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Minutes of Special Meeting


March 30, 2016

6:00 p.m.

Commissioner's Room White County Government Center

Monticello, IN 47960


In attendance: Charlie Anderson, Denny Sterrett, Mike Smolek, Jim Annis, Richard Lynn, Doug Pepple, Brad Ward, Dave Stimmel, Dave Rosenbarger, Executive Director Rogers, Attorney Abigail Diener


Absent: Mark Bentlage, Rich Bender Guest: See Registration Sheet

The meeting was opened by President Charlie Anderson


President Anderson introduced Executive Director Rogers to speak.


Executive Director Rogers gave an overview of the documents which had been prepared for the Board Members and sent to them in advance of the meeting.


Director Rogers advised the Board that the two updated documents they received included added language to cover grandfathering issues. Also, the residential setback was reset to the current standard's measuring points and waiver opportunities were added to provide exemption for an off-site residence owned by the CAFO operator/owner.


He outlined that the meeting was intended to provide an opportunity for APC Members to address any amendment proposal concerns they might have. The intent of the session is to formulate a recommendation which would be presented at the next APC meeting for public comment. That meeting will hopefully result in a formal amendment being presented to the legislative bodies for consideration and approval.


County Commissioner President John Heimlich spoke to the Board about the reasoning behind their amendment proposals and answered questions from the Board.


County Commissioner Dave Diener spoke about the ground breaking concepts of protection provided by the White County Ordinance not conceived of elsewhere in the State.



APC Member Dave Stimmel asked about the difference between the setback to the lake and the setback to the municipality lines. Mr. Heimlich answered Mr. Stimmel's question to Mr.


Stimmel's satisfaction.