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June 4, 2007 Tape # 12

The White County Drainage Board convened at 10:30 A. M., EDT in the Commissioners’ Room of the White County Building, Monticello, Indiana with Board Members Steven Burton, John C. Heimlich and Ronald Schmierer, Attorney George W. Loy, Surveyor Sterrett and Drain Assistant Mary E. Sterrett in attendance.


Chairman Ronald Schmierer called the meeting to order. Board Member Burton made a motion to approve the Minutes of the May 21, 2007 Drainage Board Meeting as presented. Board Member Heimlich seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.


Chairman Schmierer stated that next on the agenda was the opening of the bids for 2007 Spraying. Attorney Loy stated, “That time has expired for submission of spraying quotes, we have two (2) apparently. One from Dalton’s of Warsaw, Indiana and another one from Townsend of Parker City, Indiana.” Surveyor Sterrett said that a invitation to bid had also been sent to Shideler Spray Service. Attorney Loy continues, “It appears that Dalton’s have quoted individual ditches totaling twenty-seven point eighty-eight (27.88) miles with a total quote of Twenty-Six Thousand, Three Hundred, Forty-Six Dollars and Sixty Cents ($26,346.60). Townsend Tree Service their quote appears to be Twenty-Four Thousand, Five Hundred, Fifty-Seven Dollars and Ninety-Two Cents ($24,557.92) and that appears to be Eight Hundred, Eighty Dollars and Eighty-Four Cent ($880.84) per mile.”


Attorney Loy stated that the Surveyor would want to review the quotes to make sure that all the ditches that needed sprayed for 2007 were quoted. Chairman Schmierer stated, “We can accept tentatively that the ditches are quoted properly, I entertain a motion that we accept Townsend’s quote of Twenty-Four Thousand, Five Hundred, Fifty-Seven Dollars and Ninety-Two Cents. ($24,557.92) with the approval of the Surveyor checking the quoted ditches.” Board Member Burton made the motion and Board Member Heimlich seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.


Board Member Heimlich said that Darrell Erb asked him if the ditch where he farms up East of the Quarry was on the 2007 Spray List. Board Member Heimlich took it that Darrell Erb thought the ditch should be on the list. The Surveyor said that ditch, The Milton Martin is not on the list to be sprayed in 2007 but it could be added. Board Member Heimlich said, “I haven’t looked at it, he just said that it needed it and asked if it was on there. I told him I didn’t know and I would have to ask. Do you know when it was sprayed last?” Surveyor Sterrett replied, “Probably never, we just put it on Maintenance 2002, I don’t think it has been sprayed.” Chairman Schmierer asked if it was to high to spray and the Surveyor answered “No”, there is some big stuff down by the Railroad. Chairman Schmierer said, “Let’s put it on there then.” The motion was moved by Board Member Heimlich that the Milton Martin Ditch in Monon Township be added to the 2007 Spray List. Board Member Burton seconded the motion and the motion was carried unanimously.


Surveyor Sterrett reported that on Friday he had gone to school in Columbus on Rule Twelve which is how Surveyors are suppose to conduct surveys. John Brettnacher was in while he was at Columbus, he had a tile jetted out and that he didn’t think it was a County Tile. Surveyor showed the Board on the Drainage Map the location of the tile. The Surveyor said that John had called him a week or so ago and wanted the phone number for Desabatine because he had a private tile that needed jetted out. When John was in on Friday and explained where the tile was located, it appears that tile is a County Tile and is on Maintenance. Now, John would like to have that jetting paid by the Maintenance Fund of the Burget Branch of the J. S. Ranier. The Surveyor did talk to Desabatine about the jetting of the tile and he thought that the jetting had really helped the tile.


Surveyor Sterrett said that he (John Brettnacher) had said something to him when Desabatine was jetting under the Railroad at Brookston about having a private tile that needed jetted out and at the time didn’t think about it being a County Tile but it was a twelve inch tile. Chairman Schmierer asked if there was money in the J. S. Ranier Maintenance Fund and Surveyor Sterrett replied, “Yes, approximately Six Thousand Dollars ($6,000.00).” Chairman Schmierer asked what kind of bill did John Brettnacher have and the Surveyor said, “He hadn’t gotten the bill yet, probably.” He (Desabatine) was there about five (5) hours so it will probably be under One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00).


Surveyor Sterrett said that he looked at the records to see if the Burget Branch of the J. S. Ranier is regulated by the County and the records show that it is on Maintenance. The Surveyor just wanted the Board’s opinion if the County should pay for the work that Desabatine and John Brettnacher had done on the Waugh property, on that tile. Chairman Schmierer made the comment that probably Sixty Percent (60%) of the Maintenance Money on that drainage system is paid by Juanita Waugh and everyone agreed.


The discussion continued on whether to pay Desbatine’s bill on the Burget Branch of the J. S. Ranier….. See tape. The Drainage Board decided to wait to see what the charges for the jetting of the tile were and then the Surveyor can present the bill to the Drainage Board for a decision whether or not to pay it from the Maintenance Fund. The Surveyor said, Desabatine was at the site for five and one half (51/2) hours and he charges Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) for the first hour and then One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) per hour there after. Chairman Schmierer asked who hauled the water to the site. The Surveyor said that John Brettnacher had done that and that really helps when you have the water.


Chairman Schmierer stated that he thought they (The State) had gotten the one fixed on the Highway. The Surveyor said that he had not been down to look at it and he had not called the guy from the State. The Surveyor said that there is still water standing on the West Side. The INDOT representative John Meyers said that he left a message on the Surveyor’s phone that they had jetted it out, put in a twelve (12) inch riser in to replace a six (6) inch riser and fixed the suck hole. John said that he stood out there and watched the water for forty (40) minutes. He report that the tile was taking water, the water was moving. Surveyor Sterrett said it may not be blocked at the air well; it may be blocked under the Highway. That jetting happened the same day that we were jetting out another tile so the Surveyor was not able to be on that site.


On the Drainage Map that Surveyor showed the Board the tile that was jetted out on Thursday, located in Monon Township, the Jackson Branch of the W. Chapman Drainage System. The Surveyor reported that they (Desabatine) jetted the tile for about three hundred (300) feet and that it would not go any further. So, they dug the tile up with a backhoe and there was about eight (8) feet of tile missing. Chairman Schmierer asked if new tile was put in? Surveyor Sterrett said that Scott Wuethrich went to Francesville for tile to replace what was missing. Desabatine used Scott’s backhoe to put the tile in where it was missing. Then Desabatine went back to the outlet and jetted up as far as he could go, six hundred (600) feet. The tile was taking water and working good. The Surveyor said the tile from Francesville was approximately Forty Dollars ($40.00); the Surveyor’s Office had gotten the bill for it.


Surveyor Sterrett reported that he was working on the Esther Fraser and they are about done with the surveying he probably had approximately another half (1/2) mile to go. Board Member Heimlich asked if it is filled in all along or just in different places? Surveyor Sterrett replied that the outlet end didn’t look to bad for a couple miles but he hadn’t figure any grade on it. The upper end is pretty bad, when you walk out into the ditch you sink down about two and one half (2½) feet, a lot of muck.


Chairman Schmierer asked of anything had been done out by the Fair Grounds in Reynolds. Surveyor Sterrett said that he had a call in to the Railroad but had not heard back and that he would call him again. Chairman Schmierer said that he thought that it needed to be jetted too over by the fertilizer plant. Surveyor Sterrett replied that there is wheat in there now and that he hated to jet under the Railroad with that suck hole there but maybe that will get the Railroad’s attention. Chairman Schmierer said maybe better wait until the wheat is out.


Chairman Schmierer adjourned the meeting.