annis seconded the motion.

Vote:  Unanimous



There being no further business to bring before the Council, Councilor Crabb made a motion to adjourn.  Councilor Clear seconded the motion.                                   Vote:  Unanimous





___________________________          ___________________________            ___________________________

DENNIS E CARTER, PRESIDENT     JAMES ANNIS                                        ART A ANDERSON

___________________________             ___________________________            ________(absent)___________

JAMES B DAVIS                                    KEVIN L CRABB                             RAYMOND L KRAMER JR

___________________________              Attest:  ___________________________

BRUCE D CLEAR                                          GAYLE E ROGERS, AUDITOR