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BE IT REMEMBERED that a special meeting of the White County Council was held at the White County Building in Monticello at 9:00 A.M. on December 18, 2017 for the purpose of discussing the additional appropriations and other business that might come before the membership.

Council President Butch Kramer called the Council meeting to order in joint session with the Commissioners. The following members were absent: None

The following members were present:


Dennis E Carter Kevin L Crabb Art A Anderson

Bruce D Clear Raymond L Kramer Jr James G Annis

James B Davis


White County Highway Department Superintendent Mike Kyburz said the request for funding on the intersection of State Road 421 and Gordon Road will be presented to INDOT soon.

Superintendent Kyburz said a new bridge Inspector will be hired since the contract is expiring with the current Inspector.

Highway Department crews have been working on tiles since the weather has been good. Once a week the tree trimming company is also taking advantage of the weather and trimming trees that are too difficult for the Highway.

Councilor Carter asked how reimbursements for road damages are coming. Highway Superintendent Kyburz said he was pleased AEP was the first to cover road damages. Other vendors are doing price checks to see how they match up with his cost analysis.

White County Economic Development (WCED) President Randy Mitchell said he accompanied Councilor and REMC associate Casey Crabb who was giving out rebates from REMC to make his retention visits.

There are two new cell phone businesses in Monticello: Boost Mobile in the old Pizza King location, and Cricket Cellular in the strip mall next to Cato.


White County Area Plan Director Colin Betts reported to date there have been 368 building permits. There have been 38 new dwellings and 11 new commercial.

Director Betts said the new permitting software contract should be locked-in today.


White County Environmental Officer James Reynolds said he received 54 calls/complaints on various environmental issues in November. He attended defensive tactics training.

White County Board of Aviation Commissioners Secretary Chad Baumgardner passed out a Capital Improvement Plan mapping out the Airport’s plan for the next several years.

Beginning in January 2018, their board meetings will be at 10:00 AM on the second Tuesday of each month.

The taxiway costs have been less than estimated. Although the Board has been withholding payment to the engineering company, so the company might rectify past issues, the Board feels they are now providing better services and would like to begin paying them again. One of the problems came when those who were working with White County moved positions in their company and the new people were not fully invested in the projects.

Taking down tree obstructions per the Federal Government safety standards will affect four neighboring properties. The costs to obtain easements is estimated at $250,000. The Airport asked the County to provide $290,000 (of which all but $14,500 will be reimbursed) to proceed with the Luse Road replacement environmental study. Councilor Davis inquired as to whether the annual $150,000 reimbursement the airport already receives and incorporates into operating expenses was what Secretary Baumgardner was referring to as reimbursement for the environmental study project. Secretary Baumgardner was unsure.

Commissioner President Heimlich said the environmental study for the Luse Road replacement should be the highest priority. The appropriation will be advertised, and a vote taken at a special joint meeting on January 2, 2018.


Commissioner President Heimlich said an opportunity for a land exchange has become available in the Mid-America Commerce Park area. It would be an even swap since it is the same type of ground. There has been interest shown in the area, but the extra acreage is needed. The swap would work well for both the County (as no funding is necessary) and the company (as no taxes would be paid). County Attorney George Loy is confident the acreage is more than fair market value, but two appraisals would still be necessary, and a joint resolution required at a public hearing on January 2, 2018.

Commissioner Diener made a motion to advertise a resolution to be considered for the land transaction in the Mid-America Commerce Park area at a special joint meeting January 2, 2018. Commissioner Burton seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous


For more detailed content of joint session, see Commissioners’ minutes.



Council President Kramer opened the special Council meeting with the Council reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.



Councilor Clear made a motion to accept the November 20, 2017 minutes. Councilor Anderson seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous


There were no additional appropriation requests.


Councilor Davis made a motion to advertise a resolution to be considered for the land transaction in the Mid-America Commerce Park area at a special joint meeting on January 2, 2018. Councilor Annis seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous


The following transfers were received:



White County Highway Department

$20,597.36 Truck Drivers Stone

$ 2,625.07 Laborers Stone

$21,969.56 Wages Gas & Oil

$ 9,384.62 Road Equipment Repair Tires

$ 475.52 Road Equipment Repair Other Equip. Repair $52,924.43 Road Equipment Repair New Equipment

$36,456.08 PERF New Equipment

$ 8,741.46 Social Security New Equipment

$12,314.62 Liability & casualty InsuranceNew Equipment

$10,264.51 Utilities New Equipment

$ 6,000.00 Rental of Equipment New Equipment

$ 3,029.78 Workman’s Comp New Equipment


Auditor Rogers said the new equipment money is to pay off two things: Road grader lease and one payment of the wheel loader lease.

Councilor Clear made a motion to approve the above transfers. Councilor Carter seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous


White County Assessor Lisa Downey would like to hire a new employee at the same base wage the outgoing employee is currently making. The potential new employee knows computer programs since she has been working in an office for four years. She also has the conflict management skills that are needed when working with mobile home park owners and tenants. Mobile home reassessments are done every year. She currently works with financials at Franciscan, which will be helpful in doing the personal property tax returns. It takes a strong person to deal with personal property. Assessor Downey had tried once before to hire her, and has the opportunity now to try again. The potential employee cannot take a pay cut to take this job (nothing less than $33,000). Councilor Anderson said the insurance and benefits along with savings in gas (the job is closer to home) equal out to more pay. Councilor Clear said they have a matrix for a reason and would rather not hire someone at the same amount as the outgoing employee. He said they would rather hire lower, and if the person is doing well after six months, ask for a bump. Councilor Annis said the bottom of level two is $32,791 which is close to the $33,000 the Assessor is asking for.

Councilor Clear made a motion to allow Assessor Downey to hire the new employee at the top of level 3 at $32,790. Councilor Davis seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous


White County Auditor Rogers said the Auditor’s Office needs to have a cash drawer to use for change since a transfer fee of $5.00 per transfer document will begin in 2018.

Councilor Clear made a motion to allow a $200 cash drawer for the Auditor’s Office. Councilor Davis seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous



White County Solid Waste Management: Council President Kramer said the budget submitted to Jasper County for the White County Solid Waste district was approved. The purchase of a new Chevy Equinox was approved for Director Carol Stradling and Education Coordinator Melinda Gleason’s use.

White County Area Plan Commission: Councilor Annis said they had an executive session with personnel in the Area Plan Office. He said the Commission pushed strongly to have new software in place before the end of the year as it has been in the budget the last two years. Councilor Annis was pleased to hear in the joint meeting that this was being finalized today.


Innkeepers Tax Board: Councilor Carter said the Shafer & Freeman Lakes Environmental Conservation Corporation (SFLECC) wants to raise the Innkeepers tax to 5% (from the current 3%) for dredging projects. He said the money could be depleted in three to five years at the current rate of collection. The Innkeepers Board hired Joe Rogers to locate those who are not paying the Innkeepers taxes and check that those who are paying are doing so correctly. Mr. Rogers has also been charged with writing a new ordinance proposal along with rules and procedures for the Innkeepers Tax Commission. The Tax Commission has the authority to go after the tax, but it has not been done. Mr. Rogers will use a computer in the Area Plan office to access additional information needed that he would not otherwise have access to on the public layer of the GIS. Councilor Carter said there are currently $225,000 to $240,000 in taxes being collected per year between the two Boards. Council President Kramer said it’s going to help that the SFLECC will no longer have legal expenses in the fight against protecting the mussels. Auditor Rogers said the Innkeepers Board also approved $230,000 for SFLECC in 2018. Councilor Carter said Mr. Rogers pointed out to the Board that the budgets of both Tax Boards, by law, are supposed to be appropriated by the Council.



Auditor Rogers asked the Council to vote on not making any changes to the 1782 Notice that was approved as presented by the county, to the State.

Councilor Davis made a motion to approve the 1782 Notice as presented for 2018. Councilor Carter seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous



Council President Kramer suggested electing 2018 Council Officers today since there will be a special joint meeting with the Commissioners in January before Council meets again.

Councilor Clear made a motion to have Councilor Kramer continue as President and Councilor Carter to continue as President Pro Tempore, and to close the nominations. Councilor Annis seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous


Councilor Kramer is hereby elected to continue serving as President of the White County Council for 2018, and Councilor Carter is hereby elected to continue serving as President Pro Tempore of the White County Council for 2018.



Auditor Rogers said she has a Conflict of Interest form for Councilor Annis to sign since he has been hired as the White County Graduation & Career Coach. She will send it to the State, and he will have to recuse himself from any vote having to do with that position.



There being no further business to bring before the Council, Councilor Clear made a motion to adjourn. Councilor Davis seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous






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