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BE IT REMEMBERED that a special meeting of the White County Council was held at the White County Building in Monticello at 9:00 A.M. on June 19, 2017 for the purpose of discussing the additional appropriations and other business that might come before the membership.

Council President Butch Kramer called the Council meeting to order in joint session with the Commissioners. The following members were absent: None

The following members were present:


Dennis E Carter Kevin L Crabb Art A Anderson

Bruce D Clear Raymond L Kramer Jr James G Annis

James B Davis


White County Economic Development (WCED) President Randy Mitchell said there has been considerable interest in the Mid-America Commerce Park this year. He and others will visit a prospect in Illinois this month.


White County Area Plan Director Colin Betts reported 44 building permits were issued in May, 2017, and $4,100 was collected for those permits.


White County Communications/E911 Director Terri Brooks said although she thinks Motorola has the best equipment, the installation did not go smoothly. Apparently, there was a software update missing at the time of installation, resulting in additional County employee overtime cost. Director Brooks said White County Information Technology Director Eric Storm is working on providing the Department with a larger server that will help with connectivity.


White County Environmental Officer James Reynolds said he has received 104 complaints, most of which are mowing issues.

Officer Reynolds has been meeting with pool operators to explain the laws and inspections of pools.


White County Highway Department Assistant Superintendent JD Smith said the Draggers are working on gravel roads messed up by rainy weather. He said 300 E just needs to be striped to be finished. Assistant Superintendent Smith said he was pleased with the performance of the large, square culverts that were installed.


Ameresco representatives Mark Heirbrandt and Doug Munz shared their energy audit findings of the White County buildings. They said electric cost makes up 74% of White County’s annual utilities cost of $282,190. They typically save counties at about 25% to 30% in energy costs. Mr. Munz said the Courthouse air lines, lighting, and pneumatics are all 43 years old, and the pneumatics could fail anytime. He said the White County Maintenance staff has done a great job of keeping things running and keeping notes on how to fix problems. Mr. Munz said the Jail could use a more economical water system and solar panels.

It was suggested the County form a committee involving at least the head of maintenance, a Commissioner and a Councilor to meet for six months to determine a priority plan. Ameresco can manage, contract, and do the work of the projects. Once the County knows what they would like to do, and are ready to move forward, Ameresco would take anywhere from 6 to 12 months to complete the work. The entire process, committee, bidding and completion of required work would take up to eighteen months.


Metronet Representative Mike Crabb said the company he represents is a 100% fiber optic company. Although the County’s phone system is currently working, Metronet’s bandwidth works 24/7, and is reliable, secure, and offers other features. PBX would be hosted from Indianapolis rather than the Courthouse. The desktop phone can be transferred to mobile phone. Mr. Crabb said there is no upfront cost. The County currently pays $6,200 per month for phone and 20 megabytes of internet. Metronet would provide a unified system between the Court House, Jail, and Annex building (dial 4 digits between offices), voice including long distance, one gigabyte of data and voice or tone emergency calling for $7,000 per month on a five-year contract. Therefore, an additional $800/month for five years would result in paying $48,000 for the updated equipment and service.

For more detailed content of joint session, see Commissioners’ minutes.



Council President Kramer opened the special Council meeting with the Council reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.



Councilor Anderson made a motion to accept the May 15, 2017 minutes. Councilor Clear seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous


There were no additional appropriation requests.


There were no transfer requests.



President Kramer said Bio Town Ag Inc. has exceeded their expectations in both job and salary creation. Councilor Jim Davis made a motion to approve the abatement compliance. Councilor Jim Annis seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous


President Kramer said the White County Redevelopment Commission and the Monticello Redevelopment Commission reported they had no excess assessed value to be allocated to the overlapping taxing units from the three TIF districts involved. No action need be taken.



Auditor Rogers said new state legislation takes effect July 1, 2017 increasing recording fees. The Recorder is requesting an additional $175 for change in his cash drawer. He fears the current $25 will not be enough. Auditor Rogers reminded Council that $200 change is an amount common to most offices that require change.

Councilor Clear made a motion to approve the request to have $200.00 in the Recorder’s

cash drawer from the General Fund. Councilor Anderson seconded the motion.

Vote: Unanimous


President Kramer suggested starting the budget hearings after the Council meeting Monday August 21, 2017, beginning at 8:00 am, Tuesday the 22nd, 8:00 am, Thursday the 24th, and, if needed, Friday the 25th.



White County Emergency 911 Board: Councilor Clear said the existing company providing equipment for White County Emergency 911 can make changes and do what is needed for our County and will be more reasonably priced than the vendor they have spoken with in the past. He said all the Departments affected are on board.

Councilor Anderson said a 200 foot tower (needed in the northern part of the county) would cost around $100,000 rather than a half a million that was mentioned before.


Innkeepers Tax Board: Council President Kramer said SFLECC asked if they could obtain additional money through the Innkeepers tax. This Board collects 3% of the total 5% collected. To receive more it must be approved by the State Legislature. Council President Kramer said for the most part 5% is the maximum, and he does not feel the State would approve more. Auditor Rogers said someone should be hired to oversee the collection of the tax. Councilor Carter said we need to change the Ordinance.

White County Solid Waste Management: Council President Kramer said White County Solid Waste Management had their first budget meeting and the proposed is basically the same as last year. However, they are now getting 1.5% and 2% interest on their Certificates of Deposit instead of .5% interest.



New Twin Lakes School Board member Mike Godlove had shared a magazine article with the Council about Avon Indiana School Corporation. They ran into financial problems in 2008, and then formed a group that has been successful in turning things around. The group is called Taxing Entities Collaboration Group and consists of a representative from all the entities that draw from the property tax fund along with Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, County Council members, their State Representative and State Senator. They get together bi-monthly and discuss their situations and work together instead of separately to get things accomplished. If White County decides to do something like this, they will want someone to explain how the property taxes work at the first meeting. Mr. Godlove would like to see White County plan ahead because school funding from the State is based on enrollment which has been declining.

Councilor Anderson said if you do a referendum when bonds expire like Tri-County did, it would appear to be net neutral. Mr. Godlove said that could work one time, but would not be able to continue that practice without putting in for buildings. Councilor Clear said perhaps the referendum could have been avoided if a group like Mr. Godlove recommended was in existence.

Councilor Crabb said he thinks it is a good idea to talk and include Auditor Rogers because she knows the County finances and taxes. Councilor Davis remembered a time when North White was going to order paper, and asked the other schools if they would like to order at the same time to save in excess of $100,000. None of the others were interested. Councilor Crabb said as long as you keep the taxpayers as the focus, there should be good discussions. Mr. Godlove said having Legislators at the meeting is important as well, because so much is affected by what can or cannot be done by legislation.



Auditor Rogers turned in payroll requests: Prosecutor’s Office - replacement for Jamie Rozzi (because she will be replacing Cathy Applegate when she retires); Sheriff’s Department -moving Mark McKean to full-time and Grace Ringer part-time; Extension Office - hiring Effie Campbell part-time summer assistant; Probation Officer Tyler Elizalde State mandated increase; Title 4D - Sidney Mrak part-time; Clerk’s Office - Amanda Cosgray move into Torie Eddy’s position and continue to do the administrative assistant’s job as well. Rebecca Rutledge replacing Becky Blankenship.

There was discussion on better ways to deal with new employees and position changes in the County and their wages. Councilor Davis said Department Heads used to come to Council and ask what the salary would be for their new hires or position changes. Now the Council finds out after the fact, and it is too late. Councilor Carter said this is something we should correct at budget time.



There being no further business to bring before the Council, Councilor Crabb made a motion to adjourn. Councilor Annis seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous






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June 19, 2017










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