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BE IT REMEMBERED, that the White County Drainage Board held a meeting on Monday, December 16, 2019. The meeting was held at the White County Building, 2nd floor, Commissioners’ conference room beginning at 10:30 a.m. Drainage Board members present were: President Steve Burton, Vice President John Heimlich and Board Member David Diener. Also, present were the White County Surveyor Bradley E. Ward, Attorney George Loy and Board Secretary Jennifer Hill.

President Steve Burton called the meeting to order.


· Vice President Heimlich made a motion to approve the minutes as presented for the meeting held on December 2, 2019, seconded by Board Member David Diener.

Vote: Unanimous (3 – For, 0- Against)


Oakdale to Chalmers and Norway to Burnettsville - Nipsco

The next item on the agenda is a Right to Encroach for Nipsco. Surveyor Ward explained this item was tabled from the December 2, 2019 Drainage Board meeting. Nipsco has two projects where they are rebuilding existing power lines. One is along 700 S from the Chalmers Substation or 43 & 700 S to Oakdale Dam. The other is from Burnettsville Substation. It will parallel the train tracks to 1300 then go North to 250 N and then over past Norway Dam. Dan Carter is present to present both requests. Mr. Carter explained with the Oakdale to Chalmers it’s actually only going to 350 S, we’re not actually going all the way to Oakdale that will be a 2nd project (from 350 over to Oakdale Dam). The project will be on the North side of the road, it’s going to be pretty much a pole for pole replacement. The pole line is actually going to be raised 5-10’ more to meet the newer standards for distance between the spans. The lowest spots where we are now is where we cross the 765 lines and it’s 16’ from ground to the bottom conductor, the remainder of it is 22’ and above from the bottom of the conductor to the ground. Attorney Loy request how many individual intersections. Surveyor Ward explained that there would be 4 regulated drains that would be impacted by this South Chalmers one. Attorney Loy explained that there will be standard agreements, if there are any additional associated costs with our maintenance costs as a result of your line being there, you’ll pick up that cost. County Highway Superintendent Mike Kyburz added that on 700 S the drainage is poor right there in that area and he thought that it was going to be involved in the next wind farm. Attorney Loy request a time table for the project. Mr. Carter stated that the project should begin in May of next year and will only last 3 months. After short discussion about vehicle weight, Attorney Loy also mentioned that there is also an agreement that if the repetitive traffic of whatever trucks you have damage the road you’ll be responsible for road repair.


Burnettsville to Norway

Surveyor Ward provided a list of regulated drains that are going to be crossed. Mr. Carter explained that they only have on spot where the line is 25’8”, the rest of the spans are 35-40’ to the bottom conductor to the road. This project is also on the north side of the road. This job will start approximately the 2nd week of January and last through April. There is a section on the East side of the dam that can’t be done due to power usage, the rest will be done by April 15. There was brief discussion on the frost law. Mr. Carter explained that approx. 20 poles will be on the trucks and those will all be place by February 20.


There was a motion by Vice President Heimlich to approve the Rights to Encroach for BOTH Oakdale to Chalmers and Norway to Burnettsville; with a second from Board Member Diener. Vote: Unanimous (3-For, 0-Against)



There was a brief discussion by the Drainage Board to change Drainage Review Engineers. The decision was made for HWC to do Drainage Reviews on an as needed. There was a motion by Board Member Diener that we request a proposal for Engineering Drainage Services with HWC; with a second from Vice President Heimlich. Vote: Unanimous (3-For, 0-Against)



There being no other business before the board, the meeting was adjourned.




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Steve Burton, President John C. Heimlich, Vice President David Diener, Member