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BE IT REMEMBERED, that the White County Drainage Board held a regular meeting on Monday, February 21, 2017. The meeting was held at the White County Building, 2nd floor, Commissioners’ conference room beginning at 10:30 a.m.

Drainage Board members present were: President Steve Burton, Vice President John Heimlich and Board Member David Diener. Also, present were the White County Attorney George W. Loy, White County Surveyor Bradley E. Ward and Board Secretary Jennifer Hill.

Others present were:


Mike Kyburz – White County Highway Dept. J.D. Smith- White County Highway Dept.


President Burton called the meeting to order.


  • Vice President Heimlich made a motion to approve the minutes as presented for the regular meeting held on February 6, 2017, seconded by Board Member Diener.

Vote: Unanimous


Hutton Addition

Surveyor Ward explained he spoke with Cameron Harmon who is doing a subdivision. This is located in front of Dye Lumber and is going to be what I believe is an O’Reilly Auto Parts. He’s asking for a waiver from the drainage plan for doing this subdivision; realizing when and if anything is built on this site that there will be requirements to meet the Drainage Ordinance at that time. Surveyor Ward explained he had spoken with the Mayor on Friday and he was okay with the waiver, as long as the Drainage Board Attorney felt that was an accurate way to proceed. Attorney George Loy agreed strictly regarding the platting the subdivision. There was a motion by Board Member Diener, with a second from Vice President Heimlich. (3- Favor, 0 – Against) Vote: Unanimous



Notices have been sent out for hearings on the August Bernhardt and the S.B. Weaver, and legal ads had been sent to the newspapers for printing.

Carroll County has waived their rights to the Keck & Ward for a Maintenance Modification.

The Buss Ditch and the W.F. Myers are both in the process of being cleaned.

In regards to the South Lawn Drain, we’re needing to figure out who is going to be responsible for putting the in pipe and what the next steps on the project would be.

Reference the White County Highway Garage there was short discussion as to whether the Earl Snyder Drain would need to be vacated or if this project would be treated as a reconstruction. No decisions were made.

The Indian Creek Board is requesting that Assessment Rolls be turned in by the end of the week in hopes to start collecting on the project so they are able to pay some of the accumulating bills.

There being no further business to come before the board, their meeting was adjourned.


____________________ _________________________ ___________________

Steve Burton, President John C. Heimlich, Vice President David Diener, Member

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