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BE IT REMEMBERED, that the White County Commissioners held a regular meeting on April 16, 2007, at 8:00 a.m. in the White County Courthouse, 2nd floor, Commissioners conference room.


Commissioners present were: President John C. Heimlich, Vice President Steve Burton, and Member Ron Schmierer. Also present was the White County Auditor Jill Guingrich, White County Attorney George Loy and the Commissioners Assistant Donya Tirpak.


  • Commissioner Schmierer made a motion to approve the minutes as presented for the April 2, 2007, meeting, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous


  • Commissioner Burton made a motion to approve the payroll as presented for March 26, 2007, and April 9, 2007, seconded by Commissioner Schmierer. Vote: Unanimous


Don Ward, County Engineer, appeared before the Commissioners saying that Bridge #229 located 1050 S & 030 West, 8th Street in Brookston, is on the top priority list to be replaced.


Mr. Ward said that the bridge is 41 years old now, the beams are cracked, and there is a lot of rust. The estimated construction cost is $400,000 to $500,000. The estimated preliminary engineering costs is $83,000 and additional costs (soil borings, right-of-ways, const. engineering) to be around $55,000.


Mr. Ward asked the Commissioners for permission to start getting the contracts ready.


Commissioner Heimlich said for Mr. Ward to go ahead and prepare the contracts.



White County Area Plan Director Diann Weaver presented the following:


Rezoning Petition # 927

Echterling Builders, Inc., are requesting to rezone 2.648 acres and .46 of an acre. They are requesting that the 2.648 be rezoned from a B-2 (General Business) to an R-2 (One and Two Family Residential) and the .46 of an acre is an A-1 (Agriculture) requesting to be rezoned to an R-2 (One and Two Family Residential)


The property is located North of Lowes Bridge off of West Shafer Drive and on the west side of Lake Road 52 W.


The Area Plan Commission held a public hearing on April 9, 2007 for this request and there were no opposes.


The APC voted to recommend this request to the Commissioner by a vote of 9 yes and 0 no.


Commissioner Heimlich asked if there was anyone whishing to speak about this request.


Jim White, Vester and Associates, Inc., said that if there were any questions he would try to answer them. Mr. White was from the surveying company.


Commissioner Schmierer asked if the road (Lake Road 52 West) was a county road or a road dedicated for public access.


The White County Highway Superintendent said that it is not a county road.


The surveyor, that surveyed the property, said that it is listed as an easement to the adjoiner.


  • Commissioner Schmierer made a motion to approve Rezoning Petition #927 (Ordinance #511-07) rezoning the 2.648 acres and the .46 acres to an R-2 for Echterling Builders, Inc., seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous

Rezoning Petition #928

Echterling Builders, Inc., are requesting to rezone .344 acres from an A-1 (Agriculture) to a B-2 (General Business). The property is located north of Lowes Bridge and on the south side of West Shafer Drive between Lake Road 51 W. and Lake Road 52 W.


The APC held a public hearing on this request on April 9, 2007, and there were no opposes.


The APC voted to recommend this petition to the Commissioners by a vote of 9 yes and 0 no.


Commissioner Heimlich asked if there was anyone present to speak about this request. No response.


  • Commissioner Schmierer made a motion to approve Rezoning Petition #928 (Ordinance #512-07) rezoning .344 acres from an A-1 to a B-2 for Echterling Builders, Inc., seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous

Rezoning Petition #929

Richard Williams is requesting to rezone 1.354 acres from an A-1 (Agriculture) to an R-1 (One Family Residence). The property is located south of Lowes Bridge off of East Shafer Drive on the south side of Lake Road 36 E.


The APC held a public hearing on this request on April 9, 2007 and there were no opposes.


At that time, the APC voted to recommend this petition to the Commissioners by a vote of 9 yes and 0 no.

He is rezoning this property for a non-residential subdivision


Commissioner Heimlich asked if there was anyone present to speak about this request. There is no response.


Commissioner Schmierer made a motion to approve Rezoning Petition #929 (Ordinance No. 513-07) rezoning 1.354 acres from an A-1 to an R-1 for Richard Williams, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous



At this time, Council President Richard “Buzz” Horton called the Council to order in joint session with the County Commissioners. Council members present were:


President, Richard “Buzz” Horton Raymond “Butch” Kramer Dennis Carter

Dennis Cain Kevin “Casey” Crabb Bruce Clear

Gary Hendryx




White County Memorial Hospital CEO Paul Cardwell presented the Financial Report for March 2007.


Mr. Cardwell mentioned that at the board meeting held on April 17th Blume and Company, Hospital’s audit firm, will be at the meeting with the completed 2006 audit. They will be giving a full detailed presentation to everyone at the meeting. Mr. Cardwell requested Commissioners and Council to attend.


The medical arts building is currently 10 days behind schedule but they are still shooting for the move-in date for July 17th. The reason for this is because the Arnett Clinic’s lease expires and they are one of the tenants. Everyone is invited at any time to stop by and look at the progress.


Phase I, the foundation, of the new hospital is completed and Phase II is scheduled to be done in the next 15 days. Steel is scheduled to be delivered on May 20th.


Mr. Cardwell reported that they had a great month in March and he is happy to report that they were not hit with the flu that went around.


Revenue is up at $9,513,000 which shows a gain of $699,000 on a budget of $184,000.00 for the month. The cash is currently at $8,162,131. Mr. Cardwell said that they are very excited to report that the old hospital has been paid off, $3.3 million.


The new hospital bonds are available for 4.24%.



White County Building Inspector Dave Anderson reported that 55 permits were issued in March; six of them were for new homes.



White County Environmental Officer John Raines presented his Complaints and Violations for March 2007.


Mr. Raines presented before and after pictures of a residential home violating the ordinance. The pictures showed a drastic difference after paperwork had been filed with the Court, clean up on the property began immediately.


Tonnage report for the month of March for Liberty Landfill is 59,876.03.



Gale Spry, Director of Council of Aging, appeared before the Commissioners and Council presenting the 1st Quarter for 2007-claim voucher submitted to INDOT. The total claim is for $39,112.00, $25,368 from the Federal and $13,744 from the State.


Gale reported that there are fewer passenger boarding’s compared to last year, but their mileage is way up. The reason for this is because they are having a lot of pick-ups in Monon.


Gale said that they are scheduled to have their new passenger van in May. The new van is equipped to hold more wheelchairs. Again, she reported that there is a $7,600 match to receive this and she feels that they will have the funds from business donations and fundraisers to cover these cost.



Economic Development Director Connie Neininger presented her Director’s Report for March 2007.


For the month of March she said that she visited with a couple of existing companies: BioTown Seeds, formally Diener Seeds, and Chem-A-Co. Currently, Chem-A-Co is planning an expansion. Ball Corporation is still in the process of moving forward with their expansion. Adkev is in operation at this time.


Still receiving leads for large existing buildings with 200,000 + sq. ft. in the county.


She reported that they are proceeding with the VeraSun project, Ethanol plant.


Ivy Tech

Fanning and Howey did provide a drawing, conceptual floor plan, for the Ivy Tech project. Connie said that she has applied for a WIRED grant for $300,000 and a Community Fund Focus Grant for 500,000. She said that she has been asked to try and tie this grant in with the Bio-Town. She has not received a cost analysis for the building.


They continue to have the Ivy Tech meetings and the next one is set for Tuesday, April 24th at 6:30 p.m. in Reynolds.



Wolcott Corridor

Connie said that they have been meeting with the land owners at the Wolcott Corridor and so far the property owners have all been very positive. She still continues to have conversations with Remington and Engineers from American Structure Point.


Connie said that Remington did have to move ahead with their plan because their water tower has to be in place by December 07. They have already awarded the bids on the water pipes and they are going to be letting the bids on a 250,000 gallon water tower this week. They are going to let two bids; one on a 250,000 gal tower and one on a 300,000 – 350,000 gal water tower.


Commissioner Heimlich said that he did talk with Webb Bernhardt from Structure Point this morning and they will be faxing us a preliminary report today. Commissioner Heimlich said that a 250,000 gal water tower will not serve any additional area. Right now, Remington is concerned of moving forward with this project “jointly” because of their time frame for their project. He said that at this point, we are not optimistic about something working out.



Ed Gutwein, White County Public Health Coordinator, and Galen Logan, Monticello Fire Department Chief, appeared before the Commissioner and Council requesting $1,200 to be set aside in a non-reverting fund that would allow and encourage training for first responders. Mr. Gutwein said that we do have a very large group here in White County and it would be primarily for volunteer first responders. Mr. Gutwein said that a lot of the training is free (transportation, lodging, food, and training) but they are finding the first responders having to take time off from work, using vacation days or taking unpaid time off. This fund would compensate the person, basically by paying, him to attend the training. These individuals will then come back and train their people.


Galen Logan said that this money $1,200 a year will pay an individual $10.00/hour for their 40 hour week while they went to training. This will allow them to train three individuals a year. The first responders would be for both the EMS and Fire Department. He said that Monticello Fire/EMT will not be involved in this because they are a paid department. This is basically for the other eight volunteer departments in the county.


Galen explained that if this proposal would be approved then they would form a committee (Ed Gutwein, Gordy Cockran, and Kevin Luse, and the Chief of the Fire Dept) to choose who would get to go to training.


Councilman Bruce Clear said that he sat on the Governor’s Task Force and he believes that a lot of this training is mandatory and it is essential to do this.


Commissioner Heimlich asked if he was proposing this for immediate action or is this something that could take place next year.


Mr. Logan said that it would be nice to have it for this year but he understands that the budget has already been set for this year. He said that a commitment would be nice and they could come back next year explaining more on how the committee will be set up.


Commissioner Burton suggested taking the information presented today and looking everything over and discussing at a later date. Commissioner Schmierer would like to talk with the other volunteer departments to see how they feel. This will be discussed again at the next Commissioners joint meeting.



Ray Franko, Computer Technician at the Sheriff’s Department, appeared before the Commissioners and Council saying that he is having a problem with the security cameras and touch screen system that was purchased from ADT. The security system was purchased in 2004 from ADT to come in and take over the integrator software, add cameras and upgrade the booking system to a touch screen system. ADT has failed to provide us with all of this and currently they are not able to provide the ability to service everything that they have sold us. ADT can’t even provide telephone numbers to us to even call for help.


Ray said that he has gone round and round with them and he has even held meetings with them telling them that they need to deliver the service that they sold. ADT keeps saying that we have to pay additional money if we want to “get it up to speed”. Ray is requesting to bring back in and straighten everything out.


Along with this, Ray said that he has also been having trouble with the recording equipment purchased from Bosch. Ray stressed that this is a safety and security issue that needs to be addressed right away. Ray did say that he invited ADT to be here today but they never showed up.


Ray introduced Brian Mitchell,, and he said that ADT never did deliver a security software system; instead they took the existing software that we already had and modified it. We now have a system that is very sophisticated and it’s an industrial grade system that’s built for factories, but it’s not a system that‘s in their, ADT, area of expertise. After performing a survey at the department Brian found software incompatibilities, license issues and a list of other problems with the system.


Brian provided a quote that would bring the digital recording system and the door control system back up to working order. The price of the quote was for $145,000.00. This will update the software to work with the equipment that we already have.


Commissioner Schmierer asked how much we paid for the first system. Ray Franko confirmed that the original price was $239,711.00 from ADT. He said that our warranty for everything expired January 2006. He has all of his documentation showing conversations with ADT from the beginning arguing that the system was never delivered.


Commissioner Schmierer asked what is going to reassure him (Franko) that this is going to work. He argued that the Sheriff’s dept. had before ADT and they kicked them out and now they want to go back to them. Mr. Franko said that the only problem that they had with before was the service department, and now Brian is reassuring them that the service department has been changed out.


Commissioner Burton said that he didn’t see anything in the quote provided today that is going to protect us from what has already happened twice.


Brian Mitchell reassured that this is a software system that they have written and they know how to run it. They have a list of other counties that use the software and they have never had any complaints.


Commissioner Burton said that service seems to be the problem that we’ve had. He would like to see it written in the contract that if we’re not happy in two years then you can have your money back.


Brian remarked by saying, “however it needs to be written, we’ll have that done.”


Commissioner Heimlich asked Ray why this hasn’t been turned over to the White County Attorney George Loy because we should be able to get some of our money back from ADT.


Ray said that ADT has told him that they don’t care what we do at this point.


Commissioner Schmierer said that with this amount of money, the Sheriff’s Dept. will have to go before the Council and make this request.


Councilman Kramer said that he has concerns with the amount being $145,000 +. In the quote, he is seeing a lot of “additional cost” for things such as cabling, conduit, and overtime.


Commissioner Heimlich said that this is not something that they can address today but he would like to talk with the county attorney and see what action can be taken. This will be scheduled for the next joint meeting.


Ray said that the system has been down for about three weeks and they do not have any cameras that are functioning.




AT THIS TIME, the County Council members adjourned to their own meeting room.



Amy Carpenter, Apex Rep., said that she was here about six weeks ago to introduce a new person with Apex and at that time she was hit with a bunch of problems with the dental insurance for the employees.


Amy said that she has been working with United Healthcare trying to fix the problem. She said that when United Healthcare gave us proposals, they provided us with three different options. She said that she looked over those options, which she doesn’t always share with the client because they are so overwhelming, and she chose the one that fits our plan. She explained that United Healthcare gave us a great package showing us great benefits with excellent rates.


Amy explained that her knowledge of United Healthcare is that if you go “in-network” there is a balance billing and if you go “out-of-network”, which there were only two providers in Monticello, you will still receive the same benefits and also the balance billing.


Amy said that when she held the enrollment meetings she explained to the employees that the claims will be paid at 80% if you went to an out-of-network doctor. This would leave the employees with a bill around $3.00. Amy said that the employees were receiving bills for hundred’s of dollars. When she contacted United Healthcare about this, they explained that that if our employees didn’t go to an “in-network dentist” then they were only going to pay their maximum allowable charge. This came to be about 25% to 30% of the bill that the insurance was paying.


Amy agreed that this “mack” plan does not work for White County because there are not at least five “in-network” providers for the employees to go to. Amy said that she doesn’t even know why they even proposed it to us. During her conversations with United Healthcare, Amy said that she tried to put the plan in place that we enrolled at the rates of the “mack” plan. Amy said that she asked United Healthcare if they would switch the plan but don’t change the rates. Their reply to Amy was, “unfortunately, there is not enough premium contribution coming in on those plans to be able to do that”.


United Healthcare said that we, White County, could still put the plan in place for our employees effective May 1st. Amy said that she has found out that this plan does actually pay at an 85% rather than 80%. Amy presented the new rates which she said are still less than what our employees were paying for with Group Link last year. The rates changed as follows:


Current Plan Effective 5-1-07

United HealthCare United HealthCare

Employee $13.94 $23.70

Employee/Souse $27.87 $47.38

Employee/Child(ren) $38.70 $65.79

Employee/Family $55.00 $93.50


Amy said that she will allow us to have an open enrollment on 5-1-07, which will allow us to talk to the employees and give them the option to get out of the plan if they wanted to. Amy said that this is great, because they have the option to get out if they are frustrated. Last year, Amy recalled telling the employees to “make a good election” because you are stuck with this election for one year, according to Section 125 guidelines; you can not drop out of the dental plan.


United HealthCare is saying that since there were administrative errors, they will allow the options of a one time enrollment, let people drop out of the plan, elect to move up to the plan, and also allow other employees to have the benefit of moving on.


As far as the dental claims that are still sitting out there that haven’t been paid correctly, United HealthCare and Apex are going to pay all of those claims correctly as if they were being paid at the 85% benefit. That will be for claims generated from January 1st to April 30th. There will be no additional dues paid by White County or employees to fix these claims.


Commissioner Heimlich asked how the employee will be reimbursed for the claims that were paid incorrectly. Amy said that she can arrange for all of the reimbursement checks to be paid back to the employees rather than the dentist.


Amy said that not every claim has been paid incorrectly, the preventative services were all paid at 100%. Leah Hall, Human Resources Clerk for the County, said that is not correct. She explained that the claims that should’ve been paid at 100% were not. Employees were getting billed for these as well. Amy said that she will make sure that all of the claims will be reprocessed with reimbursement checks going back to the employees.


Amy said that she has some people that can assist and generate a nice memo for Leah to give to our employees explaining everything. She said that she can also hold enrollment meetings with the employees telling them that they can join in or they can get out.


Amy said that if the Commissioners would like to go back to Group Link, because the plan was working even though it was more expensive, she could work on that.


Leah also discussed some issues that she is still having with the vision insurance. She said that she sill hasn’t received the new employee packets, she is still having a billing problem with them, and she still hasn’t received any training on the billing.


White County Auditor Jill Guingrich said that she has a problem with the new enrollment date being May 1st. She said that this does not give her enough time to meet with the employees to explain all of this nor does she have enough time to make changes in the payroll system. Jill said that this is going to be a nightmare and two weeks isn’t enough time.


Jill said that when Apex sold us the package that there were a lot of employees that enrolled because it was such a great plan. Jill argued that this is not fair to the employees. Now after four months into the plan she has to tell them that everything is going to be switched.


Commissioner Burton said that it is unfortunate, but this is where we are right now and we have to move forward even if it means in two weeks. He said that this is what the employees are going to have to pay. If they choose to move up with the plan, they can pay the extra or if they choose to drop out, they can. He said that even moving up to the new rate is cheaper then what they were paying last year with Group Link.


After a short discussion on what would be the easiest way to get this done, they decided to increase the rates May 1st, hold the enrollment meeting on May 2nd, , and have the open enrollment period June 1st . This way the employee will still have coverage until May 31st.


Amy said that she will have Toni draft a memo right away for the employees explaining what has happened; this is the new rates, this is how it will be fixed and hold meetings if needed.


Auditor Jill asked if this will be an open enrollment for everyone or just the people who were already on the plan. Amy said that it will be a true open enrollment which is available for everybody with no waiting period.


Commissioner Heimlich said that this is what we need to do.


On behalf of Apex, Amy apologized for everything.



Linda Roy, Director of Community Corrections, appeared before the Commissioners discussing the Sheriff’s Dept. She said that there are currently three agencies at the department: Community Corrections, E-911 and the Sheriff. Linda asked the Commissioners who decides how much office space each agency gets.


Linda explained that the Sheriff has six office spaces (Sheriff, Jim, Grace, LeAnn, Ray and April). Linda said that she currently has three offices and the one that April has now did belong to her until Sheriff Roberts took office. Right now she needs that fourth office back and wants to know who gets to make that decision.


Commissioner Burton asked if she had any contributions to put towards the additional space. Linda said that she has some resources but not that much.


Linda also addressed some issues that have been going on with the work release center.


Another issue that Linda Roy brought up was the Misdemeanant Fund. She said that she has been with the Community Corrections program for 11 years and she has never taken her part out of the Misdemeanant Fund. She said for this year alone it’s going to be $16,982. Half of this money is suppose to go to Community Correction, but Linda said that she has never collected it because she felt that it paid the county for the use of them being at the Jail.


Parking spaces is also an issue at the Sheriff’s Dept. She said that the Sheriff has put up 11 parking signs out front of the department for his employees only. Now, all of her employees are very limited on parking spots up front and they have to park in the back.


Commissioner Heimlich said that it’s very difficult to address anything today because the Sheriff is unable to be here. He will schedule a meeting with both John Roberts and Linda Roy at the jail to see what could be worked out.


There being no business to come before the board, the Commissioners meeting was adjourned.






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John C. Heimlich, President Steve Burton, Vice President Ron Schmierer, Member







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White County Auditor