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BE IT REMEMBERED, that the White County Commissioners held a Regular Meeting on Monday, September 19, 2005, at 8:00 a.m. in the Commissioners Conference Room in the White County Courthouse.

Commissioners present were: President John C. Heimlich, Vice President Steve Burton, and Member O.D. “Bud” Ferguson. Also present were Auditor Mary Jo Pool, County Attorney George Loy, and Commissioners Assistant Donya Tirpak.

President Heimlich called the meeting to order.


  • Commissioner Burton made a motion to approve the minutes of the September 6, 2005, Regular Meeting, as presented, seconded by Commissioner Ferguson. Vote: Unanimous


  • Commissioner Ferguson made a motion to approve the payroll for September 26, 2005, as presented, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous


Richard “Bud” Weidner, Civil & Structural Engineer for the Food Pantry Project, appeared before the Commissioners presenting Change Order No. 2. The original agreement cost was $128,720.00 and Change Order # 2 takes the total down to $126,830.00.

County Attorney George Loy did say that he has checked it over with Mr. Weidner and everything meets his approval.

  • Commissioner Burton made a motion to approve Change Order No. 2 for the White County Food Pantry Project, seconded by Commissioner Ferguson. Vote: Unanimous


Commissioner Heimlich announced a request from the Twin Lakes Regional Sewer District to amend their ordinance. The Carroll County Commissioners have requested a representative to sit on the seven member board. This petition must be submitted to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) requesting to amend the organization of the Twin Lakes Regional Sewer District. The amendment will call for a seven member Board of Trustees for the District. Six of the Trustees will be residents of White County and one of the Trustees will be a resident of Carroll County.

  • Commissioner Burton made a motion to give approval to the petition to change the organization of the Board of Trustees for TLRSD, which will include one (1) from Carroll County and appointed by the Carroll County Commissioners and the Trustees of Jefferson Township, seconded by Commissioner Ferguson. Vote: Unanimous


Commissioner Heimlich discussed the issues that were addressed at the Commissioners meeting on August 1, 2005, regarding the proposed Septic Tank Ordinance. Commissioner Heimlich said that they have made some revisions to the ordinance because of what was addressed as concerns from the public.

Attorney George Loy explained that the Commissioners are not required to readvertise the revisions of the ordinance. The Commissioners can have the first reading with proposed changes today, and the second reading in October and then be approved.

Commissioner Heimlich felt that we should contact the people who expressed concerns and issues at the last meeting and discuss with them the revisions.

Dan Banes, White County Environmental Health Specialists, said that after the revisions were discussed and made, Mr. Banes contacted Joanne Mosher and Tom Spackman and they did not seem to have any objections.

  • Commissioner Ferguson made a motion to move the 2nd reading of the proposed White County Septic Onsite Sewage Disposal Ordinance to Monday, October 3, 2005, at 8:15 a.m., seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous

AT THIS TIME, Council President James Mann called the Council to order in joint session with the County Commissioners. Council members present were:

James Mann Faye Lowring Dennis Carter

Ronald Schmierer Richard “Buzz” Horton Dennis Cain


White County Memorial Hospital CEO Paul Cardwell presented the White County Memorial Hospital Financial Analysis for August 2005. Mr. Cardwell reported that historically, August has always been a very slow month, but now everything continues to be strong in the Emergency/Out Patient side. This will make the third consecutive month to be over $3 Million.

Mr. Cardwell discussed touring other hospital facilities looking to get ideas on who the architectural design and project managers are. Mr. Cardwell reported the site visits would include managers, board members, medical staff and administrative personnel available at the visiting facilities. They are looking very closely at the way the hospital flows. They will be doing a site-visit on Witham in Lebanon, Bremen, Clarian West in Avon, Adams County and Parkview Nobel.

Councilman Richard Horton, commend Mr. Cardwell for helping in New Orleans with the hurricane victims.


Lakeview Home Director Kae Fuller presented her monthly report for August 2005. She said that the Architect and Engineers would be coming on Monday, September 26th to present her with some plans for the home’s possibilities.


Environmental Officer John Raines presented his report of Complaints and Violations for the month. Mr. Raines said that there are a lot of appliances dropped off in the ditches right now and he has been getting them cleaned up.


Recycling Director Dawn Gerard said the tire recycling/hazardous waste collection went very well this year. There were only ten semi trailers of collection this year compared to the twelve from last year. Receipt of Collections is up so far this year. Dawn also reported that the new Northwest Indiana Solid Waste Director Carol Stradling did participate in the collection and she did a good job.


Sheriff John Roberts reported that Deputy Tom Kendig retired on Friday, September 16, 2005, with 28 years of service. Sheriff Roberts is having an Open House on September 23, 2005, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and everyone is invited.

Sheriff Roberts reported that White County REMC had similar problems with their grounding at their new location on 6th Street. Councilman Casey Crabb was able to get the “higher-up” guy that performs audits for REMC to come to the Sheriff’s Department and perform an audit. He did say that the building is not grounded properly and Sheriff Roberts is now in the process to have this corrected. The total cost of damage to equipment from the last hit to the 911/Sheriff is approximately $12,000, which has been turned over to insurance.

Sheriff Roberts have collected quotes on new carpeting to be installed in the administrative section of the jail. The proper glue was not used on the last install (1998) and the carpet is now coming up. Three quotes were received from the following:

Bob Mull, Reynolds $9,279.05

Carpetland, Lafayette $8,587.00

Sanders Flooring & Design, Lafayette $9,402.36


Building Inspector Dave Anderson reported that 84 permits were issued last month, which 13 of those were for new houses. The total is up by 6 compared to last year. Dave said that he is seeing a lot less manufactured homes built this year. He feels that the average cost of homes being built in our county is about $200,000.


Industrial Foundation Director Valerie Hunter reported that she is working effectively with Vanguard on a very large expansion. She was very glad to see everyone’s face at the Bio-Town USA Press Release in Reynolds.

Councilman Jim Mann asked about the Monon Meet Packaging business in Monon. Valerie reported that they want to expand with their exports. They will work with a “kill plant” which will ship about 200 hogs a day to them and then they will do the further processing and ship them out. Currently they are doing about 15 hogs a day. There are still issues that need to be worked out before this happens.


E-911 Director Terri Conwell said that her newest part-time employee just quit this weekend after 2 weeks of training. Terri reported that she has received a lot of compliments from the Fire Department on her Dispatchers handling the Jordan Manufacturing fire so well.


Larry Lear, SUNCO, appeared before the Commissioners explaining that the old pneumatic control system (air operating system) that we have in the courthouse is outdated with the new chillers and boilers that we have recently replaced. Mr. Lear introduced Steven Weiand, Vice President of Comfort Systems USA, to give a presentation on a Novar IQ BAS system. Mr. Weiand did present an estimate of $175,656 for our facility. The control package has been developed to interface DDC control with the existing equipment. This system will eliminate our current pneumatic control and converting to total DDC.


Commissioner Heimlich discussed a presentation given by Mike Nielsen at a Commissioners meeting in October, which his company will assist us to facilitate the process of financial reporting relative to the Capital Asset Provisions and Components of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement No. 34. The reporting is separated into two sections including: (1) Capital Assets – General Infrastructure and (2) Capital Assets – Land, Buildings, Machinery and Equipment, and Vehicles. The fee agreement is for $12,750. White County Auditor Mary Jo Pool has checked with Carroll County and they were very satisfied with his services. Mary Jo felt that he did theirs very quickly.

  • Commissioner Ferguson made a motion to approve the contract with Government Fixed Asset Services, Inc., in the amount of $12,750 to assist us with the GASB # 34 financial reporting, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous


Kevin Jasinski, Project Manager from ACE, reported that the north section letting with INDOT is set for November 16, 2005.

Currently, all of the land acquisitions are completed except for the two condemnations being processed through the courts. Kevin said that George Loy had requested surveys be done for the appraisers that will be appointed by the court.

Kevin presented an “Authorization for Supplemental Services” to be approved by the Commissioners to have this crew out here tomorrow. The amount is $4,650 but there are additional funds left over from the right-of-way services account so it will not be billed to the County.

  • Commissioner Burton made a motion to approve the Authorization for Supplemental Services for surveys on two properties, seconded by Commissioner Ferguson. Vote: Unanimous

Kevin also reported that the utility relocation on the north section is currently underway and he will keep the Hwy. Superintendent updated.

At this time, the County Council adjourned to their own meeting.


  • Commissioner Ferguson made a motion to approve the carpet quote from Bob Mull, Reynolds, in the amount of 9,279.05 for the White County Sheriff’s Department, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous

There being no further business to come before the board, the meeting was adjourned.

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John C. Heimlich, President Steve Burton, Vice President O.D. “Bud” Ferguson, Member

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White County Auditor Mary Jo Pool