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BE IT REMEMBERED that a regular meeting of the White County Council was held at the White County Building at Monticello at 9:00 A.M. on June 20, 2005 for the purpose of discussing the additional appropriations and other business that might come before the membership.

Council President, James Mann, called the Council meeting to order in joint session with the Commissioners. The following members were present:

James H. Mann Richard G. Horton Kevin L. Crabb

Ronald Schmierer Dennis D. Cain Faye L. Lowring

Dennis E. Carter


For content of joint session, see Commissioners’ minutes.


Councilman Cain made a motion to approve the minutes of May 16, 2005. Councilman Schmierer seconded the motion.

VOTE: Unanimous


The following transfers were received:


Coroner $700.00 001-09-03-04 001-09-02-04

Cellular phone Equipment


TOTAL $700.00

Councilman Horton made a motion to approve the above transfer, and Councilman Cain seconded the motion.

VOTE: Unanimous


The Monticello-Union Township Library’s Capital Projects Plan was presented by Kim Wrede. The State requires that the Council view it even though they do not allocate funding for it. Councilman Horton made a motion to approve the Capital Projects Plan. Councilman Crabb seconded the motion.

VOTE: Unanimous



Barbara Bedrick of the Department of Child Services gave a preview of expected funds needed for next year. The Psychiatric Fund for Children has been running $25,000 per quarter, and it was only funded $35,000 for the year. She will probably be requesting $50,000 additional funding and appropriation this August.

This year there will be no levy limits on the fund requests. The Council will be presented with the budget that Judge Payne has approved for the local Department of Child Services. Auditor Pool would have to file an appeal if the Council should decide to deny or reduce the request.



Valerie Hunter & Larry Brown with the Industrial Foundation and Rich Dessimoz, president of Vanguard National Trailer Corporation presented the Council with a recommendation from the Tax Abatement Board regarding Vanguard National Trailer Corporation. The Board recommends a 10-year abatement for real estate and 10 years for equipment. Vanguard’s total investment will be $14.5 Million: $10 million in real estate and $4.5 Million in equipment. Mr. Brown explained their major equipment investment would be on long-term equipment that would be working the same in 10 years as it would be at the start (i.e. cranes & side tables). Vanguard plans to break ground this year and finish next year. They will build a seven and one half-acre plant that will employee 700 to 800 people to assemble a different model of trailer (composite). They plan to build 20,000 units per year along with 10,000 plate trailers. Councilman Cain asked about a time frame for which they expect to begin hiring. Vanguard currently employs approximately 320. They plan to hire around 300-350 when they open the new plant, and adding yet another shift about a year later to employ another 350 or more.

Councilman Horton made a motion to approve the Tax Abatement Board’s recommendation to allow 10- year abatement on real estate and a 10-year abatement on equipment. Councilman Schmierer seconded the motion.


VOTE: Unanimous


Clerk Lambert has a list from the Secretary of State that shows how much each county received from the state. White County did receive the Tier A money and we are still eligible for $160,584.00 of Tier B money, which will cover the $48,084.00 we owe to Fidlar for the Voting equipment. In order to receive the funds, we must first select and submit an application to purchase the handicap accessible equipment needed to be in compliance with the current law. Nearly all of our polling places have a threshold problem, but the majority of our non-compliance issues are fairly simple to remedy. The one place that has the most non-compliance problems is the Frontier Brookston gym.

Councilman Schmierer made a motion to pay Fidlar when the State money comes in. Councilwoman Lowring seconded the motion.

VOTE: Unanimous



Lisa Downey from the Assessor’s office presented the Council with the mandate from the State that their office needs to have a Sales Disclosure Scanner and the Personal Property Software to be able to electronically transfer the disclosure information to the State. They are already behind by a couple of years on this. Mrs. Downey has had several phone conversations with the Department of Local Government Finances, and they insist that the White County Assessor’s Office use the proper format.

Auditor Pool informed the Council that 13,000.00 of the total $29,176.00 could come out of the “Sales Disclosure Fund.” That will, however, deplete the fund. The Remaining 16,000.00 will come from the Assessor’s “Reassessment Fund.” There will also be a $7,200.00 annual maintenance fee. Several Council Members expressed displeasure in the amount of money that Manatron (software company) has cost the County. However, Mrs. Downey said Manatron has always been very good about service and support. She also said Manatron is the best & most efficient system she has seen; and it is used by 72-74 other counties. The White County Assessor’s office has never experienced any problems with their software or networking.

Since the state mandates that this be done, Councilman Horton made a motion that $13,000 be used from the Sales Disclosure Fund and the rest from the Reassessment Fund to cover the cost. Councilman Carter seconded the motion.

VOTE: 6 AYE Councilman Schmierer: NAY


Amy Carpenter with Apex Benefits Insurance Group explained that Apex is an independent brokerage firm

specializing in group health and welfare plans and retirement plans. Their main goal is to save employers money on health care plans. Apex uses dual options so that those who need more insurance can have that and those who don’t, can pay less. Apex would like to view White County’s existing program and come up with ideas that could save the County money and keep the employees happy too. Depending on what they find, Apex might determine the existing program is what’s best for the County, they might work with Arnett to come up with a better plan, or they could find another avenue. They also offer life insurance with no questions asked, and the County doesn’t pay anything.

The companies they place their clients with pay Apex. They serve as a broker. That way they stay involved with the day-to-day operations. Their involvement helps both their clients and the companies they’ve connected the clients to. Apex knows the terminology and how to decipher the different plans out there to be able to compare policies. Insurance cost already have a commission built in.

They have done some consulting work, but companies that start with them as a consultant usually end up using them as a broker.

Councilman Carter asked about pooling with another county. Ms. Carter said that typically doesn’t work out well, because those who use less of the health care tend to become unhappy when they have to endure the increases when the party they are pooling with causes their policies to go up.

Councilman Mann suggested that Ms. Carpenter give her presentation to the Commissioners and that those of the Council who are interested also be present. Commissioner Heimlick stepped into the room and agreed to put Ms. Carpenter on the agenda at 8:30 AM on July 5th.



Council President Mann signed tax abatement forms for real estate and personal property for Vanguard and a personal property tax abatement form for Cives.



There being no more business to come before the Council, Councilman Horton made a motion to adjourn. Councilman Cain seconded the motion.

VOTE: Unanimous

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