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BE IT REMEMBERED that a special meeting of the White County Council was held at the White County Building in Monticello at 9:00 A.M. on October 16, 2017 for the purpose of discussing the additional appropriations and other business that might come before the membership.

Council President Butch Kramer called the Council meeting to order in joint session with the Commissioners. The following members were absent: None

The following members were present:


Dennis E Carter Kevin L Crabb Arthur A Anderson

Bruce D Clear Raymond L Kramer Jr James G Annis

James B Davis


White County Highway Department Superintendent Mike Kyburz hired a company to take down trees that are too big for the Highway Department bucket trucks to reach. He said he will finish assessing road damage done by the power companies once their projects are complete. He anticipates collecting around $450,000 for road repairs.

Superintendent Kyburz said White County was awarded one of two Community Crossings Grants he applied for. The one that was not awarded included roads damaged by power companies anyway and their repair costs will mostly be covered by the collection of fees outlined in the respective road agreements.


White County Economic Development (WCED) President Randy Mitchell said although one of his retention visits was in Lafayette with Kyle Leman at Brand Electrical, he knew they were looking for a satellite location, possibly in White County.

There were two new businesses: Crasian Brewing Company in Brookston, and Pelos Barber Shop in Monticello.

WCED President Mitchell said Twin Lakes High School put on a good presentation to the educator/employer meeting that was held there showcasing classes attributed to Continued Technical Excellence.

Two of the three leads he has for the Mid-America Commerce Park in Wolcott would need larger buildings which could be built.


White County Area Plan Director Colin Betts reported $7,112 in fees were collected in September. There were 30 new dwelling permits issued and 9 new commercial building permits, and 103 building inspections. He said building permits are up considerably from last year to date.


White County Environmental Officer James Reynolds said he has received 82 calls/complaints on various environmental issues. He said all but two lake samples sent to the State for testing were excellent. He said the other two were not very bad though. Mr. Reynolds also had emergency vehicle driving training.


White County Communications/E911 Director Terri Brooks said during discussions of getting new towers in White County for better radio contact between Dispatchers and emergency and law enforcement officers, Motorola sent a technician to the Monon site that has had problems for years. The technician found two problems, corrected them both. The antenna had bad placement, as the tower was blocking it. There was also an old fashioned top tower amplifier that was outdated and not at the top of the tower. A new one was ordered and put in the right location. They are happy to have it working again. There will still be another tower placed in the most needed area in the County to cover Liberty Township.


White County Board of Aviation Commissioners (WCBOAC) Secretary Chad Baumgardner said replacing Luse Road is not a dead issue. He said it was his understanding from the beginning that Luse Road would be replaced even if the runway extension was built first. He said the WCBOAC is trying to do what is best for the Community. Secretary Baumgardner said the Board is putting pressure on the Engineering company to remedy the problem by withholding payment on that company’s invoices.


Commissioner President Heimlich asked the Councilors to look over the Request for Proposals (RFP) plan for a guaranteed energy savings contract for the White County Government buildings from Ameresco. Ameresco was the only company that responded to the RFP that was published as required by law.


Career Tech Cooperative Director Jim Stradling asked White County to give $100,000 toward the 3 to 1 match grant for the Indiana Department of Workforce Development Skill Up Program. The goal is to find ways to teach students hard skills (versus soft skills) that match the needs of local companies. Another focus he thinks will be attractive to those deciding who will be awarded the grants is gender equity; drawing females into the welding field, and males into nursing. Director Stradling said the grant money would be used toward a part-time coordinator to gather information from the businesses and translate that information to the schools and improve communication with the teachers and the students. Some of the funding will go toward equipment. When Councilor Annis asked what kind of commitment the various businesses would have in the program, Director Stradling said companies would pay wages for students to work part-time. The Council will discuss how much they will commit to the grant at their meeting this morning, keeping in mind that Twin Lakes High School has four times the students that schools in the other counties have.


For more detailed content of joint session, see Commissioners’ minutes.



Council President Kramer opened the special Council meeting with the Council reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.



Councilor Anderson made a motion to accept the September 18, 2017 minutes. Councilor Carter seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous


There were no appropriation requests brought before the Council.


The following transfers were received:



White County Airport

$ 895.00 007-1000-04.04 007-1000-03.02

Runway & Identifier light Engineering

$10,000.00 007-1000-02.04 007-1000-04.10

Building Repair & Maint. Future Grant

$ 2,500.00 007-1000-03.08 007-1000-04.10

Insurance Future Grant

$ 2,000.00 007-1000-03.10 007-1000-04.10

Fuel Future Grant

$10,000.00 007-1000-03.16 007-1000-04.10

Runway/Taxiway Maint. Future Grant

$ 5,000.00 007-1000-04.13 007-1000-04.10

Airport Days Future Grant


White County Highway Department

$16,800.00 4-402-1-15 4-404-4-41

Foreman New Equipment

$ 3,200.00 4-402-1-14 4-404-4-41

Sign Technician New Equipment


Auditor Rogers said the Highway Department purchased a used broom with the money to be transferred.

Councilor Anderson made a motion to approve the above transfers. Councilor Annis seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous


Auditor Rogers said she needs Council approval to spend out of the appropriated landfill

miscellaneous line item for the Circuit Court Pauper Counsel through the rest of 2017.

Councilor Davis made a motion to use the landfill miscellaneous appropriation as needed for the Circuit Court Pauper Counsel expenses. Councilor Anderson seconded the motion.

Vote: Unanimous


Community Corrections Director Alice Livesay said they are using a team of three licensed clinical addiction counselors part-time since the previous Addiction Counselor resigned. She asked that their part-time pay be raised from $32.00/hr to $50.00/hr because of their knowledge and experience. This is paid by a state grant. No benefits are included since they are part-time. The previous Counselor was paid $59.00/hr. The three Counselors (as a team) will work 40 to 45 hours per week as needed with none of them working more than 29 per week individually. Councilor Carter said Wabash Valley Alliance has had a hard time getting licensed counselors. They have one that comes from Bloomington, one from Kentucky and one from Richmond to Lafayette. He said they are expensive. Director Livesay said these three (one from Rensselaer, one from Lafayette, and one from Logansport. . . could not find anyone from here) will work as a team counseling individuals, facilitating group sessions, and completing required forms and records. One morning each week the three will meet to discuss their clients and the group sessions. Having three people working with each client is better for everyone.

Councilor Clear made a motion to raise the Addiction Counselor part-time pay from $32.00 per hour to $50.00. Councilor Carter seconded. Vote: Unanimous



Auditor Gayle Rogers said the $1,000 for the Assessor certification that should have been for Lisa Downey was listed for Aslyn Reader. The Amendment will correct the clerical error, and change the Addiction Counselor part-time pay as well.

Councilor Davis made a motion to amend the 2017 Salary Ordinance to switch the $1,000 that was listed for Ms. Reader to Ms. Downey, and to change the Addiction Counselor pay from $32 to $50 per hour. Councilor Annis seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous



Councilor Clear said he likes the format of the Career Counselor’s report. Council Secretary Barbara Nydegger asked if the Council would like the next report in December or January, so she can inform Career Counselor Chris Springer. They would like to see the full report in January.



Council President Kramer said Jim Stradling had a $115,000 commitment from Newton County for his last request and would most likely do the same this time. He figured Pulaski may not give a lot because they do not have as many students. Carroll County does not have money to give. Councilor Anderson said Pulaski has a lot of industry that will benefit. He does not mind putting money into the Skill Up program if the focus is on the approximately 30% of students not planning to go to college. Councilor Davis said those are the main target, although others could be included. He said Kim Rosenbaum, the welding teacher at Twin Lakes High School, is awesome and she understands what the factories need. She also teaches how the interview process works.

Councilor Davis said public schools have been ignoring the 35% who have no plans or support to go on to college because the Counselors are trying to get scholarships for the other 65% of students.

There is success with these students if they get the attention they need. He was at a meeting that included Rensselaer who said their biggest problem is that students do not know how to fill out an application form and then they don’t show up to work. This is the first opportunity as a rural community to get this kind of funding, and we do not want to miss out. Councilor Davis does not think White County should fund all of the match. Councilor Crabb is in favor of trying to help the cause and use at least the $50,000 currently in the budget for this type of project. Auditor Rogers said the Commissioners could use Economic Development Income Tax (EDIT) or one of their other funds for the other $50,000 for a total of $100,000 if they so choose.

Councilor Anderson made a motion to use the $50,000 in the Post-Secondary Education line item in the EDIT budget. Councilor Davis seconded the motion.

Vote: Unanimous




White County Emergency 911 Board: Councilor Clear said the tower that has been fixed is just west of Lee at McCoysburg. There is still a need for one in the Buffalo area, however.

Wabash Valley Board: Councilor Carter said the Wabash Valley CEO has resigned and they are looking for a replacement.

White County Area Plan Commission: Councilor Annis said they are working on correcting some billing rates with the comprehensive plan. There is an Executive Session tonight.


Taxing Entity Collaboration Trip to Avon: Auditor Rogers said the meeting she, Mike Godlove and the White County School Superintendents attended in Avon went well. In Avon they meet with libraries, schools, Chamber of Commerce, Senators, Representatives, anybody and everybody in business all to find ways of saving money. She said all four White County School Corporations are planning to ask for a referendum. Auditor Rogers said Twin Lakes School Corporation was recently awarded $200,000 in grant money and the other three School Corporations received $100,000 each. She said Frontier is seeking a School Resource Officer grant.


Council President Kramer said White County got a boost because the Federal Energy Regulatory Corporation agrees with SFLECC science findings over the Fish and Wildlife reasons for regulating the lake levels. Jan Faker said everything has concurred with White County except Fish and Wildlife. The final outcome will lie with the Court.



There being no further business to bring before the Council, Councilor Crabb made a motion to adjourn. Councilor Davis seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous


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