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March 7, 2011

 The White County Drainage Board convened at 10:30 A. M. in the Commissioners’ Room of the White County Building, Monticello, Indiana.  Board members present were:  President Ronald Schmierer, Vice President Steve Burton,                  and Drainage Board Member John Heimlich.  Also present were Attorney George W.  Loy, Surveyor Bradley Ward and Drainage Assistant Mary Sterrett.

 Also in attendance was:

 Sharon Watson-White County Soil and Water
 The first item on the agenda was to approve the minutes from the February 22nd, 2011 meeting.  Board Member Burton so moved.  Board Member Heimlich seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

 Chairman Schmierer  changed the agenda to discuss the G. W. Riffle Ditch # 686 Maintenance Petition next.

 Surveyor Ward stated, “Don MacOwan  was petitioning to have the out let cleared on that.  This is the petition.  A couple of name that are not on there are Westerhouse and the property that it runs through, Lisa Graham and                Kenny Wrede those names are not on there either.”

 Chairman Schmierer replied, “That does not matter they got enough names on there.  Have we got money in that fund?”

 Surveyor Ward answered, “It is paid for by the Dorsey I believe picks that up and there is $69,000 roughly in the fund.”

 Chairman Schmierer continued, “We have a petition on the Maintenance Project on the G. W.  Riffle Drain.  Seven Hundred and twenty (720) feet North, Four Hundred and Thirty (430) feet West of  Southeast corner of the                Township.  How much are we cleaning here?”

 Surveyor Ward answered, “It starts where it out lets in the Dorsey then runs up to the County Road which is ……”

 Chairman Schmierer asked, “How many feet do you think you have got Brad?”

 Surveyor Ward continued, “It is this little section right there, it is the only part that hasn’t  been cleaned.  About five hundred (500) feet.  It is all in brush and grown up.”

 Chairman Schmierer stated, “I need a motion to accept this petition for maintenance on the G. W. Riffle Ditch.”  Board Member Heimlich so moved and Board Member Burton seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

 Drainage Assistant Sterrett stated, “G. W.  Riffle is on maintenance my itself, it is the Chamberlain that is on with the Dorsey.”

 Chairman Schmierer asked, “Do we have money in it Mary (Drainage Assistant Sterrett)? ”

 Drainage Assistant Sterrett replied, “Yeah, he was right about the money it just the
                Chamberlain is on with the Dorsey not the Riffle.”

 Next on the agenda was discuss County Line/Tiling issues.

 Surveyor Ward stated, “I called Mr. Burton about it last week, Mike Ezra was wanting to have his sixty thousand dollar ($60,000.00) check released.  What he needed to still do was where the Rayman leaves State Road 18 he                  needs to level the spoil.  He said he went out there late last week, I was out there Wednesday and looked at it.  He said he knocked the top off of it and it is still frozen a little bit hoping to thaw it out.  I told him about a slide in                  there at US  231 that needs to be cleaned up.  He said “yeah” there are three (3) or four (4) in the stretch along there that needs to be cleaned up.”

 Chairman Schmierer asked, “Have we given him final payment on that?”

 Surveyor Ward replied, “We have not paid him anything  yet.”

 Chairman Schmierer asked, “Is there any reason George (Attorney Loy) we can’t release his bond?”

 Attorney Loy replied, “The bond, No!” 

 Surveyor Ward stated, “He was not asking for payment yet.”

 Chairman Schmierer stated,  I would entertain a motion to release the bond the sixty thousand dollar ($60,000.00) bond to County Line Tiling/Excavating on the Emmet Rayman Ditch.  To include that he finishes the work before                we pay him. Release the bond.  Board Member Burton so moved.  Board Member Heimlich seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

 Surveyor Ward stated, “He had the Milton Martin too, that contract went to County Road 100 and stopped.  He did every thing East to the McKillip the land owner there asked him to do it.  He said if the County would pay for it he                 would not charge the land owner.  It was one hundred and sixty dollars ($160.00) to do the next five hundred (500) feet or so.  It would not come out of ….the reason the project stopped there is because that is where the legal                 description for that ditch ends.”

 Chairman Schmierer replied, “Yeah, up there at Monon.”

 Surveyor Ward continued, “ It would have to come out of the McKillip I would guess, that fund.  It was not through our office to have it done.  The land owner asked for it to be done.  He went a head and did it while he was out                  there.”

 Board Member Burton replied, “Well, the question I have here, this may need George’s (Attorney Loy) response.  You are saying that they cleaned what is not part of the legal description of that ditch?”

 Surveyor Ward replied, “Yes!”
 Board Member Heimlich asked, “But it is part of an other one?”

 Surveyor Ward replied, “Yes, it is part of the McKillip.  It was not part of the job because the legal description stops at the County Road.  There is another five hundred (500) feet between the County Road and the McKillip Ditch.

 Board Member Burton asked, “There is another ditch?”

 Board Member Heimlich replied, “Now, wait a minute…”

 Surveyor Ward continued, “For some reason the legal description stops at the County Road before it gets to the McKillip.”

 Board Member Heimlich stated, “Stops before it gets to the McKillip!”

 Attorney Loy asked, “Of which drain?”

 Surveyor Ward replied, “The Milton Martin up by Monon.”

 Board Member Heimlich replied, “Yeah, I know where that is….”

 Surveyor Ward stated, “I don’t know why but it stops at the County Road.”

 Board Member Heimlich replied, “Well, it is probably kind of a natural creek there.”

 Chairman Schmierer stated, “Well, it is part of the McKillip.”

 Attorney asked, “Who is doing this work?”

 Chairman Schmierer answered, “County Line but he had a land owner that wanted that other five hundred (500) feet cleaned.  He went a head and cleaned it and he was not going to bill the land owner if we would pay the one                 hundred and sixty dollars ($160.00).”

 Attorney Loy said, “I would say No!”

 Chairman Schmierer replied, “There is your answer.”

 Surveyor Ward replied, “That was my opinion too!”

 Board Member Heimlich said, “We could probably get in trouble with DNR or somebody  for messing with a natural stream.”

 Next on the agenda was discuss the Marion Bice Drain #657 shared with Jasper County.

 Surveyor Ward stated, “Jasper County raised the assessments on that twenty-five percent (25 %), the one time.  White County collects currently about thirteen hundred dollars ($1,300.00 ).  It is going to go to seventeen hundred                dollars ($1,700.00).  That ditch does not run through the County.  I was just letting you guys know that they raised it so it is on the record.”

 Chairman Schmierer replied, “Ok!”

 Board Member Burton replied, “It does not go through us but we….”

 Surveyor Ward said, “We have part of the water shed up in Princeton Township.”

 Chairman Schmierer replied, “Right!  I know where you are talking about.”

 Surveyor Ward replied, “It gets pretty close I believe.  We looked at it last week.  It picks up some tiles and other things.”

 Next on the agenda was open quotes on the G. W.  Chamberlain Branch of the Dorsey Drain #532 Maintenance Project.
 Dennis Sparks and Son Excavating:  $1,800.00
 DeVault Farms:  $1,800.00

 Attorney Loy stated, “You can take either one! Take a look at them to make sure they are quoting the right ditch.”

 Chairman Schmierer asked, “Where is this ditch at? Do you know where this ditch is at….that is all right I thought you knew basically where it is at.”

 Surveyor Ward replied, “It flows in to the Dorsey.”

 Board Member Burton asked, “On Brown’s ground?”

 Surveyor Ward answered, “Yeah!”

 Board Member Burton replied, “Remember where Walt Kelly did that deal it is close to that just north of it.”

 Chairman Schmierer replied. “You got two quotes on it one from Sparks and one from who…… DeVault.”

 Surveyor Ward stated, “Randy DeVault did helped me out on that originally he went out there and gave me an estimate on what he thought it would take.”

 Board Member Heimlich replied, “It is pretty close to him.”

 Board Member Burton replied, “I am not involved with any of this ground.  I know that Randy (DeVault Farms) has done some work out there and it was usually very good.  Just out of past experience and in trying to keep the                 consistency there.   If it is a toss up I would recommend DeVault.”

  The motion was made by Board Member Burton to accept DeVault Farms’ quote on the G.  W. Chamberlain maintenance project.  Motion was seconded by Board Member Heimlich.  Motion approved unanimously.

 Attorney Loy stated, “Brad, some where in your records there is a resolution we did.  I think maybe back in 1999 about farmers doing their own work and expecting to be paid for it.  Can you put your hands on that or Mary                 (Drainage Assistant Sterrett).  Do you know what I’m talking about the Drainage Board passed a resolution some time ago quite a while ago concerning payment to land owners for doing work on …do you know what I am talking                   about?  Would you try to fine that?”

 Drainage Assistant Sterrett replied, “Yes, I will!”

 Chairman Schmierer stated, “If we are done we will just adjourn so she can go look for that.”

    Meeting adjourned