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April 17, 2006 Tape #008

The White County Drainage Board convened at 11:25 A. M., EDT, in the Commissioners’ Room of the White County Building, Monticello, Indiana with Board Members Steven Burton, O. D. Ferguson and John C. Heimlich, Attorney George W. Loy, Surveyor Dennis W. Sterrett, Engineer Todd Frauhiger and First Drainage Assistant Mary Sterrett in attendance. Charlie Mellon was also in attendance.

Chairman Burton called the meeting to order and asked for the approval of the April 3, 2006 minutes. Board Member Heimlich so moved. Board Member Ferguson seconded the motion. The minutes were approved unanimously.

Surveyor Sterrett presented drainage plans for Brian Furrer’s Transfarm, Inc. proposed cattle operation. Surveyor Sterrett reported, “I have an aerial of the site. It is where he already has his cattle in here and his compost here. This is the road (CR 100 N) here. This is the Fraser Ditch here. All of the storm water is going to outlet here and go back, this yellow line, to the Fraser Ditch, about 1.6 miles. Todd has done a review on it. It is a pretty big site, three 968 (corrected to 918) ft. by 64 ft. buildings.” Engineer Frauhiger stated, “Basically now it is an open feed lot, a number of open feed lots and sites. I talked to their engineer on Friday and basically what they want to do is cover the feed lots. Each building is roughly 64 by 920 feet so they are big buildings. They put a storm water detention pond in and as Denny mentioned they are going to construct ditches on the site. When we went out and looked at it, there’s a partial ditch or a swale in the area already but they are going to be made a little better defined and a little deeper.” Engineer Frauhiger pointed out on the aerial, “Where this ditch comes under the road right here at this point, when I rechecked the calculations the one thing they forgot to take into account was the continuation of the storage that would be available in this 1.6 mile ditch. As a matter of fact, I talked to Brent (engineer) about it Friday he was thinking it was about three-quarters of a mile. When I did the calculations for a three-quarter mile ditch, the water that enters at this point, which already meets the Drainage Ordinance, by the time it got to the end of the ditch it was actually another twenty percent reduced. So, you put 100 CFS in here, by the time it works its way through the ditch you have 80 coming out here and you have water stored in the ditch. In this case, since the ditch is longer it is even going to be better than the 25 or 30 percent. So, they already met the Ordinance by putting this storm water detention pond in. They are going to greatly exceed the Ordinance. They have 1.6 miles of private ditch they have to go through to get to the Fraser Ditch. We reviewed all of the calculations, talked to the design engineer and got a couple of questions cleared up; Denny and I have been out and looked at the site. I feel it is ready for approval.” Surveyor Sterrett added, “He is separating his gray water. The gray water goes over here and then it is going to be irrigated.” Board Member Heimlich said, “The private ditch is not part of the plan.” Engineer Frauhiger said that it is already in existence. The detention pond will still be built. Surveyor Sterrett said all their roof water goes into downspouts and through a tile into the storm water detention and all the runoff from their pads goes into a channel, into a pump, and is pumped into the earthen storage pond.

Board Member Heimlich made a motion that we approve the drainage plan for Transfarm, Inc. Board Member Ferguson seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Surveyor Sterrett presented the drainage review for Deardorff’s Mini Storage on North Sixth Street. He is wanting to add on another building. Todd and I looked at that last Thursday. Engineer Frauhiger explained where the site is behind the Drive-In Theater, entering off of Sixth Street. He said, “The site is extremely wet. Back in this wooded area you will see water standing in the woods. The property here (indicated on map) it appears there has been water standing. There is some wetlands-type grass growing there. It is low, it is wet. I don’t think this proposed building is going to affect anyone adversely except possibly the property owner. There are no regulated drains in the area. There is no tile drainage available that we know of. I don’t see anything that would preclude us from allowing another building to be built. If they come back in the future with a lot of hard surface over here we might have to look at something, but right now I don’t see any reason not to go ahead and allow them that building. He is asking for a waiver.”

Board Member Heimlich made a motion to grant Deardorff’s Mini Storage the waiver from the Drainage Ordinance. Board Member Ferguson seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Surveyor Sterrett reported that the culvert at Moss Farms has been put in. Surveyor Sterrett will go look at it.

Engineer Frauhiger stated that he and Surveyor Sterrett will meet with Merrill (State Highway) who will have some project plans and calculations for them to look at sometime this week on the Wolcott Unroe Ditch project.

Chairman Burton adjourned the meeting.