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BE IT REMEMBERED that a regular meeting of the White County Council was held at the White County Building at Monticello at 9:00 A.M. on December 20, 2010 for the purpose of discussing the additional appropriations and other business that might come before the membership.
Council President Richard Horton called the Council meeting to order in joint session with the Commissioners. The following members were present:
Richard G Horton
 Kevin L Crabb
Gary W Hendryx
Dennis E Carter
Bruce D Clear
Raymond L Kramer Jr
Dennis D Cain
For content of joint session, see Commissioners’ minutes.
Councilor Kramer made a motion to accept the November 15, 2010 minutes. Councilor Hendryx seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous
The following transfers were received:
White County Highway Department
$ 4,000.00 4-401-1-12 4-402-3-92
Engineer Contractual Services
White County Highway Department
$ 553.00 4-401-1-12 4-401-3-23
Engineer Telephone
$ 447.00 4-401-1-12 4-402-2-23
Engineer Bituminous
$ 273.00 4-401-2-11 4-402-2-33
Office Supplies Bituminous
$ 149.74 4-401-2-11 4-404-3-42
Office Supplies Workman’s Comp.
$ 174.56 4-401-3-26 4-404-3-42
Office Equipment Repair Workman’s Comp.
$ 100.00 4-401-3-41 4-404-3-42
Office Bonds and Insurance Workman’s Comp.
$ 154.50 4-401-3-92 4-404-3-42
Alcohol & Drug Testing Workman’s Comp.
$15,500.00 4-402-1-11 4-401-3-61
Truck Drivers Building Rpr & Maint
$ 7,389.00 4-402-1-13 4-401-3-61
Laborers Building Rpr & Maint
$12,166.00 4-402-1-15 4-401-3-61
Foreman Building Rpr & Maint
$27,633.00 4-402-1-13 4-404-3-61
Laborers Equipment Repair
$ 8,975.10 4-402-1-13 4-404-3-42
Laborers Workman’s Comp.
$ 1,836.92 4-402-1-14 4-404-3-42
Sign Technician Workman’s Comp.
$ 3,876.81 4-402-1-16 4-404-3-42
Drag Operators Workman’s Comp.
$ 1,272.02 4-402-3-51 4-404-3-42
Utilities Workman’s Comp.
$ 1,203.96 4-402-3-71 4-404-3-42
Rental Of Equipment Workman’s Comp.
$ 608.88 4-404-1-11 4-404-3-42
Mechanics Workman’s Comp.
$ 1,384.49 4-401-1-22 4-404-3-42
PERF Workman’s Comp.
$ 3,084.14 4-404-2-22 4-404-3-42
Tires Workman’s Comp.
$ 7,142.02 4-404-2-31 4-404-3-42
Other Garage Supplies Workman’s Comp.
$ 3,420.42 4-404-4-41 4-404-3-42
New Equipment Workman’s Comp.
White County Commissioners
$43,000.00 1-3-4-1 1-8-1-8
Property Acquisition Group Insurance
White County Circuit Court
$ 5,700.00 1-4-1-10 1-4-2-2
Petit Jury Books
$ 150.00 1-4-1-10 1-4-2-1
Petit Jury Supplies
$ 120.00 1-4-1-10 1-4-2-4
Petit Jury Copier
White County Treasurer
$ 300.00 001-22-03-2 001-22-03-7
Travel Expense Office Supplies
$ 400.00 001-22-03-02 001-22-01-04
Travel Expense Part-time
$ 50.00 001-22-03-04 001-22-03-07
Equipment Repair Office Supplies
Councilor Kramer made a motion to approve the above transfers. Councilor Crabb seconded the motion. Vote: Unanimous
Prosecutor Robert Guy thanked the Council for their support and additional funding for the Claypool case. He said the family is probably unaware of the help the Council has given to make the DNA investigation possible.
Newly-elected Sheriff Shafer wanted to reiterate his thanks to the Council and Commissioners for their involvement with the Claypool Case. He has been deeply involved with the case and said their assistance was very helpful.
Sheriff Shafer said he wanted to leave most of the Sheriff employees in place, but plans to make administrative changes: A.J. Alletto will replace Jim Bolen; David Roth will replace himself; Terry Corso will replace Serena Day; Kimberly Shafer will replace Pam Salomon. Ms. Day and Ms. Salomon will be leaving. Chief Deputy Bolen will stay on as a Merit Deputy. Sheriff Shafer gave his phone numbers to the Councilors and said they are welcome to call him with questions anytime.
Shannon Mattix asked that North White School be able to borrow money from the landfill fund interest free, to be paid back later with the property tax revenue. The School typically borrows money with interest even when taxes are collected on the regular tax schedule. The money comes in after it’s needed. Mr. Mattix would rather use landfill tipping fee money that is available knowing the funds will be replenished in one payment when the tax draw is received. It would save the County and the taxpayers’ money. Councilor Cain was concerned the Council would become a bank for other schools and entities wanting to do the same. Mr. Mattix said the Corporation Treasurer is highly capable of tracking the numbers and giving the Council updates even if the Council should decide to include other schools. He said it is too late for 2010, but he asked for their consideration for 2011. The most current loan was at an interest rate of about 2.95%. Over the past ten years the corporation has paid $635,000 in interest. The corporation has a rainy day fund, but it is a fund they can’t make plans with or budget around. Councilor Kramer was in favor of using funds not currently being used to ultimately help out students and taxpayers, especially knowing it is temporary and so long as it is legally sound. Mr. James Annis was also concerned about how many others might have the same request, and wondered if the County could handle it. Councilor Cain expressed concerned this would cause the Auditor’s office take on more work. Mr. Mattix suggested making the language clear that only "tax anticipation" loans be made that can be paid back in one lump sum. . . nothing ongoing. Councilor Crabb suggested waiting on a response from County Attorney George Loy. Councilor Carter is favorable and said the Council would look at situations as they may come up, case by case. Taxpayer Bob Callahan from Union Township said he was pleased to hear the conversation and consideration the Council is taking on this issue and their efforts to be prudent with taxpayer money.
Councilor Kramer said there were no objections to replacing Pamela Furrer with Miranda Taulman at the Wolcott Library. He also said that Gordon Denton was willing to serve on the Alcoholic Beverage Board again, and everyone was fine with Kay Kiser and Phyl Olinger on the Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals. President Horton said the Common Construction Wage Committee only needs someone when there is construction going on. He did not think it necessary to assign anyone until there is a need. He went to one meeting three years ago. Soon-to-be Councilor James Annis said he would serve on the Area Plan Commission. President Horton said whoever is elected Council President must serve on the Inn Keepers Tax Board. All of the Councilors agreed to continue serving on the committees they are currently on. The Council decided to wait until next month to officially vote on the appointees.
Library Boards (4 yrs)
Wolcott Miranda Taulman
Alcoholic Beverage Board (1 yr) Gordon Denton
Kankakee-Iroquois Reg Planning (1 yr) Gary Hendryx
Wabash Valley Board (1yr) Dennis E. Carter
Community Corrections Advisory (1 yr) Dennis Cain
Industrial Foundation Board (2 yrs) Casey Crabb
Solid Waste Management (1 yr) Raymond Kramer
Data Processing Board Raymond Kramer
911 Board (1 yr) Bruce Clear
White Co Area Plan Commission (4 yr) Charles Anderson
James Annis
PTABOA (Property Tax Assessment Kay Kiser
Board of Appeals (1 yr) Phyl Olinger
Common Construction Wage Committee
(Needs appointment before construction)
Twin Lakes Regional Sewer Wage Board
(Needs appointment before a bid)
Auditor Guingrich said the Sewer district just paid back $30,000 to Solid Waste Reserve and still owes $120,000. They have ten years to pay it back.
Councilor Kramer reported that Todd Samuelson said in regard to bonds for the Wolcott Corridor he would recommend an EDIT bond. Investors like to see a 150% margin between the fund being used and what is being paid out. White County’s annual receipts are about $661,000. His recommendation would be a ten-year bond which would amount to about a $340,000 annual payment. That would allow flexibility to get out from under the finances should the County want disposable cash with no penalty. Eventually the money will be recaptured through the TIF district. Councilor Kramer said interest rates are favorable now, and matching funds must be designated and set in place before grants can be awarded. Council President Horton said this project was started the summer of 2002.
Councilor Kramer said he researched the State statute on using a portion of the money from the sale of the Lakeview Home. Department Head salaries cannot be changed once they’ve been set. Department Heads and Employees however can have a one-time bonus, incentive stipend, compensation, or additional benefit. It cannot be a raise or change in salary or change in the matrix. Dean Gerlach and Chris Girton with the State Board of Accounts didn’t flinch when Auditor Guingrich asked about giving a bonus. The Councilors decided to wait until money from the sale comes in and County Attorney Loy shares his findings on the issue as well.
Council President Horton said he has been the luckiest guy to have served on a board where he not only likes everyone, but also trusts and respects everyone. He said it’s been that way for his entire twelve years. He shared his appreciation to all the Councilors, Secretary Nydegger, and Auditor Guingrich for all the great work they have done. He also has confidence in the newly-elected member of the Council, Jim Annis. Councilors expressed their appreciation to President Horton for his leadership, guidance, friendship, and for keeping meetings on task.
Auditor Guingrich invited everyone to eat lunch in the basement at the employee Christmas luncheon and enjoy a piece of President Horton’s retirement cake.
There being no further business to bring before the Council, Councilor Cain made a motion to adjourn. Councilor Kramer seconded the motion.
Vote: Unanimous