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December 2, 2002 Tape #023

The White County Drainage Board convened at 10:30 A. M. in the Commissioners’ Room of the White County Building, Monticello, Indiana with Board Members Ronald A. Schmierer, O. D. “Bud” Ferguson and John C. Heimlich, Attorney George W. Loy, Surveyor Dennis W. Sterrett, and Secretary Romana Kiser in attendance. Also attending were Charles Mellon and Pat McVady.


Chairman Schmierer opened the meeting with the Maintenance Modification Hearing on the Wilbur Timmons Drain in Lincoln and Jackson Townships, White County, Indiana.


Chairman Schmierer stated the reason for raising the maintenance rate is the drain is currently in debt in the amount of -$,799.16 which would take seven years to pay off at the current rate of 50 cents an acre and $5.00 a lot. He stated that we have held off doing work on the tile until Idaville gets their sewage system in. Idaville is now in the process of putting in their sewage system so we will be able to repair the tile and get it in good working condition. There are 487.114 benefited acres plus approximately 100 lots and small tracts, which would take in $2,316.38 yearly at the proposed rate of $3.00 per acre and $10.00 per lot and small tract.


Pat McVady was present and had in his possession two letters to landowners Richard Coble that had gone to Mr. McVady’s address, former Richard Coble address. Secretary Kiser stated that the Surveyor’s office gets the assessment roll information from the Auditor and she would take the letters intended for Richard Coble and talk to the Auditor about it.


No one was present to object to the maintenance modification. Chairman Schmierer stated,


“The White County Drainage board having heard and considered all of the evidence and any objections submitted in these proceedings, the chairman would now consider a motion finding that the current estimate of maintaining the Wilbur Timmons Drain is insufficient and that therefore the annual assessments for periodic maintenance of said drain should be increased as proposed in these proceedings ($3.00 per acre and $10.00 per lot of small tract).”


Board Member Ferguson so moved. Board Member Heimlich seconded the motion.


Chairman Schmierer continued, “The White County Drainage Board by a vote of 3 in favor and 0 opposed now hereby adopts the schedule of modified assessments and originally filed herein. The White County Drainage Board issues it written findings and order declaring the proposed maintenance modification schedule in these proceedings established, a copy of which will be mailed to all owners affected. Hearing adjourned.”


Board Member Ferguson made a motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting. Board Member Heimlich seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.


Surveyor Sterrett reported that Engineer Frauhiger has been in contact by phone with Hubbard’s attorney and that Attorney Shelmon stated they will get an engineer and will do what it takes to come into compliance with the drainage ordinance for their new parking area. Surveyor Sterrett stated that Engineer Frauhiger will address this at the next drainage meeting, as well as the Unroe Drain project.


Surveyor Sterrett reported that Mike Ezra has the dipping done on the Hollingsworth Drain maintenance project and just needs to level the spoil. He also visited the Carter-Hines Drain reconstruction project site and reported that Mike Ezra has a sawmill set up and has started on the project.


Contractor Mike Ezra was present to talk about going up the branches 300 feet instead of using rip rap at the intersections with the main ditch on the Carter-Hines Drain project. He asked if he is to clear brush on both sides. He said he is under the impression that all he has to do is clear one side. Chairman Schmierer said, “As long as you get the stuff back far enough that it doesn’t fall in it (ditch), on the other side.” Mike said, “If you want the other side cleaned, tell me, the only reason I was going to go around on the other side is there’s a fence right there, you know we’re dealing with people’s fences.” Chairman Schmierer said, “Well, if you don’t have to take it out, I don’t see any problem with it as long as you just make sure there’s nothing over there this is going to fall in. You got a lot of people up through there that like to keep the brush on one side of the animals, which is fine.”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “On the plans for the Carter-Hines (Reconstruction) we showed rip rap instead of going up the ditch (branches), do we have to bring that to the Board’s attention that we are going to do away with the rip rap and go up the ditch (branches) 300 feet?” Chairman Schmierer said, “I think we discussed that before and I think our intention were, if we put rip rap there where those ditches are coming in instead of going up 300 feet, if we have to come back there and do anything with those side ditches we’re going to have to take the rip rap all back out, so it’s going to be a problem.”


Surveyor Sterrett said, “It’s about a three foot cut isn’t it there on some of those branches?” Mike Ezra said, “I haven’t really looked much as far as the cutting yet.” Surveyor Sterrett said “You have to be one percent grade.” Mike said, “I wanted to get all the brush off before I dip.” Chairman Schmierer said, “I think you have to use your own judgment on some of that, I don’t think you want to put rip rap in there if we’re going to have to come back and do some of those branches. Some of those branches have been petitioned. We’re going to end up doing a branch or two off of there but they’ll be separate projects.”


Mike Ezra said some people have called him about doing some of them. He asked if they’re private branches. Chairman Schmierer said some of them might be, but some of them are not. Mike stated, “There’s absolutely no reason for any rip rap to be in there, all that ditch needs, it needs straightened out.”


Chairman Schmierer stated that there is a lot of brush for about a mile and a quarter from County Road 600 that wasn’t petitioned that should be cleared with maintenance money. He said there are trees down in the middle of the ditch. He said it is just as bad, if not worse than where we’re stopping (at CR 600). Chairman Schmierer asked Mike Ezra what kind of money we are talking about, he said he had asked him to go look at it. Mike Ezra said it was 6170 feet to the property line fence that he measured up to, and that would be $14,407.00 to debrush it. He said on down about a quarter of a mile there is another 400 foot section further south. Chairman Schmierer said that debrushing that section would take care of seventy-five percent of the problem. Attorney Loy said to get three quotes on it. Chairman Schmierer directed Surveyor Sterrett to get the quotes on it, including the other four hundred feet. Mike Ezra said you would end up at County Road 500 South (meant North).


Chairman Schmierer stated he would like to get the quotes on the project by the next Drainage Board meeting. Chairman Schmierer said to get the quotes back and then we’ll send the landowners letters.


Surveyor Sterrett said he has the field work done on the Opal Carmichael and he will get the plan for the maintenance project ready.


Chairman Schmierer adjourned the meeting.