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The White County Area Plan Commission met Monday, September 12, 2005, at 7:30 p.m. in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room, Second Floor, County Building, Monticello, Indiana.

Members attending were: Jay Clawson, Gary Barbour, David Scott, Charles Mellon, Gregory Bossaer, Dennis Sterrett. Also attending were Attorney Altman and Director Weaver.

Visitors Attending were: Diana Cords, Gene Cords, Glenn & Kay Jennings, Travis Cords, Arnie Dahlenburg, Lorretta Dahlenburg, Jerry & Ginny Long, Kathy Krintz, Diane Dodson, Cecil Dodson, Noel F. Lyons (Deputy Sheriff)

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Clawson and roll call was taken.

Vice President Clawson stated, several things on the agenda we don’t have a full Board here tonight, we have 6 out of 10 members here so if you don’t want your thing heard tonight you can withdraw and wait for a full quorum. We usually hear stuff with this many people on the Board but it is your option that you can withdraw without penalty tonight right?

Director Weaver stated, right.

Attorney Altman stated, you need 6 votes to have anything with a positive recommendation 6 votes to have any subdivision and that sort of thing that doesn’t get forwarded on to the County Commissioners or the other legislative bodies. So you do the arithmetic as an applicant you do have an absolute right to table your request if you wish to do so. You must do that before we begin to vote however, so make sure that you let us know a head of time. Please, also do like I am and turn your cell phone off.

Vice President Clawson stated, with each request on the agenda if you want to address the Board we ask that you come up to the mic and only have one person speaking at a time while we’re going. Is there anything else that we need to bring up?


#886 Gene A. & Diana Kay Cords; The property is located on part of Lot 2 in Sublette Subdivision containing 0.940 of an acre, more or less North of Reynolds at 14 E. 375 N. This is being sent back to the Area Plan Commission from the County Commissioners for approval of a commitment.

Violation: None.

Request: They are requesting to rezone from A-1 to B-2.

Vice President Clawson asked, here representing that would be Gene Cords?

Gene Cords asked, you said that you have to have all 6 votes to carry tonight? I’m going to table it then.

Vice President Clawson stated, okay.

Attorney Altman stated, we fully expected more than this but then we never know what will be here. This will heard again, the next meeting is when Director Weaver.

Director Weaver stated, would be October 11th, which is a Tuesday.

Attorney Altman stated, same time right here okay.

Gene Cords stated, thank you.

Attorney Altman stated, any one else that is involved in that, this matter is tabled.

Cecil Dodson asked, I have a question on this, my name is Cecil Dodson, I’m a son in law of Sidney Sublette’s. I understand that there was a meeting here before and we voted down…

Vice President Clawson stated, true.

Cecil Dodson asked, why was it brought back up?

Attorney Altman stated, because the Commissioners forwarded, wanted a commitment and they prepared one and it was forwarded, is always forwarded back here to review the commitment, okay…

Cecil Dodson stated, okay.

Attorney Altman stated, and that’s what we have and that’s what we have to consider, okay?

Cecil Dodson stated, okay, that’s fine and dandy, that’s like a recount…

Attorney Altman stated, it wasn’t voted down, it was voted on and forwarded to them with a recommendation. Then they said that they wanted a commitment and they got that and then they always send that to us to have us review it and give them input on the commitment okay Cecil. As soon as we, next time we will look at that and I would suggest that you very much look that the copy of the commitment and then we can talk about that then, okay?

Cecil Dodson stated, okay because what you people are dealing with on the last 15 years I have had to deal and my job has been on the lot and that’s EPA and with refrigeration…

Attorney Altman stated, well, this matter is tabled we really can’t receive any evidence….

Cecil Dodson stated, okay…

Attorney Altman stated, now next month we will okay.

Cecil Dodson stated, what I’m asking you is get your EPA in here and find out what the regulations are.

Attorney Altman stated, okay, very good.

Cecil Dodson stated, like I say, I have 42 years seniority in a plant and in the last 15 years I have been threatened to loose my job.

Attorney Altman stated, okay, thank you, we will talk about that next month okay?

Cecil Dodson stated, okay, but be prepared because I’m going to come at you with EPA.

Attorney Altman stated, well, it’s whatever you wish but thank you.


#888 Jerry L. & Virginia A. Long; The property is located on 1.130 acres, in the Town of Burnettsville at 106 S. West Street.

Violation: None.

Request: They are requesting to rezone from B-2 to R-2.

Vice President Clawson asked, here representing that would be?

Jerry Long stated, Jerry Long.

Vice President Clawson stated, okay and do you want to tell the Board a little bit about what your planning on doing with the…

Jerry Long stated, well, the property has been zoned business, B-2 prior to, hopefully tonight, we really don’t know why, there has been a house sitting there for as long as I remember. We bought the property we applied for a variance and after we applied for the variance then we found out that it was zoned improperly and so that’s why we’re here to get the property from business to residential.

Vice President Clawson asked, okay, you’re just wanting to improve the property, the building, the house that is already on there, not build another one on that lot?

Jerry Long stated, no, we’re going to remodel the house and add on to a room addition.

Vice President Clawson stated, okay.

Director Weaver stated, we have sent the Board a copy of their survey that they had done for their variance request so that you could look at that if you wanted to.

Vice President Clawson asked, does the Board have any questions? Attorney Altman? Do we have anyone in the audience that has any remonstrance to this request? I say that we can bring this to a vote, thanks.

With no further discussion the Board voted.

The results of the vote were as follows: 6 affirmative and 0 negative. This will be presented to the Town of Burnettsville for their action.

Attorney Altman stated, it will be forwarded to the Town Board of Burnettsville for the final action on this rezoning and obviously it also has to have the variance maybe not to have a residential property on there but to have the proposed addition that they are asking for. So we never know exactly when the Town of Burnettsville conducts and handles this so you maybe ought to check with the Clerk Treasurer to make sure but we will send it out this week okay?

Jerry Long stated, okay.

Attorney Altman stated, thank you very much.

Vice President Clawson stated, thank you.


#305 Arnold L. & Lorretta L. Dahlenburg; Requesting approval of a 2 lot subdivision to be known as CAC Farms Addition, containing 1.311 & 1.544 acres, more or less. The property is located in the Town of Reynolds, South of Salomon Park. Tabled from the August 8, 2005 meeting.

Vice President Clawson asked, here representing this request, do you want to stand at the mic?

Arnie Dahlenburg stated, I’m Arnie Dahlenburg, I guess I don’t know what I’m suppose to tell you is that I have two lots there and people think that it’s more valuable for town lots than they are for farming anymore.

Vice President Clawson stated, okay.

Director Weaver stated, he got his original information was sent to you in last months packet.

Vice President Clawson stated, right.

Greg Bossaer asked, Director Weaver, that is on City water…

Vice President Clawson stated, and sewer, are you on sewer?

Director Weaver stated, umm….

Arnie Dahlenburg stated, city sewer and city water go right by us.

Vice President Clawson stated, okay.

Charles Mellon asked, there is a house in the middle of those two lots?

Arnie Dahlenburg stated, yes.

Vice President Clawson stated, yes.

Arnie Dahlenburg stated, the size of lots, I can’t tell you which is the biggest one which side, they both basically about the same.

Attorney Altman stated, check…

Greg Bossaer stated, the one on the North is just a little bit bigger.

Arnie Dahlenburg stated, North is bigger?

Greg Bossaer stated, yes.

Attorney Altman stated, okay, we have the following from the White County Surveyor, received 8-16-05 relative to this matter, the White County Surveyor will not require the CAC Farms Addition to comply with White County Drainage Ordinance. The, this 2 lot addition filed in the White County Surveyor’s Office on 8-3-05 by James Milligan has been granted a waiver by the White County Drainage Board on 8-15-2005 signed before by our County Surveyor, Dennis W. Sterrett.

Vice President Clawson stated, okay, pretty cut and dry, all of the information on the legal part is right, legal descriptions…

Director Weaver stated, yes.

Attorney Altman stated, obviously it would be required that whoever uses the lots be on the city water and sewer and I suspect that’s the regulations that they be under any way but we would require the same thing.

Vice President Clawson asked, does anyone want to see the plat, on the Board, do you guys have yours with you? We have a copy here if someone wants to see it.

Attorney Altman stated, other than that I don’t see anything. Director Weaver does it conform with the standards of the subdivision?

Director Weaver stated, to the best of my knowledge, yes.

Attorney Altman stated, I understand, I just always ask that question.

Vice President Clawson asked, okay, so do we already have ballots already passed out?

Attorney Altman stated, I did and I have one right here.

Vice President Clawson stated, okay, so no other things before this we will bring it to a vote for a primary.

Attorney Altman stated, yes.

Vice President Clawson asked, there’s no conditions…

Greg Bossaer stated, yes, did you ask the audience?

Vice President Clawson asked, oh, excuse me, does anyone in the audience have any questions about this or problems with this? We can go ahead and vote?

Attorney Altman stated, yes, proceed.

With no further discussion the Board voted.

The Primary Approval for a 2-lot subdivision to be known as CAC Farms Addition Subdivision was approved by a vote of 6 to 0, based on a finding of fact that the Standards of the Subdivision Control Ordinance have been met.

Attorney Altman asked, is it ready for a secondary ballot…

Vice President Clawson asked, yes.

Attorney Altman asked, Director Weaver?

Director Weaver stated, yes, to the best of my knowledge yes.

Attorney Altman stated, there are no improvements to be put in right?

Director Weaver stated, no, it’s an existing road.

Greg Bossaer asked, is it in town?

Director Weaver stated, yes, yes it is. Greg, if you look on your staff report there is a dark line that comes down from the North to the South and it goes out to the West, that I think is your town limits in case you want to know that. Do you see what I’m talking about?

Greg Bossaer stated, oh, yes.

With no further discussion the Board voted.

The Secondary Approval request for a subdivision to be known as CAC Farms Addition Subdivision was approved by a vote of 6 to 0, based on a finding of fact that the Standards of the Subdivision Control Ordinance have been met.

Attorney Altman stated, again subject to the requirement that this will be on they city, or the town water and sewer, improvements on that. Primary approval has been granted and the subdivision is in compliance for a secondary approval. You get 10 days appeal time and then you’re ready to go.

Arnie Dahlenburg asked, I have one question, the one gentleman is wanting to get started before the first of October is this out of the question?

Charles Mellon stated, go through the city council, the town council…

Attorney Altman stated, no they're not…

Director Weaver stated, no it doesn’t.

Charles Mellon asked, oh it doesn’t?

Director Weaver stated, no.

Attorney Altman stated, the only thing there is an appeal time that someone could file on any subdivision and that’s what we generally recommend that you wait that long and that’s 10 days right?

Director Weaver stated, but he could come in and go ahead and apply for his permit but we won’t issue it until after the plat is recorded but he could get the application process done.

Arnie Dahlenburg asked, but he’s eligible to do that now?

Director Weaver stated, he can start that process now, yes.

Arnie Dahlenburg stated, okay.

Vice President Clawson stated, he can’t start building yet but he can get his permits and everything.

Greg Bossaer stated, theoretically he could start on the 23rd, 10 days.

Director Weaver stated, if the plat is recorded yes.

Arnie Dahlenburg stated, as I understand it if he ain’t started by the first of October, his contractor is not the same as it was.

Attorney Altman stated, well, you have 7 or 8 days slack there so surely he can get it Arnie.

Arnie Dahlenburg stated, okay.

Vice President Clawson asked, does Jim have the plat?

Director Weaver stated, don’t have the Mylar but he has everything in order for it.

Vice President Clawson stated, okay, are you going to call Jim to make…

Director Weaver stated, I’ll call him.

Attorney Altman stated, I would.

Vice President Clawson stated, okay, that’s fine. Is there any business on the agenda Director Weaver?

Director Weaver stated, Meadowbrook Subdivision.

Attorney Altman stated, number two.

Vice President Clawson asked, who wants to talk about that?

Director Weaver stated, we’ll let Attorney Altman.

Attorney Altman stated, we have on the agenda, business would be Meadowbrook Subdivision #2. Since this is a subdivision that we have filed suit to essentially dissolve and put back to farm ground with the exception of one lot, the road by it that we that it had already been sold since that time. I think since last month, in fact, we have learned that it has been purchased by people. I would like for maybe you to come up and talk to us about this Glenn as to what your plans are for the subdivision and the Board might be interested. They can’t act tonight because it hasn’t been noticed up but at least I think the Board might be interested in what your idea is of with this land that is now in the process of being un-subdivided. If you wish to do so if you don’t I don’t have a lot more to say than that.

Glenn Jennings stated, I guess at this time I don’t know exactly what we’re entitled to. I have been gathering information since I purchased the ground to see what has been done. I’ve been trying to get, I met with Director Weaver and she has been very cooperative to take in and supply me with information that she had I visited with Attorney Altman on several matters bringing me up to date. When I purchased it I bought it as agricultural ground….

Attorney Altman asked, you farmed it for how long, you shared that with me.

Glenn Jennings stated, I don’t know about 25 years.

Attorney Altman stated, it think that the Board would be very interested in knowing that how you’re involved with this ground.

Glenn Jennings stated, I have farmed that, I can’t tell you the exact year that I started it but, I think it was about the first year that Mary Walters bought it. I farmed it all of the years that she owned it until Mr. Freeman bought it and farmed it and still farming it, it’s been at least 22 probably close to 25 years. I guess my thought when I purchased it at some time, of selling lots off and since I have purchased it we have had my wife Kay with Pinnacle Homes and has had several inquiries. In fact, about a half of a dozen, I can’t tell you and exact number but she can speak to that fact about 5 or 6 at least I’m sure of people that would like to be back in that particular area. That happened quickly, more so than what I was prepared for even had anyone interested when I purchased it. In fact I signed the purchase agreement on Thursday and on Friday she calls me and has a party that wants to go look at it. Due to the realtor involved in it she proceeded to send them to my wife so that’s how this has been going in the past month. I don’t know what my legal rights are and where were at to, on the development yet. I have not spoke with my attorney yet, I would like to if possible, if it is stays a subdivision I will develop it as need be with the improvements as roads and drainage. There has been drainage put in Mr. Freeman when he started Meadowbrook #1 I’ve got the map of it showing exactly where the drainage was put. That takes care of Meadowbrook #1 and the North side of it would be St. Johns Street going West and the lots that go down the West side of it the drainage is all being put in perimeter drain of the 10” to 12” to 14” I believe. I guess I’m not in a hurry to develop it I would like to proceed possibly selling the perimeter lots off to have the capitol to go ahead and make finish the improvements I guess that’s about as far as I know at this particular time.

Attorney Altman stated, well, we wanted you to come and talk to the Board so that they can get an idea of what the situation was because it’s so much better if they get it from such as you rather than just me report that.

Glenn Jennings stated, correct.

Attorney Altman stated, I could tell the Board that there are a couple things that are not, that are a problem with this subdivision. One is we need Drainage Board approval on it whatever happens if it’s going to be subdivided. The other thing is right now this subdivision does not have the improvements in that were approved when we made a subdivision and also there is no bond or letter of credit filed with our department and that’s quite frankly why we move to vacate the subdivision.

Greg Bossaer asked, so Attorney Altman, does Glenn just start over then?

Attorney Altman stated, he does it on the Drainage Board as I understand, they have an ordinance that requires that anybody that is dividing ground even prior subdivided ground, that’s the way that it has been explained to me, I have not seen the ordinance, Denny…

Dennis Sterrett stated, it was brought before the Board the person that bought it prior to Glenn.

Attorney Altman stated, yes, their names is…

Dennis Sterrett stated, Rynard…

Attorney Altman stated, Rynard, yes thank you…

Dennis Sterrett stated, and he came into my office and I took it to the Board, the Drainage Board and said it needed a drainage plan. That was his question as to how much money he was going to have to put into it.

Attorney Altman stated, so that’s where that status is right now again, given the Board more information. I don’t think that he has to start over exactly but because if they, unless the drainage approval of the drainage that the Drainage Board grants requires that they change something in the way of the lots Greg. Then he might have, shall I say more start over than we think. Right now he has certain divided surveyed off ground okay. So I don’t think that he actually has to quote, start over and however he would if we vacated this subdivision like we had proposed to do until found out that someone is really wanting to maybe properly divide the ground and get the approval from the Drainage Board. So I think it depends more the ball is sort of in their court now as to what they want to do and Dennis is saying that they need to do and proceed they can. I think this Board can look at this and say okay lets go back out of court and leave it as a properly approved subdivision with Drainage Board approval. So yes, I think that it’s possible but I think that they need to do something and the something at least would that and to get new improvements and a new bond or improvements in now and no need for a bond.

Greg Bossaer stated, it could be a win, win situation.

Attorney Altman stated, heck yes, heck yes.

Gary Barbour stated, the only reason that we went to court wasn’t it because we wanted to make sure that either…

Attorney Altman stated, yes, the improvements were in…

Gary Barbour stated, the improvements were done or it was no longer a subdivision.

Attorney Altman stated, yes, that’s right, that’s the only reason that we went to court. It could be exactly what you’re saying Greg, win, win. So Director Weaver and I have been talking with them about this and I think that’s where we are and we certainly you know I have no reason not to waste what has been done. Get the approval and get again, I think that we need if they are not going to put the improvements in, we would need a full new engineer appraisal as to how much the bond or the letter of credit needs to be. Get that in but that’s pretty easy, comparatively easy done and then get the Drainage Board approval.

Dennis Sterrett asked, is that what we had before a letter of credit?

Attorney Altman stated, yes.

Dennis Sterrett stated, it didn’t seem to work.

Attorney Altman stated, no, it did for, the truth is it did for longer than we wanted but, they finally stopped of course he stopped a lot of things. So I would still go with a letter of credit, yes if that’s what they choose to use as a vehicle. It’s tough to get bonds anymore and they companies just don’t want to write them but the banks will give you a letter of credit.

Gary Barbour asked, is there a time limit on it?

Attorney Altman stated, usually it’s a year and then they are re-upped is what they did.

Gary Barbour asked, yes but don’t you have a certain amount of time when you have to have the improvements in or it becomes non-void? That’s why your letter of credits going to run out and not work and if that’s not in our current ordinance we need to make sure we get it…

Attorney Altman stated, I think, right now it is not a limit it’s actually approved by the Director. We had no reason not to approve it until they said that they are not going to write it again and of course we went to court so that gives you the background okay.

Glenn Jennings asked, my understanding is it has to go to the Drainage Board first?

Attorney Altman stated, yes, your plan, whatever it is and again you know we can’t name your product so to speak here. We can approve it or disapprove it okay but, first thing that you do want to do is, get Drainage Board approval of whatever your going to do, if it’s going to do something very similar to what’s there we understand that. Then it has to, you have to get a letter of credit and to get a letter of credit basically is, we require that you get a engineers, certified engineers evaluation of how much it’s going to cost to put the improvements in. Then you at least have to get a letter of credit for that much money or you put them in, or you put them in is what it amounts to okay.

Glenn Jennings asked, can it be done on so much at a given time in 1 year, 2 years or 5 years? I had no plans of developing it in a matter of 6 months or a year.

Attorney Altman stated, again, that’s where you run in Gary when your talking about a year or what have you, just to commence between the Board, is you get a developers that want to do it that way. That’s why we sort of let that happen okay so that we can be more compatible with their needs and desires and that’s what we have done in the past is what I’m trying to say. However, you do have to get a letter of credit that covers it all okay know that okay.

Dennis Sterrett stated, you could do it in phases I suppose.

Attorney Altman stated, sure you can.

Dennis Sterrett stated, I think that your drainage plan would have to be for the whole nine yards though.

Attorney Altman stated, and again, you propose and we review is really what it amounts to we can’t give you the prior approval until you get a proposal on…

Glenn Jennings stated, I understand…

Attorney Altman stated, but I think what Greg’s eluting to is, you have a lot of it already together in the way of written subdivision, like subdivision documentation. If you use that and it still works with the Drainage Board you’re a long ways towards the road, down the road.

Gary Barbour asked, and I’m not bringing up the timetable because of you individually…

Glenn Jennings stated, I understand that.

Attorney Altman stated, we’re writing a new subdivision…

Glenn Jennings stated, in the past…

Gary Barbour stated, yes.

Glenn Jennings stated, I understand that…

Attorney Altman stated, we’re writing a new ordinance we were thinking about things more not on this individual specific but the whole white county specific so that….

Gary Barbour stated, the last thing that you want to do is tie your hands up so that you can’t get it developed over a period of time, we’re going to work with you.

Glenn Jennings stated, because I have been farming it and still want to farm it until it’s time to put the road through I guess.

Attorney Altman stated, okay.

Glenn Jennings stated, that’s why I would prefer in being in phases of maybe the perimeter phase first and one street or phase two and then the other street phase three.

Attorney Altman asked, okay, do you have any other questions that you think that you can ask the Board and get any ideas…

Glenn Jennings stated, I don’t have any other questions at this time.

Attorney Altman stated, okay, okay, okay, we just want to be available…

Glenn Jennings stated, I guess I know where we at right now and I guess I know what we’ve got to do I need to get with Dennis Sterrett and proceed with the Drainage Board…

Vice President Clawson asked, so do we have to do anything specific about dropping this from the suit…

Attorney Altman stated, I wouldn’t do anything…

Vice President Clawson stated, I mean we’re not going to proceed with the suite of…

Attorney Altman stated, I don’t intend to proceed I think that we have it in posture that we can be a holding patter for a while. See if he can and I’m almost hearing him say that he can do what he needs to do and then we can look at it Jay and…

Vice President Clawson asked, so we don’t have to vote on anything for this?

Attorney Altman stated, no, nothing, I think that he just wanted to talk and I think this is exactly the sort of talk that you can do.

Vice President Clawson stated, okay.

Dennis Sterrett stated, I can put you on the Drainage Board, next Monday if you want to come and discuss it with the Board.

Glenn Jennings stated, fine.

Attorney Altman asked, is there anything else Director Weaver?

Director Weaver stated, just that you have with your pictures tonight a set of minutes from the August 8th meeting so if you will hold on to those and review those for approval at the next meeting. There is an ordinance in the works, I will just give you an update on this. There is an ordinance in the works with the County Commissioners I don’t know if you’re even aware that our office does the addressing, the 911 addressing. Right now the way that the current ordinance reads naming of the roads is suppose to be done with the Sheriffs Department and the 911 Coordinator and the Commissioners have discussed this and I have no objection to this. They are going to transfer that authority over to our office and that’s something that they are working on now but it’s not finalized at this time, shouldn’t add that much of a work load. Maybe, we may have to come up with some kind of process if someone wants to change the name of a road because, that’s what initiated this change. We have someone in the county that is wanting to change the name of the road so we may have to adopt a process for doing that.

Greg Bossaer asked, do they come to you with a name?

Director Weaver stated, when they do a sub, new subdivision they give us the names and that’s how those go in play but this is an existing road that they are wanting to change the name of. That’s all that I have.

Attorney Altman stated, Director Weaver, excuse me it just went out of my mind, I had something else along that I was thinking, oh, I can’t think of it now….

Greg Bossaer stated, maybe you’ll think of it next month…

Attorney Altman stated, yes, next month.

Vice President Clawson asked, Glenn has something, do you have something else?

Glenn Jennings stated, whatever, whenever you…

Vice President Clawson stated, go ahead.

Glenn Jennings stated, I guess the only other thing that I failed to ask you and I don’t think it’s a problem because we have had tile run on the property already. What is your position, or what is the Area Plan’s position on the suite in order to close the property because it’s not been closed yet. We’ve got, I’ve got basically 3 months before I have to close. I can close it next week or 3 months down the road.

Attorney Altman stated, I think that the ball is in your court is what the Board is saying, do that and I don’t think that we have, we didn’t have any reason that we wanted this subdivision closed particularly. I think that I’m speaking for the Board on that, that it’s just, we didn’t get a bond or a letter of credit so then we had no choice.

Glenn Jennings stated, okay.

Vice President Clawson asked, so we get the suit dropped per say he needs drainage approval and a letter of credit?

Attorney Altman stated, and approval from this Board that they with the Drainage Board I think we would certainly think that we would want to review that.

Vice President Clawson stated, the Drainage Board and letter of credit.

Attorney Altman stated, yes and letter of credit.

Director Weaver asked, and you have been in touch with the sewer district also?

Glenn Jennings stated, no I haven’t yet.

Director Weaver stated, that’s another department that you might want to check with to see what is going to be involved on your half, your part with them. Since the sewers have now gone in at the time that this was approved they weren’t even really being considered at that point.

Attorney Altman stated, that’s a good suggestion

Glenn Jennings stated, thank you fellows.

Vice President Clawson asked, you’re welcome. Is there any other business in front of the meeting?

Greg Bossaer stated, I would just like to remind everyone tomorrow morning 6:30 to 8:00 come through and get gasoline, ethanol and breakfast and a bag and come back at 10:30 and you can hear the governor.

Attorney Altman asked, have a gallon of gas huh?

Greg Bossaer stated, get there late, maybe more.

Vice President Clawson stated, if there’s any left.

Attorney Altman asked, Greg, is there any movement to have the ethanol plant in White County. I’m just curious if you have heard anything.

Greg Bossaer stated, well, there’s not anything concrete.

Attorney Altman asked, nothing active right now? Any thoughts?

Greg Bossaer stated, there’s thoughts but there is not a company banging on the door.

Attorney Altman stated, I’m just curious, okay, yes, I think that your right, proceed and listen to the governor I agree that’s a good idea he’s here…

Greg Bossaer stated, I don’t want to take his thunder.

Attorney Altman stated, yes, he’s here and we sure ought to get in there and talk to him and listen to him.

Greg Bossaer stated, we mowed the yard.

Attorney Altman stated, all right.

Vice President Clawson asked, mowed the dust?

Attorney Altman stated, yes, mowed the dust.

Vice President Clawson asked, no other business in front of us? Can I get a motion to adjourn?

Gary Barbour made a motion to adjourn.

Greg Bossaer seconded the motion.

The meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Donald W. Ward, Secretary

White County Area Plan Commission

Diann Weaver, Director

White County Area Plan Commission