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BE IT REMEMBERED that a regular meeting of the White County Council was held at the White County Building at Monticello at 9:00 A.M. on May 16, 2011 for the purpose of discussing the additional appropriations and other business that might come before the membership.

Council President Dennis Carter called the Council meeting to order in joint session with the Commissioners.  The following members were present:

Dennis E Carter           Kevin L Crabb        Gary W Hendryx
Bruce D Clear        Raymond L Kramer Jr     James G Annis
Dennis D Cain

For content of joint session, see Commissioners’ minutes.

Councilor Kramer made a motion to accept the April 18, 2011 minutes.  Councilor Annis seconded the motion.                              Vote:  Unanimous

Commissioners’ Secretary Donya Tirpak announced James “Jim” Reynolds has replaced John Raines’ position as the Solid Waste Landfill Environmental Officer.  She requested Council approval on his salary.  She said the County may save on insurance because he isn’t sure he will be taking it.  Ms. Tirpak said State ordinance dictates his Merit Deputy salary.  Auditor Guingrich said it would be $36,237.00.  Councilor Cain asked if this position would include pool inspections.  She said the position will have additional responsibilities that weren’t performed by Mr. Raines.  She is uncertain whether a position would be eliminated, however.
Councilor Cain made a motion to approve the Solid Waste Landfill Environmental Officer salary at $36,237.00 per year.  Councilor Kramer seconded the motion.
Vote:  Unanimous 

White County Clerk Paula Lantz said she checked about a copier replacement schedule as the Council requested at the April meeting.  She said there is no such rotation at this time.  She would like permission to replace her copier out of the Clerk’s Perpetuation Fund so that 66% of the cost used towards Title IV-D work will be reimbursed by the Federal Government.  Clerk Lantz presented two quotes:  $9,100 from Advance Business Equipment, where the previous 10-year-old copier came from; and $7,900 for a slightly used copier with more features from Copiers Plus.  She would like to try out the Xerox from Copiers Plus on a trial basis before making the purchase.  Councilor Kramer said Information Technology Director Eric Storm will be making a presentation to the Commissioners about purchasing copiers for the Courthouse on a rotating basis, but not before Ms. Lantz replaces hers.
Clerk Lantz said shelving for probate documents is at capacity.  She has quotes of $375.00 and $428.00 for shelving.  She may come back to request more shelving for storage downstairs depending on how much documentation can be destroyed to free up space.  There will be a meeting today about destroying documents. 
Councilor Kramer made a motion to allow Ms. Lantz to make the copier purchase after a trial basis and for shelving out of the Clerk’s Perpetuation Fund.  Councilor Cain seconded the motion.                                    Vote:  Unanimous   

The Council reviewed the Meadow Lake Wind Farm LLC  Tax Abatement Compliance form showing they employ 17, plus they share an additional five office employees and up to seven additional for maintenance cycles.  They had estimated employing up to 25. Salaries are slightly above the amount originally estimated.
Jordan Manufacturing Company Inc. and Fiber Line LLC (which is a new branch of Jordan Manufacturing) also turned in Tax Abatement Compliance forms showing they employ 90 to 215 people at Jordan Manufacturing and 10 at Fiber Line LLC.  They had only anticipated hiring 80 to 170 people.

President Carter suggested Budget Hearing dates be the first week of August:  Monday, August 1, Tuesday, August 2, and Thursday August 4.  Everyone seemed favorable

Auditor Guingrich asked the Council what they are thinking about loaning money to the North White School District.  Councilor Cain said the County does not have a structured system for loaning money.  The County has loaned to the Twin Lakes Regional Sewer District, the White County Memorial Hospital, and Ivy Technical College.  If the County continues this practice, he says guidelines should be set.  He also said the Commissioners denied the Senior Citizens group a one-month loan of $25,000.  The bank refused to give them the loan because they had no assets, so a private citizen loaned them money.  Councilor Kramer said the County cannot loan to everyone, but for those the County does loan to there must be a minimum fund balance set that the fund cannot drop below.  There was a time $4,000,000 was an amount talked about. 
Councilor Annis said some schools have healthy rainy day funds to fall back on, but others do not.  Councilor Kramer said the Schools’ General fund comes from the State but the capital funds still come from the County.  He feels that by saving the school $40,000 to $50,000 in interest, it ultimately saves tax payers $40,000 to $50,000.  If the County continues to let other agencies borrow, he agrees with Councilor Cain that parameters be set as to who can borrow and what kind of cap applies any single loan.  Councilor Clear added the need for a repayment schedule and final payback date.  Councilor Cain also wondered about collateral. 
Councilor Cain feels the Council’s responsibility is first to the County and second to the schools, but what assurance do we have that the school is being frugal.  Councilor Annis said it is a shame taxpayer money has to go toward borrowed money.  He said when the Landfill was put in, nothing was designated for the North White School District even though the trucks pass by the schools.  Councilor Cain isn’t happy that so much money from the Windmills has gone to the schools.  Councilor Annis said we should consider combining school districts into one.  Councilor Kramer said a County four times the size of ours has three school districts, and our County has four school districts.  Councilor Kramer said there are definitely economic advantages to doing so.

There being no further business to bring before the Council, Councilor Cain made a motion to adjourn.  Councilor Crabb seconded the motion.            Vote:  Unanimous

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DENNIS E CARTER, PRESIDENT        JAMES ANNIS                   GARY W HENDRYX                                         

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DENNIS D CAIN                                       KEVIN L CRABB                             RAYMOND L KRAMER JR

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BRUCE D CLEAR                            JILL GUINGRICH, AUDITOR