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 November 15th, 2010

 The White County Drainage Board convened at 10:30 A. M. in the Commissioners’ Room of the White County Building, Monticello, Indiana.  Board members present were:  President Ronald Schmierer, Vice President Steve Burton, and Drainage Board Member John Heimlich.  Also present were Attorney George W. Loy, Surveyor Dennis Sterrett, Drainage Assistant Mary Sterrett and Secretary Jamie Rozzi. 

  Also in attendance was Sharon Watson with White County Soil and Water and Brad Ward.

The first item on the agenda was to approve the minutes from the November 1st, 2010 meeting. Board Member Burton so moved.  Board Member Heimlich seconded the motion.   Motion carried unanimously.

The next item on the agenda was to discuss the Scott Hughes Laterals.

Surveyor Sterrett stated, “I didn’t know if you heard from Raines or not…the dirt pile we went and looked at…”

 Chairman Schmierer stated, “I haven’t heard from him.  He said he was out there and said he couldn’t catch the guy, but I didn’t ask him this morning.  Is the dirt pile on our tiles?”

Surveyor Sterrett stated, “I don’t know.  I don’t know where the tile is at.  I got a map of it here.  I didn’t get back out there to check it out.”

Chairman Schmierer stated, “It’s out on Hanawalt Road and a guy is hauling in a bunch of dirt in off of Sixth Street and dumping it.  Well, supposedly there is a tile that comes across…  Anyway, Pyle had called me complaining because he said the road is flooded when we get a big rain anyhow and that he’s changing contours.  I don’t think he’s changing the contours that much back there where he’s dumping it, but we didn’t know if the dirt was on the tile or not because there is an air well in there some place.  We saw it.”

Surveyor Sterrett stated, “There is an air well over in this pocket over here and he mentioned that he was going to build a barn or tool shed.  We checked with the Building Department and he hasn’t applied for a building permit yet.”

Chairman Schmierer stated, “Well, we’ll want to watch that he doesn’t build on top of the tile, that’s the main thing.  Shepherd had owned that property…and he had taken a big railroad car that was used for fuel or diesel fuel and took that out of there and it’s out there lying on top of the ground.  I think that is what he is filling in.  We were out there a week ago Friday.  I really don’t know if there is anything we can do about him filling it in because it’s not affecting the tile.  I guess if he builds over the tile…”

Surveyor Sterrett stated, “We’ve got a 75 foot right-of-way there, so…on each side.”

Chairman Schmierer stated, “I don’t think you can do anything about it until you get the building permit.”

Surveyor Sterrett stated, “He’s being assessed to the (James) Carter, that’s all paid by the Carter.  The watershed goes down just about to the tracks south of his house.  I guess we’ll just keep an eye on what’s going on.  The building permit will come through our office.”

The next item on the agenda is upcoming maintenance projects. 

Surveyor Sterrett reported that the contractor working on the Emmett Rayman Maintenance Project thought he would be resuming work on the ditch within three weeks or so. 

Surveyor Sterrett reported that at the next meeting quotes would be opened for the following maintenance projects: Patrick Mellon, E. P. Smith, J. D. Roudebush, A. K. Sills, and Branch #1 of Branch #4 of J. M. Timmons.

Surveyor Sterrett reported that they are working on the Mertz-Muck.  Surveyor Sterrett reported that the field work is done and will start doing grade next week. 

Surveyor Sterrett also reported that he is still working on the specs for the Milton-Martin.  Surveyor Sterrett explained that there will not be any dipping out of the middle only taking the slides out where the water has cut into the banks because there is water in the ditch 24/7 coming from the stone quarry…and it has plenty of grade.

Surveyor Sterrett reported that a letter was received from the Department of Natural Resources concerning Moots Creek.  It was a Certificate of Approval for the bridge on Eighth Street in Brookston.
Board Member Burton explained, “Dave Kent had called last week and since the crops were off he wanted a Commissioner…so I will go out there.  Do you remember when he came in and he was talking about the ground…so I just wanted to put that on the record.”

Surveyor Sterrett asked, “Where was that?”

Board Member Burton replied, “East of Brookston.  Do you know where my brother used to live?  Across the road, John Warner manages that but Deckard’s farm it.  It had some wet spots and Dave came in that day and was talking about how they had taken the terrace out and kind of connected them and now the water is running on down to him, which would be the northwest corner of his property.  We have a ditch down there…his concern was with what they are doing the county may have some jurisdiction on that.  He’s got a crossing down there…was that the J. P. Carr?  His concern was that because the Carr is down there that we might have some jurisdiction of what they’ve done to the contour of the land.”

Surveyor Sterrett stated, “It might be the Brackney drain, but that’s a tile.”

Chairman Schmierer stated, “There’s a small ditch that runs through there, it goes over to the J. P. Carr.  It’s a lateral off of there, it’s over by ConAgra.”

Surveyor Sterrett replied, “Oh, that’s branch one.”

Chairman Schmierer stated, “I think that is what he is talking about.”

Surveyor Sterrett stated, “That’s too far north to be north of where his brother was.”

Board Member Burton stated, “It’s possible, we just need to get out there.  He was wondering if we could assist him in any…it may be a civil….”

Chairman Schmierer asked if there was anything further for the Drainage Board.  Chairman Schmierer then adjourned the meeting.