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White County Commissioners 
August 16, 2010

BE IT REMEMBERED, that the White County Commissioners held a regular meeting on August 16, 2010, at the White County Building, Commissioners conference room, 2nd floor, beginning at 8:00 a.m.

Commissioners present were President John C. Heimlich, Vice President Steve Burton, and Commissioner Ron Schmierer.  Also present was the White County Attorney George Loy and the Commissioners Secretary Donya Tirpak.  The White County Auditor, Jill Guingrich, was absent.

Commissioner Heimlich called the meeting to order.

• Commissioner Schmierer made a motion to approve the minutes for the August 2, 2010, regular meeting, seconded by Commissioner Burton.  Vote:  Unanimous

• Commissioner Burton made a motion to approve and pay the payroll as presented, seconded by Commissioner Schmierer.  Vote:  Unanimous

• Commissioner Schmierer made a motion to approve and pay the claims as presented, seconded by Commissioner Burton.  Vote:  Unanimous

County Attorney George Loy said that since the bids did not meet the specifications for the highway project at the July 6th meeting, the Highway Department re-advertised for solicitation of bids, HVAC Equipment and the windows and doors, to complete the project.

Attorney George Loy announced that there are no bids submitted at this time. 

At this time, White County Councilman Richard “Buzz” Horton called the Council members to order in joint session with the Commissioners.  Council members present were:

 Raymond “Butch” Kramer   Bruce Clear  Kevin “Casey” Crabb
 Gary Hendryx    Denny Cain

Councilman Denny Carter was absent.

White County Memorial Hospital CEO, Stephanie Long, presented the Financial Analysis for July 2010.

Mrs. Long reported that they had their highest patient revenue for the year, last month, being at $4.5 million.  However, 87% of that was for out patient services, which is an all time high.  After the contractual allowances they had net revenue of $2.3 million for the month, and for the year they are just under $30 million for the gross revenue.

 After the operating expenses, they had an operating loss of $123,144, leaving them with a gain from operation’s year-to-date of $163,439.   As far as the bottom line with net gain, they are above budget year-to-date at $309,851.  Their total cash is $6.4 million.

Mrs. Long distributed a copy of their 2009 Community Benefit Analysis.  As a not-for-profit organization, they are encouraged to put this information together detailing the benefits that they give back to the community.

White County Building Inspector, Dave Anderson, reported that there were 44 permits issued last month.  Even though we might be about 5% ahead than last year, Mr. Anderson said that it does not look good.

White County Environmental Officer, John Raines, presented the Violation & Complaint Report for 2010.

Director Connie Neininger presented her Director’s Report for July’s activity.

Brian Furrer, Bio Town Ag, has started construction and hopes to have it operational by the end of the year.  Connie also met with Mike Diener, Bio Town Seeds, regarding Phase V of the wind farm.  Mayor Thompson and Connie met with John Collins, Indiana Beach.

Panel moderator on the Indiana Wind Conference.
Wind tours has not slowed down and the intern is currently working

Other things:
Ivy Tech is working on an entrepreneurship and alternative energy facility.  They will be doing a survey in White County in a couple of weeks.  Connie said that she will be working very closely with Ivy Tech and their entrepreneurship program.  She also met with the Lafayette Chapter of Score (counselors who help people build or

grow their own business) to see if there are people who can help out in our area.

K-IRPC contacted all of the local officials about the Brownfields workshop that is coming up on August 18.  She said that they are looking to apply for a regional Brownfields coalition grant.  They are now trying to determine how many sites are out there that can use the funds for remediation.  After the workshop they will define how much

they will apply for and how many sites.  This information is due in October and she will need a letter from the Commissioners.  Nathan will contact the Commissioners at a later date.

Connie said that she will be holding a QuickBooks workshop for any of our county businesses or anyone wanting to start their own business on September 9th at the Ivy Tech building.

Representatives of the WIRED grant are still meeting and they will be holding a local elected officials breakfast on Friday, September 10. 

Julie Gutwein, President, stopped by and gave each Commissioner and Council member a ticket to their annual Chicken Dinner fundraiser.  She thanked them for all of their support in the past and the future to come.

Commissioner Heimlich discussed the ordinance that was presented by the Auditor on June 21, 2010.  At that time, Auditor Guingrich requested to transfer funds, out of accounts that have been dormant for a couple of years now, into the General Fund.  Commissioner Heimlich said that even though it is an ordinance adopted by the

Commissioners, they wanted the Auditor to present it to the Council for their opinion.

Commissioner Heimlich said that the Council has reviewed and discussed the ordinance.  The Council said that everything would go into the General Fund except for the “Workshop Divorce Parents” fund, which will stay as is.

Commissioner Heimlich made the recommendation to adopt the ordinance with the change that all of the funds, except for the Workshop Divorce Parents (125) fund, will be transferred to the General Fund.

• Commissioner Burton made a motion to adopt Ordinance # 10-08-16-01, an ordinance that transfers the balance of dormant funds into the General Fund per the recommendation from the State Board of Accounts, seconded by Commissioner Schmierer.  Vote:  Unanimous


ORDINANCE NO. 10-08-16-01
Be it ordained by the Board of County Commissioners of White County, Indiana:

These funds are dormant and have been for several years and the board of Commissioners of White County, Indiana, Desire to transfer the balances of these funds to the General Fund.

Fund                Title     Amount
12   Anti Drug Abuse                           6, 692.47
22   TL Regional Sewer District           -13,930.99
24   Addt’l excise tax judgement              261.50
55   Marijuana Eradication                       134.66
125   Workshop Divorce Parents           10,667.50
126   Civil Defense Terrorism                   909.03
129   Airport Land Acquisition                1,123.22
139   New Jail Construction                  51,633.45
143    New Jail Construction Contractor  11,577.54
144   Atlas Collection                              466.02
151   Cops More Grant                            369.82
154   Civil Def. Cert. Grant                      139.93
158   Idaville Sewer Plan                         150.00
159   Emergency Response                        11.76
160   Build Indiana Fund                             7.11
189   Community Service Fee                   150.00

Commissioner Heimlich said that they have decided to keep the same blue print as Phase I and II for the division between the county, townships, school corporations, and libraries. 

• Commissioner Burton made a motion to approve the distribution of Wind Farm funds for Phase 3 and Phase 4 based on the blue print on Phase 1 and Phase 2, seconded by Commissioner Schmierer.  Vote:  Unanimous
     Wind Energy Project – Phase III
Estimated Allocation of Horizon Payment (1)

White County                  $239,280
Round Grove Twp.          $   5,590
Prairie Twp.                   $      730
Frontier School Corp.       $  23,630
Tri-County School Corp.   $180,170
Library                          $      350
  Total                          $449,750

      Wind Energy Project – Phase IV
Estimated Allocation of Horizon Payment (1)
  White County                  $227,970
  West Point Twp.              $   6,030
  Frontier School Corp.       $ 12,390
  Tri-County School Corp.   $181,760
    Total                          $428,150

Todd Samuelson, H.J. Umbaugh & Associates, appeared before the Commissioners and Council discussing the county’s future financials.

Mr. Samuelson discussed the assumptions for projected cash flows for 2010-2012 as follows:

 The 2011 certified growth factor for property taxes is 2.9%.  For year 2012, property taxes are assumed to grow 2.4%.

 2010 Circuit Breaker credits are based on the 2010 County Abstract.  Estimated property tax shortfalls due to tax credits for 2011 and 2012 are assumed to increase at the same level as the certified growth factors for property taxes.

 Excise Tax, FIT, and CVET are assumed to be 12.00% of property tax levy.

 Miscellaneous revenues are estimated to grow by 0% per year.

 2010 estimated disbursements are based on budget estimates prepared by the County.  For 2011 thru 2012, the estimated disbursements are assumed to grow by 2% each year.

 The operating balance is calculated by dividing ending cash by operating fund disbursements.  Suggested minimum reserves equal 15% or more of the operating budget.

 Property tax collections are assumed to be 97% of the estimated net tax levy.

 For 2011, CAGIT Certified Shares and PTRC are assumed to decrease by 18.11% from 2010.  2012 is based upon 2011 amounts.

A copy of the Preliminary 2011 Budget Analysis is available in the Commissioners office.

There being no further business to come before the Commissioners, their meeting was adjourned.


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John C. Heimlich, President                 Steve Burton, Vice President             Ronald Schmierer, Member



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     Jill Guingrich, Auditor