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 BE IT REMEMBERED that a regular meeting of the White County Council was held at the White County Building at Monticello at 9:00 A.M. on August 16, 2010 for the purpose of discussing the additional appropriations and other business that might come before the membership.

 Council President Richard Horton called the Council meeting to order in joint session with the Commissioners.  The following members were present:

  Richard G Horton          Kevin L Crabb  Gary W Hendryx
Dennis D Cain     Bruce D Clear  Raymond L Kramer Jr
 Councilor Carter and Auditor Guingrich were not in attendance.

 For content of joint session, see Commissioners’ minutes.

  Councilor Kramer made a motion to accept the July 19, 2010 minutes.  Councilor Crabb seconded the motion.         Vote:  Unanimous

 The following transfers were received:

White County Highway  $16,000.00 4-402-1-11  4-404-1-23
       Truck Drivers  Group Insurance

     $20,000.00 4-402-1-13  4-404-1-23
       Laborers  Group Insurance

     $10,000.00 4-402-1-16  4-404-1-23
       Drag Operators Group Insurance

 Councilor Hendryx Made a motion to approve the above transfers.  Councilor Cain seconded the motion.        Vote:  Unanimous   
 BE IT ORDAINED BY THE County Council of White County, Indiana that for the expenses of said Municipal Corporation the following additional sums of money are hereby appropriated and set apart out of the fund.  Herein specified and subject to the laws governing the same.
 Building Repairs & Maintenance  $   5,000.00  $   5,000.00
 Calcium & Salt                         $ 25,000.00  $  25,000.00
 Stone                                     $ 40,000.00  $  40,000.00
 Bituminous                              $ 95,000.00  $  95,000.00
 Road Striping                          $      600.00  $       600.00
 PERF                                      $   7,000.00  $    7,000.00
 Gas & Oil                                $100,000.00  $100,000.00
 Road Equipment Repair             $ 50,000.00  $  50,000.00
 Other Equipment Repair            $  30,000.00  $  30,000.00
       __________  __________
                                    TOTAL $352,600.00  $352,600.00

  Councilor Kramer made a motion to appropriate the above request from Motor Vehicle Highway.  Councilor Clear seconded the motion.   Vote:  Unanimous

New Aerial Photography   $21,170.00  $21,170.00
       __________  __________
    TOTAL $21,170.00  $21,170.00

  Councilor Kramer made a motion to appropriate the above request from Reassessment.  Councilor Hendryx seconded the motion.   Vote:  Unanimous

 After a brief discussion the Councilors looked at information given to them during the Commissioner’s meeting about enacting a Local Option Income Tax (LOIT) or a wheel tax, and to discuss it at the September 7, 2010 meeting.  The meeting will begin at 8:00 with discussion on LOIT, and then proceed to review the non-binding

budgets for towns, libraries, and townships. 

 There being no further business to bring before the Council, Councilor Kramer made a motion to adjourn.  Councilor Cain seconded the motion.   Vote:  Unanimous


___________________________          __________(absent)__________            ___________________________          
RICHARD G HORTON, PRESIDENT     DENNIS E CARTER                           GARY W HENDRYX                                         

___________________________             ___________________________            ___________________________
          DENNIS D CAIN                                       KEVIN L CRABB                             RAYMOND L KRAMER JR

___________________________       Attest:  _________(absent)__________ Attest: ________________________
            BRUCE D CLEAR                 JILL GUINGRICH, Auditor        BARBARA NYDEGGER, Secretary