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BE IT REMEMBERED, that the White County Commissioners held a regular meeting on January 7, 2008, at 8:00 a.m. in the White County Courthouse, 2nd floor Commissioners’ conference room.

Commissioners present were: President John C. Heimlich and Vice President Steve Burton. Commissioner Ron Schmierer was absent. Also present was the White County Attorney George Loy, White County Auditor Jill Guingrich and the Commissioners’ Assistant Donya Tirpak.

Commissioner Heimlich called the meeting to order.


  • Commissioner Burton made a motion to approve the minutes as presented for the regular meeting on December 27, 2007, seconded by Commissioner Heimlich. Vote: Unanimous


White County Recycling Director Dawn Girard appeared before the commissioners reporting that the green Clark forklift had broken down in October 2007 and she has been renting one from Lowry Brothers since November.

Dawn reported that the cost to repair the green Clark forklift was estimated at $9,000. She put together some options for the commissioners to review for purchasing a used forklift. The following prices were submitted:

Purchase Options

Lowry Brothers Hardware & Farm Supply, Reynlolds, IN 1989 Clark Forklift 7,000 hrs $ 8,350

(This includes a $600 trade-in for our used forklift – No warranty)

Wiese, Lafayette, IN 2001 Caterpillar, 5,000 hrs $15,000

Wiese, Lafayette, IN 2002 Mitsubishi, 2,736 hrs $15,000

Lease Options

Wiese, Lafayette, IN 1 Caterpillar P5000-LP $486/month

2 Years/Unlimited Hrs – 3 Years/6000 Hrs Power train

Wiese, Lafayette, IN 1 Mitsubishi FG25N-LP $451/month

1 Year/2000 Hrs, 2 Years/4000 hrs on Power train

White County Attorney George Loy said that he would like Dawn to solicit three quotes from three different businesses. If she solicits for another quote from a different business and they do not respond, then that is acceptable.

Dawn asked the commissioners for permission to use a portion of the funds from the Northwest Indiana Solid Waste District grant that the county receives every year to pay for the forklift.

  • Commissioner Burton made a motion to allow the Recycling Department to use a portion of the funds from the Northwest Indiana Solid Waste District grant to pay for the purchase of a forklift when the purchase is approved, seconded by Commissioner Heimlich. Vote: Unanimous

Commissioner Heimlich asked Dawn to receive another quote and they will approve one of them at the next commissioners’ meeting.


Ken Moeller, Maximus, appeared before the commissioners discussing the difference between the contracts with Maximus for the Clerk’s office and the Auditor’s office.

Mr. Moeller presented a chart for White County’s annual reimbursements from the State for indirect cost for the last eleven years. Maximus collected this much for White County.


2007 36,554.31

  1. 33,644.06

  2. 33,908.22

  3. 42,174.88

  4. 31,093.80

  5. 21,354.66

  6. 16,779.35

  7. 7,948.50

  8. 14,033.07

  9. 20,313.21

  10. 8,671.77

Maximus has been providing this service to White County for 30 years now. Their main focus is to recover the indirect cost that the county has associated with welfare administration and child support enforcement. Maximus comes in and goes thru the ledgers and payroll records to identify the cost that the county has paid out to these areas. Maximus puts this information together and sends it to the State and then the county is reimbursed a certain percentage of those costs. This money should be deposited back into the General Fund.

Commissioner Burton asked about the additional money that the Commissioners were billed for. Mr. Moeller said that they did not request additional money for this contract.

White County Clerk Bruce Lambert said that Mr. Moeller is explaining the contract that Maximus has with the Auditor’s office. The second recovery that comes from the Clerk’s expenses is on a separate contract with the Clerk’s office and that is where the additional fees came from. Clerk Lambert said that the contract was approved with Maximus and his office in August 2006 and since then they have billed the State $86,213. These are also indirect cost for the Clerk’s office that goes back all the way to November 2005.

Commissioner Burton asked if the county has expended the money for the additional cost from the Clerk’s office. Clerk Lambert said that he has paid the $800 monthly contract fee for their service, which was budgeted, but he did not have the money budgeted for the additional back service that they did. This amount came to $9,600.

White County Auditor explained that the additional funds were first originally paid out of the Commissioners’ budget under Professional. The Commissioners’ Assistant told the Auditor that it was to be paid out of the Clerk’s budget so the Commissioners’ budget was credited and it was taken out of the Clerks. At the end of the year the Auditor said that the Clerk had a negative balance in his budget.

  • Commissioner Burton made a motion to release the Maximus check for $4,500 for the Auditor’s office, seconded by Commissioner Heimlich. Vote: Unanimous


White County Assessor Karen Hatter submitted to the commissioners a contract from Indiana Assessment Service. This is a yearly contract for consulting services for real property assessment. Indiana Assessment Service will keep the Assessor updated on any State Legislature bills that have been passed, reassessment updates, help with writing contracts and many other things. The contract amount is the same as last year, $7,000.

  • Commissioner Burton made a motion to approve the contract for Indiana Assessment Service for a one year service at $7,000 for the White County Assessor, seconded by Commissioner Heimlich. Vote: Unanimous


Commissioner Heimlich said that it was pretty much the consensus of everyone to approve the proposed longevity and to also include the appointed Courthouse employees. At the last meeting it was suggested that an ordinance be written up for this spelling out who is eligible. It was also discussed that the Highway and Recycling department were excluded from this because their longevity schedule is a little bit better then the one proposed.

A short discussion was held on the difference between the two schedules. Highway Superintendent Steve Brooke said that his longevity schedule does not allow longevity for his position, his assistant (BJ) and the Recycling Director. Commissioner Heimlich said that this is how it has been in the past but since they are adopting a new schedule they can also change who is eligible.

Commissioners Burton proposed that we convert the County Highway’s longevity to the new longevity so everyone in the county will be under the same longevity plan.

Commissioner Heimlich said that at the last commissioners’ meeting Commissioner Schmierer questioned why the appointed employees at the courthouse would receive longevity and the highway employee’s wouldn’t. If all of the departments are on the new proposed schedule then the appointed employees from the highway and recycling would receive longevity.

Commissioner Heimlich asked the Auditor what was needed today to simplify the paperwork in her office for 2008.

Auditor Jill Guingrich said that it is currently in the payroll computer system with the assumption that the new schedule was going to be approved. The highway and recycling departments are currently in the payroll system at their old rates. Payroll is already done; it’s just waiting for it to be approved.

Councilman Bruce Clear said that this new change over would only effect three employees from recycle and highway. Commissioner Heimlich said that it would also affect all of their employee’s rates.

Commissioner Burton asked Highway Superintendent Steve Brooke if this sounds like it would be a bad sell for him and his employees.

Highway Superintendent Steve Brooke said that the new longevity schedule isn’t better for them because the first five years the employees would only receive $50 versus the $104 that they are receiving. The new proposed schedule will eventually even out at the 20 year mark and it is also great for employees who have worked for the county after the five years and longer. As for the moment, Mr. Brooke said that he has a lot of new employees that just started. He would like for them to be compensated well during the first five years which is on his current longevity schedule. Mr. Brooke said that if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!

Auditor Guingrich said that the payroll department doesn’t have an issue with keeping the longevity the same at the highway department which will be separate then the courthouse.

Commissioner Heimlich said that the commissioners could still adopt the new ordinance and keep the departments separate. In the ordinance it will include that all appointed employees will receive longevity according to their longevity schedule.

  • Commissioner Burton made a motion that we adopt the longevity recommendation from the White County Council Work Study Committee for the Courthouse employees and include appointed officials and also include the appointed officials from the Highway Department and the Recycling Department on their longevity schedule, seconded by Commissioner Heimlich. Vote: Unanimous

Commissioner Heimlich asked the White County Attorney George Loy to have the ordinance written for adoption at the next commissioners’ meeting.

Each full-time employee completing two full consecutive calendar years of employment will receive a $100.00 bonus added to their gross annual salary.

After three, four, and five years of employment, a $50.00 bonus will be added each year cumulatively.

After six through ten full calendar years of employment, a $100.00 bonus will be added each year cumulatively.

After eleven through twenty full years of employment, a $150.00 bonus will be added each year cumulatively.

After twenty-one full years of employment, a $200.00 bonus will be added. However, the bonus structure caps at this point.

Longevity Pay Chart

Completed Years of Service Longevity Paid the Ensuing Year

    1. 0

    2. $100.00

    3. $150.00

    4. $200.00

    5. $250.00

    6. $350.00

    7. $450.00

    8. $550.00

    9. $650.00

    10. $750.00

    11. $900.00

    12. $1050.00

    13. $1200.00

    14. $1350.00

    15. 1500.00

    16. 1650.00

    17. 1800.00

    18. 1950.00

    19. 2100.00

    20. 2250.00

    21. 2450.00

Longevity bonus caps at $2,450.00 per year


Attorney Dowal Dellinger, Representing CACO Properties, LLC, appeared before the commissioners presenting a copy of the ordinance for the proposed vacated road. Mr. Dellinger said that he did send out notices to all adjoining neighbors. The certified letter sent to Lawrence L. Moser was returned saying that he does not live at this address. Mr. Dellinger said that he received the address from the tax statements. Mr. Dellinger also showed that proper advertisement was published.

Since the advertisement in the paper said that the commissioners will make final action on January 28th and not today, County Attorney George Loy suggested that the commissioners wait until their next meeting to make their decision.

This will be rescheduled for the next commissioners’ meeting.


Commissioner Heimlich asked Highway Superintendent Steve Brooke if he had received a written complaint from Ken and Wanette Houghton regarding E. Fairbanks Court road and Beachview Drive. Mr. Brooke said that this is on the schedule to be repaired


White County Highway Superintendent Steve Brooke announced that the Carroll County Council did not appropriate any funds in 2008 for the Tioga Bride. Steve said that he was given this information from the Carroll County Highway Superintendent. He said that they might go back and ask for additional appropriations.

Commissioner Heimlich said that for the project of renovating the bridge, agreements have already been signed.


Commissioner Heimlich presented the “Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and Contractor” for the Ivy Tech project along with the Certificate of Insurance and the Performance Bond. This is for Michiana Contracting, Inc., out of Plymouth, Indiana.

White County Attorney George Loy reviewed everything and told the Commissioners that everything looks standard.

  • Commissioner Burton made a motion to approve the Standard Form of Agreement between White County and Michiana Contracting, Inc., seconded by Commissioner Heimlich. Vote: Unanimous

There being no further business to come before the board, the meeting was adjourned.

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John C. Heimlich, President Steve Burton, Vice President Ron Schmierer, Member

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White County Auditor Jill Guingrich