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May 7, 2001 Tape #009



The White County Drainage Board convened at 10:30 A. M. in the Commissioners’ Room of the White County Building, Monticello, Indiana with Board Members Ronald A. Schmierer, John C. Heimlich and O. D. Ferguson, Attorney George W. Loy, Surveyor Rick Raderstorf, and Secretary Romana Kiser in attendance.

Also attending were Engineer Todd Frauhiger of Samuel L. Moore & Associates and Charles Mellon.

Chairman Schmierer called the meeting to order. The Board discussed damage to E. F. Fry Ditch in Cass Township caused by Mrs. Holcomb’s cattle in the ditch. The subject was brought to the Board’s attention by Mark Hines and discussed at a previous meeting, but tabled due to the absence of Attorney Loy. Chairman Schmierer asked Attorney Loy if there is a State Ordinance that the cattle can’t run in a ditch. Attorney Loy stated, “Yes, the Board has the right to complain about it.” Surveyor Raderstorf stated that Mark Hines is worried about the ditch filling in again after we clean it out if she lets the cattle run in there.

Chairman Schmierer asked Attorney Loy to give Surveyor Raderstorf the Statute on that so he can send a letter to Mrs. Holcomb. Chairman Schmierer stated that we are getting ready to clean the Fry Drain and the main reason we are having to clean it is that the cattle have walked through it and filled it in.

Surveyor Raderstorf reported that he has received one bid for spraying. It is from Dalton’s Inc. Mr. Anderson of Anderson’s Tree Service contacted the Surveyor’s office to say that he wasn’t going to bid the spraying due to inadequate skilled help.

Attorney Loy stated that if that is all the bids you got back, you are entitled to take it, or you may rebid it. Chairman Schmierer asked if Surveyor Raderstorf contacted the sprayers on the list that Jasper County gave us. Surveyor Raderstorf replied that he sent to Anderson Tree Service, the only other person that has ever contacted him about doing any spraying. Chairman Schmierer and Board Member Heimlich asked Surveyor Raderstorf to contact the five sprayers on Jasper County’s list. Chairman Schmierer stated he will get Surveyor Raderstorf the list. Attorney Loy recommended that Surveyor Raderstorf rebid the spraying using that list.

The Board discussed getting the clearing done on the J. P. Carr Drain in Prairie Township. Chairman Schmierer said this part of the project will be to start at the west end of the ditch and come down to Evans Road. He instructed Surveyor Raderstorf to get three quotes on the project. Surveyor Raderstorf said he will put in the specs that it is to be done by next spring. He is hoping they will get it done this summer.

Surveyor Raderstorf reported that Mr. McAleer, a neighbor to Lindsey Warfield on CR 400 E, came to the office and showed him on a map where a section of that drain has never been replaced on Noe’s land (Arrick tile) and it breaks down all the time. Mr. McAleer requested replacing that section up to the highway (US 24). Surveyor Raderstorf stated that we have had tile holes fixed in it and we had it roto-rootered this year. Board Member Ferguson stated that tile runs between the house and that big shed. Surveyor Raderstorf said the only other option is to go around the shed. Chairman Schmierer asked how many feet of tile that would be. Surveyor Raderstorf answered there is probably 300 to 400 feet.

Chairman Schmierer asked, “Is that where the catch basin is down there on Fritz Salomon’s that has to be cleaned out every so often?” Surveyor Raderstorf answered, “It runs through west of Fritz Salomon’s. There is a pond out there, this tile runs into the pond and then there’s an outlet coming out of the pond that goes on down, I don’t know where the catch basin is.” Chairman Schmierer stated that Fritz says there is a catch basin that needs cleaned out. Surveyor Raderstorf said Fritz has not talked to him about it.

Chairman Schmierer said the first thing to do is check and see how much money the tile has in maintenance.

Surveyor Raderstorf said they just build that garage last year, it is not over the tile but the tile is between the house and the garage. He said he talked to Eric Storm and Eric stated he may get started putting our tile routes on GIS this summer so Area Plan can pull it up and see if we have tile in the area of construction, so this sort of thing can be avoided.

Chairman Schmierer asked Surveyor Raderstorf to take a look at it, see how much money is in maintenance fund and give his recommendation and costs at the next meeting in two weeks.

Surveyor Raderstorf reported that the Albert Altman Tile has taken in enough water since the blow out at the end was fixed that it has cleaned out quite a bit. He said that Wrede & Sons reshaped the inlet and took out the grate, which was part of the problem. It was plugging up with stuff. He said they put a trash basket on it and think that a lot of it will clean itself and may not have to put a manhole in. If it doesn’t clean out enough we can still put a manhole in. Surveyor Raderstorf and Engineer Frauhiger have discussed requiring a manhole to be installed by each hook up in the subdivision. Hardebeck’s expansion project installed a manhole at their hookup.

Charlie Mellon asked what Wrede put at the end of the tile so it wouldn’t blow out like it did before. Surveyor Raderstorf answered that Segal’s fixed that and they put in a steel plate.

Surveyor Raderstorf also reported that the information we had received on the grade being off wasn’t right. He said that there were a couple of places that might have been out of grade a couple of inches but Bob Wrede said on a thirty inch tile, it is not worth going in and fixing it for that.

Engineer Frauhiger presented drainage plans for Russow Ridge Subdivision for approval. It is being developed by Richard Wilkens on Norway Road just past the County Home. It is a five lot subdivision. There are existing twin fifteen inch pipes under Norway Road which drain into a small draw that goes into the lake. They’re going to put a dry bottom detention pond, three foot deep, with a single twelve inch pipe underneath Norway Road, which will flow into a side ditch and into these twin fifteen inch pipes and down into the lake. It is a dry bottom pond so Engineer Frauhiger didn’t require safety ledges.

Board Member Ferguson made a motion to approve the drainage plans for Russow Ridge Subdivision on the recommendation of Engineer Frauhiger. Board Member Heimlich seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Engineer Frauhiger presented drainage plans for Deer Run Estates for approval. The late Ted Nichols had the drainage constructed by Howe Excavating prior to any drainage plan submittal and review. Engineer Frauhiger stated he worked back and forth with Engineer Paul Couts and they have re-done the drainage and it cost them four lots. He did require safety ledges on the pond. He stated it is now ready for approval.

Board Member Heimlich made a motion to approve the drainage plans for Deer Run Estates on the recommendation of Engineer Frauhiger. Board Member Ferguson seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Engineer Frauhiger reported that he contacted INDOT about repair to tile that is broken down under US 24 in Wolcott, Indiana, on the John Unroe Drain . INDOT got back in touch with him stating that they will pay for the repair of that tile. Engineer Frauhiger told them that we want a couple of structures on both sides of the right-of-way and a new pipe under the road. He told them that we have a video tape showing that the pipe is collapsed under the road and they do want to see it. They haven’t reviewed the video yet. INDOT requires a set of plans. One way is to get our own contractor to do the job and they will reimburse 100 per cent or they will take the set of plans and do the work with their maintenance crews and schedule. A contractor would be faster, it could be two to four years down the road if the State did the project. Board member Heimlich stated that we need to get it done. Board Member Schmierer stated that he felt Engineer Frauhiger should get the plans drawn up so we can get it done.

Chairman Schmierer asked how much other work needs to be done at the same time. Engineer Frauhiger stated, “That’s one collapsed portion and on up stream is another section of collapsed tile.” Chairman Schmierer stated that in conversation originally we thought we could do the County’s share for less than $10,000.00 because the City is going to put the blacktop in, we have a letter that says they will do that. Surveyor Raderstorf stated that it has been a while since he saw the video but there were a couple of spots downstream and a spot that was out of grade.

Chairman Schmierer and Surveyor Raderstorf agreed that we should go ahead and get plans ready and get it going and get it taken care of.

Surveyor Raderstorf stated he will contact the two owners involved on the J. P. Carr Drain project, Jim Blake farms for Herbert Ruemler’s widow and Dick Bol farms for Roman Catholic Diocese, to see if they have any concerns with the specs for the project. He said we can probably get this done for what is in the maintenance fund right now. This is probably the worst section as far as the water flowing through. Chairman Schmierer said to go ahead and get it quoted.

Engineer Frauhiger stated that responses have been received from letters sent to Bob Dungan and Dave Jordan. He said the pond behind Hendrickson Chrysler and Plymouth (Johnson-Tribbett Subdivision), they got on it right away and side slopes have been regraded, they have the washout upstream fixed, they have another overflow pipe downstream put in. It looks like they did a real good job on it. He was very timely getting his response done.

Engineer Frauhiger stated we got a letter from contractor Jim Overbeck on behalf of Dave Jordan giving us a schedule for West Side Commercial. They were expecting to have everything done by mid June. They gave us interim schedule on progress. They are out there working. They have the area behind Landis Plastics graded and is moving over to the detention ponds.

Surveyor Raderstorf reported that Charles Geier got the big wash and old tile outlet mess behind Don Ward’s place straightened out and put stone in on the James Carter Ditch.

Board Member Heimlich made a motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting. Board Member Ferguson seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Chairman Schmierer adjourned the meeting.