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BE IT REMEMBERED, that the White County Drainage Board held a meeting on Tuesday, February 20, 2018. The meeting was held at the White County Building, 2nd floor, Commissioners’ conference room beginning at 10:30 a.m. Drainage Board members present were: President Steve Burton, Vice President John Heimlich and Board Member David Diener. Also, present were the White County Surveyor Bradley E. Ward, Attorney George Loy and Board Secretary Jennifer Hill.


President Burton called the meeting to order.


· Vice President Heimlich made a motion to approve the minutes as presented for the regular meeting held on February 5, 2018, seconded by Board Member Diener.

Vote: Unanimous


Surveyor Ward explained this Drainage Plan was submitted by Mike Veenhuizen but the building is owned by Adam Wiese, Rolling W Finish. The Wiese’s or their farm owns all the ground around the location of this building. There are 2 existing buildings and two proposed buildings. The Drainage Plan was prepared by Michael Deer for Livestock Solutions and has been reviewed by Todd Frauhiger, with Aecom. His only concern was with the water being released thru 6” tile there may be some erosion, however, he recommends approval. Surveyor Ward recommended his approval as well. County Highway Superintendent Mike Kyburz said that those roads have had improvements made to them already so it should be able to handle the traffic.



Over the weekend on 600 E just north of 500 N there was a tile hole reported in the middle of the roadway. The Surveyors Office is going to help out the County Highway with getting that repaired.


There being no further business to come before the board, the meeting was adjourned.


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Steve Burton, President John C. Heimlich, Vice President David Diener, Member