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BE IT REMEMBERED that budget meetings were held at the White County Building at Monticello at 8:00 AM on July 31 and August 1 & 2, 2006 for the purpose of discussing and setting the budget for the year 2007.


Council President James Mann called the Council meeting to order. The following members were present:


James H. Mann Richard G. Horton Kevin L. Crabb

Ronald Schmierer Dennis D. Cain Faye L. Lowring

Dennis E. Carter



Also present were Auditor Mary Jo Pool and Auditor-elect Jill Guingrich.

The Auditor shared the new format of budget form 4-B. Professor Larry De Boer from Purdue University devised this new format. Auditor Pool & Councilman Horton attended his budget workshop in early July. She also gave the Council information on the health insurance premiums, CEDIT balances, past County raises 2000-2006, and the estimated assessed valuation for 2007: $1,219,000,000.00.


Each department presented their budgets:


Building Commissioner: Dave Anderson asked for more money for his part-time person.


Recycling: Dawn Girard researched how much the County had spent on rent from 1993 to 2007. The total was $168,224.00. She suggested the county purchase a building.


Health Department: Suggested the gas mileage be raised.


Lake View Home: Have some roof leaks in back.


E911: Terri Conwell asked that her employee’s salaries be increased because it is such a demanding & stressful job.


Courts: Judge Thacker stated how valuable employees are. He & Judge Mrzlack do not agree with the 90% pay to new employees. They believe longevity should be increased.


Extension Office: Greg Bosser reported the extension building was used 376 times last year, but only 28 paid rent. All the others were non-profit groups.


Commissioners: Asked to raise the White County Economic Development Director’s salary. Discussed the Sixth Street expansion project and Major Moves Money.


Sherriff/Jail: John Roberts asked for four new cars, a new deputy, and a full time transport officer. They received $330,120.00 for housing Department of Corrections (DOC) prisoners in 2005.


Soil & Water: Will need to start paying rent in 2006.


White County Economic Development: Connie Neininger & Bob Hanni asked the Council for $99,000.00 from the CEDIT money. They will also ask the towns for a share of the CEDIT money. Average wages per hour in White County is $13.82.


Cuts from @ Budget:


Civil Defense: Phone - $2,250.00, Office Machines – 1,000.00, Office Machines – 1,500.00.


Court House Maintenance: Phone - $200.00, Drainage Board Contractual Engineering - $3,500.00, Circuit Court phone - $500.00.


Area Plan: Office Partition - $250.00, Shelf - $300.00.


Recorder: Miscellaneous supplies - $200.00, Travel - $500.00, Equipment - $2,500.00.


Sheriff/Jail: Motor Vehicle – $20,000.00, Patrol car video – $6,000.00, Furniture - $1,100.00, Copier/fax – 1,000.00, Shelving - $2,500.00, Computers - $2,000.00.


Treasurer: Overtime - $2064.00


Solid Waste Recycling: Equipment - $12,000.00


Surveyor: Part Time – $1,500.00


Union Township Assessor: Part Time - $5,500.00


Salary Cuts


Recorder Part-time: $4,025.00


Commissioner: Economic Development Director $5,585.00


Sheriff: Pension plan - $68,000.00, New Deputy (This amount will be paid from the police pension trust fund) - $36,926.00, Full-time Transport $26,492.00


Salary Increases


Building Commissioners: Part-time salary increase to $20,000.00. Pay per hour up to $16.00.


Courts: All three Court Reporters may make the same salary.


E911: Hire one new employee and increase all salaries by 5%.


Economic Development Director: To receive a 10% raise.

911 Employees: To receive a 5% increase per hour.

County Employees: To receive a 2 ½ % raise.

Part-time Employees: $9.25 per hour rate


Gas mileage raised to $ .39 per mile


Monday the County Council ate at the Court House Picnic for lunch. Tuesday lunch was provided for them at the Lake View Home after which they toured the home. The Council also had their picture taken.

All departments are to be commended on their budgets. Auditor Mary Jo Pool commented on how wonderful it has been for her to work with such a great Council for eight years.


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*Revised paragraph approved by Council:


White County Economic Development: Connie Neininger & Bob Hanni asked the Council for 15% of the annual CEDIT fund with a present day cap of $100,000.00. The Economic Development Director will present the White County Economic Development annual budget to the White County Council at budget time. Cities and towns in White County will be asked for a similar share of their CEDIT funds. The average wage in White County is currently $13.82.