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Area Plan Commission

January 13, 2020 Executive Session

Meeting Minutes

Pursuant to IC 5-14-1.5-6.1, the Area Plan Commission conducted an Executive Session. Executive Sessions must satisfy one or more purposes provided for in IC 5-14-1.5-6.1 (b).

IC 5-14.1-5-6.1 (d) requires the minutes for an Executive Session identify the subject matter of the meeting by specific reference to the enumerated instance(s) for which public notice was given.

The Executive Session held January 13, 2020 was held for the purpose enumerated in IC 5-14.1-5-6.1 (b) (9): To discuss job performance evaluations of individual employees.


Commission Members: Charles Anderson, James Annis, Abbey Gross, Ralph Hasser, Sid Holderly, Richard Lynn, Doug Pepple, Stacy Selagy, Mike Smolek, Denny Sterrett & Brad Ward.

Area Plan Attorney: Makenzie Martin; Executive Director: Joseph W. Rogers; Area Plan Employees: Jacob Garling, Erika Martinez, Annette Sipkema, & Tina Tiede.


The meeting was called to order by Charlie Anderson


President Anderson opened up the meeting by asking any of the Commission members if they had any questions or comments they would like to make to the Staff. The Board questioned the Staff on how the new SBS documentation package was assisting them in their day to day work activities. They also sought out input on what challenges each of the employees faced in getting more effective in handling their job responsibilities. Each employee provided feedback on their efforts and those of the office.


After the members indicated they had no further questions or topics for discussion, the meeting was adjourned.


Minutes prepared by: Joseph W. Rogers, Executive Director



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Document Prepared By: Joseph W. Rogers; “I, Joseph W. Rogers, affirm, under the penalties for perjury, that I have taken reasonable car to redact each social security number in this document unless required by law.