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 The White County Area Plan Commission met Monday, August 9, 2010, at 7:00 p.m. in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room, Second Floor, County Building, Monticello, Indiana.

 Members attending were: Dave Rosenbarger, Don Ward, Richard Lynn, Dave Scott, Dennis Sterrett, Mike Smolek, Greg Bossaer.  Absent:  Charlie Anderson, Jim Mann Gerald Cartmell

Also attending were Attorney Ben Diener, Executive Director Joe Rogers, and Secretary Gayle Rogers.

 Visitors attending were:  Ruben Gonzalez, Paula Gonzalez, Charles R. Mellon, Bryan Rinker, JJ Selagy, Shaker & Lisa Hites, Roy & Brenda Jones, Brad Gutwein 

 The meeting was called to order by Vice President Dave Rosenbarger. The meeting minutes of July 12, 2010 were approved as written.   
#985  Paula Gonzalez; requesting a rezone from B-1 (Neighborhood Business District) to R-3 (Multi-family Residential District) to operate a boarding house.

Lot Number Two (2) Market Street in the Original Plat of the Town of New Bradford, now Monon, White County, Indiana; more commonly described as 101 W 5th Street

V.P. Dave Rosenbarger asked if there was anyone in attendance to represent the request.  Paula
Gonzalez stepped forward.  The building has nine bedrooms and four bathrooms and houses approximately thirty people.  She was asked if the people staying in her building have their own vehicles.  She said no.  Director Rogers explained that there is ample parking.  Ordinance requires ten parking places as listed under rooming house

which is the closest category to boarding house.  The site has five parking spots on 5th Street, two on Market Street and four at the rear of the property, which totals eleven parking places.  When asked if meals would be cooked for the guests, Paula stated that meals cooked at the facility will be provided if need be.  The property is used

four weeks out of the year and vacant the remainder of the year.  V.P. Rosenbarger asked if anyone else was present who would like to speak to the board.  Shaker Hites, resident, property owner and business owner in Monon stepped to the podium.  Mr. Hites has rental property in Monon, however, he has no financial interest in this

property at all.  He has rented to Paula Gonzalez in the past and considers her to be very responsible person and tenant.  There are currently twelve abandoned buildings within a four block stretch on Market Street in Monon.  The Gonzalez property is always well-maintained and one of the better kept properties in Monon.  Shaker further

stated that Devon Querry of the Board of Trustees of the United Methodist Church across the street from the Gonzalez property, extended the support of the church for the rezone.  Prior to being a boarding house, the building was the headquarters of the Local Union 2323; before that is was an insurance office for insurance sold to school

corporations and prior to that is was the Masonic Lodge beginning in 1923.  Brenda Jones stepped forward to say her husband is the caretaker of the property and maintains the property year round.  She further stated that Ms. Gonzalez does not charge the boarders.  They are migrant workers who come to pick tomatoes or corn or

whatever and are here for a month before moving on.  The place is kept neat and clean and not a penny is made off the people who stay there.  It was moved and seconded to vote.  Result:  7 votes cast; 7 grant

Findings of Fact:
1. The proposed rezoning is consistent with the goals, objective, and policies of the White County Strategic Plan and any other applicable planning studies and reports, as adopted and amended from time to time.  5 agree; 2 no opinion;
2. The proposed rezoning is compatible with current conditions and the overall character of existing development in the immediate vicinity of the subject property.  6 agree; 1 no opinion
3. The proposed rezoning is the most desirable use for which the land in the subject property is adapted.  4 agree; 2 no opinion; 1 unanswered
4. The proposed rezoning will not have an adverse effect on the value of properties throughout the jurisdiction.  6 agree; 1 no opinion
5. The proposed rezoning reflects responsible standards for growth and development.  5 agree; 2 no opinion;
The favorable recommendation will be heard at the Monon Town Council Meeting at 5:30 pm at their August 17, 2010 meeting for a final decision.

Director Joe Rogers reminded the board that his budget review with the County Council is tomorrow, August 10th at 11:30 am.
Director Rogers explained to the board that with membership appointments coming up at the end of the year, he did some research to find how appointments were handled in the past.  That research brought him to Indiana Code and the realization that the APC membership is not currently correct.  He asked attorney Ben Diener to research

also and their conclusions were the same.  The APC board is to be comprised of:
2 members from the City of Monticello, one appointed by the City Council from its membership, one citizen member appointed by the Mayor
1 member from Brookston
1 member from Monon
1 member from the Advisory Council for small towns; plus six county members as follows:
1 member from the membership of the County Commissioners
1 member from the membership of the County Council
1 member picked by the County School Superintendents
The Ag Extension Educator or the County Surveyor
1 citizen member appointed by the County Commissioners
1 citizen member appointed by the County Council
Citizen members may not hold any appointed or elected municipal, county or state office.
Following state code would require establishing an Advisory Council on Small Town Affairs comprising members from Burnettsville, Chalmers, Reynolds and Wolcott town councils.  In the 70’s the board began as an eleven member board with an Advisory Council.  Somewhere along the line the board changed to ten members and the

Advisory Council stopped meeting.  No reference to any of this could be found so there is no way to know what changed.  The board was in agreement that Joe should pursue correcting the membership of both the APC and the BZA.
It was motioned and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 pm.



Respectfully submitted,


Donald W. Ward, Secretary      
White County Area Plan Commission        


Joseph W. Rogers, Exec. Director
White County Area Plan Commission

Document Prepared By:  White County Area Plan Secretary, Gayle E. Rogers