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BE IT REMEMBERED, that the White County Commissioners held a regular meeting on January 17, 2011, at the White County Building, Commissioners’ Conference room, beginning at 8:00 a.m.
Commissioners present were President John C. Heimlich, Vice President Steve Burton, and Commissioner Ron Schmierer. Also present was the White County Attorney George Loy, White County Auditor Jill Guingrich, and the Commissioners’ Secretary Donya Tirpak.
Commissioner Heimlich called the meeting to order.
Commissioner Schmierer made a motion to approve the minutes as presented for the Special meeting on December 29, 2010, and the Regular meeting on January 4, 2011, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous
Commissioner Burton made a motion to approve the payroll as presented, seconded by Commissioner Schmierer. Vote: Unanimous
Commissioner Schmierer made a motion to approve and pay the claims as presented, second by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous
Commissioners’ Secretary, Donya Tirpak, presented a renewal agreement for the county’s surplus items that are auctioned off over the internet. She said that Jeff Kemper, Asset Auctions Online, is currently working with the Sheriff’s department and realized that the agreement has expired.
Asset Auctions Online will be compensated according to the sale of the item:
25% of the first $2,000 collected on any item,
20% of the next $3,000 collected on any item
15% of the next $5,000 collected on any item
10% of the next $10,000 collected on any item
5% of all amounts collected on ay item, greater than $20,000
Commissioner Burton made a motion to enter into an agreement with Asset Auctions Online, LLC, for one year to auction the county’s surplus items over the internet, seconded by Commissioner Schmierer. Vote: Unanimous
Commissioners’ Secretary, Donya Tirpak, presented quotes for trash pick up at the Courthouse one time a week and a 2-yd container at the Annex Building emptied 1 x week. Two quotes were submitted from the following:
Mitchell Disposal $ 95.00/month
Veolia Environmental Services $105.00/month
Commissioner Burton made a motion to accept the quote from Mitchell Disposal for the County Courthouse and Annex’s disposal needs for $95.00 per month, seconded by Commissioner Schmierer. Vote: Unanimous
Connie Neininger, Economic Development Director, said that enXco, Renewable Energy Developer, has submitted a written request to get a copy of our county’s GIS shape file for Princeton Township. This is something that we did do for Horizon Wind but it was done at a much later date in the project.
Commissioner Schmierer made a motion to allow Eric Storm, County IT, to give a copy of the GIS shape file for Princeton Township to enXco, seconded by Commissioner Burton. Vote: Unanimous
Connie Neininger presented a Professional Services agreement from Urban Initiatives, LLC, to perform the scope of work for the White County Economic Development Strategic Action Study. She reminded everyone that this is a grant for $48,600 from the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs to complete a strategy.
White County Attorney George Loy said that he was concerned with the compensation paragraph in the agreement where it says, "the county shall pay the contractor an amount, not to exceed $50,000." No where in the agreement does it show an hourly rate or breakdown of services. Attorney Loy asked Connie to take the contract back to Urban Initiatives and ask them to include an "Attachment B" detailing what their fees will be.
White County Attorney George Loy announced that the following are re-bids for Item #1 and Item #2 for the White County Highway Supplies for 2011. ITEM #1: UNLEADED GASOLINE
1. Petroleum Traders Corporation, Fort Wayne, IN Bid Bond
2. City Fuel & Heating, Monticello, IN Bid Bond ITEM #2: DIESEL FUEL #1, #2, & PREMIUM
1. Petroleum Traders Corporation, Fort Wayne, IN Bid Bond
2. City Fuel & Heating, Monticello, IN Bid Bond
3. Good Oil Company, Winamac, IN Bid Bond
Commissioner Heimlich asked if there were any bids that were submitted but not read. No response. Attorney Loy announced that the Commissioners will take the bids under advisement and award at the next meeting.At this time, White County Council President Denny Carter called the Council members to order in joint session with the Commissioners. Council members present were:
President, Denny Carter Gary Hendryx Denny Cain
Bruce Clear Raymond "Butch" Kramer Jim Annis
Kevin "Casey" Crabb
White County Memorial Hospital CEO, Stephanie Long, presented the Financial Analysis for December 31, 2010. Mrs. Long reported the following:
Month YTD
Gross patient revenue $4.3 million $52.1 million
Net Revenue $2.5 million $30.5 million
Operating expenses $2.3 million $30.2 million
Operating Gain $29,778 $250,977
Net Gain $56,818 $531,004
Mrs. Long reported that they do continue to see an increase in the out patient services. They ended the year with a cash position of $7.7 million.
White County Building Inspector, Dave Anderson, presented a comparison report detailing the past year and also the last ten years.
Total Permits issued for 2010: 458
Total Permits issued for 2009: 515
Total Permits issued for 2008: 561
Total Permits issued for 2007: 679
White County E-911 Communications Director Terri Conwell presented her year-end report for 2010. Terri pointed out that even though her budget was cut $20,000 from Capital Outlays for 2010, she was impressed that she didn’t end the year in the red. Terri also discussed how she wants to change the training procedures of new hires to save some money in 2011.
White County Environmental Officer John Raines presented the Violation & Complaint Report for December 2010. In his report, he did note that Liberty Landfill took in 989,362 tons this year compared to the 901,537 tons taken in 2009.
White County Recycling Director, Dawn Girard, presented the year-end-report for the Recycling Department.
Council on Aging Director, Gale Spry, presented the fourth quarter and year-end operating data report for 2010. She said that the amount of trips that they made in 2010 was down 796 compared to 2009. She speculates that the non-emergency ambulance service that is now available in our community is one reason why the total trips are down.
Their total expenses were up $10,000 compared to 2009. Mrs. Spry mentioned that she is still working on getting donations from the township trustees.
White County Economic Development Director, Connie Neininger, presented the Director’s Report for December 2010.
Connie said that she is keeping busy working on the following projects in the county: BLA Wetlands Project, enXco Wind Project, Gutwein Project, Synergy Lime Plant, Wolcott Corridor, and Swift Enterprises & Cathay.
Connie reported that the word is out that the county has received a grant to put in water and sewer at the Wolcott Corridor and she is starting to get a lot of calls from developers.
A steering committee has been put together for the White County Economic Development Strategy project.
Mr. Todd Samuelson, Financial Advisor from Umbaugh & Associates, appeared before the Commissioners and Council to discuss the matching funds required for the Wolcott Corridor project.
Mr. Samuelson said that White County has several options because of our funds that are on hand to consider as part, or all, of the matching requirements. We also have the option of leveraging some of our resources that we have; specifically the EDIT funds that come in every year.
If the county is not in favor to bond for the matching funds, Mr. Samuelson said that the county could consider the CEDIT fund and the Wind Farm Economic Development fund. He said that at the end of the year these two funds had over $5 million, which is more than enough for the matching funds.
Mr. Samuelson recommended everyone to look a little further into the future of the county’s financials. A requirement in the general fund for 2011 will be to spend down some of the county’s cash position in order to fund the county’s budget. Based on his estimates from last fall, it looks like the county’s spend down will be approximately $1.060 million in the 2011 budget.
Mr. Samuelson gave the recommendation to leverage the CEDIT revenue stream to borrow the money necessary for the matching funds. When the time comes to write the bonds, the county needs to make sure that the CEDIT funds balance and the Wind Farm Economic Development funds are available for the next three to five years incase the county wants to pay them off early.
Mr. Samuelson explained that $611,000 earned in CEDIT revenue per year would put us at a $350,000 yearly payment on the bond, which will leave the county with $250,000 in the CEDIT account each year. The repayment schedule would be 10 years maximum. He also mentioned that since the Wolcott Corridor is in a TIF district, there is the advantage of using the TIF revenue to pay off the bonds, if the businesses are there and revenue is coming in.
Commissioner Schmierer asked what the county’s advantage would be of doing this as he recommends, since we already have the funds to just pay for it up front. He questioned why the county would purchase bonds and pay interest if we already have the $2.5 million available in the landfill reserve fund to pay for it. He said that we should just borrow the money from the landfill reserve fund and pay it back with the TIF funds.
Mr. Samuelson said that there is definitely the option of paying cash, and he won’t argue with that. He said that when he put this together for the county, he was attempting to maintain as much financial flexibility as possible for the county over the next two to five years.
The Commissioners and Councilman decided to take all of the information that was discussed under advisement and discuss it again next month.
White County Sheriff, Pat Shafer, presented a contract for the 2011 Inmate Health Care Contract with Health Professionals. Sheriff Shafer said that the contract is normally set up for four years but since this is his first year as Sheriff, he wants the contract signed for one year. The contract cost is also lower from previous years because the amount of coverage isn’t as high.
Sheriff Shafer said that he does need to have it approved and submitted before the end of the month, but asked the Commissioners to review the contract and get back with him.
There being no further business to come before the Commissioners, their meeting was adjourned.
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John C. Heimlich, President Steve Burton, Vice President Ronald Schmierer, Member
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Jill Guingrich, Auditor