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The White County Drainage Board convened at 10:30 A. M. in the Commissioners’ Room of the White County Building, Monticello, Indiana. Board members present were: Chairman Steve Burton, Drainage Board Member John Heimlich and Drainage Board Member David Diener. Also present were Attorney George W. Loy, Surveyor Bradley Ward and Drainage Assistant Mary Sterrett.


Also in attendance were:

Sharon Watson-Soil and Water Mike Yelton-Town of Wolcott

James Britt


The May 21, 2012 White County Drainage Board was called to order by Chairman Steve Burton.


The first item on the agenda was to approve the minutes from the May 7, 2012 White County Drainage Board Meeting. Board Member John Heimlich so moved. Board Member David Diener seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Board Member Heimlich asked about were the Surveyor was at with the Railroad regarding the information being sent on the Hoosier Lift issue from the May 7th Drainage Board Meeting. The Surveyor has notified the Railroad about pumping the ponds. But the letter from Attorney Loy has not been written he still needs the documentation from the Surveyor and the Landowners to prepare the letter.


Next on the agenda-Drainage Review of the Farmers Cooperative Co.-Wolcott

Viewing computer generated plan


Surveyor Ward presented to the Drainage Board the following:


  1. Farmers Cooperative has plans for new storage bins to be built, in the Town of Wolcott.

  2. Surveyor Ward talked to Engineer Todd Frauhiger and Jack Buntin this morning regarding

this Drainage Review. Engineer Frauhiger suggests that this review be tabled at this time. Engineer Frauhiger suggests written permission to be granted by the Town of Wolcott before the Farmers Cooperative ties into the Town of Wolcott’s storm water sewer system.

  1. The drainage plan calculations all fit what is required by the Drainage Ordinance.

  2. Surveyor Ward explained the plan with a dry bottom pond and the location of the new bins.

  3. The direction the tile runs was questioned, north or east.

  4. Board Member Heimlich said he had talk to Chad-Town of Wolcott that it went to the east.

  5. Mike Yelton with the Town of Wolcott said that his concern was not getting the water to the

sewer any faster than it already does. It appears to be slowing it down.

  1. James Britt discussed tile direction being discussed is incorrect and the possibility of

contaminated soil on the new bin site. The Drainage Board said that contaminated soil is not a County or Drainage Board issue at this time. He also asked if the pond would be fenced in because of children in the area. The Broad explained that it is a dry bottom pond.

  1. Attorney Loy responded, “If the Town has a concern about the quality of the water, not the

volume, but the quality of water going into your storm drain you can question them.”

  1. Mike Yelton said that the Town would look into the contaminated soil issue and confirm the

direction of the tile and where it drains. These issues will be discussed at the Town of Wolcott’s meeting next week.

  1. Surveyor Ward to update The Farmers Cooperative Co. and Engineer Frauhiger.

  2. Chairman Burton said that there are questions that need to be addressed before the Drainage

Plan can be approved with written permission from the Town of Wolcott. The consensus of the Drainage Board was to table this Drainage Review.

  1. The Farmers Cooperative Co. Drainage Review tabled until a later date.


Next discussion-Extension for a Private Waterway/Private Ditch that outlets in the of the

W. F. Myers Drain #565


Kevin Lachmund representing the Halstead Trust. He spoke on wanting to extend and relocate the water way with a part of it being a small private ditch that would out let in the W. F. Myers Drain #565.

  1. Showed Drainage Board the location of the Halstead property and where the grass water way

is now located.

  1. He told how the water gets to the ditch. There are two (2) thirty (30) inch culverts under the

road. It goes over St. Joseph’s College property, through Halstead’s property to the County regulated Myers Ditch #565.

  1. Mr. Lachmund has NRCS involved in putting in the new water way.

  2. The people that are designing the water way asked Mr. Lachmund about extending with a

private ditch to the County Line. Maybe put the private ditch on the property line and move the culverts over twenty-five (25) feet. He talked to Dave Beckman from St. Joe. His feelings were that they didn’t want to split the private ditch but they would be o.k. with putting the west bank on the property line. Then putting the private ditch all on Halstead’s property.

  1. Chairman Burton thought there should be a written letter to the Drainage Board of the above

statement of Dave Beckman from St. Joseph College.

  1. Mr. Lachmund was here today to ask permission to extend with a private ditch approximately

four hundred (400) feet with no expense to the County. Halsteads would pay all the expense of the project.

  1. Mr. Lachmund has already spoke to the County Highway Department, B. J. Propes, about

moving the pipes and putting in larger pipes under the road. Mr. Propes has no problem with it. If large pipes are used the Halsteads would have to pay for those too.

  1. Chairman Burton replied it will be an improvement to the regulated Meyers Ditch #565.

  2. This relocation will not be part of the County regulated drainage system and the maintenance

of the ditch will also be at the cost of the landowner. The White County Drainage Board has no objections the relocation of the private water way and the new private ditch which will outlet into the W. F. Myers Drain #565.


Chairman Burton adjourned the May 21, 2012 White County Drainage Board Meeting.