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April 16, 2001 Tape #008

The White County Drainage Board convened at 11:00 A. M. in the Commissioners’ Room of the White County Building, Monticello, Indiana with Board Members Ronald Schmierer, John Heimlich and O. D. Ferguson, Attorney George W. Loy, Surveyor Rick Raderstorf, Engineer Todd Frauhiger and Secretary Romana Kiser in attendance.

Others in attendance were Charlie Mellon, Randy Truck and Steve Brooke.

Chairman Schmierer opened the Maintenance Modification Hearing on the A. K. Ruth Drain in Monon Township, White County, Indiana.

Surveyor Raderstorf reviewed that the A. K. Ruth Drain is currently assessed at fifty cents an acre and one of the landowners came in and wanted some work done on the drain. He said what we ended up doing was dredging part of the drain. He said it had $1,800.00 in the maintenance fund and the work they did put it in debt, but not by very much. Surveyor Raderstorf said we need to get the maintenance rate up so there will be funds to do maintenance on the drain. Surveyor Raderstorf proposes raising the maintenance rate to $1.00 an acre and $10.00 a lot.

Randy Truck asked where the drain is. Chairman Schmierer stated that it is a County tile drain that comes in along the edge of the Thomasville, runs between County Road 850 , Highway 16 and County Road 300 E. He explained that we have worked on it before to get drainage for the people in Thomasville when they had water standing and the maintenance rate is currently only about fifty cents an acre.

Randy Truck asked if they were putting in a bigger drain. Chairman Schmierer answered no, we are just maintaining what is there. Surveyor Raderstorf showed Mr. Truck on a map where repair has been done and the location of the drain. Mr. Truck agreed that drainage is needed through there.

Board Member Heimlich made a motion to adopt the schedule of modified assessments of $1.00 per acre and $10.00 per lot on the A. K. Ruth Drain in Monon Township, White County, Indiana. Board Member Ferguson seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously with a vote of 3 to 0. A copy of the Findings and Order declaring the proposed maintenance modification schedule established will be mailed to all owners affected.

Surveyor Raderstorf proposed installing a cleanout structure on the Albert Altman Drain in Union Township, White County, Indiana. Surveyor Raderstorf explained that he talked with Doug Roberts, Monticello Streets Superintendent, and asked him if he would clean out the drain (with the City’s vac truck) where there was a blow out on the end and it filled with sand. Surveyor Raderstorf stated that in order to get it done at all, or at least sufficiently, we need to get a structure in there. He said, “At least one to clean out the far end and I don’t know how much sand is built up down on in it. I talked with Wrede & Sons and to put a concrete structure in…..I think our best bet is to put in a concrete one and have it measured specifically to this tile and have it put in there to fit.”

Chairman Schmierer asked what kind of money we have in the maintenance fund. Surveyor Raderstorf answered, “We have about $2,200.00 in it now and that does not include the Spring draw, it takes in $734.00 a year. It doesn’t take in a lot but it’s at $5.00 an acre. It shouldn’t have needed anything done on it. I didn’t receive a bill yet from Segal on repairing the end of that (tile).”

Surveyor Raderstorf stated the estimated cost is between $2,000.00 and $3,000.00. Board Member Ferguson asked where the cleanout would be located. Surveyor Raderstorf answered, “Speaking with Doug Roberts, I think it would be somewhere between the end of the tile and what they call that cable road there.” Chairman Schmierer stated, “We have to have it done before we can get Doug Roberts out there to pump the mud out of it and that is just a temporary fix. We still don’t have it raised back up where it belongs.”

Surveyor Raderstorf said, “The thing of it is, the tile is not old enough that we should be having problems on it, so if we get it fixed I can’t see where it won’t catch itself up (maintenance fund). The thing of it is, we put one structure in now that might be sufficient because we have another one, Hardebecks were supposed to install one back where they tied in.” Charlie Mellon stated that Hardebecks did put a structure in. Surveyor Raderstorf stated, “So there’s another place that we could get into the tile, and what we need to do is, anywhere else we have a tie-in on there, require a structure so we can eventually get enough of them spread out.”

Board Member Ferguson asked if we did have some tile that sank down because it didn’t have stone under it, the original contractor that put the tile in would be to blame for that wouldn’t he? Charlie Mellon stated he talked to him and he claims he put stone in it. Surveyor Raderstorf stated that he knows there is stone under part of it.

Board Member Heimlich made a motion to have the Surveyor go ahead and have a manhole cleanout installed on the Albert Altman Drain. Board Member Ferguson seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Surveyor Raderstorf reported that west of Wolcott at the railroad piggy back site they are not maintaining those pumps. Surveyor Raderstorf and Engineer Frauhiger visited the site last year and at that time they got them to pump those ponds down. They are supposed to be set up on automatic switches, but a farmer in that area goes over and turns them on or they wouldn’t even get turned on because no one over there pays any attention to them. They haven’t worked automatically for years. The plans were approved ten or twelve years ago through former White County Surveyor Jim Milligan. Surveyor Raderstorf suggested that he type up a letter, if he can figure out who to mail it to, telling them that they need to maintain that. Chairman Schmierer said to go ahead and send them a letter.

Engineer Frauhiger stated that the White County Drainage Ordinance gives the Drainage Board the authority to look at past projects (it doesn’t matter that they were not approved under the Ordinance) that are not functioning as intended. The Board can give the party fourteen days to respond, and if they do not respond in fourteen days and bring it back up into compliance the way it was originally intended to work, the Drainage Board can start fining the person $500.00 a day. He said that should be mentioned in the letter that Surveyor Raderstorf sends out to let them know what the ramifications are.

Chairman Schmierer reported that he had a call about the Nichols Drain being plugged with corn stalks near the road. He said he talked to Steve Brooke about it and Steve will look into it.

Surveyor Raderstorf reported that he went out to Lindsey Warfield’s on Tuesday or Wednesday and they had water standing there. He stated that he sent Godloves out there to rotorooter it that same afternoon. Todd Burns of Godloves stated that neighbors, Mr. Funk and Mr. Noe were present when they got it open and saw that it was taking water. That night we got two inches of rain and the next morning, Wednesday, Lindsey Warfield called the Surveyor’s office and stated that he wanted someone out there that day. Surveyor Raderstorf stated that he went out there Thursday morning and that water was basically all gone. Surveyor Raderstorf stated that he checked the minutes of Drainage Board meetings and Mr. Warfield has in the past been given petitions that he does not return.

Surveyor Raderstorf reported that Jack Pherson is still concerned that the Brechbiel Drain is not working right since reconstruction. Surveyor Raderstorf relayed that they said it isn’t doing any better than the old tile. Surveyor Raderstorf stated, “I went out there last week with them and looked at the outlet, which I reported to Todd (Engineer Frauhiger) what we found. The only question is the velocity of the water, I don’t have any way of determining that. They seem to think it’s not working as good as they think it should for the money. They seem to think that in 24 hours it should be out of water. It wasn’t 24 hours, but by the next morning their holes were basically gone except for the one at their grandma’s, there could be a plug somewhere, I don’t know.”

Engineer Frauhiger stated, “Thursday afternoon you (Surveyor Raderstorf) and I went out. Jack just told me that the rain stopped at their place early Wednesday morning, Tuesday night. You guys know what it was like Wednesday, I drove up here and there was water every place, and Thursday by the time Rick and I drove through it Thursday afternoon about one o’clock or so it was all dried. There were a couple of areas where there were risers that had water standing around them, but they weren’t over the tile, they were risers that apparently didn’t get tied back in or there’s a clog with cornstocks or something that wouldn’t let the water get away. I told Jack, look, it stopped raining Wednesday morning and I drove by it Thursday afternoon and there’s no water standing all around the tile, I think it’s working fairly decent. I gave Jack and Trent Pherson) both my home phone number and told them the next time it rains, next time there’s a storm up here, call me at home, day, night, whatever, and I’ll come up and look at the outlet with them because I think that’s what they want. My calculations show that there should be between six and seven inches of water coming out of the outlet, should be moving about six feet per second. When Rick looked at it with them there was six inches of water coming out of the outlet, no one seems to know how fast it was coming out.”

Surveyor Raderstorf stated, “It was coming out pretty good, but I can’t tell you how many feet per second, I don’t have any idea how to judge that.” Engineer Frauhiger said, “Four to five feet per second will cause a scour hole if there’s rip rap around it. I can look real quickly at the rip rap and if there’s scour around it, tell you if it is coming out as fast as it should. I told him it seems to me that a day, day and a half after that big of a rain the water is gone, it’s probably working the way we intended it to.”

Engineer Frauhiger asked the Board to approve an exemption from the Drainage Ordinance for Lt. 7 Johnson-Tribbett Subdivision. He stated, “This is an exemption that Rick and I approved and signed. They are in an approved subdivision, they can’t build on this lot, this is in the Johnson-Tribbett Subdivision, if you remember the minutes say and the Area Plan has been notified, that there can be no building permits issued on any of these lots until they get an approved letter from Rick’s office saying that we have been out and inspected the drainage and the detention pond and the ditch are in. But as far as these guys (Lt. 7 Aardvark project by Barnard Construction) are concerned, we can go ahead and grant the drainage permit. They did submit their building layout and their drainage scheme and it does work with what is supposed to be built out there. This is an exemption saying that they are in an approved subdivision and they can build as soon as we say the drainage is installed correctly. I am saying that we can release them, but they can’t get a building permit from Area Plan until Rick’s office says that we have looked at it and the drainage is in ok because that’s how it was approved two weeks ago. It is in the minutes, Area Plan has been notified and the permit says no building on any lots until it has been inspected. They don’t have to have a detention pond because they’re water will go into the subdivision’s detention pond when it is built.”

Board Member Heimlich made the motion to approve the drainage exemption for Lot 7 Johnson-Tribbett Subdivision for Doug Barnard Construction. Board Member Ferguson seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

The White County Drainage Board agreed to waive the $250.00 review fee for the Town of Monon Water Treatment plant and two new wells project. Engineer Frauhiger stated that he met with Mr. Cory, their engineer on April 10, 2001 and reviewed the project. He stated they are not adding 10,000 square and no off site water will be coming through. Board Member Ferguson made a motion to approve exemption from the White County Drainage Ordinance for the Monon Water Treatment and two new wells project on the recommendation from Engineer Frauhiger. Board Member Heimlich seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Engineer Frauhiger showed the Board copies of letters he has sent to Dave Jordan concerning West Side Commercial Subdivision drainage and to Bob Dungan concerning drainage deficiencies at the Johnson-Tribbett Subdivision behind Hendrickson Chrysler-Plymouth dealership. Attorney Loy and Surveyor Raderstorf reviewed the letters before they were mailed. Engineer Frauhiger explained that the drainage for West Side Commercial has not been completed, they’re still building apartments and duplexes out there. The letter basically states that within fourteen days of Mr. Jordan’s receiving the letter he needs to have a schedule presented to the White County Surveyor’s office detailing when he is going to have that drainage completed. There’s two detention ponds that need to be completed, there’s a bunch of grading, there’s some storm sewers that have to be put in and the pond has to be put in all together, it hasn’t even been started. He said we will have no alternative but to issue stop work orders to the current property owners if the schedule isn’t received within fourteen days and if it is not suitable to us. Mr. Dungan will also have fourteen days to respond with a plan.

Engineer Frauhiger presented a proposed Amendment #2 to the White County Drainage and Sediment Control Ordinance. Attorney Loy stated that the review fees have been increased and on site inspections as we feel appropriate have been added during construction. Board Member Heimlich made the motion to adopt the Amendment #2 of the White County Drainage and Sediment Control Ordinance #91-04-20-98-1 as presented. Board Member Ferguson seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Board Member Ferguson made a motion to approve the minutes of the April 2, 2001 meeting. Board Member Heimlich seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Engineer Frauhiger stated that after an audit in March of Samuel L. Moore & Associates accounts, their accountant asked them to raise their hourly rates this year and most of the classifications went up $7.00 to $10.00 an hour. Chairman Schmierer said to leave the new rate schedule with the Board and they will take it under advisement.

Board Member Heimlich reported that Dr. Tribbett contacted him about getting a building permit before the pond is in north of his office. Board Member Heimlich told Dr. Tribbett that Mr. Dungan had said at the last meeting that the pond would be in within a week to ten days. Surveyor Raderstorf stated that they had done some work toward the pond but have quit on the work, even during dry weather. Chairman Schmierer stated that the Board’s stand is it says in their drainage plan that the drainage has to be in place before they can get a building permit. Attorney Loy said that the Board should stick to that.

Attorney Loy stated that he called Dave Jordan about payment of fees owed on the Jordan Drain Tile project. He said he will follow up on that.

Chairman Schmierer adjourned the meeting.