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BE IT REMEMBERED that a regular meeting of the White County Council was held at the White County Building at Monticello at 9:00 A.M. on June 16, 2008 for the purpose of discussing the additional appropriations and other business that might come before the membership.


Council President Richard Horton called the Council meeting to order in joint session with the Commissioners. The following members were present:


Richard G Horton Kevin L Crabb Gary W Hendryx

Dennis E Carter Bruce D Clear Raymond L Kramer Jr



For content of joint session, see Commissioners’ minutes.



Councilman Carter asked to change “1,000 roads” to “1,000 road miles” in the last paragraph on page two of the June 2, 2008 minutes. Councilman Carter made a motion to accept the June 16, 2008 minutes with the change. Councilman Hendryx seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous


BE IT ORDAINED BY THE County Council of White County, Indiana that for the expenses of said Municipal Corporation the following additional sums of money are hereby appropriated and set apart out of the fund. Herein specified and subject to the laws governing the same.



Equipment (3 Dump Trucks) $210,000.00 $210,000.00


Hot Paving Mix (for 6 areas) $151,671.00 $151,671.00


Chip & Seal and/or Drag & Seal $440,000.00 $440,000.00

TOTAL $801,671.00 $801,671.00



Councilman Clear wondered what areas the $440,000.00 for Chip & Seal was for. Auditor Guingrich said his list was probably too long to list out. Councilman Carter said there has been a lot of water damage this year. Councilman Clear wondered if some of it could be covered this fiscal year and some next year depending on the state of repair.

Councilman Kramer asked if CEDIT money needed to be saved for the Wolcott Corridor. Council President Horton said the goal of the Windmill Farms is to help fund the Wolcott Corridor rather than using CEDIT funds. Councilman Crabb asked the Auditor to check how the Riverboat tax money could be used.

Councilman Kramer made a motion to appropriate $200,000.00 from Rainy Day, $400,000.00 from CEDIT, and $201,671.00 from Solid Waste Operating Fund for the above additionals. Councilman Carter seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous


Linda Taft introduced Brayson Hoover, a new employee in the Health Department. Mr. Hoover will replace Dan Banes as the Environmental Health Specialist. Ms. Taft said the Health Department would like to continue to pay Dan Banes $17.00 an hour as needed to train Mr. Hoover. As was explained in a letter from the Department Head, Gwynn Rusinek, there is

$2,864.87 to use toward paying Mr. Banes ($1,193.69 from two weeks of no employee to pay, and $1,671.18 because Mr. Hoover’s annual salary will be 10% less than Mr. Bane’s salary).

Auditor Guingrich said he needs to come back as a consultant on an hourly rate rather than a part-time person. She said taxes would continue to be taken out of his checks, but he would no longer have any benefits such as PERF.

Councilman Clear made a motion to pay Mr. Banes $17.00 an hour as a short-term consultant as needed, but not to exceed $2,856.00. Councilman Hendryx seconded the motion.

Vote: Unanimous


The Interim Director of the Monticello-Union Township Public Library, Bill Caddell, presented the Capital Projects Plan adopted May 12, 2008 by the Library Board. The Library cannot use the Capital Projects Plan on salaries or books, but rather for repairs, fixing computers, and buying equipment. Since the bond issue was paid off several years ago, the Library no longer receives money from the local option income tax (CAGIT). That is a loss of $70,000.00.

The plan is to begin replacing the air conditioners with heat pumps; then replace the gas furnaces, and the windows in the light well.

Councilman Crabb made a motion to accept the Monticello-Union Township Public Library Capital Projects Plan presented for 2009-2011. Councilman Kramer seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous



Recorder Paula Lantz said she would like to hire Cheri Hutsell to replace Nancy Skinner, a part-time employee who retired at the end of April. She would need her to work two days a week. Ms. Hutsell currently works part-time in the Treasurer’s Office, and has worked part-time in the Auditor’s Office. Recorder Lantz said she had received a memo stating she should bring this before the Council. President Horton said the letter was to make Department Heads aware House Bill 1001 might effect about changes that will affect the County’s finances.

President Horton said he doesn’t want to see a part-time employee exceed 32 hours a week, and become a full-time employee. Recorder Lantz said Ms. Hutsell doesn’t seem interested in working full-time. Auditor Guingrich questioned the need to replace Ms. Skinner. Ms. Lantz said should either her full-time or part-time employees decide to retire, there needs to be someone else trained to help in the Recorder’s Office. There also needs to be someone who can help out when Ms. Lantz or another employee is on vacation or at a conference.

Auditor Guingrich said travel expense is another area there will be cut backs. Councilman Clear said to be careful not to cause her to become full-time.



White County Assessor Karen Hatter said Union Township Assessor Megan Tribbett will lose her job because of House Bill 1001. She will continue to get paid through the end of 2008. On January 1, 2009 the Assessor’s Office has the option to hire her, and Ms. Hatter would like to hire her as a level three. Ms. Tribbett also qualifies for the $1,000.00 bonus each year because of her certification. Ms. Tribbett understands her salary will be lower, but she is happy to still have a job.

Ms. Hatter is also allowed by the State to add Georgianne Kelley from the Union Township staff to her office. Ms. Kelley would not be considered a new hire, but she’ll just continue at the same level three salary ($24,576.00). Ms. Hatter would like Ms. Tribbett’s salary to be between Ms. Kelley’s and Susie Hauser’s ($24,018.00).

Councilman Crabb made a motion to hire Megan Tribbett as a Deputy, at an Administrative Level three pay, in the County Assessor’s Office beginning January 1, 2009. Councilman Clear seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous


Auditor Guingrich said the Indiana State Auditors said the part-time employees’ pay was not spelled out clearly in the Salary Ordinance, and they would like see that taken care of this year. She said, for instance, the Recycling part-time hourly rate needs to be in the salary ordinance.

Ms. Guingrich said the Auditors need to see the hourly rates for other part-time employees in writing as well. The Election part-time employees were making $7.50 an hour, but when Clerk Lambert turned in the payroll paperwork, he listed them at $8.50 an hour. Auditor Guingrich said the Election Board approved the new rate, but the County doesn’t have any documentation to change the amount.

Auditor Guingrich was told by Commissioner Ron Schmierer to give the information booth employee a dollar raise per hour (from $7.00 to $8.00). Auditor Guingrich said it’s not a budget issue, because the money is there. However, State Auditors need to see the authorization in writing.

Auditor Guingrich asked who should have the authority to set the rates for some of these other County part-time Employees. There are other part-time employees the Council sets the rate for that are a different rate than the $9.25 an hour employees.

Councilman Carter said the Council doesn’t normally deal with every part-time employee like those mentioned, but if the State expects the Council to do that, they will . . . at budget time. Councilman Kramer said allowing everyone to set their own rates defeats the purpose of setting salary rates. Councilman Carter and Councilman Clear agreed the Council should set rates for everyone being paid by the County.



A letter was passed to the Council members informing them the dues for the Association of Indiana Counties are going up. The dues are paid through the Commissioners.



There being no further business to bring before the Council, Councilman Kramer made a motion to adjourn. Councilman Crabb seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous


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