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BE IT REMEMBERED that a regular meeting of the White County Council was held at the White County Building at Monticello at 9:00 A.M. on March 19, 2007 for the purpose of discussing the additional appropriations and other business that might come before the membership.


Council President, Richard Horton, called the Council meeting to order in joint session with the Commissioners. The following members were present:


Richard G Horton Kevin L Crabb Gary W Hendryx

Dennis E Carter Bruce D Clear Raymond L Kramer Jr

Dennis D Cain


For content of joint session, see Commissioners’ minutes.



Councilman Crabb made a motion to approve the February 20, 2007 minutes. Councilman Kramer seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous


Gabba LLC (was known as Witko Incorporated at time of original application) turned in their Tax Abatement Compliance form showing they employ 23 of the estimated 24 employees, and pay $575,000.00 in salaries.

Councilman Carter made a motion to continue the review of the abatement for Gabba LLC. Councilman Hendryx seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous



Council President Horton said the budget hearing dates have been set for Monday, August 6, Tuesday, August 7, & Wednesday, August 8, 2007.



Prosecutor Bob Guy came to request additional appropriations for the Sheriff’s department because the grant the department had been receiving from the Federal Government had been cut approximately $40,000.00. To finish out the year for Anthony Lantz’s salary, they are requesting $38,443.36. The Sheriff’s Department already provides the gas, guns, ammunition etc. And the Prosecutor’s Office provides vehicles and other essentials, so most of the cost needed has been covered. Another concern for Detective Lantz is the 14 years he has invested in PERF. Prosecutor Guy said there are on going discussions about eventually shifting Detective Lantz from the Sheriff’s Department to the Prosecutor’s Office. It would be beneficial and helpful to have him as a Coordinator as most of the information goes through their office anyway. The Prosecutor’s office has a space that was created for law enforcement when the remodeling was done.

Councilman Kramer made a motion to advertise for the additional appropriation of $38,443.36 for the Sheriff’s Department. Councilman Clear seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous



Steve Birch, representing the Homeless Prevention Coalition wanted to update the Council on how funds are being distributed with the Coalition as well as with the Township Trustees, especially in the area of emergency assistance. He said people are not receiving the funds they should be receiving through the Township Trustees. They are being told to look to other agencies first and then come back to the Trustee. He has been told by people that they were just flat turned down, and there is no appeal process.

Mr. Birch passed out a sheet listing the townships, their beginning balance, year ending balance, and investments. His main focus was on the townships that were clearly not using the funds that are allocated for the purpose of helping the needy, but are rather investing the money and actually ending the year with more money. He asserted that not using the funds does not save the taxpayers anything because the funds are already allocated. When someone comes to the Homeless Prevention Coalition, and they are unable to meet their immediate needs, they direct them to Area IV first because they have the most money for this purpose because of State and Federal funding. Then they are sent to the Township Trustees, and lastly to Churches or other groups that have money to help. The Coalition has tried to work with the Trustees by inviting them to open session forums, but there’s been no response except from Trustee Bernie Cook. The Coalition has sent questionnaires asking what the Trustees’ guidelines are so the Coalition knows how to refer people. However the Trustees do not respond.

Council President Horton asked how the Coalition was funded. They receive a United Way allocation of about $7,000, and approximately $200 from donations. Area IV spends about $150,000.00 to $175,000.00 in White County on utility assistance. That money comes from the Federal Government. There is another grant that comes to Area IV of about $3,800. Their total budget for White County residents is around $200,000.00, of which is spent.

The only oversight of the Trustee is from the State Legislature. There is a council of three representatives for every Trustee to consult with, but there is no authority over them. The election process is their only authority.



Gwynn Rusinek, Office Manager of the Health Department, wanted to remind the Council she has been requesting Linda Taff’s salary be raised for the past three years. Ms. Rusinek would like Linda’s salary to be equal to that of the least paid County employee.

Council President Horton explained the work study group is working on the situation for not only Ms. Taff, but all County Employees. Ms. Rusinek will be receiving a standardized form to fill out about all of the employees she oversees. She will then be interviewed. This will lead to pay scales being established.

Councilman Kramer made a motion to table the Health Department and Assessor Office salary requests until budget time. Councilman Clear seconded the motion.

Vote: Unanimous


BE IT ORDAINED BY THE County Council of White County, Indiana that for the expenses of said Municipal Corporation the following additional sums of money are hereby appropriated and set apart out of the fund. Herein specified and subject to the laws governing the same.




Recorder’s Perpetual Fund $17,795.88 $17,795.88


Recorder Paula Lantz passed out a sheet showing the monthly and yearly income into the Recorder’s Perpetual Fund since 1999. She said the balance in the fund right now is $21,608.00, and the annual support contract is due in a couple of months for $20,000.00. Even if the Council covers the $17,795.88, there will not be a balance left in the fund at the end of the year to cover the maintenance contract for next year.

Councilman Cain suggested the maintenance cost for the book scanner to be switched at budget time to Eric Storm’s budget for 2008.

Ms. Lantz said at budget time she will probably propose to switch the maintenance agreement for the other Recorder’s office software out of the Recorder’s Perpetual Fund to the Recorder’s budget.

Councilman Cain made a motion to accept the above Additional Appropriation to be paid out of the Cumulative Building Fund. Councilman Kramer seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous



Council President Horton said the Council needed a job description for former Auditor Mary Jo Pool to give County Lawyer George Loy, so he can write a contract. He suggested: “Contract to assist in the development of schedules of compensation.” Everyone was in agreement.



Council President Horton would like to see the routine business of the Council be listed in someway at the beginning of the agenda so the people scheduled realize there is other Council business ahead of them.

Councilman Kramer wanted to know if the Council could get an updated Financial Statement before the next Council meeting. Council Secretary Barbara Nydegger will check with Auditor Guingrich about printing the statements for them.



Councilman Crabb would like to see if the Council could address the State to raise the percentage for the Cumulative Bridge Fund. Council President Horton asked if Ms. Nydegger could find out when the request for additional money in the Cumulative Bridge Fund needs to be sent in, and then e-mail the information to the Council Members.



There being no more business to come before the Council, Councilman Cain made a motion to adjourn. Councilman Kramer seconded the motion.

Vote: Unanimous





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