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April 5, 2007 Tape #008

The White County Drainage Board convened at 8:00 A.M., EDT in the Commissioners’ Room of the White County Building, Monticello, Indiana with Board Members Steven Burton, John C. Heimlich and Ronald Schmierer, Attorney George W. Loy, Surveyor Dennis W. Sterrett, and Drainage Assistant Mary E. Sterrett in attendance.


Also attending the meeting were Don Ward, Steve Brooke and Engineer Todd Frauhiger.


Chairman Ronald Schmierer called the meeting to order.


Chairman Schmierer announced, “At this time we are having a Hearing to Vacate the J.M. Bess Tile in Honey Creek Township, at the VeraSun Site, Branch of the Esther Fraser Drain. Chairman Schmierer asked, “Have we sent out all the paper work on it?” Surveyor Sterrett replied, “Yes!” The Chairman made the comment that he had never seen such a room full of people; he figured that there would be fifty people present. Surveyor Sterrett stated, “We only notified six (6) people, the County Highway, CSX Railroad, Diener Brothers, VeraSun and Ronald Allen. Chairman Schmierer said, “Diener’s sold their property to them (VeraSun) didn’t they?” Surveyor Sterrett replied, “Diener Brothers were an ajoiner, they still own some. Surveyor Sterrett continued with people notified, Zarse, they came in and they didn’t think the Bess Tile affected their lands.”

Surveyor Sterrett asked the Board if they would like to see where the tile runs, then showing the Drainage Board from the plans where the Bess Tile empties into the Esther Fraser. The Legal Description actually goes across 25 East and into the woods. Surveyor Sterrett stated, “He had talked to Ron Allen and he did not think that tile (J.M. Bess) was in, he tiled everything to the Diener Ditch. Board Member Heimlich said, “O. k., that was it, I was thinking it went that way but everything is on VeraSun’s property.” Answer, “Right”! Surveyor Sterrett said, “I think Zarses might have been in the watershed originally, of course it goes over into Diener then into that woods. The Legal Description goes over into the woods but I don’t think the tile does. The question was asked if VeraSun bought the woods and the answer was “No”. Ron Allen says everything goes over to the Diener Ditch, and then the Diener runs into the Esther Fraser.


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “There is nobody that needs to be taken off the drain assessment wise because they are still going into the Fraser. The Bess Tile is paid by the Fraser Maintenance; it is not on its own maintenance.” Attorney George Loy asked, “There is no need to reconstruct it or reconfigure it. We are not reconstructing it; there would not be any reason?” Surveyor Sterrett answered, “No! All the surface water in that is going to drain into a detention pond on the VeraSun site and they are installing a fifteen inch pipe to the Fraser to get rid of it.” Attorney Loy said, “So it won’t be detrimental to the public welfare!” (Statute)


Chairman Schmierer entertained a motion to vacate the J.M. Bess Tile at the VeraSun site in Honey Creek Township. The motion was moved by Board Member John Heimlich and seconded by Board Member Steven Burton. The motion was carried unanimously.


Next on the agenda, the Drainage Review of Indiana Animal Health in Wolcott. Surveyor Sterrett showing the location of Indiana Animal Health Hospital located north of Wolcott on 900 and Industrial Drive, near Witco.


Chairman Schmierer asked, “Is this going to affect the Stoller any more than it does already?” Engineer Frauhiger replied, “Actually it is going to help a little bit, eventually as I have said before they need to come up with a Master Drainage Plan if they are going to keep developing the land. Engineer Frauhiger showing the Drainage Broad Members the plan said, here is the Industrial Park Way that is currently built, I guess right to the edge of the property line. The proposed building is back here, showing location on the plan, Witco is sitting right here. Engineer Frauhiger said he wasn’t sure they had brought any of the pictures but there has been flooding occurring around the Witco building and in this property here, (still using plan). The only outlet for that property now is a ten (10) inch tile which cuts across the Witco property in some manner, looks like fairly close to the building. Then enters the existing legal County drain, which is the Pugh Drain, a fifteen (15) inch clay tile, which runs along the road out here.”


Engineer Frauhiger, “We have met with Paul Couts how many times, two (2) or three (3) times anyway, trying to figure out the best way to drain this. He, Paul Couts, actually he has over detained on the site because we knew we had a down stream restriction so he exceeded the Drainage Ordinance greatly. He is going to be releasing from the site less than one (1) CFS even if the hundred year storm, I think is point seven seven (.77) CFS. His restriction pipe is this portion of the pipe here an eight (8) inch tile that come down to the existing structure along Industrial Park Way. What we decided to do, since we have a flooding situation (using the plan) here and a flooding situation here we are going to go ahead and tie into this structure. Then run a ten (10) inch pipe from the structure on down to the County drain. So now the water that collects here and here will have a ten (10) inch structure here to get down into the drain and have the existing ten (10) inch that runs down through here and gets down into the drain. What it should do is provide a bigger outlet for this water that stand here to get away quicker.”


Chairman Schmierer asked, “What is the Pugh, fifteen (15) inch?” Engineer Frauhiger answered, “The Pugh is a fifteen (15) inch, that is correct.” Engineer Frauhiger stated, “There is a side ditch above the Pugh which is also pretty much burdened, we were originally considering dumping into the side ditch but that didn’t make any sense either. We decided to go into the drain, it gets us better fall on the pipe and it keeps the water underground as much as we can.”


Chairman Schmierer asked, “Does it still flood down stream?” Surveyor Sterrett replied, “Do you want to see the pictures?” Chairman Schmierer asked, “Does it still flood the Stoller?” Board Member John Heimlich asked, “The water in Wolcott did it get away any better, after the work that we ….? Surveyor Sterrett replied, “I went over three days after and the water was gone, it was going down. Board Member John Heimlich replied, “So the work helped that we done last Fall.” Surveyor Sterrett, “I think it did, I never got any calls. Board Member John Heimlich, “The Park was full, it was flooded that Friday.” Surveyor Sterrett, “I went back over there Monday and it was gone.” Chairman Schmierer stated, “The water at Thirty-nine (39) and Twenty-four (24), those people are hollering that is gone, it went pretty quick too.


Engineer Frauhiger continues with Drainage Review for Indiana Animal Health, “There was some work done on this ten (10) inch tile also, showing Board Members on the Drainage Plan the location of the tile, that comes across the site, there is a detention pond over here and there was a Willow by the edge of the pond. I think Surveyor Sterrett has got some pictures. Took a section of that pipe out, took some roots out of it and repaired the pipe, so this ten (10) inch pipe has been repaired also.” Surveyor Sterrett, showing pictures to Board Members says, “This is Witco’s pond here, we are down here, they have a tile that comes across here and empties into the Pugh Drain. Stoker (Emond) said that there were roots in the private tile from the Willows at the pond, so they replaced part of that tile and put in an air well. I don’t know if the air well is on the Pugh Drain or not, so that tile was plugged also, the private tile.” Still looking at the pictures, Chairman Schmierer asked, “Witco doesn’t have enough detention, do they, isn’t that what their problem is there?” Engineer Frauhiger answered, “They have enough detention but see the dark area coming at them from both ways, and they built in probably the lowest spot out there. They had two drainage ways coming right to them, one thing that is going to help is this one that I have finger on, a good portion of this water is coming over land this way right to their property line, a lot of that is going to be intercepted by this pond now. It will help them with this water, Surveyor Sterrett says, “Actually it is this water, coming from the south.” Engineer Frauhiger continues, “Yes, you are right, I guess it is this water because the new Animal Hospital is going to go right here, (still looking at the pictures). Actually according to these contours we have water coming this way and water coming this way. The other thing is this water that stands, which I think you, see in the picture there, currently as I said before the only way that it can get away is working its way through the ten (10) inch tile. We will have the new ten (10) inch connection into the pipe so it will help drain this water away quicker.”


Chairman Schmierer asked, “Is that where you are putting the road in too, Steve (Brooke)?” Steve Brooke answered, “If it ever gets dry enough.” Chairman Schmierer replied, “That is what I meant, that is were it is going to go, that is what I am asking. Is this ready to be approved? Engineering Frauhiger answered, “Yes.” Chairman Schmierer entertained a motion to approve the Drainage Review Plans for Indiana Animal Health Hospital. Board Member Steven Burton so moved the motion and Board Member John Heimlich seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.


Next on the agenda, Easton Technical Products Drainage Review. Engineer Frauhiger stated, “This is out by Monticello Springs, basically this is not a huge addition, it is a new truck bay or loading bay, and 9,000 square feet of new parking lot. I know Kyle Clampitt was here at the Drainage Board Meeting last week. His calculations were incorrect; he actually came up with a pond that was sized about a factor of 10 to large. I was able to get a hold of him yesterday, not in time for him to revise the calculations but asked him what he wanted me to do. He (Kyle Clampitt) asked me to revise the calculations so I went ahead and revised them real quickly. What we are going to do is, he (Kyle Clampitt), Surveyor Sterrett and I will get together. We are not going to change his proposed drainage pattern or the location of his pond. The pond will become smaller simply because it is too big. The only other thing we are going to do is, he has a twelve (12) inch pipe going into the ditch as his outlet, there will be a combined twelve (12) inch pipe and there also will be a surface swale that will go in the top of the ditch. To let the over flow go in because he didn’t have any emergency routing in there.”


Surveyor Sterrett showing the Drainage Plan for Easton Technical Products to the Drainage Board Members. Surveyor Sterrett said, “This is the Airport, there is an open ditch that goes down past Monticello Springs and goes into the Lane.” Chairman Schmierer asked “That won’t affect the Monticello Spring project?” Engineer Frauhiger answered, “No! This will be revised, this pond will be a little smaller and like I said there will be an over land swale above the storm sewer going into the ditch to take the over flow.” Chairman Schimerer asked, “Do you want to approve this today or until it gets changed or not?” Engineer Frauhiger answered, “We could do either thing, the concept is not going to change, and we know the correct size of the pond. We could go ahead and approve it and have the construction plans changed, submitted and put in the file. Which I guess would probably be the easiest or we could have them change it, come back and it could be approved on the 15th (16th), which ever you want to do.” Board Member Steve Burton asks, “Does this affect their work permit?” Answer, “Yes”. Chairman Schimerer said, “They probably need to get started so let’s go ahead and approve it, and then make sure it gets changed.” Engineer Frauhiger said, “We will!”


Chairman Schmierer entertained a motion to approve the Drainage Review Plans for Easton Technical Products. Board Member Steve Burton so moved and Board Member John Heimlich seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.


Engineer Frauhiger talking to the Surveyor Sterrett, “Kyle said he would call you today to see when we can meet to get the plans revised.” Surveyor Sterrett asked, “Do you think we should wait on that before we issue their Drainage Permit?” Engineer Frauhiger, “I think we can go ahead and issue a Drainage Permit since it has been approved and then get the revised plans submitted for the file. Right now if he builds it per these plans he is just building it to big, so it don’t hurt us at all he just doesn’t need to use that much land.”


Board Member John Heimlich reports on Indian Creek, “We had the Hearing Tuesday evening over in Logansport. The Board voted to approve the Surveyor’s Report and the Schedule of Assessment for the Maintenance Project on that. It will go through court; in fact there was an article I saw in the Pharos-Tribune the next day. There was a reporter there, he had talked to Mr. Justice and he assured him that there would be a court review. Someone asked, on the Monon, answer “No”, on Indian Creek (Joint Board). The Indian Creek goes through three and one half (31/2) miles of North Eastern White County. That is where that stands right now.”



Chairman Schmierer adjourned the meeting.