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The White County Area Plan Commission met Monday, September 13, 1999, at 7:30 p.m. in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room, Second Floor, County Building, Monticello, Indiana.

Members attending were: Jay Clawson, Gary Barbour, Ray Butz, Ron Pollock, Stephen Fisher, Don Ward and Greg Bossaer. Also attending was Director Diann Weaver. 

Visitors Attending were: Alice Niehaus, Arthur W. Munro, Mildred L. Munro, Donald Darnstaedt, Willie J. Cross, Joe Hlatko, George Loy, Harry W. Voorhis, Chas R. Mellon, Mary Walters and L. Lee.


The meeting was called to order by Vice President Steve Fisher and roll call was taken.




#689 Willie and Carol Cross; Requesting to rezone from A-1 to I-1 on 2.586 acres. The property is located West of Wolcott, ½ mile East of the county line, on the North side of U.S. 24.


Vice President Fisher asked, do we have anyone representing this request?


Willie Cross was representing this request.


Vice President Fisher asked, do you want to give us some background on this?


Director Weaver stated, yes, we have not had any calls on this. The property is located on U.S. 24 West of Wolcott. He’s across from the area that has some of the trucking businesses that are out in that area and surrounded by agriculture ground.


Ron Pollock asked, what kind of industry is it going to be?


Willie Cross stated, seal coating.


Director Weaver stated, I want to mention too that he does have a residence on this property that he is living in at this time.


Vice President Fisher asked, that will be included in the zoning?


Director Weaver stated, best that I remember yes.


Vice President Fisher asked, he understands the consequences of that if it burns?


Director Weaver stated, we explained to him that if it is grandfathered as it sits now and that there might be a problem if something would happen to it and he would need to rebuild yes.


Vice President Fisher asked, you understand that Mr. Cross? You have a residence on the property right now and if something were to happen to that later on if this rezoning goes through you would not be able to replace that as a residence any longer. You understand that because it’s

being zoned industrial so I don’t think that can be a residence kind of atmosphere if something happens to that residence that is there you would not be able to rebuild.


Director Weaver stated, it’s grandfathered as it is now but if something happens and that home should be destroyed it cannot be rebuilt back in a business zoning.


Willie Cross stated, okay, you told me earlier that I could go down to a B-1 if I wanted to.


Director Weaver stated, yes, you had talked to be about downgrading the zoning yes, he had mentioned that to me, I had forgot about that thank you. He had mentioned to me that he didn’t know if he wanted to go with the I-1 zoning and may want to downgrade that so is it B-1, is that what you’re wanting to request?


Vice President Fisher asked, would B-1 be capable of a residence?


Director Weaver stated, B-1, I think that it was B-2 that we had discussed, I believe that it was general business which was B-2, but it will still not allow the home.


Vice President Fisher stated, which we are still in the same situation if something were to happen to the residence, burn or be destroyed or something like that it wouldn’t allow for a residence to be on it, just so you know before we vote.


Willie Cross asked, could that be broken down just ½ of it and the other ½ my home?


Vice President Fisher stated, certainly, we can downgrade the amount that you’re asking to be rezoned, we can do that without advertisement correct?


Director Weaver stated, yes, but we would have to know what he wanting, what portion that he’s wanting to rezoned.


Vice President Fisher stated, if you wish to have that changed you can do that.


Director Weaver stated, but, we would have to know exactly, we discussed this before. We would have to have that legal description of what you’re wanting to have rezoned.


Willie Cross stated, right.


Vice President Fisher stated, you can table this matter before our vote also if you want to get this worked out for next month or something like that you can certainly ask for this to be tabled.


Willie Cross stated, yes, I think that on my legal description nothing came in at the time that I came in to apply for this, that hasn’t been that long. I would rather do that in case something does happen to my house, I can replace it.


Vice President Fisher asked, so you’re requesting that it be tabled until next month?


Willie Cross stated, yes.


Vice President Fisher stated, you can be in contact with Director Weaver and take care of the rest. I guess that we can do that without a motion.




#690 Roger and Alice Niehaus; Requesting to rezone from B-2 to R-2 on part of lot #2 in Ronald D. Coonrod Subdivision. The property is located East of Buffalo on 6969 E. State Road 16.


Vice President Fisher asked, do we have anyone representing this request?


Alice Niehaus was representing this request.


Vice President Fisher stated, Director Weaver.


Director Weaver stated, we have had one neighbor come in questioning what was going on with this property. They had at one time rezoned this property from residential to business, they are now just rezoning a portion of this back to residential for the very reason that we just discussed because they are wanting to put a home on this property and cannot in a business zoning.


Vice President Fisher asked, do we have any questions from the Board?


Don Ward asked, how much of that is it going to leave B-2?


Director Weaver stated, they are going to be coming back in with a subdivision request, hopefully by the next meeting. I can’t tell you the amount of acreage exactly but then if the subdivision would go through they would end up with one lot as a residential and one as a business lot.


Vice President Fisher asked, are there any other questions? Do we have any questions from the audience on this matter?


Don Ward asked, is this one lot? Is that what this description is, one lot?


Director Weaver stated, yes. It is only one portion of the property.


Gary Barbour stated, it’s not telling us how much of it is going to be business and how much is going to be residential?


Director Weaver stated, the part that you’re rezoning is only the part that she wants to change to residential. At this point we’re not even addressing the portion that she is leaving as business zoning, we’re not going to do anything with it at this point.


Alice Niehaus stated, it’s about 120’ X 260’ deep, that piece that I’m wanting to rezone.


Don Ward asked, what’s left?


Alice Niehaus stated, almost an acre of business yet.


Don Ward asked, that acre is left.


Alice Niehaus stated, it’s 1.88 and I figure that it’s going to be the .88 that is going to be residential.


Vice President Fisher asked, are there any other questions? Are we ready to vote?


With no further discussion the Board voted.


The results of the vote were as follows: 8 affirmative and 0 negative. This will be forwarded to the County Commissioners for their action at their meeting.


Vice President Fisher stated, that meeting will be…


Director Weaver stated, Monday on the 20th at 8:30 in the morning.


Vice President Fisher stated, it would be best to be at that meeting.




#237 Charles Lucy; Requesting secondary approval of a 2 lot subdivision to be known as Lucy Subdivision on 0.70 acres. The property is located in the Town of Burnettsville at 204 and 206 S. West Street.


Director Weaver stated, this request is tabled. They have not yet addressed the drainage.




#234 Richard M. Swank; Requesting primary and secondary approval of a 3 lot subdivision to be known as Swank Subdivision on 4.084 acres. The property is located North of Monticello on the East side of State Road 39, just South of C.R. 250 N.


Jay Clawson stated, I think that there is a mistake on the staff report, that should be North about a mile from where you marked it on your plat. You have it on the Parish property and it is suppose to be on the corner of 250 N.


Don Ward stated, on the William Swank property.


Jay Clawson stated, right, on the Swank property, you have it way to far. I have a question, I was thinking about the last meeting when we did the rezoning for the person that was doing the go-cart track, I want you to check where you have the plot rezoned because after I thought about it and there is a Untaluti Street and that is in there we were talking about that. For some reason I think that you pulled that off when you penciled that in you pulled that off of the plat map over by Excursions or Creative Clutter because that’s where Untaluti is and I want you to double check that before it’s recorded.


Director Weaver stated, okay, that rezoning did not go through.


Jay Clawson asked, it didn’t go through?


Director Weaver stated, no, the Commissioners did not grant that rezoning.


Jay Clawson stated, you need to check on that plot where you were showing that.


Director Weaver stated, I will do that.


Vice President Fisher asked, on this request, Mr. Swank, the legal description is correct though for advertisement and so on?


Director Weaver stated, yes.


Vice President Fisher stated, we have a, it’s not a type-o but there is a picture error that is corrected. Do we have anyone here tonight representing this request? I guess not.


Director Weaver stated, I guess not.


Vice President Fisher stated, we will come back to him and maybe he will show up. We will move on.



#244 Arthur W. Munro; Requesting primary and secondary approval of a 2 lot subdivision to be known as Munro Subdivision containing 0.546 of an acres. The property is located in the Town of Wolcott on the Southwest corner of School Street and Fourth Street.


Vice President Fisher asked, do we have anyone here representing this request?


Arthur Munro was representing this request.


Vice President Fisher asked, do you have background on them? 


Director Weaver stated, I have not had any calls on this, this is in a residential area I do have pictures. He is requesting a 2-lot subdivision I believe that he wants to sell part of the property off. It will have city water and utilities.


Vice President Fisher asked, does his plat conform?


Director Weaver stated, yes it does.


Vice President Fisher asked, are there any questions?


Bonnie Cain asked, I live right next door. Is it my understanding that these 2 lots they are in the right?


Vice President Fisher stated, yes, one lot.


Director Weaver stated, it’s one lot now. 

Bonnie Cain asked, how close to my driveway could they build? It’s going to be really close to me and I’m going to be kind of in-between two closed spaces there.


Vice President Fisher asked, so we have a little more information, where is your driveway located?


Bonnie Cain stated, just West of where they are going to build.


Arthur Munro stated, the driveway is located approximately 6” from my property line and her garage is the same.


Director Weaver stated, the way that they have this platted out they will be 10’ from that property line, that’s what the plat shows.


Bonnie stated, 10’ from my property line, I wish that it wouldn’t happen it’s going to be really close in there. I understand they own it and everything but the value of my property is going to go down now because another house is going to go in there and I’m going to be pinned in-between two properties real close.


Vice President Fisher stated, that doesn’t mean that there is going to be a structure within 10’ the building area is within 10’.


Bonnie Cain stated, I understand.


Vice President Fisher asked, have you seen the plat at all?


Bonnie Cain stated, no.


Vice President Fisher stated, come forward and I will show you.


Vice President Fisher and Bonnie discussed the plat.


Vice President Fisher asked, do you have a house that you’re proposing to build on this already?


Arthur Munro stated, no, I do not want to sell the lot, no, I’m not selling the lot. I want to sell the house and build a wide manufactured, put a manufactured home on it because I can’t afford to buy a lot and build a home too until I sell that house.


Vice President Fisher asked, are you going to have a garage with that modular that is there?


Arthur Munro stated, I hope to have a one-car garage on one side.


Vice President Fisher asked, the entrance to the garage is going to be?


Arthur Munro stated, the entrance to the garage is probably be on the side that my garage is on right now which would be the East side.


Vice President Fisher asked, you would be coming in off of School Street there?


Arthur Munro stated, yes.


Vice President Fisher asked, are there any questions from the Board members? Are there any questions from the audience? Director Weaver, this does conform?


Director Weaver stated, yes, it does.


With no further discussion the Board voted.


Vice President Fisher asked, are we voting on secondary?


Director Weaver stated, no.


Vice President Fisher asked, what are they waiting on?


Director Weaver stated, drainage.


The Primary Request for a 2 lot subdivision to be known as Munro Subdivision located in the Town of Wolcott, was approved by a vote of 8 to 0, based on a finding of fact that the Standards of the Subdivision Control Ordinance have been met.


Vice President Fisher stated, he has to bring us a drainage plan for secondary approval, which possibly would be next month.




Vice President Fisher asked, do we have anyone here from Richard Swank that came in? We don’t identify anyone from the audience? I guess that we entertain someone to table that for next month.


Jay Clawson stated, I make a motion that we table the Swank Subdivision.


Gary Barbour seconded the motion.




Monticello Redevelopment Commission is requesting approval of the White County Area Plan Commission in determining that a Declaratory Resolution & Economic Development plan conforms to Comprehensive Plan.


Vice President Fisher stated, it’s your turn to take this one over Director Weaver.


Director Weaver stated, I’m not going to be much help on this. Did everyone receive the copy of the letter from Attorney Altman on this? I had asked him about this since we did not have an attorney that was going to be here what his opinion was about us not having legal council, this was his response to that. I also sent to you some information that was provided to me by the County Attorney. My understanding from Mr. Altman is basically what we’re voting on tonight is if this request falls in line with our overall Comprehensive Plan. Basically, that’s what it boils down to, from that point I guess that I’m going to have to turn it over to the City to explain that to us.


Vice President Fisher asked, Mary, do you have a statement or something?


Mary Walters stated, Ms. Lee is going to give you some information.


Lisa Lee stated, I’m with Ice, Miller, Donito and Ryan and we serve as bond and special council to the City of Monticello and what is happening here is the City is setting up a tax recriminate area, portion of that area is in the County. The County Commissioners on August 18th passed a resolution authorizing the City Redevelopment Commission to have jurisdiction over that small portion of the area. Then on August 18th the Redevelopment Commission adopted a Declaratory Resolution and Economic Development Plan which you have in front of you and as they had mentioned your role here and what we’re requesting that you do tonight is adopt and order that says this Economic Development is in line with the Comprehensive Plan for the unit.


Ron Pollock asked, I notice that you have Economic Development and Redevelopment are those both the same thing?


Lisa Lee stated, they are not the same thing, the statue covers both. This would be an economic development area which means it’s not considered a blited so there are different findings that the redevelopment goes through in order to do that but the ending results the projects could be the same type of projects for both.


Vice President Fisher asked, are there any other questions?


Bob Wrede asked, does the county lose control of the zoning and the ordinances when they relinquish this or sign this?


Lisa Lee stated, all zoning issues would go where the normal zoning issues go. The Redevelopment Commission does not have any zoning powers.


Don Ward asked, how about an explanation of how this works. Could you go through a sanario?


Lisa Lee asked, of the process?


Don Ward stated, yes.


Lisa Lee stated, after this evening it would go to the Common Council of the city. The council would look at the order of your order of approving the plan they would also look at the plan in a declaratory resolution and they would have an option to either adopt a resolution to proving that or not adopting a resolution. After that there is public notice of a public hearing of the Redevelopment Commission on the creation of the area that public hearing, at that point the Redevelopment Commission hears people from the public, they can either confirm the declaratory resolution modify and confirm it or resends it at that point. After that again goes back to the Common Council for approval of the creation of the entire area so there are a number of checks and balances and statuary processes that will continue to go through and there will be a chance for public input along the line.


Don Ward asked, what about after the commission decides to…


Lisa Lee asked, after the Plan Commission?


Don Ward asked, is that what you’re meaning? After the Redevelopment Commission decides to do a certain area or a certain project, is that when they have the hearings?


Lisa Lee stated, no, they are creating that area at this point and we are here, the County Commissioners have already approved their portion the Redevelopment Commission has passed a Declaratory Resolution in this Economic Plan. The statue says that we come before the Plan Commission then to let us know that this plan is in order with your Comprehensive Plan and then it goes through the other statutory steps that I mentioned the tax increment area is created. Now, projects may come and go but the area is already created, once the council takes their last action the area is created.


Vice President Fisher asked, the boundaries?


Lisa Lee stated, the boundaries of the area yes.


Don Ward stated, the Commissioners can then decide they want to do a certain project. What is the procedure after they have done that?


Lisa Lee stated, if the project is listed in the economic development plan then they can just move forward so what they can not do is do projects without amending the plan that is not in there right now. If you approve this, and it goes through all of the other statutory steps they cannot come back with a project that they did not put in front of the public and all of the Commissions and the Council and say we are just going to do this project now even though it was not in our plan. They would have to amend the plan which goes to another public hearing and another Council meeting.


Ron Pollock stated, I notice that you have Wal-Mart and the new gym center here, how does that effect them the fact that you’re just now doing this.


Lisa Lee stated, it’s my understanding that, and Mayor please correct me if I’m wrong, it doesn’t effect what they are doing. It’s my understand that they need sewer out to that project without them they will not be successful and this is one of the ways that the city has to get water and sewer out there for those properties.


Bob Wrede stated, there is a correction to that, Wal-Mart is going to have its sewers because they are paying to put them in. The area that you’re talking about for the sewers is the area West of Sixth Street and South of 24, so it’s incorrect in the flyer that you presented to the Council because Wal-Mart, Hendrickson all of that area in to there has their sewers and are paying for their own sewers. 


Lisa Lee asked, do they have their lines to get out there?


Mary Walters stated, they have the water.


Lisa Lee stated, that is something that we can amend in the plan if we need to do so and we can do that here tonight and also do it at the Redevelopment Commission public hearing stage.


Ron Pollock stated, the fact that our attorney is not here tonight I think that until he is here that we could table this until he is present.


Lisa Lee stated, I have had conversations with Mr. Altman about this project. He did ask us questions, we answered them, and I’m assuming that’s the subsequence letter to you.


Bob Wrede asked, is the basis for this request so that they will be allowed this tax increment finance, is that the purposes for doing this?


Lisa Lee stated, the purpose for this particular meeting is just to make sure that this plan that the City has come up with is not adverse to the Comprehensive Plan for the county.


Vice President Fisher stated, we do have a motion to table as far as our points of order, are you still entertaining that motion?


Ron Pollock stated, yes.


Vice President Fisher stated, I guess that we should vote on whether we should table it first and then we will proceed from there.


Jay Clawson stated, we have a letter here from our Attorney.


Vice President Fisher stated, that’s part of the discussion of that motion.


Jay Clawson stated, it’s a thing that will have to go unless someone seconds his motion.


Vice President Fisher asked, do we have a second on the motion to table? If not let’s go ahead and proceed. You were speaking about adding something to the discussion with the Wal-Mart or whatever, what do we have to do for something like that?


Director Weaver stated, I can’t answer that question for you. I’m as much in the dark on this as you are.


Jay Clawson stated, you understand that they’re using tax money.


Ron Pollock stated, I was on the Economic Redevelopment Commission Board.


Jay Clawson stated, what they are doing is they are using tax money that is going to be derived from the improvements that Wal-Mart and things and used to pay for infrastructure is going to be used for the South part.


Don Ward stated, we’re robbing Peter to pay Paul.


Vice President Fisher stated, I guess like she said the vote tonight, does this conform to what our Comprehensive Plan is then it’s up to the City to work out the details of what that is going to be.


Jay Clawson stated, a public hearing, which that is the final, just what we do here is just move it to the next phase the public hearing from what you said was the determining factor if it goes or doesn’t go right?


Lisa Lee stated, exactly.


Jay Clawson stated, if you get enough public out cry about this it will proceed farther.


Lisa Lee stated, even after the public hearing because that’s with the Redevelopment Commission it does then go to the Common Council again so it will go to the council after this meeting providing that you adopt the order then it would go to a public hearing and Redevelopment Commission then it goes back to the county.


Vice President Fisher asked, in your research, did you find any areas in our Comprehensive Plan that supports something like this?


Lisa Lee stated, we do not research you actual Comprehensive Plan, it’s my understanding that the zoning for these area were done here. If the zoning hasn’t changed getting water and sewer to that part of the city and the county, I guess that I would need an explanation of how that doesn’t conform but, I’m not a planning and zoning person.


George Loy stated, it’s simply the Cities understanding that this plan does not conflict at all in any respect with the Comprehensive Plan.


Vice President Fisher asked, is there any other discussion? Do we have any citizen discussion? I believe you all have ballots and it asks you to vote twice there. I guess I have a question about the second part of that if we’re going to ask to have any part of that changed, I’m at a stand still, I don’t know what we’re going to ask them to change if we are going to ask them to change anything. What Bob Wrede said about if there was something in here about the Wal-Mart.


Bob Wrede stated, it doesn’t really have a bearing on what you’re voting on.


Jay Clawson stated, what they are saying is by us be taking in to the city their taxpayers are going to help pay for other improvements to the city sewage.


Vice President Fisher asked, so no one else has any problem with the language of what it is then, right?


Don Ward stated, I would really have to study it for a week, both of them.


Vice President Fisher stated, you must understand that this is something new to us.


With no further discussion the Board voted.


The results of the vote for the White County Area Plan Commission for the Declaratory Resolution and Economic Development Plan were as follows: 8 affirmative and 0 negative.




Vice President Fisher asked, do we have any other business?


Director Weaver stated, we have Mr. Hlatko here that would like to talk to the Board.


Joe Hlatko stated, I just want to mention about people being able to sell duplexes separate, each site would be sold separately like you take a lot and ½ would go with one side of the duplex and the other ½ goes to the other side. I mentioned this before, in White County, Indiana, it’s extremely successful and seniors love them. I talked to the Plan Commission in Lafayette what they do down there is they have something with a 0 lot line. Jasper County does not permit it but, I think that it would be a win situation for White County.


Don Ward asked, you put the middle of the building in the middle of the lot? In the middle of the property?


Joe Hlatko stated, right, you would just, it would still just be a normal duplex, but wherever the partition wall is, that would be the dividing line when you get a survey it would be for ½ of that lot.


Don Ward asked, keep it so it’s square in the front?


Joe Hlatko stated, generally, they have some up there that are built on corners and one guys front is coming out on one street and the other guy is coming out on the other so that might be a little different there.


Jay Clawson stated, in this situation the building, I would like to see their ordinance before we make any action on any county that does allow them because with the building codes there may be a change or certain more requirements to the property, do you know anything about that Bob?


Bob Wrede asked, on the setbacks and stuff?


Jay Clawson stated, no, would there be any difference in…


Director Weaver stated, the building codes.


Jay Clawson stated, if it sold as 2 separate properties are there certain criteria that the building has to meet. That’s why I would like to see their ordinance, how these places are built, exactly how they set them up, it’s one of those things that you would think would have to be set up before they’re built to take existing subdivisions, because that way everyone in town that has duplexes can say I want to sell ½ of my duplex or I want to sell off the other ½ and that could create some problems, I just want some more information before we vote.


Vice President Fisher stated, if you think about it there are a lot of places that have condominiums and where they are selling individual units even in buildings and things like that.


Jay Clawson stated, there are probably codes set up for that.


Director Weaver stated, yes when you get into a multi-family building you have to meet state codes and I believe that they require firewalls.


Joe Hlatko stated, I still have to put a firewall in anyway, I have to do that, the building is the same.


Jay Clawson stated, there can’t be any shared utilities, there can’t be any shared this and that. I would just like to see what it covers if he can supply us information from places that do allow, I would like to see the wording in there. Right now it’s not allowed in our subdivision control ordinance so that, I would like to see several examples of how this is written and how it’s enforced.


Vice President Fisher stated, when you were here before I wasn’t in attendance, did you bring pictures of condiameniams?


Joe Hlatko stated, yes, I did.


Jay Clawson stated, I know that it’s done but, I would like to see.


Joe Hlatko stated, in Lake County in talking to the Plan Commission there, they don’t have any rules on this, all that they care about is the building being built to code and the guy said that they are not in the real-estate business is what they told me. Essentially, you are still going to have the same building. One person owns both sides or two.


Don Ward stated, I assume that they have a certain size lot though that it has to be on so when they split it you’re still…


Vice President Fisher stated, duplexes have to be on…


Joe Hlatko stated, it depends whether you have sewers or whatever, in my situation where I’m building at Quail Run I have the total separate septic systems and to put in separate wells, right now I have one well but, to put in another well is not a big deal, it’s 2,500 dollars to 3,000 dollars.


Vice President Fisher stated, I think that he’s talking about a market that’s not necessarily something that maybe we understand very well.


Jay Clawson stated, indication is the best thing I hate to say no it’s not, I would like to see what other counties do, and we were talking about that earlier. Another thing, when you get this, right now one person owning property is easier if you have any enforcement of violations, someone taking care of the property, you talk to one person and get something done but when you all of a sudden you take 10 duplexes and you have 20 different owners and Joe doesn’t like his neighbor so he lets his grass grow 3’ tall and those things will become more of a problem when you’re in a close proximity but they are over the corporation that takes care of mowing the yards but those are the things that you will run into.


Ron Pollock asked, is this going to be in city limits? 


Joe Hlatko stated, my property is in the county.


Vice President Fisher stated, I think what his design was that he would have an affordable new home in a certain price range for people is what he was talking about doing.


Joe Hlatko stated, it’s hard to compete people with modular homes and Monticello people can only pay so much rent. I can’t get 800 dollars a month for rent so what I’m going to have to do is build smaller places if I can sell them I can make larger places and be competitive with modular homes. They are selling them at 1400 to 1600 square foot on each side and they are mixing them up and they turn out to be nice communities the builders, their biggest problem is they can’t get enough lots. 

Director Weaver asked, can you get information for us from these other counties so the Board can review them and look at them and see how the other counties handle this?


Joe Hlatko stated, yes, I can give you the names of the plan people and their phone numbers and all of that Director Weaver and you can probably talk to them. Lake County doesn’t have much to say.


Director Weaver asked, do you have a copy of their ordinance?


Joe Hlatko stated, at home I do.


Jay Clawson stated, we would have to adopt that into our ordinance too before we could be able to do any action on it.


Vice President Fisher stated, unless he’s willing to do a variance each time he wants to do this thing.


Director Weaver stated, I don’t even know if a variance could do that.


Joe Hlatko stated, if I want to build a place I can’t go through the variance process and say maybe I can sell this house to someone but they want to put blue carpet in and pink walls and whatever they want to do and have a jacouisy tub or whatever they want to do, you have to know in advance. Another thing, what about a condominium provision? Where you take the whole subdivision and each unit would be sold separately but the people that would own the entire parcel of property and they would have their own association with their own rules, make up their own minds and it would belong to them.


Vice President Fisher asked, do we have anything at all for condimendiams in our ordinance?


Director Weaver stated, not that I’m aware of but, I have not dealt with the plan development so I couldn’t tell you.


Vice President Fisher stated, I like the idea of condominiums myself because then you have a regulation of someone is going to mow the grass and someone is going to do this and it’s stated and then there is a way.


Jay Clawson stated, each person has a maintenance portion that they pay every year especially if you’re going to do it with senior citizens property and if you were around, Joe Miller did his thing 20 or 25 years ago thats his units there at Grace Court, they take care of all of the snow shoveling and plowing. I would like to see more information, I’m willing to look at it I would just like to see more.


Joe Hlatko stated, I have talked to a fellow named Bruce Saylor in Rensselaer and this is what he’s doing. He has like duplexes and individual homes in the same subdivision but the duplexes are actually condominiums and they’re working upgrade. I have looked at some of the inside, people have invited me inside of the house and there are beautiful and they are paying something like an 85 dollars a month fee and this takes care of everything, their snow removal, the garbage, any maintenance that they would need. They are getting to much money built up, they wanted to cut it, and the people said no, we’ll let it build up which is good, it’s their decision.


Ray Butz stated, they are going to need a roof some day.


Joe Hlatko stated, right, they are going to need a roof, anything that they need, on the exterior of the building, the inside is theirs.


Vice President Fisher stated, I guess from the attitude of the Board I think that the condominiums with the way of the control would be a little bit more receptive, I guess if you can generate some information on that we could probably work something out I myself think that is a good idea because there really isn’t anything else in the area like that.


Jay Clawson stated, but we don’t have it.


Vice President Fisher stated, yes, if we don’t have it in ours.


Director Weaver stated, not that I’m aware of.


Vice President Fisher asked, would you be interested in doing anymore research on that?


Joe Hlatko stated, yes, in fact I’m going to go and contact this attorney that drew up Saylors out there in Rensselaer and I’ll get some input from him and see what they need.


Vice President Fisher stated, try to get a copy of what their Area Plan, what their documents say about that and that way we will have some possible wording for ours.


Joe Hlatko stated, there is something about a horizontal Indiana Law, which I don’t quite understand.


Jay Clawson stated, if you could get us as much information as possible, if you will make a copy of it and put it in our packets so we can read through it then we will have somewhat of a playing field with what you’re wanting to do.


Joe Hlatko stated, okay.


Jay Clawson stated, we haven’t had any of those requests here.


Vice President Fisher asked, are there any other questions?


Joe Hlatko stated, that’s about it for now, I have you thinking anyway.


Vice President Fisher asked, is there any other business?


Director Weaver stated, the only thing that I want to let the Board know that we got our budgets for next year back, I’m on the County Councils agenda for the 20th at 10:00 if any of you would like to go with me, needless to say I wasn’t real happy with what we got back. We did get a part time secretary approved which would amount to approximately 2/3 of the year we could have an additional part time secretary.


Greg Bossaer asked, that’s 2/3’s of the year that you will have someone in there?


Director Weaver stated, yes, because the way that I requested this position was only as we needed them to have them come in. I didn’t see any reason to have someone sitting there year around. We did get our money for our engineering services that the Board had requested that I ask for. We are allotted 5,000 dollars for engineering services for next year. We also got a raise for Attorney Altman, I had just put in, pulled a figure out and put in a figure for him so I can’t tell you what percentage it wound up being but it’s going to be approximately 1,200 dollars for next year. Higher than this year because he is definitely underpaid at this point so we did get a little bit of an increase there. Angie did not get a raise other than the standard 3.5% across the Board, therefore I request from the Board to leave her title as secretary, I feel like if they want her to be an Assistant Director then they need to pay her to be the Assistant Director. We also got some money for education and training I believe. They did not give us anything for a building inspector at all. We also got 600 dollars for a building code manual so we can have a set of building code manuals in the office so when we have questions instead of calling up the State maybe we can figure out some of the answers ourselves through looking at the building code manuals. The part that I am aggravated with we did ask for an increase for Angie’s position we did ask for an increase for my position I’m going to go to the County Council and ask them the reasoning why we didn’t get that. They came out in the newspaper and said that there was a cross the board raises of 3.5% well, there are exceptions to that and all of the 1st Deputies in the Courthouse got approximately a 7% raise. Now if feel like if they are going to do that for some offices then Angie deserves that just as well. I have also found out that they are paying secretaries a higher salary than my own salary and I feel like if I’m an office head then I think that I should make at least more than what the secretaries make so I’m going to go to the Council and ask them these questions how they can justify their reasoning behind and that’s exactly what I’m going to ask them if any of you would like to go with me I would appreciate any support that you can give me because I’m extremely upset over this and so is Angie. That’s all that I have.


Vice President Fisher asked, is there any other discussion?


Jay Clawson made a motion to adjourn.


Ray Butz seconded the motion.


The meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,





Ray Butz, Secretary

White County Area Plan Commission







Diann Weaver, Director

White County Area Plan Commission