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BE IT REMEMBERED, that the White County Drainage Board held a regular meeting on Monday, March 17, 2014. The meeting was held at the White County Building, 2nd floor, Commissioners’ conference room beginning at 10:30a.m.

Drainage Board members present were:  President Steve Burton, Vice President John Heimlich and Member David Diener.  Also, present were the White County Attorney George W. Loy, White County Surveyor Bradley E. Ward and the Surveyor’s Secretary Sharon Broussard.

Others present were:

BJ Propes –White County Highway Superintendent

Mike Kyburz – White County Highway

Sharon Watson – White County Soil & Water

Christina Heath – Herald Journal

Drainage Board President Steve Burton called the meeting to order.


Member Heimlich made a motion to approve the minutes as presented for the regular meeting held on March 3, 2014, seconded by Member Diener.  Vote: Unanimous


This discussion is continued from March 3, 2014, regarding the Petition for Maintenance.

White County pays $0.25, $0.50, $0.75, and $1.00 assessments; annual collections of $4,508.94.  Tippecanoe County pays $0.75, $1.00 and $1.50 assessments with annual collections of $829.72. In 2010, the rates were raised four times for reconstruction.   The current four year stop is $21,354.64.  The balance as of March 14, 2014, is $22,054.36.  There is no collection scheduled in 2014.

There are 20 branches (some open; some tiles) and the length of the main drain is 10.5 miles.  White County has 132 parcels with 6,704.207 acres benefitted.  Tippecanoe County has 26 parcels with 742.750 acres benefitted.  In 2011, the cost to dredge the entire length of the drain was roughly $60,000.  There are no outstanding work orders.

Surveyor Ward presented a color-coded map displaying the landowner’s various assessments.  Assessments are based on distance from the outlet.   He stated that he is not sure if any other landowner knows about this pending project.  Mr. Haan is the only landowner that signed the petition.  The cost of the maintenance is estimated at $30,000-$35,000 for half mile of tile; approximately 240 acres.  Tippecanoe County Surveyor sent a letter opting out of the project replacing the tile. Surveyor Ward is not certain if Tippecanoe County will want to be involved with a maintenance project.

President Burton announced the approved minutes state he requested to abstain from giving an opinion on this project.  He mentioned Member Heimlich recommended a hearing for this project.  He confirmed Brian Kennedy with Central Indiana Tile, Inc., is Mr.Haan’s private contractor.

Member Heimlich noted there are three different assessments in Tippecanoe County; White County landowners are paying four different assessments.  He suggested to do a maintenance modification which requires the Drainage Board to have a hearing and notify all landowners, on the JC Vanatta #3 Tile Branch of the Emmet Rayman Joint Drain #572, since it will be paid for by the assessed landowners.    It is a hard decision when the one landowner is the only person going to be benefitted by it; however, from the petitioners point-of-view he has paid on other tile that have been worked on, but not replaced.

Member Diener recalls this tile is providing drainage across one or two landowner’s farms.  He can’t see the cost vs. benefit has any correlation when the whole ditch was dredged and cleaned for approximately $60,000.  He stated all landowners will have to have their assessments raised because it cost so much for the benefit. It’s hard to justify the levy of cost on all landowners when one landowner benefits.

Attorney Loy stated the Drainage Board can opt not to move forward with the petition, without a hearing, when the costs exceed the benefit based on the Surveyor’s report. The Drainage Board can have a hearing and come to the conclusion that the costs exceed the benefit, or you can ask the landowner to pay for the maintenance himself and opt not to act on the petition.  He agreed if a maintenance modification is decided on, the Drainage Board will have to have a hearing and notify all landowners, JC Vanatta #3 Tile Branch of the Emmet Rayman Joint Drain #572.

The Drainage Board request more information on the cost of the maintenance project (including the tile size) before a decision is made to schedule a hearing for the assessed landowners.


This discussion is continued from March 3, 2014, regarding the maintenance modification assessment.  White County Attorney George Loy advises not to send back the money collected in 2013, (2010-2012 three year maintenance assessment), not collect in 2014, but to collect in 2015 to reach the four year fund.  The White County Drainage Board agreed with the advice from Attorney Loy.


Vice President Heimlich attended a meeting March 6, 2014. The Indian Creek Drainage Board was dissolved.

There being no further business to come before the board, their meeting was adjourned.



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Steve Burton, President          John C. Heimlich, Vice President          David Diener, Member