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November 21, 2011

The White County Drainage Board convened at 10:30 A. M. in the Commissioners’ Room of the White County Building, Monticello, Indiana.  Board members present were:  Chairman Steve Burton and Drainage Board Member David Diener. Drainage Board Member John Heimlich was absent. Also present were Attorney George W. Loy, Surveyor Bradley Ward and Drainage Assistant Mary Sterrett. 

Also in attendance were:
Sharon Watson-White County Soil and Water
Claude Butt               

The November 21th, 2011 White County Drainage Board was called to order by Chairman Steve Burton.

The first item on the agenda was to approve the minutes from the November 7th, 2011 White County Drainage Board Meeting.  Board Member David Diener so moved.  Chairman Burton seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

Next on the agenda-Claude Butt-Keever Branch of the F. G. Church Drain #522
Viewing a computer generated map

Claude Butt and Surveyor Ward have been out to the site of the Keever Tile Branch of the F. G. Church Drain and would like the advice of the Drainage Board on what would be best way to approach finding and fixing the problems with the old clay tile that is there.

Surveyor Ward discussed the following:
1.    Tile was cut in 1958 when the Thomas Hines Ditch was established.
2.    The Keever Tile Branch drains into the F. G. Church Ditch to the north.
3.    South end of tile is bad for about 800 feet.
4.    Problems from County Road 400 North where it runs through a pasture.  Frequent breakdowns, trees over the tile and possible roots in the tile in that stretch.
5.    Possibility of removing the trees that are over the tile that runs through the pasture and try to jet that portion of the tile.
6.    Guidance needed from Drainage Board on how to move forward.

Chairman Burton stated, “It is going back to our minutes I know there was a question of which way the water flows.  I assume the water direction is determined by how much rain you receive.  I know we talked about what I call cutting or exploring to see where the tile may be plugged or where it may have filled.”

Landowner Claude Butt next spoke on the following: 
1.    Surveyor Ward and Mr. Butt have done some exploratory investigation of the tile.
2.    It is a twelve inch tile in a waterway.
3.    Questionable direction of flow.  When there is a lot of water it back flows into Thomas Hines Ditch.
4.    Amount of water seen in the air wells in different areas.
5.    Numerous repairs have been done to the tile in the past.  Replacing a portion of tile in the pasture area of Steve Pass which was effective.  Three hundred feet of twelve (12) inch black plastic was replaced approximately five (5) years ago.
6.    The critical thing about the tile is the amount of water the tile hauls off of Mr. Butt’s farm. Better drainage is needed for his farm and his home.  The drain needs to work well.
7.    Possible jetting of the tile to locate the problems as a short term solution.
8.    Total reconstruction of the tile.  Running the tile out of the woods and going out into the farm land as a long term solution.
9.    Landowners that would be involved with any project on the Keever Tile  would be Steve Pass, Ray Kilmer, Milt Cole and himself, (Claude Butt).
10.    There are some private tiles in the area.
11.    Again it was discussed the back ward flow into the Thomas Hines Ditch,  Mr. Butt discussed in the future of perhaps taking a new tile directly into the open ditch.
12.    Discussed tile size in the area and the price of new tile that Mr. Butt had been quoted.

Chairman Burton asked about money in the maintenance fund of the F. G. Church Drain because the Keever Tile is a Branch of the F. G. Church.  Surveyor Ward said there was about ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) in that maintenance fund.  The F. G. Church Drain and The Thomas Hines Drain each have their own maintenance funds.

The Drainage Board thought the best place to start would be to explore, camera and jet the Keever Tile in the wooded pasture area to see if that is where the problem is then go forward from there.  Mr. Butt agreed but still thinks the issue of back flow into the Thomas Hines Ditch from the Keever Tile will need to be addressed in the future.  The Drainage Board agreed with Mr. Butt that issue can be addressed after seeing what happens after the above exploring and possible repairs have been completed.

Next on the agenda-Discuss the H. A. B.  Moorhous Drain #564 Issue
Viewing from a computer generated map

Surveyor Ward said, “This is the Moorhous Tile on Mr. Wayne Hunt’s property.  There is a tile hole.  (Surveyor Ward showed the location of the County Tile on the computer generated map.) Mr. Hunt put his own tile in. It picks up the low spot now and he takes it to the Hines Ditch.  When Denny (Retired Surveyor) was in office he took Mr. Hunt pretty much completely off the water shed.  Except for the one hundred and fifty (150) foot right of way where the tile is at.” 

Attorney Loy asked, “He reassigned that to the other?”  Surveyor Ward answered, “Yes, I believe so.”

Surveyor Ward continued, “As I started, there is a tile hole up here which that tile uses to carry at some point water into the ditch or the tile.  There is not much in that watershed any more.  He is wanting to vacate that tile instead of fixing the hole.  From what I can tell from the watersheds we have in the office it would not affect any other land owners to have that vacated. There is a tile that comes into it; I would not want to vacate the whole tile just to the point where the tile from the south comes into it.  I cannot tell where it is doing any good.”

Chairman Burton asked where the hole was at and Surveyor Ward pointed it out on the computer generated map. Chairman Burton asked if a line on the map was a property line. Surveyor Ward said, “No, he has both sides.  He has all the way to the County Road.  There is a different property owner on the other twenty acres across the road.”

Chairman Burton stated, “If we did this we would want to stop at that property line just south of the tile hole. I would not want to go past, if we would choose to do that.”

Board Member Diener stated, “He has already got a load of stone on.  He is ready to plug it up.  He feels he has taken care of his drainage with his own tile and he just wants to abandon it.  I have had this conversation with Mr. Hunt.”

Surveyor Ward said, “I believe that twenty (20) acres is mostly picked up by the lateral.  Can’t really prove that because it is topo.”

Chairman Burton asked where the original tile started. Surveyor Ward pointed out the location on the map.

Surveyor Ward replied, “All the maps show only those two (2) acres of woods on the other side of the road.”

Chairman Burton asked, “Who is the property owner there?”  Surveyor Ward did not have that name.  

Chairman Burton said. “So there is some body on the east side of the road?”  Surveyor Ward replied, “Yeah, I guess I miss spoke when I said that.”

Surveyor Ward said, “I thought there would have to be a petition to vacate that.”

Attorney Loy asked, “Yeah, it does. The portion to be vacated goes through then two (2) landowners?”

Surveyor Ward answered, “It actually just goes through just him.”

Attorney Loy asked, “Just Wayne?”

Surveyor Ward answered, “It supposedly picks up those two (2) acres actually I think his tile is picking the water up now.  The new one that he put in that comes into the low ground.”

Chairman Burton asked, “The tile isn’t actually on the other owner but the other owner’s water is going into it?”

Surveyor Ward said, “By map we show his water going into it.”

Attorney Loy replied, “He needs to be part of the process but yeah, it is a petition as filed.”

Surveyor Ward asked. “The two (2) people in the watershed instead of the whole watershed?”

Attorney Loy answered, “I would prefer that.  That would be nice, yeah.”

Next discussed-Hoosier Development, Inc.-Fred Ennis

Surveyor Ward presented to the Drainage Board.
l.  Hoosier Development is located on west side of the Air Port.
2.  Putting in a new structure which will consist of eighty-two hundred (8,200) square feet.
3.  Doesn’t activate the drainage code.
4.  A building is already on the site which consists of fifty-six (56,000) thousand square feet and a parking lot.
5.  Total coverage is over the drainage ordinance requirements.
6.  Question asked do they need a drainage review.

Attorney Loy replied, “I would think you would want to.”

Surveyor Ward stated, “I would at least like to see what they are doing with the water.  It is seventy-five (75) feet from True Flight.  True Flight had to do a drainage plan and so did the Spring Factory.  My biggest fear was that the question I would get would be why didn’t they have to have one?”

Attorney Loy replied, “It is your call.”

Surveyor Ward replied that he would talk to Dave Anderson in the Building Department.

With nothing further Chairman Burton then adjourned the November 21, 2011 White County Drainage Board Meeting. 

Complete digital minutes on all discussions maybe heard in the Surveyor’s Office.