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APC MEETING November 10, 2014


The White County Area Plan Commission met Monday November 10, 2014, at 6:00 p.m. in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room, Second Floor, County Building, Monticello, Indiana.


Roll Call:

Present: Charles Anderson, James Annis, Mark Bentlage, Jim Mann, Don Ward, Brad Ward, Richard Lynn, Dave Stimmell, Joseph Rogers (Not voting), Abigail Diener (Not voting), Tina Cronkhite (Not voting). Absent: Mike Smolek, Dennis Sterrett, & Dave Rosenbarger.


Visitors attending were: Joe Bumbleburg, Constance Bumbleburg, Brian Beeks, Mark Reynolds, Leah Hull, & Steve McKinley.


The meeting was called to order by President, James Mann.




Opening Business:


Minutes: There was a motion by Dave Stimmell and a second by Jim Mann to approve the meeting minutes of 10/14/2014 as written; so moved.






#1025 – Monticello United Methodist Church: B-1 (Neighborhood Business District) to R-2 (Single and Two-Family Residential District).


Executive Director, Joe Rogers, notified the board no calls were logged in the Area Plan Office relating to this rezone request. Jim Mann noted for the record that he is a member of Monticello United Methodist Church and allowed comments or concerns. Being none, Joseph Bumbleburg with Ball Eggleston Law Office was in person to represent the request along with Pastor Brian Beeks, Senior Pastor of the Monticello United Methodist Church. Mr. Bumbleburg addressed the APC as a representative of the congregation, along with Clint Koontz, engineer on the project. Pastor Beeks addressed the APC with the history of and the plans for future development of the church. The proposed use for the current structure is for administrative and office spaces. Leah Hull, adjoining property owner spoke in favor of granting the request. Joe Rogers stated that combining of the parcels is necessary to develop the property as requested, although this cannot be done with different zoning assignments.


There being no additional questions or comments, ballots were passed to board members by Abigail Diener.


Ballot Summary:


  1. The proposed rezoning is consistent with the goals, objective, and policies of the White County Strategic Plan and any other applicable planning studies and reports, as adopted and amended from time to time. 6 agree; 2 no opinion; 0 disagree

  2. The proposed rezoning is compatible with current conditions and the overall character of existing development in the immediate vicinity of the subject property. 8 agree; 0 no opinion; 0 disagree

  3. The proposed rezoning is the most desirable use for which the land in the subject property is adapted. 6 agree; 2 no opinion; 0 disagree

  4. The proposed rezoning will not have an adverse effect on the value of properties throughout the jurisdiction. 6 agree; 2 no opinion; 0 disagree

  5. The proposed rezoning reflects responsible standards for growth and development. 8 agree; 0 no opinion; 0 disagree



President, Jim Mann announced the results, as follows: 8 votes cast; 8 in favor - 0 opposed – 0 Abstentions. Rezone request will be certified to the appropriate legislative body with a “Favorable” recommendation.





#A40 – Administrative, pertaining to the developmental standards for variances and administrative processing. Joe Rogers suggested a change to the zoning ordinance to capture 5-10% of total variances on an administrative level. This will allow Joe Rogers, as Area Plan Executive Director, to handle certain variance requests administratively, eliminating the requirement for a full variance request before the BZA. This saves extensive time for the Area Plan office as well as the BZA Board members and makes handling requests more manageable. All in favor for Joe to rework the amendment and present a draft by show of hands, motion approved.


Other Business:


  1. 2015 Comprehensive Plan – Summary and outline distributed to APC Board members (see Exhibit A). Jim Mann led the discussion in determining plans in moving forward with the development of the new comprehensive plan. The preference is that the project would be led by the Area Plan Dept., along with seeking help from outside sources. Joe Rogers suggested proposals be presented to the APC from outside sources with a scope of work and budget information for this plan. Comprehensive Plan Subcommittee members will also attend local meetings of the area legislative bodies to present the agenda for the progression of the plan and answer immediate questions. After much discussion and reviewing the outline, Charles Anderson made a motion to accept the 2015 Comprehensive Plan outline and proceed in moving forward with the plan as outlined. Richard Lynn seconded the motion. All in favor, motion passed.

  2. ILP Required/Exempt – The current state code does not require building permits to be issued on accessory structures less than 200sq ft. Doug Wagner, White County Building Inspector, is seeking to change the building permit requirements to meet the state code for the 2015 calendar year. Joe Rogers suggested modifying the ILP requirement process to stay compatible with the state building code permit requirements. This would come in the form of an amendment to the APC. Charles Anderson made a motion for the Staff to prepare an amendment to incorporate building department ordinance changes (where practical) with a second from Dave Stimmel. With all in favor, motion was approved.

  3. APC Appointment to the BZA-Dave Rosenbarger has previously expressed interest in serving on the BZA and is the APC’s current appointee to that board. Brad Ward made a motion, with a second from Dave Stimmel to reappoint Dave to BZA, as long as Joe Rogers confirms that he is still interested in serving in that capacity. With all in favor, motion was approved. Jim Mann, President completed the membership appointment certification for this motion. (See EXHIBIT B)




There being no further business, President James Mann adjourned the meeting at 7:36 pm.




Respectfully submitted,



Donald W. Ward, Secretary

White County Area Plan Commission



Joseph W. Rogers, Executive Director

White County Area Plan Commission


























Joseph Rogers P.O. Box 851 Phone: 574/583-7355

Executive Director Monticello, IN 47960 Fax: 574/583-1593



Suggested Table of Contents


White County Area Plan Commission

2015 Comprehensive Plan


Section 1 Introduction

  • Mission Statement

  • Comprehensive Plan Overview


Section 2: White County

  • About White County

  • Facts, Stats & Demographics


Section 3 Community Views & Comments

  • Community Meeting Summaries

  • Strength & Weaknesses, Goals & Objectives

  1. Schools

  2. Organizational (Relator, Building Trades, White County Tourism Authority, Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development, etc)

  3. Legislative Bodies


Section 4 Planning Elements

  • A statement of objectives for the future development of the jurisdiction.

  • A statement of policy for the land use development of the jurisdiction.

  • A statement of policy for the development of public ways, public places, public lands, public structures, and public utilities.

  • Surveys and studies of current conditions and probable future growth within the jurisdiction and adjoining jurisdictions.

  • Maps, plats, charts, and descriptive material presenting basic information, locations, extent, and character of any of the following:

(A) History, population, and physical site conditions.

(B) Land use, including the height, area, bulk, location, and use of private and public structures and premises.

(C) Population densities.

(D) Community centers and neighborhood units.

(E) Areas needing redevelopment and conservation.

(F) Public ways, including bridges, viaducts, subways, parkways, and other public places.

(G) Sewers, sanitation, and drainage, including handling, treatment, and disposal of excess drainage waters, sewage, garbage, refuse, and other wastes.

(H) Air, land, and water pollution.

(I) Flood control and irrigation.

(J) Public and private utilities, such as water, light, heat, communication, and other services.

(K) Transportation, including rail, bus, truck, air and water transport, and their terminal facilities.

(L) Local mass transit, including taxicabs, buses, and street, elevated, or underground railways.

(M) Parks and recreation, including parks, playgrounds, reservations, forests, wildlife refuges, and other public places of a recreational nature.

(N) Public buildings and institutions, including governmental administration and service buildings, hospitals, infirmaries, clinics, penal and correctional institutions, and other civic and social service buildings.

(O) Education, including location and extent of schools and postsecondary educational institutions.

(P) Land utilization, including agriculture, forests, and other uses.

(Q) Conservation of energy, water, soil, and agricultural and mineral resources.

(R) Any other factors that are a part of the physical, economic, or social situation within the jurisdiction.

  • Reports, maps, charts, and recommendations setting forth plans and policies for the development, redevelopment, improvement, extension, and revision of the subjects and physical situations (set out in subdivision (2) of this section) of the jurisdiction so as to substantially accomplish the purposes of this chapter.

  • A short and long range development program of public works projects for the purpose of stabilizing industry and employment and for the purpose of eliminating unplanned, unsightly, untimely, and extravagant projects.

  • A short and long range capital improvements program of governmental expenditures so that the development policies established in the comprehensive plan can be carried out and kept up-to-date for all separate taxing districts within the jurisdiction to assure efficient and economic use of public funds.

  • A short and long range plan for the location, general design, and assignment of priority for construction of thoroughfares in the jurisdiction for the purpose of providing a system of major public ways that allows effective vehicular movement, encourages effective use of land, and makes economic use of public funds.


Section 5 Planning Maps


Section 6 Summary & Conclusions


Section 6: Acknowledgements


Section 7: Certifications










November 10, 2014 - 6:00 p.m.

2nd Floor Conference Room

White County Building

Monticello, IN 47960





6:00 P.M.: The White County Area Plan Commission will meet in Regular Session pursuant to Indiana’s Open Meetings Law, I.C. 5-3-1-2 (b):


READING OF THE MINUTES – October 14, 2014





#1025 – Monticello United Methodist Church: B-1 (Neighborhood Business District) to R-2 (Single and Two-Family Residential District). 218 N Main St., Monticello.





A40 – Administrative, pertaining to the developmental standards for variances and administrative processing.




1). ILP Required/Exempt

2). APC Appointment to the BZA