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BE IT REMEMBERED, that the White County Commissioners’ held a regular meeting on December 18, 2006, at 8:00 a.m. in the Commissioners’ Conference room in the White County Courthouse.


Commissioners present were: President John C. Heimlich, Vice President Steve Burton, and Member O.D. “Bud” Ferguson. Also present was the White County Auditor Mary Jo Pool, White County Attorney George Loy, and the Commissioners’ Assistant Donya Tirpak.



  • Commissioner Ferguson made a motion to approve the minutes from the regular meeting on December 4, 2006, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous


  • Commissioner Burton made a motion to approve the payroll for December 18, 2006, as advertised, seconded by Commissioner Ferguson. Vote: Unanimous



White County Assessor Karen Hatter presented the following contracts for 2007.


Commercial New Construction

This contract is from Manatron and they will provide assessing for new construction commercial properties. The contract is for 85 parcels at $100/per parcel for a total of $8,500.00. If there is anything over the 85 parcels the cost will be $85/per parcel. Karen said that she has never have gone over.


Karen did say that this contract is the same as last year, and they did not increase the rates.


  • Commissioner Ferguson made a motion to approve the contract from Manatron for the Commercial New Construction services in the amount of $8,500.00 for 2007, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous


The trending contract is from Manatron in the amount of $22,700.00. Manatron will provide up-to-date market values on all of the properties. Last year was the first time that they provided this to us and they did a great job. Karen said that she did put this service out for bid and Manatron was the lowest.


Commissioner Heimlich asked how Manatron determines the market values. Assessor Karen said that it is all done in-house, they do not go out to the properties, and they look at the sales disclosures and other properties that have been sold.


  • Commissioner Ferguson made a motion to approve the contract from Manatron for trending services for $22,700.00 for 2007, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous

Residential- New Construction

The Residential New Construction contract is from Indiana Assessment Services. This year the contract is for the entire county, including Monticello. The contract is for $14,250.00, which are 950 parcels at $15.00/each. Karen said that she did put this out for bid and they were the lowest. They have provided this service to us in the past and she has been very happy with their service.


  • Commissioner Ferguson made a motion to approve Residential New Construction contract from Indiana Assessment Services for $14,250.00, for 2007, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous


Consulting Contract

Indiana Assessment Services will provide consulting services to White County for reassessment for 2007. Ed Bish, Appeals Board member, is also paid out of this contract. Karen said that IAS keeps her updated on any bills that have passed, reassessment updates, help with writing contracts and many other things. The cost for this service is $7,000. This is a service that we have had over the past couple of years.


  • Commissioner Burton made a motion to approve the contract from Indiana Assessment Services for consulting services for $7,000 for 2007, seconded by Commissioner Ferguson. Vote: Unanimous


White County Attorney George Loy announced that the White County Commissioners has advertised to receive sealed bids for the lease of the White County Garden for 2007. The garden is approximately 2.156 acres located in Union Township. Attorney Loy opened the following bid submitted for the garden lease for 2007.


Jim Krintz $100.00/ per acre


  • Commissioner Burton made a motion to accept the bid from Jim Krintz for $100.00 per acre for the 2.156 acres of the White County Garden Lease for 2007, seconded by Commissioner Ferguson. Vote: Unanimous


White County Attorney George Loy said that he will talk with the appraisers to see if we should lease out the 78.6 acres of county farm ground for one more year. He will keep the commissioners updated.



White County Area Plan Director Diann Weaver appeared before the Commissioners presenting the following:


Rezoning Petition #922

Gregory E. Johnston is requesting to rezone 1.377 acres from a B-2 (General Business) to an R-2 (One and Two Family Residential). The property is located north of Lowe’s Bridge at 5924 N. Lake Road 51 W.


Diann said that the White County Area Plan Commission held a public hearing on December 11, 2006, about this request and there were no opposers.


Area Plan Commission voted to recommend this rezoning petition to the Commissioners by a vote of 9 yes and 0 no.


Commissioner Heimlich asked if there was anyone present to speak about this rezoning request. No response.


  • Commissioner Ferguson made a motion to approve the Rezoning Petition #922 (Ordinance No. 507-06)for Gregory E. Johnston for property located at 5924 N. Lake Road 51 W, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous


AT THIS TIME, County Council President James Mann called the County Council members to order in joint session with the County Commissioners. Council members present were:


Richard “Buzz” Horton Dennis Cain James Mann Dennis Carter

Kevin “Casey” Crabb Ronald Schmierer Faye Lowring



White County Attorney George Loy announced that a legal advertisement was done for nine different items for the White County Highway Department 2007 Supplies. The time has expired for the submission of bids.


The following bids were submitted for the White County Highway Dept. 2007 Supplies.




1. City Fuel & Heating, Monticello, IN


  1. City Fuel & Heating, Monticello, IN

  2. Good Oil Co., Inc., Winamac, IN


1. McCord Tire Group, Monticello, IN


  1. U.S. Aggregates, Delphi, IN

  2. Hanson Material Service, Monon, IN

  3. Vulcan Materials Co., Lafayette, IN


  1. Segal’s Delta Trucking, Inc., Reynolds, IN

  2. Vulcan Materials Co., Lafayette, IN


  1. Asphalt Materials, Inc., Indianapolis, IN

  2. SemMaterials, Warsaw, IN


1. Central Paring, Inc., Logansport, IN


  1. Milestone Contractors, L.P., Lafayette, IN

  2. Central Paving, Inc., Logansport, IN


  1. Segal’s Delta Trucking, Reynolds, IN


White County Attorney George Loy asked if there were any bidders who submitted a bid and it was not opened. No response. Commissioner Heimlich said that the quotes are available for review if any bidders would like to look them over.


Commissioner Heimlich said that the Commissioners will take the bids under advisement and award them on December 27, 2006.


Commissioner Heimlich did thank everyone for submitting their bids for the White County Highway Department.



White County Building Inspector Dave Anderson reported that there were fifty-six permits issued this past month. Dave gave some comparisons for permits issued in the past.


2002 109 permits issued – New Conventional & Used Manufactured Homes

2003 108 permits

2004 95 permits

2005 95 permits

2006 95 permits



White County Environmental Officer John Raines presented the Complaints & Violations Report for November 2006.


Mr. Raines reported that Attorney George Loy had a subject that decided that they did not want to clean up their mess so he took them to court and they were fined $15,000. The fine is being withheld and the person has been


given 30-days to get the mess cleaned up. John Raines said that if the county would have to clean up the mess, it would cost about the same as the $15,000 fine.



White County E-911 Director Terri Conwell presented the White County Communications/E911 report for December 2006.


Terri discussed a monthly distribution from the State Wireless Board, normally being $8,900 per month, will no longer be given after January. In January our county will receive a one time distribution of $39,521.08 from a fund that was set up for cost recovery for Phase II Wireless Technology (mapping). These funds are now going to be given to the PSAP’s using a formula that is tied to population.


Terri also reported that Indigital has completed the first phase of the Next Generation 911 project. This is the statewide system for all cell phone calls. The equipment has been installed but Embarq still needs to perform the upgrade in order to receive Phase II location information from Indigitial.


Terri presented a proposal from Embarq for all of the software and hardware needed for the upgrade. The cost will be $51,693.66. Terri knows that the current computers and software are at least six years old and she feels that this is all needed because the equipment runs 24/7. She said that she has a lot of the funds to cover the cost left over in this years (2006) budget and she is going to request from the Council today to have the money encumbered to 2007.



White County Memorial Hospital CEO Paul Cardwell appeared before the Commissioners presenting the Financial Analysis report for November 2006.


Mr. Cardwell reported that the weather and progress with the construction project is going very well. So far they are on schedule and on budget.


The hospital continued to have another strong month for the revenue being $3.1 million for the month of November. This brings them up for the year-to-date to $34.9 million. Last year they had an all time record with revenue being 30.6 million.


Bad debt continues to rise for the hospital. For the year, the budget was set at $1.4 million and it has risen to $1.8 million. Health insurance cost for the employees also continues to rise.


Mr. Cardwell explained that the first debt service (payment) for the new hospital will be due in October 2008. The board wanted to reassure everyone that they have already taken the $1.5 million and put it in Regions Bank to make the first payment. So, now until October 2008 they will continue to pull money away, month-to-month, to build up another $1.5 million for the second year’s payment. This will make them safe until October 2010.


Mr. Cardwell said that the governor is asking the Hospital Board to sign off on a new Tobacco Tax. The Hospital Board is not too happy about putting another tax on taxpayers. They voted not to sign off on the tax.



White County Economic Development Director Connie Neininger presented the Director’s Report for the November 2006 Activity.


Connie reported that there have been several leads coming from the Indiana Economic Development looking for very large, 100,000 – 200,000 sq. ft., existing buildings. There continues to be interest from business for the Bio-Town area. Companies are looking at how to utilize the waste products or bi-products from the Bio-Town technology screen.


Connie said that she had a Chinese company, Sany Corp., come and look at the Wolcott Corridor. This is their first visit and they are going around the whole state looking at sites.


The Wage and Benefit Survey is completed and a copy will be going out to all businesses in White County.

The Redevelopment Commission has been organized and the group will be holding their second meeting tomorrow. At this meeting they will discuss the mapping of the TIF District in the Wolcott area and also looking into the Reynolds area.


The Economic Development Board will soon be working on rewriting their by-laws and looking into extending the board membership to broaden the representation throughout the county.


Connie stressed the importance of going back out and hitting the pavement working and talking with the existing businesses because they are the ones who produce up to 80% of new jobs for our county. This is one of her main goals for the future.


Wolcott Corridor

Once the Redevelopment Commission sets the TIF District, the next step would be to get the easements signed by the property owner, which they are already prepared, giving us the right to put the water and sewer down the corridor along the railroad. The plans are complete and the permit has been approved for the water and sewer. Once the easements are signed then they can request for bids. The goal is to have the construction start in May because the permit expires June 1.



Connie Neininger discussed the WIRED Grant, Workforce Innovations for Regional Economic Development, which is an initiative of the US Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration. This is a 14 county project which will receive $15 million. The administrator is Purdue University and they have hired a Director for this project named Mark Smith.


Mark Smith, WIRED Project Administrator, appeared before the Commissioners giving a review of the WIRED initiative grant for White County and Monticello.



Connie Neininger said that she is still in conversations with IVY Tech representatives about the possibility of bringing an instructional facility to Monticello in the old Medical Arts Building. IVY Tech has given her a brief outline of what they would like to see in the building. Connie presented a floor plan of renovating the building along with the cost. The wish list from IVT Tech included the following.


  • Administrative Center – Considering housing the Indiana Trails Career Center which is currently housed in the Twin Lakes High School.

  • 24 Station Science Lab

  • 28 Station Hardwire Computer Lab

  • 2 Classroom facilities (One could be split up to 24 or a 48 classroom and the other could be 2-25 station classrooms)

  • Lab top computer room (House 40 lab top computers with docking stations)

  • Nursing Lab (Two fully equipped hospital rooms for the nurses to practice in)


Connie said that she did meet with Ken Personett of Steinberger Construction, Inc., to give us an idea of what the cost will be. A very rough estimate from just reviewing over the plans, Mr. Personett gave a price range of $622,096 to $719,800. Just to be safe and not knowing exactly, he suggested us to have $1 to $1.2 million reserved for the project.


A committee consisting of Councilman Dennis Carter, Buzz Horton, White County Attorney George Loy, Commissioner John Heimlich and Economic Development Director Connie Neininger and Bob Hanni have met to review the legal contract of a lease agreement that might be put in place for this project. One thing that has been determined is that the county should keep ownership of the building so that we can keep control of this building.


Connie reminded everyone that the county does have the ability to recoup these funds back. She is looking for grants for this project but they are also looking at a fundraiser campaign. She has already met with some key donors at this time and two have confirmed.


Connie asked what direction the Commissioners and Council would like her to take at this time.


Commissioner Heimlich said he felt it was important for Connie to bring up what the issues are today and he would like to have some feedback from everyone. He asked if there were any other councilman that would be interested in sitting on the committee or attending a meeting.


Commissioner Heimlich did say that as the county’s contribution to the project they will go ahead and proceed with the appraisal of the building.


Connie said that the next meeting with IVY Tech is set for January 3, 2006, at 2:00 p.m. on the 2nd floor of the County Courthouse Building.



Twin Lakes Regional Sewer District Board member Art Anderson appeared before the Commissioners and Council saying that the rate that the county is charging them to process payroll for the sewer district’s employees is out of the question. Mr. Anderson asked if they could continue to have their employees stay on the county’s insurance even though they will no longer have the county process the payroll for them. Mr. Anderson said that it is cost effective for them, since they only have only 10 employees, to hire an outside company. He would like their employees to have the same full benefit package that is offered to the county employees.


Commissioner Heimlich said that it is legal for the sewer district employees to enroll in the county’s benefit package because they are eligible just as the same as the solid waste employees being a governmental entity. Commissioner Heimlich would like to sit down and figure out what the cost would be to administer the insurance for the ten employees. He would also like to consultant with the county’s consultant Amy Carpenter from Apex.


Commissioner Heimlich said that they will schedule this for the next Commissioners meeting on December 27th , and gather more information before the next meeting.


Mr. Anderson also discussed a note with the county for $40,000. This was for putting in the sewer line going over to Indiana Beach to take care of Lakeview Home and the CDC property. He said that they never charged the county for putting this in because the county helped them with putting it in. Mr. Anderson explained that they (the sewer board) thought that they would get the $40,000 back from the federal government after they finished the last two projects, but they never did. He said that their contact person from the federal government is no longer with them. Mr. Anderson said that if the county would forgive the TLRSD for the note of $40,000 (being that you paid for your own line) then they (TLRSD) would only charge the county $22.50 per EDU. He said that there are 4 EDU’s in Lakeview and 16.5 in CDC which equates to $10,890 per year which will drop down to $4,455 per year. He also stated that the county and CDC got out of paying fees for the last 4 years.


Commissioner Heimlich said that he could not give him an answer today because this would have to be discussed with the Council. Commissioner Heimlich asked Mr. Anderson to put all of this information in writing and then they will give him an answer.


At this time, Commissioner Heimlich took a moment to recognize a number of people, since this was the last meeting of the year, who have been in service in White County and are leaving us at the end of this year.


Commission Heimlich thanked the following for all of their time and dedication working for White County:

Donna Solomon 8 years as Recorder

Mary Jo Pool 8 years as Auditor

Sue Clear 30 years in Superior Court

Faye Lowring 30 years as Recorder, County Clerk, and Council Council

James Mann Commissioner and County Council

Bud Ferguson 28 years as County Council and Council Commissioner



White County Highway Superintendent Steve Brooke presented the following Holiday Schedule for the Highway Department for 2007:


January 1 New Year’s Day

February 12 Lincoln’s Birthday

February 19 President’s Day

April 6 Good Friday

May 28 Memorial Day

July 4 Independence Day

September 3 Labor Day

October 8 Columbus Day

November 12 Veteran’s Day

November 22 & 23 Thanksgiving Day

December 24 & 25 Christmas Day



  • Commissioner Burton made a motion to approve the Holiday Schedule for 2007 as presented from the Highway Department, seconded by Commissioner Ferguson. Vote: Unanimous


White County Attorney George Loy said that the closing on the Hospital Bond project is scheduled for December 21, 2006.


Attorney Loy presented to the Commissioners an Escrow Agreement prepared by Barnes & Thornburg, LLP. This agreement shows the payments made on the payment schedule.


Attorney Loy also presented a resolution to the Commissioners authorizing the escrow agreement.


  • Commissioner Burton made a motion to adopt Resolution No. 2006-12-18-06 authorizing an escrow agreement, seconded by Commissioner Ferguson. Vote: Unanimous

RESOLUTION NO. 2006 12-18-06



WHEREAS, pursuant to Ordinance No. 2006-10-16-02, adopted by the White County Council (the “Council”) on October 16, 2006, and Indiana Code Section 5-1-5, the Council authorized the issuance of general obligation bonds of White County, Indiana (the “Bonds”) to provide a portion of the funds necessary to refiance and retire the White County Hospital Association First Mortgage Bonds, dated August 1, 1994, and originally issued in the aggregate principal amount of Four Million Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars ($4,900,000) (the “1994 Bonds”) (the “Refinancing”), and to pay related and incidental expenses to be incurred in connection therewith and on account of the issuance of the Bonds; and


WHEREAS, it is now necessary for the Board of Commissioners (the “Board”) of White County, Indiana (the “County”), to authorize the execution and delivery of an Escrow Agreement amoung the White County Hospital Association (the “Association”), the Board of Trustees of White County Memorial Hospital (the “Hospital”), the County and Alliance Bank, successor by merger to The State Bank of Oxford as 1994 Trustee and Escrow Agent.



Section 1. The Escrow Agreement, in the form presented to the members of the Board at this meeting, among the Association, the County, the Hospital and Alliance Bank, successor by merger to The State Bank of Oxford, as Escrow Agent and 1994 Trustee, is hereby approved. Any member of the Board and the Auditor of the County are hereby authorized and directed to execute and deliver the Escrow Agreement for and on behalf of the County with such changes thereto as such official deems necessary or advisable to effect the Refinancing.


Section 2. Any member of the Board and the Auditor of the County are hereby authorized, empowered and directed, on behalf of the County, to take any other action as such official deems necessary or desirable to effectuate the foregoing resolutions and the Refinancing, and any actions heretofore made or taken be, and hereby are, ratified and approved.


Adopted this 18th day of December, 2006.

There being no further business to come before the board, their meeting was adjourned.




_____________________________ ______________________________ ____________________________

John C. Heimlich, President Steve Burton, Vice President O.D. “Bud” Ferguson, Member




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Auditor Mary Jo Pool