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November 16, 2009

The White County Drainage Board convened at 10:30 A. M. in the Commissioners’ Room of the White County Building, Monticello, Indiana. Board members present were: President Ronald Schmierer, Vice President Steve Burton, and Drainage Board Member John Heimlich. Also present were Attorney George W. Loy, Surveyor Dennis Sterrett, Drainage Assistant Mary Sterrett and Secretary Jamie Rozzi.

Also in attendance were Sharon Watson with White County Soil & Water Conservation District and Tim and Cindy Hall.

The first item on the agenda was to approve the minutes from the November 2nd, 2009 meeting. Board Member Heimlich so moved. Board Member Burton seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.


The next item on the agenda was to open maintenance quotes for the J. M. Timmons Drain. Surveyor Sterrett presented a letter that was received in his office from a landowner on the J. M. Timmons Drain.


Chairman Schmierer asked, “We’re not going clear to the lake anyhow…”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “No.”


Board Member Heimlich stated, “But that is the one that I think there was some discussion…someone brought up that we should go all the way.”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “No, this is for the Timmon’s Ditch.”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “This says Carnahan.”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “I know it. We’re not doing anything on the Carnahan.”


Board Member Heimlich asked, “Then what does his letter refer to?”


Surveyor Sterrett replied, “I would think he has the ditch wrong because he lives right on the Timmons Ditch. He bought the house that belonged to the family of Verne Wilson’s wife. He has one and a half acres. Sharon says he works for the Nature Conservancy.”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “We’re just taking off the brush off the side.”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “We’re not taking anything out of the ditch. We’re just taking the brush off.”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “We’re ready to open the quotes.”


Attorney Loy stated, “This is for the J. M. Timmons Drain. There are two bids Blackman Excavating and County Line Tiling/Excavating. County Line Tiling/Excavating’s quote is $8,500.00. It says clearing all trees and brush from one side of ditch and any leaning trees on the opposite slope. The second quote is Blackman Excavating for $7,900.00. It says clear approximately 3,400 feet according to your order.”


Board Member Burton asked, “Who is Blackman?”


Surveyor Sterrett replied, “He is up by Headlee.”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “He has done some work for the county. He has done lots of work for the county. He did a good job.”


Board Member Burton made a motion to accept the bid for the J. M. Timmons Maintenance Project from Blackman Excavating in the amount of $7,900.00. Board Member Heimlich seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.


The second item on the agenda is to discuss the Maintenance Modification rates on the Emmett Rayman Drain.


Surveyor Sterrett explained, “We’ve sent a letter to Tippecanoe County Drainage Board. I don’t know whether we should discuss this before or after we hear from them. We sent it certified and we got the card back this morning, so they have picked it up. I’ve taken about 8,500 feet off the length of the project and I have an estimate of $70,380.00. There is $10,000.00 in the fund right now and it brings in $5,274.00 a year with Tippecanoe County. So, by the end of this year there will be $15,000.00 in the fund.”


Chairman Schmierer asked, “Is that a variable rate?”


Surveyor Sterrett replied, “Yes it is.”


Chairman Schmierer asked, “How many acres are in the watershed, do you know?”


Board Member Burton replied, “6,789 acres in White County…Tippecanoe County has 745 acres.”


Surveyor Sterrett explained, “I just took what it brings in and took that times four…that would be $21,000. If we collect on that four times the amount for three years it comes up to $63,000.00.”


Board Member Heimlich asked, “You say its variable, do you know what the rates are?”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “I know we had that figured…I think it was the farther away from the outlet you got, the more it was…”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “That is the way they used to figure them.”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “I think it went from 50 cents to $1.50…something like that.”


Board Member Heimlich stated, “So, it probably hasn’t been raised in a while.”


Surveyor Sterrett replied, “No.”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “Well, I think what Denny said, four times the amount for three years…that would get us…”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “It would get us within $7,000.00 of my estimate which is probably high.”


Chairman Schmierer asked, “Do I hear a motion for that?”


Board Member Heimlich stated, “Well, we’ll have to wait to hear from Tippecanoe County.”


Surveyor Sterrett asked Board Member Burton, “Are you on that?”


Board Member Burton replied, “Dad is, I’m not. We pay to the Chilton.”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “Well, just put that together for a vote for the next meeting if you hear from Tippecanoe County.”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “They were working on sending us an updated watershed.”


The next item to be discussed was the Thimlar Tile.


Surveyor Sterrett explained, “Chairman Schmierer and Board Member Heimlich, you were both on the joint board for the Thimlar tile back in 1999 or 2000. Mark Hines called me this morning and said that one of the new air wells that were put in is broke…sucking dirt around it and I don’t know whether that…It drains into the Herron-Dilts and the only thing that I can see that they charged for was the Reconstruction, but I don’t know whether they put it on maintenance or not. It doesn’t say anything about being on maintenance unless you consider it on maintenance with the Herron-Dilts because it has an outlet there.”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “I don’t remember.”


Board Member Heimlich stated, “I don’t recall.”


Surveyor Sterrett asked, “What would the board like me to do on that repair?”


Chairman Schmierer replied, “I suppose repair it and take it off the other drain. It has to be paid on the other drain I would say.”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “Well, everyone that drains into the Thimlar drains into the Herron-Dilts.”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “Right, but I suppose they are all paying maintenance on the Herron-Dilts. If they aren’t we better put them on there.”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “The breakdown is on the Thimlar tile.”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “Right, but you’re paying maintenance on the Herron-Dilts for the Thimlar tile, you have to fix it.”


Board Member Heimlich stated, “If it’s all under that name…”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “The Reconstruction title says, ‘In the matter of the Reconstruction of the Thimlar Tile Drain Branch of the Herron-Dilts Drain’.”


Board Member Heimlich stated, “So then the maintenance is probably…”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “So they made it part of the Herron-Dilts.”


The next item to discuss was Max Hauck who lives down on where Buss Ditch crosses State Road 39.


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “At the same time, we got a letter from DNR…a Certificate of Approval for Construction in a floodway on the John Day tile. The city is putting in a new tile, it is a 42 inch. So, there is going to be a 42 inch outlet into the Buss Ditch 75 feet upstream from where the 24 inch went in, which was the old county tile. Mr. Hauck is worried about what is going to happen straight across from where that outlets out and I am kind of wondering about it too. I got a hold of Joe (Mowrer) and he came up and gave me the plans. Joe went down and talked to Mr. Hauck and I later called Mr. Hauck and told him that we were going to look at that outlet to make sure that it wouldn’t cause any harm to the ditch because that is a pretty big tile.”


Board Member Burton asked, “How much will drain…”


Surveyor Sterrett explained, “That goes all the way back to the National Homes Addition. They are moving it 75 feet from where the old one outlets.”


Board Member Burton asked, “So are they going to put more water into it?”


Surveyor Sterrett replied, “Oh, I would imagine. It’s a storm drain for the city. Joe said he was going to try and get a hold of the engineer and we were going to meet this afternoon. I guess my question is whether or not we should have Todd (Frauhiger) look at it.”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “Well, if Wessler is the engineer I don’t know why we’d need to have another engineer. Is that in the city limits?”


Surveyor Sterrett replied, “Yeah, I think that is city limits there.”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “So I would think they would want to make sure that it was right too. They wouldn’t want to have problems either.”


Attorney Loy stated, “This is all news to me. I thought everything was…”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “The way we left it last time was….when we got this Notice of Construction in a Floodway and I brought it to the board, they said to wait for the plans. So, I think the Drainage Board needs to approve the outlet into Buss Ditch because there is going to be a 24 inch and a 42 inch outlet at the same spot. They are putting rip-rap in.”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “Are they putting rip-rap or do they need cement? Or do we want them to build an outlet wall?”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “I would think that you would want to armor the other bank.”


Board Member Burton asked, “Have you seen the plans?”


Surveyor Sterrett replied, “I just got them on Friday.”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “Well, if you think it needs an outlet wall or something on it…”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “Well, that’s what I don’t know. I’m just trying to address Mr. Hauck’s concern.”


Attorney Loy stated, “I’m sure there are contingency funds in there to address additional stuff.”


Surveyor Sterrett asked, “So, as soon as I meet with them bring it back to the next board meeting?”


Chairman Schmierer replied, “Right, or tell them what you want done. You’ll be able to tell them what you want. I don’t have a problem with that, do you?”


Board Member Burton added, “No.”


Surveyor Sterrett explained, “The old outlet kind of went with the flow of the stream into the culvert under the highway.”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “I can see his concern. You might want to have a splash wall to put on that side or something. You’ll just have to look at it and see.”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “The outfall structure….it looks like a headwall to me, with a concrete spillway and then it runs into a 10 foot long by 20 foot wide rock rip-rap apron over geo-textile fabric.”


Board Member Burton asked, “And that is before it reaches the ditch?”


Surveyor Sterrett replied, “Yes, ten feet before it reaches the ditch. I don’t have any idea whether or not that’s enough length or not. I guess I would need to discuss it with him.”


Surveyor Sterrett reported that he was working on the Diener Ditch now and then they would be getting that drawn. He stated that he planned to start surveying the W. W. Helfrick next.


Chairman Schmierer asked if there was anything further for the board. Chairman Schmierer then adjourned the meeting.