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APC MEETING – August 8, 2016


The White County Area Plan Commission met Monday August 8th, 2016, at 6:00 p.m. in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room, Second Floor, County Building, Monticello, Indiana.


Roll Call: Present: Charles Anderson, James Annis, Richard Lynn, Doug Pepple, Dave Rosenbarger, Mike Smolek, Dennis Sterrett, Brad Ward, Joseph Rogers (Non-voting), Makenzie Martin filling in for Abigail Diener (Non-voting) & Tina Cronkhite (Non-voting). Absent members were: Richard Bender, Dave Stimmel & Abigail Diener (Non-voting).


Registered visitors were: Gayle Rogers, Jamie Lynch, Greg Lynch, and Larry Stigers.


The meeting was called to order by Charlie Anderson.





Opening Business:


MINUTES: There was a motion by Doug Pepple and a second by Jim Annis to approve the meeting minutes of 05/09/16 APC Meeting. Approved unanimously, so moved.




Rezones - None


Amendments - NONE



Other Business: 1) Compact Housing Update - Continued from 05/09/16 – Joe Rogers, Executive Director, presented recommendations to the Board from the Compact Housing Subcommittee (see File A49 – Exhibit A). The committee was chartered with two issues; the first being to evaluate the role that compact housing might play in the county zoning ordinance. The second is to review the Bulk Use Standards and decide if any changes regarding minimum setback requirements should be made. A committee was formed, led by Gayle Rogers, to deal with the compact housing component then added Commissioner Dave Diener to assist with review of the setback standards. The addition of the Commissioner was to provide insight from the county perspective. Greg Lynch previously contacted Joe Rogers to clarify the setback changes that were recommended relating to proposed development of a carport on his property and voiced support to the Board of the recommended changes which would allow his construction to move forward without the need to apply for a variance. Larry Stiegers was in person to voice his objection to the current 60’ minimum front setback on his parcel. Joe Rogers stated that the new recommendation would change that setback requirement to 30 feet, thus resolving his proposed development problem. Gayle Rogers, Committee Leader, addressed the Board to give more clarification to the proposed setback changes. Joe requested that the Board members review the recommended changes and provide feedback within the week. These recommendations will then be prepared in amendment form, advertised, and presented at the September 12, 2016 APC meeting for an official vote. The Board did not voice any questions or concerns at this meeting relating to the recommendations.



2) Comprehensive Development Plan – Ongoing – Joe Rogers, Executive Director, informed the Board that there has been a rough draft of the Comp Plan presented to the Comprehensive Development Plan Steering Committee. There are two active sub-committees relating to the Comp Plan. The first is dealing with the thoroughfare/ transportation element and the second is dealing with housing. Both committees will be prepared to present their findings at the September Comprehensive Plan Committee Meeting. At that time, the committee members will consider their input and decide how they want the plan modified to incorporate their suggestions. The expectation of the Area Plan Office is to host 2 additional open houses in October. One will be held in Monticello for the business community in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce and with help from White County Economic Development. The second open house will be held in Wolcott at the Civic Building. With the input from these open houses, a final draft should be presented to the Comp Plan Steering Committee in November. The steering committee will review the draft and make any modifications and the new White County Comprehensive Plan should come before the Area Plan Commission at the January, 2017 meeting for approval. Sometime between September and October, Joe will email the Board Members the draft plan for review. Upon approval from the APC and the legislative bodies, the final White County Comprehensive Development Plan should be available in March of 2017.


3) B-1 (General Business) District Review - Joe Rogers, Executive Director, approached the town of Brookston approximately one year ago concerning their downtown area. They agreed to work with the Staff to complete an analysis of the area regarding lot use, setbacks, parking, etc. The majority of the lots reviewed were found to be legally non-conforming lots and in the event of a catastrophic event, most of these lots would be non-buildable with the current developmental standards. The majority of the downtown areas in White County has the same issues and would require variance approval in the event of a catastrophe in order to rebuild. A recommendation was made that a new zoning district be established for downtown areas to provide developmental standards to allow rebuilding in the downtown areas without the requirement for a variance. The Board voted to allow Joe Rogers to draft an amendment to the Zoning Ordinance that creates a new zoning district that provides for downtown areas and which would relieve typical redevelopment obstacles.




There being no further business, Jim Annis made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:03p.m., with a second from Denny Sterrett. President Anderson called the meeting adjourned.



Respectfully submitted,



Tina M Cronkhite, Secretary

White County Area Plan Commission



Joseph W. Rogers, Executive Director

White County Area Plan Commission













May 09, 2016 – 6:00 p.m.

2nd Floor Conference Room

White County Building

Monticello, IN 47960





The White County Area Plan Commission will meet in Regular Session pursuant to Indiana’s Open Meetings Law, I.C. 5-3-1-2 (b):

READING OF THE MINUTES – Approve 04/11/16 APC Meeting Minutes




#1037 – Kingsley: B-2 (General Business District) to R-2 (Single & Two-Family Residential District); 6101 E US HWY 24, Monticello, IN 47960. This application was continued from 08/10/2015 and rescheduled for 03/14/16 per applicant request. Applicant requested in office on 3/24/16 that petition be heard. The application is for the purpose of a residential dwelling.


#1050 – Dunn: B-2 (General Business District) to R-2 (Single & Two-Family Residential District); 2216 & 2238 E Smithson Rd., Monticello, IN 47960. The application is for to bring parcel into compliance of current residential use.








1) Compact Housing Update – Continued - Appendix B – Bulk Use Standards Amended and Committee Recommendations. Developmental Standards are to be presented at June APC meeting.


2) Comprehensive Development Plan – Ongoing – Updates & highlights from Public Workshops scheduled on April 12, 2016.



Individuals requiring reasonable accommodations for participation in this event should contact the White County Title VI Coordinator a minimum of 48-hours prior to the meeting at:


Leah Hull, Title VI Coordinator

110 N MAIN ST, PO BOX 260