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September 6, 2011

The White County Drainage Board convened at 10:30 A. M. in the Commissioners’ Room of the White County Building, Monticello, Indiana.  Board members present were:  President xxxx, Vice President Steve Burton, and Drainage Board Member John Heimlich.  Also present were Attorney George W. Loy, Surveyor Bradley Ward and Drainage Assistant Mary Sterrett. 

Also in attendance were:

Sharon Watson-White County Soil and Water
Jeremy Scheitlin-Titan
David N. Jordan-Jordan Manufacturing
Todd Frauhiger, P. E.-AECOM

The September 6, 2011 White County Drainage Board was called to order by Vice President Steve Burton.

The first item on the agenda was to approve the minutes from the August 22nd, 2011 White County Drainage Board Meeting.  Board Member John Heimlich so moved.  Board Member Steve Burton seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

Next on the agenda-Update on the Cox Tile-Branch of the George Bossung Drain #512

Surveyor Ward stated, “If you remember at the last Board Meeting we talked with Mike Lehe about the Cox’s Tile.  At this time the landlord does not want to pursue the issue any further.  Just kind of an update that nothing is going to happen there as if right now.”

Next of the agenda-Jordan Manufacturing Phase II Drainage Review
(Looking at a paper plan)

Surveyor Ward turned the Drainage Review of Jordan Manufacturing Phase II over to Todd Frauhiger, P. E. from AECOM.

Engineer Frauhiger stated, “There is a new addition to the existing building plan, additional parking area.  It was Steve Marsh that sent these plans, right?”

David Jordan replied, “Correct.”

Engineer Frauhiger continued, “There is an existing detention pond which was constructed when the existing facility was constructed. I got an e-mail from Steve Marsh last week after I got the plan and started going over some information.  When the original facility was approved that detention pond was designed for existing build out.  It is designed for about nine point seven (9.7) acres to be under parking lot and on roof top.  With the additional area added here, what was it eight point seven (8.7), eight point eight (8.8) or something like that.”

David Jordan replied, “Eight point nine (8.9).”

Engineer Frauhiger continued, “Eight point nine (8.9) it is still under.  Just to review some quick calculations.  I reviewed the plan that was submitted a number of years ago.  I stopped by on my way out this morning and took a look at the existing detention pond and the existing out let. I think everything is fine and I would recommend approval.”

Vice President Burton asked, “Have you been out there Brad (Surveyor Ward)?”

Surveyor Ward replied, “I just drove by it, I haven’t been.”

Vice President Burton asked, “Just out of the cold here, when this was originally built wasn’t there an issue with the tile that it exits into?  Do you remember that at all?”

Engineer Frauhiger answered, “If I remember correctly I think there was a new tile installed all the way over to the ditch and that outleted into the pond.”

Surveyor Ward replied, “Out behind the nursing home, is that White Oaks or Great Oaks, the new nursing home?”

David Jordan said, “When they did that, they actually chopped it off there and then took it east a little ways. We actually abandoned the one and kept the other one going from the pond across the road there, Gordon Road.  Then over there they just turned it the other direction.”

Vice President Burton replied, “Ok, that might be what I was remembering.”

Engineer Frauhiger said, “The existing tile that had been in place prior to the new tile being put in was not adequate.”

Vice President Burton asked, “Ok, comments?  What we are going here is your situation since this was an existing and they are just adding on?” 

Attorney Loy replied, “Well, it could be a new permit, I believe.”

Vice President Burton asked, “A totally new plan?”

Engineer Frauhiger answered, “Yes, a new plan, review and a new permit needs issued.”

Vice President Burton asked, “Any other comments?”

David Jordan answered, “Not unless you got something else.”

Board Member Heimlich made a motion to approve the drainage plan for Jordan Manufacturing Phase II site.  Vice President Burton seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

Next on the agenda-discuss Dwyer Instrument Repairs in Wolcott
(The Pugh Tile Branch of the Stoller Drain #587)

Surveyor Ward stated, “Dwyer Instrument we have kind of  been talking about this in the past, forever it seems like.  I talked to John (Board Member Heimlich) last week about it.  Going to have Steve Brooke go out there and surface that.”

Board Member Heimlich replied, “They had called about the black topping over where they had put the pipe in.  I guess when they had done it they were told to let the stone settle before they put the black top in.  Brad (Surveyor Ward) was asking who was going to do it or are we going to pay for it or leave it up to Dwyer.  I said let me talk to Steve (Brooke) about it.  Steve (Brooke) said Wolcott is not going to do it.  It is not a big area so when he was out that way he would go ahead and do it.”

Surveyor Ward continued, “Mary (Drainage Assistant Sterrett) was asking about the rest of the bill remember we had….”

Board Member Heimlich replied, “We did not discuss that. We didn’t sort that out.  How much are we talking?”

Surveyor Ward answered, “I believe Mary (Drainage Assistant Sterrett) has the bill.”

(The Board Members at this time were reviewing the bills from Emond Drainage Service to see what was billed to the Surveyor and what was billed to the White County Highway Department.)

President Burton continued, “Our two (2) choices would be whether we ask the Council or have the drain pay for it.”

Board Member Heimlich asked, “How much is in the drain?”

Surveyor Ward answered, “Plenty, I don’t have the exact number with me.”

Board Member Heimlich replied, “That is probably a lot simpler.”

Surveyor Ward said, “I think it was like Thirty-One Thousand ($31,000) in that fund.”

Board Member Heimlich asked, “This is for the rip rap, stone, backhoe and labor?”

Surveyor Ward replied, “He had to take that culvert out to repair the tile.  The tile broke down underneath the culvert.”

Board Member Heimlich said, “Ok, I would say it could be charged to the tile.  That would be simplest just do it that way.”

Surveyor Ward replied, “Ok, hopefully that is a dead issue now.”

Next-not on the agenda-The White County Airport-T-Hanger-Drainage Review
(Looking at paper plan)

Surveyor Ward said, “If we can, we have a drainage review for the Airport to do unless it needs to be on the agenda.  Todd (Engineer Frauhiger) got it done.  If you want to accept it now and review it now or wait? ”

Board Member Heimlich asked, “What is it on the new hangers?”

Surveyor Ward said, “Yeah the new hanger.  I didn’t know if it has to be on the agenda to be…”

President Burton replied, “We might want to see the President of the Airport Board to review this.  What is the time line?”

Surveyor Ward answered, “Ok, I told him we would review it the nineteenth.”

Vice President Burton asked, “This month?”

Surveyor Ward replied, “This month.”

Board Member Heimlich asked, “But you have got the plans now?”

Engineer Frauhiger replied, “Yeah, we have got the plans done but we can do it two (2) weeks that is fine.  We just got the plan last Wednesday and I worked on it over the week end.”

Board Member Heimlich stated, “We might as well see it if you have got them.”

Vice President Burton stated, “Go ahead.”

Engineer Frauhiger said, “Basically the existing hanger is out there being torn down, a new hanger is being constructed and some new tarmac area is being put in.”

Board Member Heimlich asked, “Where is the office?  So, the ones that are going to be torn down are the open ones?”

Surveyor Ward replied, “I believe gravel.”

Board Member Heimlich asked, “The better ones are back there?”

Engineer Frauhiger continued, “Correct, basically there was a small amount of additional of impervious area being added.  We ran good calculations they are going to put a small dry bottom detention pond in.  They have gotten FFA clearance to go ahead to put that pond as long as it has a dry bottom. It will collect water from the new area of the storm sewer system that was designed in the rational method.  I have reconfirmed the calculations for this pond.  They have actually oversized it slightly so that it will collect a little bit of sedimentation during construction and then be cleaned out after construction is over.  These are two (2) existing pipes which go across the road and into the ditch on the other side of the road. That detention pond will tie into both of those pipes. They are actually going to have a system built here so both of those pipes will be able to be utilized.” 

Vice President Burton asked, “Is this pretty much up against the road?”

Engineer Frauhiger answered, “That is correct and it is dry bottom.  It would only have water in it during and after a rain storm.  I think the draw down period, I did the calculations was like four (4) or five (5) hours then it would be dry again.  They actually exceeded with particular design they exceeded the ordinance likely.  I think the allowable discharge was with a hundred (100) year storm was ten point seven four (10.74) and I think we are like ten and a half (10½), ten point two (10.2) something like that.”

Vice President Burton asked, “Along like this is one big building then back here it goes in each direction then?”

Engineer Frauhiger answered, “That is my understanding.”

Vice Burton said, “One, two, three, four, five, six?”

Board Member Heimlich said, “Dwight Townsend had told me six (6) hangers.”

Engineer Frauhiger stated, “With an additional tarmac.”

Vice President Burton asked, “Are these the ones being removed?”

Surveyor Ward answered, “It is basically the same location.”

Engineer Frauhiger replied, “I am not totally sure what the term T-Hanger is.”

Vice President Burton said, “I thought that meant the ones that were open. Is that right?”

(Multiple conversations regarding what the term T-Hanger means.)

Vice President Burton asked, “You are ok with this?”

Engineer Frauhiger replied, “Yes.”

Board Member Heimlich made a motion to approve the White County Airport T-Hanger Project Drainage Review.  Vice President Burton seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

Board Member Heimlich was asked about Indian Creek and he reported that there is a Joint Board Meeting in a couple of weeks.  He also reported there will be a meeting with the Monon Joint Board the same day.

Vice President Burton then adjourned the September 6th, 2011 White County Drainage Board.