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BE IT REMEMBERED, that the White County Commissioners held a regular meeting on November 15, 2010, at the White County Building, Commissioners Conference room, 2nd floor, beginning at 8:00 a.m.

Commissioners’ present was President John C. Heimlich, Vice President Steve Burton, and Commissioner Ron Schmierer.  Also present was the White County Attorney George Loy, White County Auditor Jill Guingrich, and the Commissioner’s Secretary Donya Tirpak.

• Commissioner Schmierer made a motion to approve the minutes as presented for the regular meeting on November 1, 2010, seconded by Commissioner Burton.  Vote:  Unanimous

• Commissioner Burton made a motion to approve the payroll as presented, seconded by Commissioner Schmierer.  Vote:  Unanimous

• Commissioner Schmierer made a motion to approve and pay the claims as presented, seconded by Commissioner Burton.  Vote:  Unanimous

White County Attorney George Loy announced that the time has expired for the acceptance of bids for the lease of the 75.6 acres of county farm ground for 2011.  Three bids were accepted from the following: 

Koty Lear, Wolcott,             $16,750.00
Steven Carlson, Monon        $19,050.00
Michael Schroder, Reynolds  $20,800.00

• Commissioner Schmierer made a motion to accept the highest bid of $20,800 from Michael Schroder for the lease of the county farm ground for 2011, seconded by Commissioner Burton.  Vote:  Unanimous

Commissioners’ Secretary, Donya Tirpak, submitted an agreement from Government Fixed Asset Services, Inc., for the 2011 GASBY No. 34 reporting.  The Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement No. 34 covers all of the county’s capital asset reporting.  The cost of the agreement for 2011 is $2,350.00, which will be paid

out of the Commissioners’ budget.

• Commissioner Schmierer made a motion to renew the agreement with Government Fixed Asset Services for the GASBY No. 34 asset reporting for 2011 for $2,350.00, seconded by Commissioner Burton.  Vote:  Unanimous

Commissioner Heimlich said that he has been contacted by Corporate Cost Solutions, Inc., to audit the county’s workers’ compensation premiums to try and get the county a refund.  They will review our policy and premiums to make certain that we are properly insured at competitive rates.  The fee for their service is contingent based

and Corporate Cost Solution will receive 50% of all refunds and 50% of all the savings for the current one and future policy period.

• Commissioner Schmierer made a motion to enter into an agreement with Corporate Cost Solutions, Inc., to audit the county’s workers’ compensation premiums at a rate of 50% of what they recover, seconded by Commissioner Burton.  Vote:  Unanimous

White County Recycling Director presented the following Holiday Schedule for 2011.

January        3  New Year’s Day
February     11  Lincoln’s Birthday
February     21  President’s Day
April          22   Good Friday
May           30   Memorial Day
July             4   Independence Day
September   5  Labor Day
October     10  Columbus Day
November  11  Veteran’s Day
November  24 & 25 Thanksgiving Day
December  26  Christmas Day

• Commissioner Burton made a motion to approve the 2011 Holiday Schedule for the Recycling Department as presented, seconded by Commissioner Schmierer.  Vote:  Unanimous

Director Dawn Girard reported that the Recycling Department just received an additional $10,000 from the NWISWD.  She said that this will give her $27,140.29 in the account and requested to purchase two more recycling trailers at $13,244.00 each.  PERMISSION GRANTED

At this time, White County Council President Richard “Buzz” Horton called the Council members to order in joint session with the Commissioners.  Council members present were: 

 President Richard “Buzz” Horton  Bruce Clear  Casey Crabb
 Gary Hendryx    Denny Carter  Denny Cain
 Butch Kramer

White County Memorial Hospital CEO, Stephanie Long, presented the Financial Analysis report for November 2010.

Mrs. Long reported the good news that they are going to receive 90 percent of their upper payment limit, which is the amount that they get for treating Medicaid patients, this November.

For October 2010, the hospital had a gross patient revenue of $4.6 million, which brings the year to date to $43.5 million.  The net patient revenue for the month was $2.5 million, bringing the year to date total to $25.9 million.  Their expenses for the month were a little over $2.5 million, putting them at $25 million year to date.  They also

had an operating gain of $49,237 for the month, and $219,478 year to date. 

White County Building Inspector Dave Anderson reported that there were forty permits issued last month, four of them were for new stick built homes.  Compared to last year, the county is down four permits for new homes built. 

White County Environmental Officer, John Raines, presented the Violation & Complaint Report for October 2010.  Mr. Raines also introduced Andrew Esser as the new Operations District manager at Liberty Landfill.

Mr. Raines also updated everyone that the former Indiana Waste Transfer Station, currently owned by Veolia Environmental Services, is now taking their trash out of the county and we are not receiving any tipping fees from them.

White County Recycling Director, Dawn Girard, updated the Council that the department did receive another $10,000 for equipment that must be used by the end of this year.  She informed them that she will be buying two more recycling trailers with the grant money.  She also reported that as of October, their collection receipts have gone

up $44,384.21 since 2009.

White County Economic Development Director, Connie Neininger, presented her Director’s Report for October’s activities.

Connie said that Vanguard has finally announced their expansion of a new refrigeration line.  Girtz Industries is now up to 140 employees.  Compared to last year at this time they had laid off all of their employees.  Emerson had projected that they were going to hire sixty employees and since the business is still going strong, they are

now up to one hundred new hires.  Marion, Polymer Science, Inc., has openings for new engineers.

Connie reported that the Home Town Competitiveness now has a “Tools for Business” kit available on their website at for entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business.

Connie said that another wind farm project is in the works.  Property north of 24 is being considered and there are currently two wind farm companies looking at the area and talking to land owners.

Shannon Mattix, President of the North White School board, and other board representatives, appeared before the Commissioners and Council.  Mr. Mattix said that they need to find a better way to do business because every year the corporation is forced to take out tax anticipation warrants.  He explained that the amount of money that is

coming in is not the issue; it’s the timing. 

Mr. Mattix presented a report showing that the North White School Corporation has paid out $646,000 in interest payments for tax warrants for the past ten years.  Their most recent tax anticipation warrant is $1.9 million at 3.5 percent. 

Shannon Mattix thought it would be an idea if the county could possibly loan the money to North White and the other schools with the landfill funds without charging interest. 

Councilman Horton said that he didn’t like the idea because it would take a tremendous amount of coordination between the four schools.  He said that it will put them in a position of being a bank with the landfill funds and he felt that the council isn’t equipped to go down that road.

Councilman Kramer felt that this was a good idea because he didn’t like the idea of the schools paying out so much in interest when the county does have the money.  He said that he would rather see the county in the banking business than the banks making money off of the county schools. 

Commissioner Heimlich said that it was pretty much impossible that anything would be done this year, but they will look into it and discuss this issue with the other school corporations.

There being no further business to come before the Council, their meeting was moved to the Council room. 

There being no further business to come before the Commissioners, their meeting was adjourned.


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John C. Heimlich, President                 Steve Burton, Vice President             Ronald Schmierer, Member


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     Jill Guingrich, Auditor