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APC MEETING April 13, 2015


The White County Area Plan Commission met Monday April 13, 2015, at 6:00 p.m. in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room, Second Floor, County Building, Monticello, Indiana.


Roll Call:

Present: James Annis, Mark Bentlage, Cathy Gross, Don Ward, Brad Ward, Richard Lynn, Dave Stimmel, Joseph Rogers (Nonvoting), Abigail Diener (Non-voting), & Tina Cronkhite (Nonvoting). Absent members: Charles Anderson (President), Mike Smolek (Vice President), Dave Rosenbarger, & Dennis Sterrett.


Visitors attending were: Ed Lucy, Liz Rice, Janene Crawford, Walter Crawford, & Kinzy Crawford.


The meeting was called to order by Secretary, Don Ward.




Opening Business:


Minutes: Tina Cronkhite will make an amendment to the March 9th minutes submitted to board for approval. The minutes should have noted that Denny Sterrett seconded the motion to table petition #1028 (aka as the Ozinga rezone petition) that Denny Sterrett seconded the motion to table the request. There was a motion by Dave Stimmel and a second by Mark Bentlage to approve the meeting minutes of 03/09/2015 as amended; so moved.





#1028-Ozinga Materials, Inc. (WPP LLC) – Ozinga Materials, Inc. submitted a letter withdrawing their petition to amend the Zoning Ordinance, Application #1028 from A-1 (General Agriculture District) to I-1 (Light Industrial District); 1459 E SR 16, Monon IN, 47960. The letter is dated April 2, 2015 and was received in the White County Building & Planning Dept. office on April 2, 2015 via e-mail to Joe Rogers.


Visitors, Ed Lucy & Janene Crawford approached the board with continued concerns regarding the drainage and use issues at the Ozinga site. Brad Ward, County Surveyor advised them to contact his office for further information related to drainage and Abigail Diener advised the attendees to contact Joe Rogers with issues related to site usage.


Attorney, Abigail Diener stated that the petition has been withdrawn and the matter is no longer on the table for the APC Board. Further questions will need to be addressed outside this venue.








#A41 – CH 3 – Specific Use Requirements & Performance Standards: 3.10-Wireless Communications Facilities; 3.11-New Wireless Communication Facilities; 3.12-Existing Wireless Communication Facilities


This amendment would separate the permit approval requirements for a “new” tower vs. an “existing” tower and would result in a simplification of the application and approval processes for tower upgrades consisting primarily of antenna and associated infrastructure upgrades; it adjusts the setback language in the setbacks themselves; increase the tower height to the historical common height constructed in the County; and general language cleanup.


Dave Stimmel made a motion to accept the amendment with a second from Jim Annis. With all in favor, the motion passed.


#A42 – CH 10 –Sign Standards: 10.12.25 – Barn Quilt Signs


This amendment would be to include “Barn Quilts” in the “Exempt Signs” section of the zoning ordinance and to provide a definition and standards for such signs. There are two additional changes to the amendment for consideration listed below.




A. There may be multiple Barn Quilt Signs (BQS) per Barn or Barn Crib with a maximum of 200 square foot of signage face per Barn side.


H. Barn Quilts may be mounted to a structure other than a barn or barn crib with written permission from the Area Plan Executive Director.


Mark Bentlage made a motion to accept the amendment with a second from Cathy Gross. With all in favor, the motion passed.


#A43-CH 12 – Administrative: 12.11-Improvement Location Permit


12.11.1 – ILP Required; 12.11.2 – ILP Not Required - This amendment is necessary to bring the zoning ordinance standards in line with the building ordinance and state building codes in order to reduce conflicting standards between ordinances. The primary changes are noted below:


12.11.1 - Improvement Location Permit Required -

A. New construction – Principal Structure

Construction of, additions to, alterations of, placement of or re-location of any principal structure excluding normal & routine maintenance.


12.0.2 Improvement Location Permit Not Required –

A. Accessory structures 120 square feet or less;

L. Air conditioning, heating and power generators utilized as an attached accessory to a principal structure and which is a minimum of 2’ from any property line (exempt from setback specifications provided for in Appendix B, Bulk Use Standards), and,

M. Satellite Dish Antennas (Two (2) feet or less in diameter) (exempt from setback specifications provided for in Appendix B, Bulk Use Standards);


Jim Annis made a motion to accept the amendment with the changes above, with a second from Don Ward. With all in favor, the motion passed.



Other Business:


*Joe informed the Board members that Airport is having a Board Meeting at 8p.m. with Bruce Nicholson that will be addressing structure height limitations around the airport. All APC Board Members are invited to attend. Direction as to how to monitor construction around the airport is an issue that still needs addressed.


  1. Comp Plan Survey Results – Board members were given a tally of the Community Survey from the Lakes Home & Garden Show March 14th & 15th, 2015. Comprehensive Plan Community Surveys are next being sent out to local and surrounding schools for 7th-12th grade students to complete.


  1. Sub-Committee Updates:

  • Comprehensive Plan Development – Copies of last meeting minutes were provided to Board members (Exhibit A).

  • Compact Housing Sub-Committees – Has not met yet and is still waiting to confirm one committee member.

  1. Home Occupations – Special Exception for Home Occupations in Residential Districts, Construction Companies in particular. Currently the Zoning Ordinance states that: 3.1.2 – Required Conditions: A. Such occupation shall be conducted solely by occupants residing at the residence.

The suggestion is that a provision is proposed to the BZA for a change in the Home Occupation section of the Zoning Ordinance that will allow for these types of Home Occupations to have employees outside of the residence or to consider each business individually with certain provisions.


After much discussion, Board Members decided to table the issue until the next meeting.




There being no further business, Dave Stimmel made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:44 pm., with a second from Brad Ward.




Respectfully submitted,



Donald W. Ward, Secretary

White County Area Plan Commission



Joseph W. Rogers, Executive Director

White County Area Plan Commission




Exhibit A


White County Area Plan Office Comprehensive Plan

Minutes - April 1, 2015





Members: Richard Lynn, Cathy Gross, Dave Stimmel, Mark Bentlege, Tiffany Crowell, Sid Holderly, Doug Barnard, Joe Rogers


In Attendance: Cathy Gross, Mark Bentlege, Tiffany Crowell, Doug Barnard, Joe Rogers - Absent: Sid Holderly, Richard Lynn, Dave Stimmel


  1. Review proposals & questionnaires

  2. Filter vendors (who’s still in, who’s not)

  3. Next process step

  1. Develop a detailed scope of work and resubmit bids?

  2. Chose vendors for face to face proposal presentation/question and answer?

  3. How do we engage legislative bodies in this process, when, etc?

  1. How far into the process does the subcommittee want to go?

  • All members were provided a copy of each submitted comp plan proposal along with a copy of the questions and answers sent to each firm by Joe Rogers as a follow up;

  • After discussing various aspects of the selection process to date, the following course of action was decided upon:

  1. JWR to send copies of the question responses to the President of each Town Council, the Monticello Mayor, each Township Trustee and each APC member and request they review the questions and responses and send to JWR any other questions they may have on the plan or process (to be sent out no later than 4/7, request responses back by 4/15)

  2. JWR to consolidate those questions and forward to Committee members and to firms submitting proposals (4/16);

  3. Committee to review status at next meeting (4/16 @ 4:30 pm);

  • It was suggested that after completion of the above process, a special meeting of the APC be scheduled and allow each selected company 30 minutes to answer any questions and address their plan to the Board;

  • It was also suggested that each legislative body be invited to attend the presentation session;

  • It was also suggested that the legislative bodies be advised that the meeting is open to anyone they feel would benefit from attendance.



Joseph W. Rogers

Self-appointed Secretary







April 13, 2015 - 6:00 p.m.

2nd Floor Conference Room

White County Building

Monticello, IN 47960





6:00 P.M.: The White County Area Plan Commission will meet in Regular Session pursuant to Indiana’s Open Meetings Law, I.C. 5-3-1-2 (b):







#1028-Ozinga Materials (WPP LLC) – Withdrawn 4/2/15





A41 – CH 3 – Specific Use Requirements & Performance Standards: 3.10-Wireless Communication Facilities


A42 – CH 10 – Sign Standards: 10.12.25-Barn Quilts


A43 – CH 12 – Administrative: 12.0.1-ILP Required; 12.0.2- ILP Not Required






1) Comp Plan Survey Results – Community Questionnaire from the Lakes Home & Garden Show


2) Sub-Committee Updates – Comprehensive Plan Development & Compact Housing Sub-Committees


3) Home Occupations- Special Exception for Home Occupations in Residential Districts, construction companies in particular.