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The White County Area Plan Commission met Monday, July 11, 2011, at 7:00 p.m. in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room, Second Floor, County Building, Monticello, Indiana.

Members attending were: Jim Mann, Don Ward, Richard Lynn, Dave Scott, Jim Annis, Dennis Sterrett, Dave Rosenbarger, Mike Smolek.  Absent:  Charlie Anderson, Gerald Cartmell, Greg Bossaer.

Also attending were Attorney Ben Diener, Executive Director Joe Rogers, and Secretary Gayle Rogers.

Visitors attending were:  None 

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Jim Mann. The meeting minutes of May 9, 2011 were approved as written following a Don Ward motion and a Dave Rosenbarger second.

Director Rogers presented the board with his recommendations for the 2012 budget for Area Plan.  Some board members preferred to see a larger amount budgeted for a second secretary.  The fear is if Joe and Gayle leave or are incapacitated, the office is not only left unmanned, but without trained knowledge.  Joe said he can not recommend budgetary dollars based on fear and luxury.  The office can not, at this time, justify hiring an additional person so he does not believe it is proper to allocate such funds.  Since his tenure began, he has decreased the budget by more than 23%.  This year’s budget proposal is a 2.54% reduction from last year’s.  Area Plan’s meeting with the County Council is August 2nd.  Don Ward motioned and Dave Scott seconded to present the budget as proposed.  The vote passed unanimously.

The next order of business was Untalulti Subdivision.  Through research, Joe has determined that a portion of Navajo Road (in Untalulti Subdivison now forming the north parking lot of Indiana Beach) was vacated in the 1950’s by the County Commissioners.  That strip of land was never allocated to the adjoining lots and currently shows no ownership.  Also, there was never recorded a new easement for the properties accessed by Navajo Road, leaving those parcels land locked.  Following discussion the board suggested Joe take the necessary steps to complete the vacation assigning the vacated land as law dictates, combine the lots in the subdivision owned by Indiana Beach Inc. and require that Indiana Beach Inc. give legal access, in writing, to the parcels that were to be accessed off of Navajo Road through the east half of lot 98 in the Untalulti Subdivision.

Director Rogers next brought up for discussion the proposed amendment to Chapter 8 of the
Zoning Ordinance regarding the change to incorporate outlying B-1 zoning districts in the parking requirements.  By current Ordinance, outlying B-1 properties have no accountability for parking standards.  Don Ward moved to pass the proposed amendment as written, Jim Annis seconded.  The amendment passed with a favorable recommendation by a vote of 7 – 1 with Mike Smolek voting against the amendment.

The next proposed amendment was to Chapter 11 to provide for a Hearing Examiner as allowed in Indiana State Statute.  This allows the APC to appoint an individual to hold hearings for specific tasks.  Any citizen wishing to appeal a decision of a Hearing Examiner would appeal to the Area Plan Commission board.  Decisions of the Hearing Examiner, as with the board, are recommendations that then go to the County Commissioners and/or appropriate municipal legislative body.  The board may assign or release a Hearing Examiner at any time as necessity dictates.  Don Ward motioned to pass the amendment as written.  Dave Rosenbarger seconded.  The proposal passed with a 7 – 1 vote with Dave Scott voting against it.

The Subdivision Control Ordinance was next on the agenda.  The proposed amendment encompasses the entire Ordinance.  Following amending the Ordinance to comply with recent State Statute changes (effective July 1, 2011) and to clarify some procedural issues, Director Rogers then asked two of the Commissioners (Don Ward and Denny Sterrett) to come into the Area Plan Office to go through the proposal and discuss any changes that should be made.  The proposal submitted to the board reflects any changes suggested by that meeting.  In addition, Director Rogers asked the board to consider incorporating the current Zoning Bulk Use Standards chart in the Subdivision Control Ordinance as the standards for new developments.  In the future the board will want to amend the Zoning Bulk Use Standards so they have some flexibility with new developments.  By State Statute the board may only deviate from the Subdivision Bulk Use Standards to whatever the Zoning Bulk Use Standards dictate.  Until the Zoning Bulk Use Standards chart is amended, the board will have no room to waiver from Subdivision Control developmental standards.  The board voted to incorporate the current Zoning Bulk Use Standards chart into the Subdivision Control Ordinance.  The current Subdivision Control Ordinance requires a 50’ ingress/egress (access) easement.  Director Rogers asked the Commissioners if they thought this was reasonable.  They believe it is reasonable if the easement has the potential of becoming a road in the future.  It was concluded the Ordinance be amended to state that an ingress/egress easement be a minimum of 20’ wide, but that the Commission reserves the right to require additional footage based on individual circumstances.  Don Ward motioned to pass the amendment with the recommended changes.  Dave Scott seconded.  The motion passed with a unanimous 8 – 0 vote.

At 9:50 pm, Don Ward motioned for adjournment, Jim Annis seconded; so moved.

Respectfully submitted,

Donald W. Ward, Secretary                       
White County Area Plan Commission

Joseph W. Rogers, Exec. Director
White County Area Plan Commission