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BE IT REMEMBERED, that a regular meeting of the White County Commissioners was held at the White County Building at 8:00 a.m. on May 5, 2003, on the second floor of the Commissioners Chambers.

Commissioners present were: President John C. Heimlich; Vice President Ronald Schmierer and Member O.D. “Bud” Ferguson. Also present were Commissioners Secretary Donya Tirpak, White County Auditor Mary Jo Pool and White County Attorney George Loy.

Commissioner President John C. Heimlich called the Commissioners meeting to order.


Commissioner Schmierer made a motion to approve the minutes for the regular meeting on May 5, 2003, seconded by Commissioner Ferguson. Vote: Unanimous


Commissioner Ferguson made a motion to approve the payroll for May 19, 2003, as presented, seconded by Commissioner Schmierer. Vote: Unanimous


Commissioner President Heimlich announced that the White County Recycling Director Mr. Bill Smith would be retiring at the end of May 2003. The Commissioners did advertise the open position and received several resumes.

Dawn Gerard, Assistant Director of the Recycling Department, did submit her resume for the position. Dawn has been working as an assistant to Mr. Smith for the past two years.

Commissioner Ferguson made a motion to appoint the current Assistant Director Dawn Gerard as the new White County Recycling Director replacing Mr. Bill Smith, seconded by Commissioner Schmierer. Vote: Unanimous


A letter from the Northwest Indiana Solid Waste District was submitted to the Commissioners regarding maintenance on the Concourse building. White County is a tenant of the building. The total bill for the maintenance is $ 2,325.00 and the county’s portion would be $291.00.

Commissioner Schmierer made a motion to pay the $291.00 as our portion of the repairs on the Concourse building, seconded by Commissioner Ferguson. Vote: Unanimous


The North White School Corporation sent a letter to the Commissioners dated April 22, 2003, regarding the School Crossing Guards in Monon on Hwy 16 near Monon Elementary. Monon Elementary is not located within the Town of Monon but is located in White County. On January 3, 2003, the Commissioners did approve to pay for the crossing guard at Buffalo Elementary because the town is not incorporated and it is in White County.

White County Attorney George Loy said that he has spoken with Terry Smith, North White School Attorney, where they discussed that it is not the duty of the school to provide crossing guards but it is the duty of the municipality if located in a town or city, if not than the county.

Commissioner Schmierer said that he had a discussion with Jack Hughes where Mr. Schmierer explained that the children are coming from city so the Town of Monon should be the town’s responsibility. Mr. Hughes was going to talk to the board and get back with Commissioner Schmierer.

Commissioner Heimlich suggested waiting on a response from the board. The letter did specify that North White School Corp. would like to have back pay till January 1, 2003.


Diann Weaver, Director of Area Plan, appeared before the Commissioners presenting two request to rezone property:

Rezoning Petition # 817 was submitted for Hanenkratt Grain Co. Inc. They are requesting that lots number #61, #62, #63, #64, #65, and #66 be rezoned from a B-2 (General Business) and R-2 (One and Two Family Residential) to I-2 (General Industrial). The Area Plan Commission held a public hearing on May 12, 2003. The Area Plan Commission made a motion to recommend this amendment to the Commissioners by a vote of 6 yes and 2 no.

Commissioner Heimlich asked if anyone was present to speak about the rezoning request.

Craig Kelley, property owner and resident of Idaville, appeared before the Commissioners requesting that if the rezoning is considered that a commitment letter be attached. He argued that the lot size and setback requirements for an I-1 zoning is not met for the property requesting to be rezoned. Mr. Kelley would like the commitment letter to state that at all times maintains minimum requirements with no special exemptions.

Brad Smock, resident of Idaville and also a representative of Hanenkratt Grain Co., appeared before the Commissioners with a detail map showing the lots, surrounding neighbors, and also explaining where they would like to place a future scale and office.

Commissioner Heimlich did ask if there could be a lesser zoning instead of an I-2 that is being requested. Director Diann Weaver said that they requested an I-2 to be compatible with their existing zoning.

Debbie Lindley, resident of Idaville, appeared before the Commissioners also opposing to the request. She also argued that the lots did not meet the requirements for an I-1 zoning.

Jerry Bonnell, resident of Idaville, complained that Hanenkratt’s was now taking this to another residential area by crossing the street. Commissioner Heimlich explained that the area he was referring to was zoned business and not residential.

Commissioner Heimlich recommended to the other commissioners that they look at everything that was brought up in discussion today and also check into the buffer requirements for an I-1 zoning and schedule on the agenda for the next meeting.

Commissioner Schmierer made a motion to table Rezoning Request #817 and schedule on the Agenda for the June 2, 2003, meeting at 8:30 a.m., seconded by Commissioner Heimlich. Vote: 2 Yes and 1 No. (Commissioner Ferguson)

Rezoning Petition #822 for property owner Eugene B. Lucas & Viola M. Fleenor was submitted to rezone 0.77 of an acre from an A-1 (Agricultural) to R-2 (One and Two Family Residential). A public hearing by the Area Plan Commission was held on May 12, 2003. The Area Plan Commission voted to recommend this amendment to the Commissioners by a vote of 8 yes and 0 no.

Commissioner Heimlich asked if any one was present to speak about the rezoning request. No response.

Commissioner Schmierer made a motion to approve Rezoning Petition # 822 (Ordinance No. 446-03) rezoning from an A-1 to a R-2 for Eugene B. Lucas & Viola M. Fleenor, seconded by Commissioner Ferguson. Vote: Unanimous

White County Council President James Mann called the Council to joint session with the Commissioners. Council members present were: James Mann, Harry Voorhis, Faye Lowring, Richard Horton, Dennis Carter, Art Anderson and Linda Maudlin.


Lakeview Home Director Kae Fuller presented her monthly report. She reported that there is a leak in the roof entering through the upstairs TV room. The Commissioners will have Dave Anderson, WC Building Inspector, take a look.

Kae Fuller has contacted PMSI about potential grants for handicap accessible. The grant will be used to pay for a new elevator at the home. If received she said that the grant can be up to $500,000 to make a place handicap accessible.


White County Environmental Officer John Raines presented his monthly report. He has been working with AARP about the proposed elderly drug pickup program.


White County Building Inspector Dave Anderson presented his monthly report. Mr. Anderson submitted a report showing a comparison between permit fees collected from May 1, 2002 to April 30, 2003. The total of what they would have charged without a building inspector would have been $12,219.00 compared to the $29,675.00 they actually charged.


Paul Cardwell, CEO of Hospital, appeared presenting the Financial Analysis Report for the month of April 2003. The hospital shows excess revenue over expenses of $112,579.00 for the current month. The excess revenue over expenses year to date is $550,843.00.


White County Industrial Foundation Director Cinda Kelley presented her monthly report. She reported that the sale of HPA Monon to Vanguard should be closed during the second week of June.

White County has received a CDAG grant. The funds will be available July 1st and will be used to assist with a part-time person to oversee economic development goals of the Strategic Plan process.

The Farmers Market will open on May 23rd at the Dye Lumber location. There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony at 4:00 p.m. by the Chamber of Commerce and everyone is invited to attend.


Auditor Mary Jo Pool discussed the appropriation for the White County Highway Department approved last month by the Council for $790,000.00. She has been informed that the money cannot be taken out of the General Fund. Auditor Pool explained that money could be taken from the Solid Waste Reserve Fund but in order to do this an amendment to the Ordinance would have to be written and approved. Auditor Pool is expecting to receive $89,000.00 from State for White County’s share of the riverboat money. This money could also be used.

Commissioner Heimlich voiced his concern that if the Solid Waste Reserve Fund is used and an amendment is made, the County should be careful wording the amendment showing controls over the money and that there will not be reoccurring expenses.

At this time the Council adjourned to their own meeting room.

Their being no further business to come before the board, meeting adjourned.

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John C. Heimlich, President Ronald Schmierer, Vice President O.D. “Bud” Ferguson, Member

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White County Auditor, Mary Jo Pool