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July 6th, 2010

The White County Drainage Board convened at 10:30 A. M. in the Commissioners’ Room of the White County Building, Monticello, Indiana. Board members present were: President Ronald Schmierer, Vice President Steve Burton, and Drainage Board Member John Heimlich. Also present were Attorney George W. Loy, Surveyor Dennis Sterrett, Drainage Assistant Mary Sterrett, and Secretary Jamie Rozzi.

Also in attendance were Sharon Watson with White County Soil and Water and Charlie Mellon.

The first item on the agenda was to approve the minutes from the June 21st, 2010 meeting. Board Member Burton so moved. Board Member Heimlich seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

The next item on the agenda was to discuss the trees in Big Creek at 450 East and 500 South.


Chairman Schmierer asked, “This is Big Creek? Is it regulated?”


Surveyor Sterrett replied, “Yeah, probably 800 feet south of there is where it is not regulated. It is regulated through here according to the legal description. There are several big trees down in the ditch and they are worried about it cutting out the bank.”


Chairman Schmierer asked, “Whose barn is that up there?”


Surveyor Sterrett replied, “That’s Gallinger.”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “I guess you better get some estimates and get them out of there.”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “Well, this is what we’ve got to work with. I think we’re going to have to take out more trees just to get to those trees. It would be east of Doc Anderson’s. There is plenty of money in there; we just need to get some quotes. It’s going to take an excavator. They have been calling me just about every week. They seem to be pretty worried about it.”


The next item on the agenda was the Waiver of Rights from Pulaski County for the W. W. Helfrick Maintenance Project.


Chairman Schmierer asked, “Did you get a letter back from Pulaski County?”


Surveyor Sterrett replied, “Yeah, I got a copy of it here and we’ve already sent for quotes and we’ll be opening those at the next meeting.”


The next item for discussion is the 2010 budget for the Surveyor and Drainage Board.


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “I don’t know about the incoming Surveyor…”


Chairman Schmierer replied, “Well, we’re going to cut his wages back to where they belong.”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “I just wanted to know…”


Chairman Schmierer explained, “He doesn’t qualify for your wages…”


Surveyor Sterrett replied, “Yeah, right, and I have to make this budget out and turn it in Friday. What do I put there?”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “I think in the past we’ve made it the same as the Recorder, didn’t we? Either the Recorder or Auditor, one…”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “Actually, when I came on board I got one and a half times what…”


Board Member Heimlich stated, “And I think that was by law.”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “It says compensation for the surveyor as if he is not registered under IC 25-21-5. The compensation fixed under subsection one must be one and a half times that fixed under subsection two. The county fiscal body shall determine whether or not the surveyor is registered and shall fix his compensation in the proper amount.”


Board Member Heimlich stated, “So that would be about $37,000. I don’t know what the Recorder pays now.”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “Why don’t you just check with the Auditor and see…before you put it in there. I think we paid the same as the Recorder before, I’m not sure, but I think that’s what we did.”


Chairman Schmierer asked, “Where is Todd’s line (Engineering)?”


Surveyor Sterrett replied, “Todd’s line is the last line on the Drainage Board budget, Contractual Engineering...$1,500.00. We cut that way back when I started, it was about $10,000 I think and it won’t take long to get rid of that.”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “No, we’re going to have to…that’s something we need to talk with the Council about. We need to get started on contracting someone to do that. We’ll have to have someone now, unless we’re going to hire you as a consultant.”


Surveyor Sterrett asked, “Does the board see anything they want to change on the Drainage Board budget? I’m probably going to have to raise the Maintenance Agreement from $1,000 to $1,500 probably. We got a maintenance agreement with that Xerox copy machine and it’s supposed to pay for everything, except for paper. We’re just now trying to figure it out. It’s going to be about $100 a month, plus whatever we run over on the copies and we get 1,000 square feet. We haven’t sent in any meter readings since we got it in April, so…the bills have been backing up and I’m going to try to pay that today. There was some confusion on who was supposed to pay the maintenance contract, so we’re going to put it in our budget.”


Surveyor Sterrett asked, “Do the members need to raise their budget any?”


Chairman Schmierer replied, “I don’t think we’ll rock the boat with the economy the way it is. As far as that Contractual Engineering, we’ll have to work on that pretty quick because we’ll have to get something in the budget for it. We’re going to have to hire somebody.”


Board Member Heimlich stated, “We’re going to have to have someone to sign off every…”


Surveyor Sterrett asked, “You can do maintenance projects can’t you, or not?”


Chairman Schmierer replied, “Some of them you can and some of them you can’t.”


Attorney Loy stated, “New Construction and Reconstruction I think you have to.”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “I think we should put in $20,000 or $25,000 in and we can defend it and tell them why. I was serious when I said you could come in and do some consulting work and sign off on it. I would be comfortable with that.”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “Would something like that have to be bid?”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “No. I think $25,000 and we’ll defend it.”


Board Member Heimlich stated, “$25,000 would be plenty I would think. If you figure, Denny’s this year is $54,300…if you back it out one and a half you’re at the $36,000-37,000 range.”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “I don’t see any reason not to go back to $35,000.”


Board Member Heimlich stated, “Well, we’ll have to see.”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “Well, if you back it up to $35,000 and you move $20,000 or $25,000 to the other side you’re not changing much.”


Attorney Loy stated, “So you have one amount for non-registered and then one and a half times that for registered…”


Board Member Heimlich stated, “I didn’t know if that meant that since we were fixing Denny’s at this that there was a fixed figure that we have to…”


Attorney Loy stated, “No, I think you can do as you please. I don’t know if you have a set…”


After reviewing the base pay scales for various office holders the Drainage Board came to a decision.


Chairman Schmierer stated, “$36,250.”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “If we set it at one and a half times less….there shouldn’t be any complaints.”


Surveyor Sterrett asked, “What do you want to do about Contractual Engineering?”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “I suppose you better put $25,000 in there.”


Board Member Heimlich stated, “Yeah, for now and then by then we’ll know…”


The last item for discussion was Great Oaks Apartments (Monticello) Drainage Review.


Chairman Schmierer stated, “I don’t see them and their poor planning is not my problem.”


Board Member Heimlich asked, “Have they presented it to us?”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “They presented it to us. They got it to Todd on Friday and that’s not…they submitted a check and plans for this meeting, but the plan was not complete. They did not have a drainage report or calculations.”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “Well, this states right here that Todd is concerned for the downstream property owners and he’s also concerned with storage of the overflow. I think we can just deny it until it is properly handled on the advice of the engineer. Don’t you?”


Attorney Loy replied, “Yes.”


Board Member Heimlich made a motion to deny the drainage plan for Great Oak Apartments (Monticello) pending further review by Todd Frauhiger, P.E. to correct the down flow and storage issues. Board Member Burton seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.


The next item for discussion is appointment of a new board member for the Hoagland-Dolick Ditch Board.


Board Member Heimlich stated, “I don’t know if Russ Sickler came in to see you the other day or not, but he came and talked to us about the board member of the Hoagland-Dolick that we had discussed last year. Steve (Burton) and I thought that John Million, their attorney, told us to put it on hold. Russ was wondering what they had to do because they needed another member. He said that Orville Mathew doesn’t live in the county; he lives in a nursing home in Lafayette. I assume that you have to be a county resident to be on a board. I told Russ we were ready to appoint Gary Waibel, which was who they suggested.”


Attorney Loy stated, “It’s fine with me so long as…I’ll talk to John Million. Do you want to get that into the record right now?”


Chairman Schmierer stated, “We can make the appointment and go from there.”


Surveyor Sterrett stated, “It’s actually appointed by the Commissioners, not the Drainage Board. I’m not sure…maybe it is the Drainage Board.”


Board Member Burton made a motion to appoint Gary Waibel to the Hoagland-Dolick Drainage Board to replace Orville Mathews who has moved out of the county. Board Member Heimlich seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.


Chairman Schmierer asked if there was anything further for the Drainage Board. Chairman Schmierer then adjourned the meeting.